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Alexander Cross

"I blend in to get close. I get close to kill. That's my way." (W.I.P.)

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a character in “Senses and Souls”, as played by Fable



|*| The Assassin |*|



Before you read further, it's important to know that I will be using two different colours to show both of his personas. The first, his cover, will be written in green. The second, his true self, will be written in orange. This simply to avoid confusion between the two. Information that is correct for both sides will be written in blue.

ImageImageImageImage|| True Name ||
The name he was given at birth, presumably by his parents.

|| Chosen Name ||
The name he adopted upon leaving his home. It is his 'work name', to be put simply.

|| Current Alias ||
The name he uses to disguise himself as a student.
Alexander Cross.

|| Age ||

|| Birthday ||
12th June.

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Scent ||

|| Nationality ||
1/2 British, 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 American.

|| Accent ||
British (strong).

|| Voice ||
Smooth, deep, lazy.

|| Social Class ||

|| Occupation ||
College Student ~ Unemployed.

|| Reputation ||
He is new to the school and, as such, is only referred to as the "New Kid".
X is a skilled assassin, known far and wide for his abilities.

|| Place of Residence ||
An apartment.

|| Face Claim ||
Yogi (Karneval).

|| Theme Song(s) ||
Alex - Arctic Monkeys - "R U Mine?"
X - Digital Daggers - "The Devil Within"

ImageImageImageImage|| Role ||
X was hired by Svend to assassinate all of the five essences. Understanding their powers, he thought it would incredibly hard to simply kill them by surprise, and so he created a fake persona (as he usually does when contracts like this arise). This persona, Alexander, is attending the same college as the essences; this way, he can get to know them and 'gain their trust' so that they do not suspect he is an assassin.

|| Likes ||
Silence | X values silence over almost everything in the world. When he has completed a contract or spent a day tracking a victim, he often likes to sit alone in silence. It's peaceful, and oddly comforting.
Anonymity | If there's anything that an assassin loves, it's remaining anonymous. He does everything in his power to avoid being found out, and he quite enjoys the fact that he can simply 'disappear' after completing his contracts.

-- |
-- |

|| Dislikes ||
Technology | X dreams of a time when there were no computers, no phones; a time when people didn't spend all their time watching TV or playing video games. He's just old-fashioned like that.
-- |

-- |
-- |

|| Habits/Mannerisms ||
Finger Tapping | Usually when bored or stuck with an interesting dilemma, he will tap his fingers rhythmically against a solid surface.
Tutting | A rare habit, but certainly one of the more notable ones. He tuts only when he finds something or someone unappealing, or sometimes to scold someone for doing something of which he does not approve, accident or no.
Creating Words | As odd and uncharacteristic as it might sound, he does often like to create nonsensical words for specific situations where he finds himself stuck and without a viable solution.
Denial |

|| Fears ||
Being Found Out | X is known to be one of the most skilled and successful assassins in the world. His true identity remains completely anonymous, and he changes his entire appearance and all of his personal information each time he completes a contract in order to be able to 'disappear'. Of course, if he were to be found out, his entire 'secret' career would be in ruins. He'd be at risk of being caught out by the law and he'd never be able to go out in public again.
-- |


|| Personality Traits ||

|| Manipulative ||

|| Sadistic ||

|| Observant ||

|| Callous ||

|| Charming ||

|| Quick-witted ||

|| Friendly ||

|| Energetic ||

ImageImageImageImage|| Abilities ||
Weapon Mastery | X is a master of all weapons. He can handle anything you've got the nerve to hand him, from ranged to melee. He can also even turn everyday items into the deadliest of weapons.
Free-running/Parkour | Most jobs require entry beyond normal means. One cannot simply walk through a victim's front door, meaning that he often has to go through windows or other unethical forms of entry. He can climb, jump and run whenever or wherever he needs to.
Poisons | X knows his poisons and will not hesitate to use them wherever necessary. When he cannot buy them, he can create them.
Hand-to-hand Combat | This skill is not often put to good use, and it is certainly not often required. He prefers not to fight, but he has prepared himself for a time when he might have to. He has a varied knowledge of most fighting styles, but he mainly draws his focus towards martial arts.
Trap Dismantling | Most victims know what is coming to then and, in an attempt to prevent their premature death, set up traps to fool assassins. As such, one of the most basic skills an assassin can learn is how to detect and dismantle traps without alarming the victim.
Lock Picking | Again, this skill is extremely basic and is required of most assassins. X is able to pick locks to open doors/chests where necessary, whether they are of a basic or advanced level.
Environmental Blending | X is able to blend into his environment incredibly well, which helps when a victim must be assassinated in a public area. It is an easy feat for an assassin of his level and reputation; he could walk past someone and have them drop dead behind him in a matter of seconds. This skill is most handy when crossing rooftops at night, because it is almost impossible for someone to spot him.

