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Cayla Glen

"There is nothing to winning, really. That is, if you happen to be blessed with a keen eye, an agile mind, and no scruples whatsoever."

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a character in “Seizing the Crown”, as played by slcam



Name: Cayla Glen

Tale: Sweetheart Roland

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual "Happily married, thanks for asking though."

Age: 22

Appearance: She usually wears dark-colored, long dresses in colors like dark purples, blues, and greens. She sometimes wears a long thick cloak, but only when cold. She always has a wand somewhere on her person.

Alliance: Only to her loving husband, Roland.

*Being unnoticed

*Feeling crowded
*Dishonesty/ betrayal
*Feeling unimportant

Fears: Being betrayed again.

Abilities: Magical wand: Can turn Cayla into any object to hide her. Can also make magical objects that manipulate others. "Like a magic flute that will make you dance until you drop dead."
A charming singing voice: Causes things to come to rememberance or be found, both for her and others that hear her.

Specialty: Blending in (Both magically and normaly) and waiting.

Status: Princess by marrige to the youngest Prince of Gaerin.

Reasoning: Her husband asked her to go in his place so he could continue in his duties and they could have their own kingdom instead of rellying on his parents. She happily did so to please her husband.

Kingdom: Gaerin, a small country similar in climate and size to England.

Cargo: Her magic wand, which never leaves her person.
Perhaps a dagger or two up her sleeves.
Bodyguard: Jacob Harriss, the former shepherd who became her servant when she married and now, her bodyguard.

So begins...

Cayla Glen's Story


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#, as written by slcam
Cayla stepped out into the early morning chill. The long grasses and trees surrounding the stone castle were wet with raindrops, and it seemed that more rain was to come. Cayla pulled up the hood of her heavy cloak to fend against the cold. Her husband, Roland, soon stepped out to join her, closely followed by Jacob, her servant and bodyguard for this journey to Ascavia.

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather take the carriage, darling?" Roland asked after a moment, breaking the silence.

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather come with me, sweetheart?" Cayla replied with a grin. "In any case, Ascavia is only three days ride from here. That carriage seems too fancy to actually use," she said with a laugh, looking at the gaudy, gold encrusted carriage. She kissed her husband, mounted up on her horse, and motioned for Jacob to do the same. As soon as he was on his horse as well, they trotted out of the courtyard, the horses' hooves loudly clacking on the cobblestones. As they reached the gates, she turned and gave Roland one last wave. She was glad that she could do this to prove her love to him.

However, as they left the capital and the rain began once more, her thoughts began to turn sour. Why did Roland send her to do this instead of coming himself? He said he could not abandon his "Responsibilities" but what responsibilities did he, as the third and youngest Prince of Gaerin really have? What did he have to do that couldn't be taken care of by someone else? Was he perhaps trying to get rid of her? At this thought, Cayla began to scowl, anger apparent on her face as Jacob watched worriedly. Perhaps Roland had been enchanted by that witch again and was getting rid of her so he could marry the enchantress? If so I will kill her this time. I should have eliminated her the first time, but if I get the throne of Ascavia for my Roland, that can be taken care of. Now pure hatred was brewing on Cayla's fair face and Jacob became alarmed.

"My.. Milady?" he said in an uncertain voice. Cayla's violent train of thought was broken off as she looked at her bodyguard with surprise. Seeing the look on his face, her expression softened. She gave a quick, slight smile and focused once more on their journey. The day went by quickly, as well as the one after, the weather going from cold and rainy to warm and dry. Cayla's moods swung wildly during their travels from absolute joy at the idea of pleasing her husband, to depression that he wasn't there, to rage at the thought of competition for his love, to determination that she would prove her love. By the time they entered the land of Ascavia, Jacob was convinced that Cayla would snap before they even reached the palace. However, the closer they came, the calmer she seemed until all of her previous emotions were completely hidden behind a mask of calm.

At the sight of the city, Cayla was disappointed. She had heard it was bad, but she didn't realize it was this horrid. She noticed all the filth and the apparent poverty of the people. Could this nation even be saved? Despite this, Cayla was determined to win it in any case at any cost. What can I do to win some points here, she thought, wanting to make a good first impression. At the sight of three filthy, hungry looking boys, Cayla called out, "You three, come here please!" Seeing that she was talking to them, two of them ran off, but the third stayed still, panic in his eyes. She turned and grabbed a loaf of bread and some cheese that they hadn't eaten on the trip out of one of the bags. Cayla held the food out to the boy with what seemed like genuine compassion on her face. The boy tentatively approached, took the bread, and ran as fast as he could, never looking back. Cayla straightened and watched him go, but notice a smile or two directed at her from the few people on the street.

Cayla and Jacob proceeded to the castle, her face still a mask of calm as they reached the gate and she stated her name, title, and purpose. The guards let them in and Cayla immediately noticed a small crowd of people, perhaps the other princes and princesses? She dismounted and handed off her horse to a groom, nodded to the two men and two ladies, and proceeded inside with a maid who told her she would guide Cayla to her room. The castle was large and impressive, with many rooms and large halls. The maid, Cayla, and Jacob quickly climbed the stairs and they proceeded to the third floor, where two guards opened the doors, revealing a long hall with countless doors.

"The bedrooms on the left are for the princesses and the ones on the right are for the princes, this shall be your room and I will show your bodyguard to his room." She showed Cayla to the second room on the left and was about to scurry off with Jacob objected. "I would rather stay with milady, if you would. I am supposed to watch out for her, you know."
The maid gave a sigh and said, "As you wish. I will have a cot brought up."

Cayla and Jacob entered the large room as the door closed with a soft click.