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Hello fellow writers/role-players! I feel it is only fair to warn you of a couple things before you fearlessly read on about this role-play. One: This role-play, believe it or not, shall be a literate one. If you don’t know what that means then you might as well click the little back arrow now. However, if you’re a stubborn little bugger then I will just go ahead and tell you what it means then let you decide whether or not you want to coward out or read on. When I say literate role-play that means I expect each person who portrays a character in this role-play being fully capable of typing at least four or five good, solid paragraphs a post for each character they have under their control; I don’t find that too much to ask. Good grammar, punctuation and spelling follows (everyone makes mistakes, I know, I make them as well). Two: I expect each role-player who joins to be mature and respectful towards each other. Everyone is different and has their own opinions, get over it. That’s pretty much it as of now; be sure to pay close attention to the rules at the end, however!!!!

Most of my ideas for this role-play I received from the book Sea Change by Aimee Friedman. If you’re looking for a quick read full of mystery/fantasy and added romance, I strongly encourage you to read that book. Although most of my ideas came from that book, the wolves and a few other things were solely mine and my Co-GMs ideas. Anyway! If you’re still reading this, I’m glad. READ ON, soldier!!! ;)

Selkie Island

Selkie Island is small and remote, located off the coast of Georgia. The island is surrounded by fog which feels like damp smoke. However, it is a lush, loamy sliver of land, dotted with trees and houses. With just a 3 mile stretch, it's got that southern charm - friendly, inviting, and warm - but at the same time, it’s filled with mystery; mystery of old pirate tales, sea monsters, and mermaids. Selkie Island’s biggest draw is the legends that surround it. Once off the ferry and leaving the dock there is a sign reading: "Sailors, beware of Selkie island! Here be monsters!”
There are two types of people who are on Selkie Island, the locals and the heirs. The heirs are the people who own vacation houses on Selkie Island. They come every summer to vacation there, but leave the island once summer is over. The material things are what’s important to them. The locals live on the island all year round. They live in a small village towards the back of the island that is called “Fishermen’s Village.” They are looked down upon by the heirs and not considered “high class;” you would never find an heir in their village. That being said, you rarely find a local in the small town in the middle of the village that is jumping during the summertime. Most of the locals are fishermen, hence the name their village received. The island is mainly known for its legend of being home to merfolk. But is it true? Some of the heirs have started rumors, accusing the locals of being said “merfolk.” Are they or is the rumors just that made by the snobby heirs of Selkie Island to have something to gossip about?
The island is void of vehicles, which may be one of the reasons that it has such summer vacation appeal. To get place to place people either walk on the soft dirt roads and cobblestone streets or ride their bikes. Selkie is full of lush trees which hold much moss hanging from their branches and most nights during the summer music is heard coming from some of the heirs homes; they always throw parties. The beach on the island is called Siren Beach. Due to the island being small, all the heirs know each other since most come every summer. Can you say drama?
But the question is... Are you ready and capable to handle the mysteries Selkie Island holds? Will you fall under the island’s whimsical spell or will you bury your head in the sand? That, my friend, is up to you.
Welcome to Selkie Island. Beware, here be monsters!

Wondering Where You Come In?
It’s the beginning of summer and all the rich, nose-in-the-air heirs are coming back to Selkie to spend their summer. The locals, like always, are anticipating the first ferry boat to come, bringing said heirs back. Do you want to be let in on a little secret? Selkie Island’s locals are indeed merfolk. The heirs, for the most part, do not know this as a fact. It is all talk to them and the locals plan to keep it that way. However, the merfolk are not the only “mythical creatures” who will be inhabiting Selkie this summer. So, there’s this werewolf pack, a small one at that… And the alpha of said pack’s grandmother just happens to be an heir of Selkie Island. The summer before she passed away, leaving him the new owner of the vacation home on Selkie. This summer he’s decided to go to the island for a getaway, dragging his pack along to have some fun. A bunch of snobs and a village of smelly fishermen. What could be so bad? Plenty. Once on the island the pack begins smelling a strange scent and then there’s all those nosy humans who don’t know who they are. New people on the island this summer? That gives the heirs something new to gossip about. I’ll let you in on something else… A ferry boat only returns at the end of summer to bring the heirs back to the mainland. Everyone is stuck together.
So, who are you? A heir? Perhaps a local? Or are you a rowdy pack member?