|| Strengths ||
No Attachments | X makes it a point not to form attachments or build relationships with others. As such, his priorities never change. He can focus solely on his job and all that entails. It also means that he can never feel sympathetic towards his victims and kill without remorse.
High Pain Threshold | As part of his training, X developed a rather high pain threshold. This means that, even if he is caught out and possibly tortured, he will not give up information as easily as others might. It also means that, in a fight, he can hold out much longer than most.
Agile | X is incredibly agile and flexible, as most of his skills might suggest. His body bends in ways that others might not even be able to imagine. He can run, jump and climb to incredible levels of speed.
High Lung Capacity | This helps with his free-running skills. It would not do him well if he got tired easily or ran out of breath whilst performing jobs. He could run for a mile without tiring, if any of his contracts called for such a task.

|| Weaknesses ||
Water | One of X's main weaknesses is that he is scared to death of water. He can't function well as a human being when he's around it; even something as simple as crossing a bridge is almost impossible for him. He can shower, of course, but it'll still uncomfortable or him. He will also begin to panic when he is wearing wet clothes or when someone pours water on him, and will try to avoid being caught in rain as much as humanly possible.
Right Knee | When he was much younger than he is now, around 14 years of age or so, he suffered a traumatic incident to his knee. As of now, a strike to the knee could be fatal in combat; enough to floor him, perhaps. It also bothers him a little bit when climbing or running, but not so much as to make the tasks unpleasant.
The Colour Purple | Whether it is something to do with events in his past or if it ties closely to something terribly unpleasant, X doesn't know what it is about the colour purple that sends a shiver down his spine. He assumes it is something that he has slowly repressed over the years. Much like with water, X feels uncomfortable around purple objects or items of clothing and will become visibly nervous. He has been known not to even be able to touch such items.
Common Colds | When X catches a common cold, the symptoms are much more severe than they would be even for children. He holds unbearably high fevers and his entire body aches with an unspeakable level of pain. He has been known, on occasion, to pass up several contracts at a time because he can't even get out of bed.

ImageImageImage|| Current Employer ||
Svend, The Eternal One.

|| Current Co-workers ||
[url]The Hunter.[/url]

|| Crush ||

|| Marital Status ||


|| Bianca Willis ||
"This child... She is what others might consider 'normal', yes? Hmm..." - X does not like Bianca, and he never will. Her optimistic and playful nature will always be a mystery to him, but one that he would not pursue.

|| Gwendolyn Dimitriou ||

|| Quintin Reiner ||

|| Amu Ginny ||
"Ugh. How disgustingly adorable, and... pink." - As much as he hates to admit it, he cannot bring himself to hate Amu, despite how much her nervousness irks him; there's something about her that X finds cute, and a weird part of him doesn't want to harm her.

|| Felix Stone ||
"Quiet, withdrawn, smart. He's certainly one of the more likeable ones, but he's too submissive." - While X does not wish to 'like' any of his contracts, he certainly prefers Felix over the rest of them.

|| Svend, The Eternal One ||
"Svend? He's nothing more than my employer." - X makes a point of never holding personal feelings towards any of his employers. Though, at a first impression, he could tell that he would not get along well with the narcissistic, god-like man.

|| (The Hunter) ||

ImageImageImageImage|| Weaponry ||
It all depends on the job he is performing. He goes from carrying knives and swords to guns and crossbows, or more basic forms of weaponry such as bats and hammers. For some assassinations, he has been known to use unsuspecting weapons such as piano wire for slitting throats or poison to quietly kill a victim.

|| Wardrobe ||
X dresses entirely in black when he's out on a job, as it's easier to steal through the night if he's not wearing bright, noticeable colours. He wears a jacket with a hood in an attempt to conceal his identity if anyone were to catch sight of him whilst he's working, and he also chooses to wear a mask beneath the hood. The mask is designed to resemble a Wolf, and it has become a symbol for his work as of late.
Alexander's wardrobe is full of scruffy, casual clothes. His clothes are all baggy and look as if they've been worn a hundred times before, but in an oddly clean way. He sticks to jumpers and baggy pants, mixed with converse sneakers. He also has a few beanies that he will wear at times when it is fairly cold outside.

