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"Get in between me and my brother, and I'll kill you.." (Not finish)

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a character in “Seizing the Crown”, as played by AlexannaNessieLupin


Tale:Hansel And Gretel
Sexuality:Likes boys and girls
Age: 18
Appearance:She loves wearing colorful dresses,especially the color white because she loves being cover in blood.
Alliance:Her older brother Hansel
Likes:Hansel,Killing,Fire,Hurting others,Blood,The cold weather,Darkness,Violence,Children
Dislikes:Sweets,Cakes,Candy,The evil witch Gretchen,People who try to get between her and her brother
Abilities:Can control fire,since she was the one who killed Gretchen by pushing her into the oven 
Status:Bastard Princess
Kingdom: Ashwood
Cargo:Hold on

(Not done, I have to go but I'll be back and fix it soon)

So begins...

Gretel's Story


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It was way too early for anyone to be awake, as Gretel was wearing an long white dress that goes down to the floor as the maid tried getting her to wear some ballet flats. "Y-You have to wear shoes madam!" The maid said quite scared as Gretel gave her an creepy smile before she attack, last thing you hear is her screaming for Gretel to stop.


“Gretel!Stop it!.” Her father cried as he walk in to find his youngest child, next to the bloody maid who was already dead for telling her what to do. Her dress was cover in blood as she held an knife, one she use fairly often as she look innocently at her father, but there is nothing innocent about Gretel. She lost all innocence when her father abandon them long ago as children in the woods. She never forgave her father for what he has done to them as she drop the knife next to the lifeless maids body as she stripped out of the dress and into an new one, that was white and blue. It went down to her ankles as she slipped on some blue ballet flats as she followed her father outside. "I never liked her anyways.."She said softly as she look at her father from the corner of her eye. "Where's Hansel?" She asked as her father nervously ran an hand through his hair. "He's already gone..I thought it would be better if you two get there in separate carriages..You’ll meet up with him later at Ascavia."

Gretel narrowed her eyes as she frown at him. Her father nervously stare at his daughter. He knew she was way more difficult to handle then Hansel. She could one minute be fine, then the next she would hold an knife towards your throat as she threatens you.

Don’t forget what you’re supposed to be doing in Ascavia.”He eyed his daughter nervously. “I want either you or Hansel to secure the throne...that means that you need to be on your best behavior, alright?” He said nervously as he beg her with his eyes not to do anything crazy, like killed others or threaten them.

Gretel bit her lip as she put an innocent look on her face. "Of course father.." She said sarcastically as she turn away from him, rolling her eyes.

“I mean it Gretel!”Her father said annoyed.

“Yeah, I know father.” Gretel said smirking before opening the door to the carriage and setting one foot inside. “Well, I think I will be going now father. Goodbye.”

Realizing that the time for departure had come, the driver got into his seat and took the reins of the horses. The King just stare as the carriage rattled down the paved road. Hopefully Hansel gets the throne, he's too scared if it was his daughter. Did he really wanted Gretel to return? Ten years ago, his daughter had been the sweetest little girl that was so innocence and caring that wouldn't hurt anyone. After returning from the woods though, both his children had changed.

Gretel may have the innocene act going on, but she had developed an obsession for violence and blood and she would become dangerous without any warning. She's also obsessed with fire, which frightens him since she barely notice if she burn herself or not. Hopefully she hasn't brought her lighter with her and actually listen to him for once in her life. But this is his daughter he was talking about, she never listen to anyone except for Hansel. No matter how much of an monster she is, he will always love her. Plus its fault that his children are like that, he left them in the woods alone, just because his wife told him to.

The King didn’t know what happened in the forest so many years ago, and he had never dared to ask his children. But whatever it was, it had changed his two sweet children into cold-blooded murderers, Gretel the most out of the two of them. He couldn’t relate to them anymore. It was this reason that prevented the King from shouting goodbye to his daughter before the carriage turned the bend in the road and was completely out of earshot. 