I’m really leaving this role-play open for growth and such. If you have any questions or are confused, please feel free to ask me/tell me. I would prefer through PM but asking in OOC works just as well. Hopefully the character roles will explain themselves and you won’t be in too much confusion.

|Character Roles|
For this role-play I’ve decided not to give face claims. Since I’m wanting it to be mainly character-based, I’m letting your imagination run when it comes to looks. Be picky with who you chose to use! Have their looks fit them, their character… I’ll be paying close attention to this! I do not want any red-carpet pictures or something like that; if you do not have to use an actor or actress, don’t! If you are having trouble finding pictures do not hesitate to ask my help. I won’t bite. 
I don’t want this to be a huge role-play with twenty different role-players, therefore there won’t be a bunch of roles to fill. Don’t be afraid to play as NPCs, that’d be great. There will obviously be more heirs and locals then given here. Go for it! Run the npcs by me if you’d wish. I’ll most likely be playing a few myself!
Gender | Age | Description | Status (Open/Reserved/Taken)

|The Heirs|

The Heirs, like stated above, are the people who own the large vacation homes on Selkie Island. They come every year to spend their summer there on the island. All the heirs are very well-to-do people and most, if not all, are stuck up and only care about material things. They throw parties all summer and are always trying to out-do one another, especially on Fourth of July where all the heirs go out on their boats to watch the big fireworks show. They look down upon the locals. Most of the older heirs warn their children of them, forbidding them to get anywhere close to Fishermen’s village, telling the teens and children silly legends and rumors about the locals being merfolk.

Heir One
Female | 18 | She has come to Selkie Island with her family every year since age five. She knows all the heirs and a few locals, even though she looks down upon them like the rest. She is best friends with Heir Five, they spend each summer together and have since young ages. She’s very stuck-up like her mother and is girly to the third degree. She use to have a thing with Heir Four and Heir Six is her older brother.| [color=green]OPEN
Heir Two
Male | 19 | He’s been coming to Selkie with his family during the summer since age eight. His family is close knit and he’s a lot more reserved and quiet compared to the other locals. Their vacation home was inherited on his dad’s side of the family. His mother is deaf and he has two little, twin sisters. He’s good friends with Heir Six.| TAKEN
Heir Three
Female | 21 | It’s the first year she’s been allowed to come to Selkie Island without the rest of her family, only having brought her younger sister along (she is the older sister of Heir Five). Something is different about her this year. Something’s changed. Since the last time she was at Selkie Island, this heir was bitten by a werewolf. She’s still getting use to the changes and no one else knows. Who would believe her!? She has never met any other wolves. How will she react when she finds out she is stuck on the island with a small pack of them, and one of them is the wolf who bit her! (The person who plays this character will have to get with whoever plays Pack Member Two and work out all the little details about this. Message me if you’re confused!) | OPEN
Heir Four
Male | 20 | His parents are worth millions and he’s what you would consider to be a spoiled brat. He dresses in nice clothes and you wouldn’t catch him out without his hair combed, believe me. He is cocky and believes he is the richest guy on Selkie, which he’s probably right. He has been coming to the island by himself since the age of eighteen, due to the fact that his parents aren’t real “family” people and have three businesses to run, after all. He usually brings friends along but this year he came to the island solo. It is his getaway before his father hands over one of their businesses for him to run by himself. He use to have summer flings with Heir One, but has grown tired of her. He’s actually looking for something more. Is he really the jerk everyone on Selkie believes him to be, or is he truly misunderstood? | OPEN
Heir Five
Female | 17 | She’s the younger sister of Heir Three and best friends with Heir One. Last year towards the end of the summer she started to sneak around and see Local Two behind her friends’ and families’ backs, they’re friends. She doesn’t see what’s so bad about the locals, yet she does know something is different about them, that’s for sure. This summer she’s worried about her sister who has been acting strange. Is it enough to keep her from seeing the local boy? Probably not. She’s quite girly like Heir One, hence the reason they get along so well. | OPEN
Heir Six
Male | 19 | He is the older brother of Heir One and if you asked him he’d most likely say ”Unfortunately.” He’s all about facts and science, a straight A student when in high school and now in college. He doesn’t believe in fantasy and fairytales, claiming the supernatural is a load of crap for the minds of people too dumb to know any better. There is facts and reason behind everything that happens, it’s as simple as that. He likes to observe the marine life around Selkie Island and last year got rather close to Fishermen’s Village but never entered it. Little did he know that all last summer he was being watched and followed by Local Three. What will happen when he meets this peculiar local and all his beliefs of logic and reasoning are tested? (If you decide to take on this role, message me, please.) | OPEN