|| Trinkets/Collections ||
X always takes something from his victim's home or person, after they are dead. It can be something as small as a piece of jewellery or something more useful like a book or a device of some sort. He has amassed quite a collection in his time as an assassin.
Alexander has never really had the time for collecting random items.

|| Accessories ||
X does not wear any accessories on his person when working.
Alexander can often be seen wearing a variety of bracelets and wristwatches. He never wears necklaces but has, on occasion, been known to wear a green handkerchief around his neck.

|| Funds/Wealth ||
Xyon has never been one to splash out on the things that he wants, only the bare necessities - apart form his apartment and his bike. Accompanied with the fact that his rates are unreasonably high, his savings are also very high.
Alexander's father is quite wealthy, due to his job, and so the family as a whole have quite a bit of money to spend between them. However, Alexander claims that any money he spends belongs to his father only, and so he is hesitant to buy things with it.

|| Transportation ||
A black Harley Davidson '883 Roadster'

|| Prized Possession(s) ||

ImageImageImageImage|| Note ||
It is important to remember that, in order for X to remain anonymous, he must change his appearance regularly. This means that any and all features, like hair and eye colour, are not true to his real appearance.

|| Hair Colour ||

|| Hair Style ||
His hair is long and unkempt, though still rather neat.

|| Eye Colour ||

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Complexion ||
Clear and free of blemishes.

|| Body Type ||

|| Build ||
Alexander has a very healthy body; he isn't too skinny, nor is he over the average weight for his height and age. His muscles are toned, though in a very subtle way.

|| Height ||

|| Birthmarks/Scars ||
He has one single scar, running along his left hip bone. It is deep and ugly, but never visible.

|| Piercings ||

|| Distinguishable Features ||
None, as of yet.

|| Grooming ||
Relatively neat, in a very casual way.

|| Colour Scheme ||
Green | Yellow | White | Black

ImageImageImageImage|| Birthplace ||
London, England.

|| Parents ||
Alexander's father is some 'important businessman' and is rarely ever present in their home.

|| Siblings ||
(These are simply hired actors)
Skip | Younger brother, aged 16 | One of the twins.
Cookie | Younger sister, aged 16 | Another of the twins.

|| Upbringing ||
X did not have parents. He was raised specifically for his role as an assassin, and this has impacted his life greatly.
Alexander's upbringing was fairly average, aside from all the moving around. His mother and father were divorced before he was born and he stayed with his mother for the first few years of his life. When he was four, she became pregnant with twins (not belonging to her ex-husband), and they all moved back in with his father - who had previously offered to help out, money-wise. When his mother got sick of them all, she took off and left all three of them with Alexander's father. His father was rarely ever around, as he was busy with his work, so the care of the children was left to hired help.

|| Education ||
X was taught in the comfort of his carer's home, and was never given the chance to attend public school.
Alexander has been home-schooled for his entire life by a special tutor, hired by his father. This will be his first experience in such an environment.

|| Grades ||
X's grades were extraordinarily high during his time in training. He took it very seriously, as was required of him at the time.
Alexander's grades are fairly average. Not too high, but not stupidly low either.

So begins...

Alexander Cross's Story


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"OVER HERE, YOU DUMB-ASS! I'M WIDE OPEN!" Ellie's blood was boiling, her adrenaline was pumping, and her teammate was being, in her eyes, a complete idiot. She was open, they were right next to the soccer goal, and everyone knew Ellie was the best when it came to scoring. That's why the coach had on her on offense in the first place. That's why everyone passed it to her when she was open and by the goal. And yet, there was her teammate, who knew she was open, not passing it to her. He was just dribbling the ball back and forth like a moron! She could feel the sense of frustration inside of her growing, the irritatingly persistent sense of anger was unavoidable. If she didn't get to kick that ball soon, she'd end up kicking one of the opponents... On purpose.

Ellie watched as her teammate got in position to kick the ball. No you idiot, they're going to steal the---- NYGAHHHH! MORON! She watched in agony as she was helpless to stop the other team from stealing the ball. And as she sprinted across the field in hopes of catching up, she felt her breath running out and her legs beginning to slow down. She couldn't bear to run anymore, and maybe it would be better if she stayed midfield for now... If her team managed to get the ball back, then they'd have to have someone to pass it to, not to mention she had to get her breath back or her asthma might start to act up... Ellie found herself panting near the middle of the field, her muscles tense as she watched the ball in utter suspense. You've got this guys. Come on, come on... She held her breath and poured all of her hope into the hands of her team. If they won this game, she'd buy them all complementary, high-quality, expensive blueberry muffins from the new bakery not too far away from here. Maybe a mile or two? She could smell them all the way from the soccer field. In fact, her mouth was beginning to water...