Ashwood was roughly three-quarters of a day’s distance away from Ascavia. A relatively short trip compared to many of the other Kingdoms. Gretel sigh as she play with her lighter, her father told her not to bring it but she never listen to him. She close her eyes as she lay down, yawning. She didn't have much sleep last night since she was having nightmares of that awful day with the evil witch that tried to eat her and her brother. Ever since what happen, she would never touch,see,or hear anything to do with sweets. If someone dare to eat some in front of her, well she would kill them. If someone was to force her near them, she would kill them, and if someone even dare talking about dealious sweets at all in front of her, well I think you already know what will happen. She close her eyes as she slowly fallen asleep, this time she wasn't dreaming at all, which she was grateful for, meaning she won't have any nightmares and can finally sleep without waking up screaming like always.

When her eyes opened again, she saw the driver, what was his name? Ah Steven, staring at her nervously as he said stuttering. "W-Were here m-m-madam" As Gretel flash him her smile that scares most people as Steven look anywhere but at her as she gotten out and look around for Hansel. She saw him as she walk over to him.


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"Little Red, Little Red, are you awake?"

Scarlet lifted her eyelids, revealing her dark gray irises. She found herself staring straight into the darkness, broken only by a pair of malicious, glowing red eyes. She caught a glimpse of gleaming ivory fangs. She did not scream. She did not try to run away. She only blinked, and said:

"What red eyes you have."

At once, the eyes and fangs dissipated, and Scarlet caught sight of the pink light of dawn filtering though the trees and streaming into her room through a half-opened window. She sat up and ran her hands through her lengthy black hair. She blinked again and looked towards the floor. There was the wolf, her wolf, sitting placidly by her bedside. A large pool of blood was on the floor in the middle of the room, and bloody pawprints led to where the wolf now sat. There was no carcass in sight. Typical. With a soft smile, she rose out of her bed and took her crimson hood of the wall. As she tied the string aorund her neck and let the cloak fall about her shoulders, she spoke to the wolf without looking at him, gazing at her reflection in the mirror instead.

"I haven't summoned you. It's odd to see you here when I haven't summoned you. Yet you have woken me up. Why is that?"

The wolf seemed to chuckle, blood dripping from its exposed fangs. "That imbecile huntsman wouldn’t have done it. You do remember your duty in Ascavia, don’t you, Scar? I took the liberty of making sure that you aren’t late. No need to thank me.”

She gazed at herself for a moment in the mirror, processing what the wolf had said. “Oh,” she breathed. “I had almost forgotten.” She blinked her gray eyes once more and turned from the mirror, stepping in the middle of the room, right in the center of the blood pool. She crouched down and touched the crimson liquid with the tip of her index finger.

“Oh,” she whispered, half to herself. “How beautiful.”

The wolf had gone to fetch the huntsman, and then he disappeared. Scarlet boarded the carriage just in time to see the huntsman scramble into view and hop inside, next to her. Quincy was his name, and he was a rather amusing fellow.

“Good morning, miss,” he greeted her, tipping his hat to her. He signalled to the driver to go. As they rumbled down the woodland road, Quincy whistled a tune. Scarlet laughed a little to herself.

“So tell me, Quincy,” she began. “How was your wake-up?”

He sighed mock-dramatically. “Oh God, it was horrid. Do you realize how freaky that pet of yours is?”

Scarlet laughed again. “How many times do I have to tell you? He is not my pet. Only my servant for a time.”

“How long of a time?”

“Long enough.”

After what seemed like an eternity, the carriage rumbled into view of the castle, grand gates and all. It was here that her fate lay. The horses seemed to pick up speed as they approached. Scarlet noticed two people by the gates. “Halt by the gates,” she ordered the driver, who obliged.

The carriage drew to a stop and Scarlet looked out the window at the two. It was a young man and a young woman, obviously siblings. She concentrated. If one had looked close enough, one would have seen a bloody red tinge come to Scarlet’s gray eyes. The Spying Eyes. As she looked again at the two, she saw them differently. Killers. She smiled softly. It appeared they had something in common already.

“Scarlet, what are you doing?” Quincy hissed behind her. “Saying hello,” she murmured in reply.

“Hello there,” she called out to the children, the red tinge dissapearing from her eyes.