|The Pack|

The Werewolf Pack is not big at all, as of now. It consists of only four close-knit friends who have been together for quite a while, now calling themselves a pack. The alpha’s grandmother was an heir to one of the large vacation homes. She passed away last summer leaving the home to the alpha. So, this summer the alpha decided to take his pack to the island for the summer to have a little fun. They know nothing about merfolk and are shocked upon making the discovery. One of their members also accidently bit a girl on the night of a full moon a few months ago. Can you believe she’s actually one of the heirs on the island? Drama.
These werewolves are forced to shift during the night of the full moon. When they shift they are the size of actual wolves, none of that Twilight crap. They can shift any other time as well, but during the full moon it is much more painful and is a must. During this time they also have no control over their actions, they are indeed like an actual wolf. However, any other time when they shift they are aware of what they’re doing. Silver weakens them to a certain extent, but only when it pierces their skin. The only time a werewolf can be created is during the full moon and, of course, they can be born that way as well if their parents are such. Those who portray wolves, I will message you to go more in-depth about them.

Pack Member One
Male | 22 | Mr. Alpha Boy at his finest. He’s the alpha of this small, little pack. He brought his friends to Selkie Island for the summer to have a little fun, and cause a little havoc on all the stuck-up, rich folk. He use to come during the summer with his grandmother when he was younger, but he hasn’t been to the island since he was ten. He vaguely remembers the heirs around his age, Heir Three being one of those. But does she remember him? He also remembers a Local girl, Local One, but he can’t be sure. How does he know her? | [color=red]TAKEN by me

Pack Member Two
Male | 18 | He’s the younger brother of Pack Member Three. His sister is always keeping an eye on him and making sure he never really gets into anything. This summer he vows to have a lot of fun. First place he wants to go? Fishermen’s Village, naturally. He doesn’t take the other heirs warnings about “merfolk.” Hah! As if.. A few months ago during the full moon he got a little crazy and accidently bit a human girl(Heir Three), turning her. He remembers her face but doesn’t know who she is. What will he do when he spots the mystery girl on the island? Own up to his mistake or run? | OPEN
Pack Member Three
Female | 20 | She went to high school with the alpha and they’ve always been good friends. They dated once but that didn’t last too long, deciding they’re simply better friends. She likes to be in control of every situation which causes conflict with Pack Member One a lot. She’s very protective of her little brother and hates stuck-up people… Which is one reason the heirs on the island annoy her to no end. Heir Four in particular. Who does he think he is? | OPEN
Pack Member Four
Male | 21 | He has been best friends with Pack Member One since sixth grade. He’s had a crush on Pack Member Three for quite some time now, but never had the guts to tell her. You see, he’s shy and quiet where she’s blunt and loud. He is the thinker in the pack and doesn’t like to “party” too much. However, he likes to travel and that’s one of the reasons he decided to come to Selkie Island. Plus, he’s heard the legends.. Meeting a mermaid would be interesting. | OPEN

|The Locals/Merfolk|

The Locals, like stated above, are indeed the creatures the legends of Selkie Island talks about; they are merfolk. They all live in Fishermen’s Village towards the back side of the island and most of the adults really are fishermen, supplying the town towards the middle of the island with their fish during the summer for the heirs. Although most of the locals rather not interact with the heirs like the heirs rather not interact with them, some of the locals own little shops or restaurants in town to “serve the heirs” in the summertime; it’s good money, okay?
Merfolk are usually recognizable by a few key features; a lush, sensitive beauty; a predilection for the colors red and gold; kindness towards visitors and explorers; and homes close to the shore. They sometimes can be spotted at night, when venturing out to swim in the waters off Siren Beach. Merfolk also have beautiful, melodic voices that can be hypnotic to human ears and all have the ability to heal at the mercy of their touch; however, they cannot heal themselves. Their hands illuminate a soft glow, they may heal physical injuries along with human illnesses (although this takes a lot out of them and leaves them weak). When their legs touch the water they do transform into stunning tails, the color of said tail being red and gold. Most merfolk are vegetarians but there are some who eat fish. They can speak telepathically with aquatic animals (like dolphins, turtles, etc.). I will message the people who portray locals, most likely, so no worries. If you have any questions ask.