Ellie felt her heart sink as she watched the opposing team score a goal. It was only seconds later that the whistle blew, signaling the end of soccer practice. Her team had lost, by one point! One stupid point... "Alright, nice work everyone. Remember, be here Tuesday. Also, Ellie, can I talk to you for just a sec?" She took a sharp breath and turned to her team's coach, otherwise known as Aaron. A nice man, she had to admit, but an annoying one at times. He always told her to try and be nicer to her teammates, but... They were the ones who were giving her a reason to yell at them! And she was only giving them her feedback; helping them improve. What was so wrong with that? She was only trying to help. Ellie nodded in response to his request to talk, turning to him with a bit of a fake smile.

"Listen, I know you're working on this, but you've gotta be nicer to everyone else. Treat people how you want to be treated." Aaron bellowed. In return, Ellie only gave him another nod, before walking off. She'd had enough soccer for today... and maybe for the rest of her life. She wasn't sure. If playing soccer meant losing again, then perhaps she'd do better without it.

"Whatever," Ellie had told herself. "Once everyone else gets here, I'm sure I'll cool off..." Shaking her head, she made an A-line for the park bench. She was expecting her friends in a little while; Bianca had managed to convince them to go to the park with her. She claimed that there were only so many days left until snow began to fall, therefore she had to get out as much as possible to see the birds, and the park was the perfect place to do that. And so, they'd agreed that they would all meet at the park around eleven o'clock on a Saturday, in other words, now. Ellie could never understand why Bianca hated snow so much, but maybe some mysteries weren't meant to be solved. Waving off the topic, she found herself lying on the park bench in wait of her four friends. "They should be here any second now..."

[Bleh, sorry for the rushed post. I would've posted for Bianca, too, but I'm in a bit of a hurry, so... yeah. Anyway, post away~!]


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"Oh, where is the park again!?" Amu scurried along the crowded streets, eyes scanning the crumbled up piece of paper which showed the directions on how to get to the area of the park her small group of friend was supposed to meet at. Wind blew her short-ish red hair over her face, causing her running to swerve due to lack of sight. Often she'd run into a stranger, and being to shy to even speak, she'd bow her head as an apology for a quick second before realizing she had to continue running in order to get to the park before the cookies she had baked her friends got cold.

Luckily she decided to wear comfortable red leggings under her Long black skirt with the suspender straps so she wouldn't have to worry about the wind blowing up her skirt and allowing a stranger to catch a glimpse of her undergarments. Amu never handled embarrassment very well, and if something like that were to happen, she'd never make it to the park on time. Or at all for that matter.

She found the park by cutting a shortcut though a children's playground, filled with the young kids who's mother brought them there for the day on Saturday. Amu remembered when she was young and her papa would do the same. The though brought a smile to her thin, strawberry colored lips. It was so cute how her papa would be the only man standing in a field with many mothers. Amu never noticed, really, until the rare bully would step up to pick on younger kids. Papa was always there to save little Amu. And the reason behind her smile rested on those fond memories, like most smiled do. Amu loved to see other people smile just as much as she loved to smile herself.

Pushing happy family memories to the side, and kept running deeper and deeper though the tree's in the forest, constantly checking the paper to insure she was going the right direction. She started to lose her breath from her long and nerve-racking run, and it didn't help that the air was chilly from the oncoming winter. The rush of her movements always strained more during the cold, a simple scientific explanation Amu knew was the reason why, if only she could remember what her teacher had said about the topic.

Amu was surprised to see only one other person their, but also relieved that she wasn't late and didn't cause a fuse. Ellie lay on a bench in wait, and without disturbing her, Amu slowly walked towards her, trying to step on a trig or two so Ellie knew she was coming. Amu grinned shyly at Ellie, greeting her as politely as she could, then taking a seat on the ground next to the bench and leaning her head on the side. She wasn't going to trouble Ellie in sitting up when she already looked to comfortable where she lay.

"Hi! G-good morning, Ellie. She suddenly recalled the bag of sweets she had hand-made the night before for everyone to share. She reached her hand inside her 'Domo-kun' backpack and received a little wooden box covered in a yellow piece of cloth. The smell of chocolate drifted though the air as she untied the knot that sealed the freshness of the treats. "Want some?" It was always polite to ask and not just randomly hand it to a person who may/may not be hungry.


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"Punch today in the face, and tomorrow in the -
Wait, this might be a G-rated audience. Um ... Foot?"