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Hansel didn't like waiting. Absolutely hated it in fact. He leaned further into the gate, the sharp black metal piercing into his back and causing a thoroughly uncomfortable sensation. He wiggled slightly, allowing the pain to pass through his skin and settle into the small of his back, where it was cushioned by the heavy folds of his vest. How long had he been waiting like this? He didn't know, but one thing was certain. Peter had rattled his carriage down the road a while back, and many of the guards had abandoned their positions at the gate as the sun settled further and further into the west and day gradually became blanketed by the darkness of oncoming night. How much longer would it take for Gretel to arrive? It seemed as though she surely wouldn't arrive until the night was full-fledged. Impatient, Hansel began wiggling again. When this movement wasn't enough to relieve him of his agitation, he detached himself from the wall and started pacing. The more he paced, the greater the agitation and frustration inside his mind. Finally, after a few minutes, he decided that, if Gretel could not arrive in the next few minutes, he would take his anger out on the nearest person at hand: namely the unfortunate guards a few steps away.

As though some sort of fate had willed it, a carriage pulled up at that moment. Hansel could tell immediately from the great tree carved into the carriage side on the right side of the door that it was, indeed, a carriage from the Kingdom of Ashwood. That meant only one thing: Gretel had arrived. As he waited for his little sister to come out of the carriage, Steven nearly fell as he clambered out of the driver's seat. Knowing he'd have to wait even longer, Hansel wanted to push the man out of the way and open the door himself. This driver was nothing but a hindrance after all. Maybe Hansel should just get rid of him. Before he could make up his mind though, Steven had somehow managed to untangle himself off the ground and leap with uncommon speed to the carriage door and open it. A second later, Gretel appeared. With her blue-white dress, ballet flats and porcelain like face, she didn't seem like a killer. Yet Hansel could smell that there was blood on her. He grinned immediately, crossing the few steps towards her and slinging an arm over her shoulder.
"Do you know how long you've kept me waiting Gretel?"

He asked playfully, rubbing her shoulder vigorously with his hand. As he did so, he caught the whiff of blood again coming from her skin, and his grin broadened.

"Oh, it seems as though you've been at it again. Who was the unfortunate victim this time?"

Hansel knew that it was probably one of the unfortunate maids that attended to Gretel. All those girls never seemed to last more than a month in his sister's murderous hands. The minute one of them made even the slightest mistake, she would find herself with a knife in her throat and a premature visit to the god of death-whomever that may be.

As he fussed around playfully with his sister, another carriage pulled up on the same road. Hansel glanced at it out of the corner of his eye. It was from a Kingdom that he didn't recognize-or maybe one that he just couldn't remember. From inside, he could barely make out the silhouette of a girl with a red hood. How strange. She appeared to be staring intently at the the two of them, and he instinctively moved a bit closer to his sister. A silly move really. Gretel didn't need anyone to protect her. In fact, out of the two, she was definitely the one more capable of killing. After all, if his memory was to be relied on, it was her that pushed the witch into the oven all those years ago.

The door to the mysterious carriage opened, and Hansel's playful grip on Gretel's shoulder turned a little tense as the girl inside stepped out. She greeted the two, and while her 'hello' seemed to be kind enough, he wasn't about to let his guard down. Still, two could play at the same game.

Hansel grinned his usual cheerful grin, and laughed.

"Hi! Who are you?"


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Gretel chuckled at her brother as he sling his arm over her shoulder. "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting Hansel.." She said softly as she smirked.

"It's seems it's been Grace this time, father gotten a nasty sight walking in on me.." She said giggling as she stare at her brother. She frown when his playful grip on her shoulder turned a little tense as she look where he was looking to see a girl, a girl with a red hood. She smirked as the girl came over and greeted them with an 'Hello there' as Gretel smirk widen as she look the girl up and down, she clearly didn't trust her but she was the kind of girl who liked playing games with others as she wave at the girl.

"Hello, what's your name?" She said sweetly, as she smiled innocently, but there is nothing innocent about her, in fact people are so gullible now a days, they think she wouldn't hurt a fly, but clearly she could kill you in seconds. She love being two different people, one who use to been the sweet innocent girl, now the bloodthirsty killer who would love to bathe in an tub of blood like always.