Local One
Female | 18 | She is good friends with Local Three. Always having a smile on her face, this mermaid is known for being charismatic, very sweet. She’s nosey and enjoys getting into things. Her mother owns a small diner in town that gets a bunch of business in the summer; it’s famous among the heirs. She is a waitress there. When she sees Pack Member One memories come flooding back, but does he even remember her? She use to date Local Six but it did not last very long. | [color=red]TAKEN

Local Two
Male | 18 | Towards the end of summer last year he started sneaking to see Heir Five. He knew it was something that wouldn’t last; she was a human and he was a merman (of course she didn’t know that) and plus, the summer could not last forever. Eventually she went back to the mainland. However, summer has rolled around again and he can only hope she’ll be back. He is very outgoing and likes to take risks. | OPEN
Local Three
Female | 17 | Curious, clumsy and caring, the three Cs to describe this mermaid. Last year while seashell hunting on Siren Beach she stumbled upon a human (Heir Six), the first human she’d ever seen due to being sheltered. Staying hidden, she followed him around and then the next night went back… And he was there again. She started going every night; it was like a secret meeting yet she was the only one that knew about it, Heir Six never saw her. This summer she vows to speak to him, if he’s there, that is. She’s best friends with Local One and works at her mom’s diner as a waitress with her. | TAKEN by me
Local Four

Female | 21 | She loathes all humans due to her past. Unlike most merfolk, she is not very kind at all. However, once hearing about “werewolves” it piques her interest and she goes on a hunt for said wolves. She wishes she never had to act like a mundane, wishing to live out in the water all her days. What’s the point in pretending to be something you’re not? | OPEN
Local Five
Male | 20 | He’s full of himself, blame it on his mom for constantly pumping his head as a younger child, calling him “handsome” all the time; he is extremely handsome and yes he knows it. He’s the player of Fishermen’s Village, yet is becoming bored with the girls there. This summer he decides to venture into town and test his luck with the heirs. What’s the worst that could happen? He used to be good friends with Local Three but as they got older he got, well, attractive and she continued to be way too shy. Will they ever be friends again? That’s unlikely. All he knows is the mundane females better be ready for him.. | OPEN
Local Six
Male | 19 | He is very confident and mature. He’s always been mature, even at the age of fifteen. He’s respectful and understanding but has never been too good with relationships. Maybe that’s the reason him and Local One did not last too long. He really cared about her and still does, to be honest. He is the older brother of Local Seven. | OPEN

Local Seven
Female | 18 | She hates what she is. If she could change it and only be human she would in a heartbeat. She dreams to be able to swim without having a tail and worrying about the heirs finding out. This mermaid loves humans and human things. She hopes to befriend a human this summer, despite the stories she’s been told about the heirs. She is the younger sister of Local Six. | OPEN
Local Eight
Female | 17 | This mermaid is very… Different. She is blind, having been born that way. She’s very bubbly and loves meeting new people, though she knows not what they look like. It’s always been that way, she doesn’t even know what she looks like herself. However, due to this she is looked down upon even by her own people. She just wants someone to understand her. | OPEN

Okay, so obviously I gave unique roles for each character; this is just something to loosely base your character on. Still make it your own, PLEASE add on. I want to see each character come to life. If you want your characters to have histories with other peoples characters, message them about it, message me. That’d be great.. Most of them know each other, anyway. Remember NPCs as well! There are clearly more locals on the island than the ones given and there are clearly more heirs, too.