She tilted her head to the side as she waited for an answer, while pulling her brother closer to herself, in case the girl will try anything foolish as to try to harm one of them. She was growing impatience like always but she will control it, since she isn't an heartless killer no more, oh no she is now the sweet little Gretel that she want the others to believe she is. Until she leaves this place, she has to act like the old Gretel who wouldn't hurt a fly, though it be difficult since her love for killing others. But she loves acting, making people believe lies, when clearly they have two killers close by.


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Scarlet had never seen such cheesy acting in her life. It almost made her laugh aloud to see the girl smiling like an sweet, innocent little child. Scarlet didn't need the Spying Eyes to tell her that there was something seriously off about the girl, whatever her name was. Someone she obviously couldn't trust. Instead of laughing her head off at the almost comical acting, she brightened her smile and answered the girl's question. 

"Why, my name is Scarlet. Scarlet St. Lucas. But, you can call me 'Little Red' if you wish. An old nickname of mine. Long story. May I ask your names?"

The boy, while a bit more sincere looking than his companion, was also obviously not what he seemed. Scarlet felt a twinge of amusement. These two, whoever they were, while she was unable to trust them whatsoever, would most certainly be amusing to observe. 


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Hansel resisted the urge to roll his eyes when Gretel slipped into her cute and sweet facade. Or rather, what she thought was her cute and sweet facade. In reality, Gretel was such a horrible actor that even a blind man would not have been fooled by her attempts to disguise her murderous nature. He never bothered telling her this though, because he feared that she might cut his head off out of anger. Family bonds could go only so far in the face of a murderous girl's rage. He didn't feel like dying yet. So he let her go on and believe that she was fooling everyone. He never bothered though. No, Hansel believed that staying true to himself was the best approach in any situation. Besides, in his nineteen years of experience, he had come to realize that disguises could take one only so far in life. Sooner or later, the truth was bound to slip out. It was an indisputable and incontrovertible law-like gravity. What goes up, must come down. What stays hidden must be revealed.

The girl in front of the duo introduced herself as 'Scarlet St. Lucas', but Hansel didn't like that name. It was much too stuffy and uptight. Little Red sounded so much better. He briefly wondered where in the world a girl like her could have gotten such a childish nickname. What was she exactly? He surveyed her for a few seconds, taking in her stature, her dress, her seemingly pleasant mannerisms. Well, if she was acting, she was certainly twenty times better at the art then Gretel would ever be. When she bothered to ask their names, Hansel didn't even hesitate twice to respond. After all, there was no harm in Scarlet figuring out who the two of them were.

"Me, I'm Hansel. Hansel Lorraine. And this,"

He reached towards the side and scooped his little sister into the nook of his elbow, pressing the back of her hand against the underside of his arm. He knew that she didn't like it when he did that, but for the sake of appearance, she would lay off scolding him for a while.

"This is my younger sister Gretel. Right, Gretel?"

To the innocent bystander, it seemed as though Hansel was asking a rhetorical question. In reality though, he was asking Gretel for real. It wasn't unusual for Hansel to completely forget who he was-and who his sister was as well. He had paid a price to earn his skills as a hunter and assassin. That price had been his memory function. Something was definitely broken inside his head.


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Scarlet blinked. The boy's, Hansel's, question seemed odd. Like he was asking for real. Maybe he was just jesting. Maybe not. Either way, Scarlet was weirded out by the two. But in different ways. The girl, Gretel, was obviously sick, twisted, perhaps even manipulative. Not to mention a terrible actor. She was the kind of weird that made Scarlet unsure wether she wanted to die laughing or die hurling her guts out. She was sure the wolf would die laughing, thought. Hansel was a different weird. The kind of fascinating weird. It made Scarlet curious. She wanted to know what was going on inside his head, what his quirk was. Either way, the pair certainly was very entertaining. Scarlet would be most interested in observing the brother and sister in the future, testing them, perhaps. 

She tilted her head at the two and gradually regained that faint, distant smile of hers and blinked. "Well, it was lovely meeting you two. I look forward to conversing you in the future." With that, she sat back in her seat and motioned to the driver, who proceeded through the gate. Quincy was fixing her with the weirdest look, as though she had two heads. She just laughed softly and fixed her eyes on the magnificent palace ahead.