| Character Sheet |
Feel free to make your character sheet just BEAUTIFUL; the better the character sheet, the more likely I am to accept your character. The sheet given below is just a basic to go by, make sure to include everything though. Pretty sheets, please! 
Code: Select all
[b]Full Name:[/b] [ First, middle, last ]
[b]Nickname:[/b] [ Tell us how they got that nickname, or why they preferred to be called this. ]
[b]Age:[/b] [Given ]
[b]Gender:[/b] [ M or F ]
[b]Role:[/b] [ Local One, Heir Six, what?]
[b]Appearance:[/b] [ Include a picture or a few if you would like. The more the better! Be descriptive. Describe things that your picture doesn't show as well as what it does. Eye color, clothing style, hair, body type, general demeanor, ect. Their looks should fit their character in general! Remember, if your character is a werewolf, describe their wolf form. If a merfolk, describe them in their natural state when they are in the water.]
[b]Likes:[/b] [ What does your character like? At least five. ]
[b]Dislikes:[/b] [ What does your character not like? At least five.]
[b]Fears:[/b] [ What does your character fear? At least three.]
[b]Personality:[/b] [ Here I want to see a deep understanding of your character. I want to feel like I know your character and you can easily take their role. It's important to know your character so that they're not always doing things out of personality. Make them imperfect. No one can do everything.  Imperfections are beautiful!]
[b]Love interest:[/b] [ Most likely will not have one until later. ]
[b]History:[/b] [A couple solid paragraphs, at the least, about your characters past. What’s got them to where they are?]
[b]Theme Song(s):[/b] [ A song or two that describes your character. Optional ]
[b]Other:[/b] [ Did I miss anything? ]

| The Rules |

One: This is a Literate role-play. I want to go ahead and get that out of the way again, due to the fact that I did at the very beginning of this page. That means. . . No text talk, proper grammar, punctuation, etc. No one-liners. If you can only post one sentence per post. . Move on, please, this role-play is not for you. Be able to post AT LEAST four to five good, solid paragraphs per post. . Per character, unless posting is slow or you have the dreaded writers’ block that I get a lot.

Two: Rule One being said, please, if you can, play two characters. . A male and a female. If you cannot, I understand, some people are "squeamish" playing the opposite sex, whatever. If you could that'd be great though; I do not want this role play taken over by FEMALES or so many role-players that it gets confusing!!! If this gets out of hand I will make it a must where you have to play both genders. Please don’t make me do that, just work with me. 

Three: Keep in check RPG rules. I don't mind cursing frequently. This is a "Semi-Realistic" role-play, of course. However, not in every sentence, please! Along with that, this is also a MATURE role-play. If you don’t know what goes along with that and what that means, then this role-play is not for you. I’m sorry.

Four: Romance is strongly encouraged, after all (if you couldn’t notice) this is a fantasy romance based role-play anyway, but please once you get to a certain point, after the clothes come off, "Fades to Black" or something like that. Take it somewhere else, I don't know.

Five: Please do not join then vanish the next day or after a few posts. If you must be gone a few days or so, please let me know through OOC or through PM.

Six: Reserve characters through OOC before submitting them, please! You have a 24 hour reservation period before your spot is open back up for grabs! :o That being said. . When you go to reserve a character please put 'Beware! Here be monsters!' somewhere on the post of your reservation where it will CLEARLY be seen, so I know you read EVERYTHING! If you do not have that on your reservation post I will simply ignore it. I am sorry ahead of time.

Seven: I Will Probably Be Adding More Rules Soon. Check Back. I'll Inform You In OOC When I Update These Rules!


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Character Portrait: Camilo Jude Valtameri
Camilo Jude Valtameri

Town Playboy

Character Portrait: Dawn Striker
Dawn Striker

"I may be blind but I can still do things jut like normal humans and mermaids can."


Character Portrait: Dawn Striker
Dawn Striker

"I may be blind but I can still do things jut like normal humans and mermaids can."

Character Portrait: Camilo Jude Valtameri
Camilo Jude Valtameri

Town Playboy

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Character Portrait: Dawn Striker
Dawn Striker

"I may be blind but I can still do things jut like normal humans and mermaids can."

Character Portrait: Camilo Jude Valtameri
Camilo Jude Valtameri

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From what I can tell the characters this role-play is getting are great! I love seeing a rp going and watching how characters pan out and "grow." It's fun. :)

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