"Demitriou! You can't just walk around dressed like that! You will certainly give the rest of the band a bad name!"

"Oh come on Yu-Yu - don't be such a stick-in-the-mud - lighten up!"

"I already told you - don't call me Yu-Yu! My name is Okyo!"

Snorting at his defensive nature, Tatum rolled off of the couch in the official Immortal's Heart lounging room. His guitar lolled with him but he took great care not to bump it against the floor as he pushed up and smirked, smoothing the hair back from his face. Approaching Okyo, he clapped a hand on the nerdy manager, who jolted a bit and jostled his glasses before reaching up to straighten them. He squared his shoulders and pushed them up by the center, perfectly portraying the 'intelligent, managerial' type.

"I'll have you know that I am not a stick-in-the-mud. I am simply watching out for the band's best interests, and by Demitriou dressing like-like-like that," he stammered, a rosy hue lifting to his cheeks as he pointed a trembling finger at the young woman, who was currently sitting with one leg propped up on the stool that she sat on and the other leg crossed underneath in a very guy-like fashion, chomping down on a delicious chocolate long-john. She glanced up as she heard her name, having been tuning out Okyo's ranting, half a doughnut dangling from her mouth.

"What?" she asked around a mouthful of doughy deliciousness. At the action, Okyo feigned a faint before catching himself. "Oh, woe is me - whatever shall I do with you!" he cried dramatically, the back of his hand pressed hysterically over his forehead.

"Will you two take pity on the poor guy?"

Tatum turned his face to the side, his eyes glinting as he caught Anastasia, who was currently dipping the tips of her drumsticks into a bottle of wood hardener. A cigarette dangled from the corner of her lips and she was leaning forward, her legs perched outward in yet another man-like way. When Okyo saw her position, her nearly fainted again, his lips sputtering out nonsense about how they 'were beautiful young women with successful careers and lives ahead of them and should take care with their appearance and not do anything or dress in any fashion that could otherwise hint at an easy hit', or whatever that all meant.

Stifling a sigh, Gwendolyn pushed herself up, stretching, her joints popping as she did so.

"Listen, Okyo - you aren't a stick-in-the-mud, but you do need to lighten up. How can we expect a true and real reaction from our fans if we don't present to them our true and real selves in return?"

Okyo went quiet at that, his lips pressed together, the gears obviously turning in his head. Finally he straightened, brushing off his suit and once again adjusting his glasses, as he so often did.

"Very well ... I see that you have a point, Demitriou. But just this once will I allow it to slide!" With that, their manager turned and waltzed from the room, his face flushed with energy and God knew what else. They all stared inquisitively after him before slowly turning their heads to look at each other. Immediately they burst into laughter that was so intense that Gwen nearly fell to the floor. After several moments she caught her breath, wiping tears from her eyes as she snatched up her guitar. She hefted it over her shoulder and freed the hair that ended up trapped beneath the case, before tossing a quick 'See ya' over her shoulder. Immediately she was out the door, and not too long afterwards was out of the record label's main headquarters, Jax Records.

Immortal's Heart had been 'on the scene' for around five years at this point, having been recruited and sign on by Jax Records when Gwendolyn was at the tender age of seventeen. She had been performing long before that and had been the one to form the band when they were all around fifteen. It had started off with small, trivial shows, such as birthday parties and small-town concerts, but now they were prepping for their first world-tour, and one couldn't walk down the street without hearing a reference to the successful band. What had gained their instant popularity was the release of their top singles, Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi and Mind as Judgement. After the songs had been put out into the open, Immortal's Heart had exploded.

And the rest was history.

Swinging into a small cafe, Gwendolyn quickly purchased a large hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and cinnamon shavings, signed three autographs for a trio of squealing high school girls, and continued on her trek to the park. It didn't take her long to arrive, but due to the excitement back at the recording studio, she still wasn't the first one there. In fact, she was the third.

"Helllllloooo, my beautiful and amazing friends!" she cried, waving frantically over her head and causing many - and by many, the whole god-damned park was referred to - pedestrians to look up from whatever they were doing and towards the screaming girl. She received several 'crazy' looks before they melted into expressions of recognition of who she was. Immediately whispers ensued and a few more people approached to talk to her. It was yet another five minutes before she actually reached Amu and Ellie, hot chocolate half-gone and guitar case bouncing against her back. She reached up behind her head and scratched the back of it, laughing out an apology as she did so.

"Sorry for-" huff, "- that distraction-" huff, "- And being-" huff, "- A bit late." Pausing to catch her breath, she grinned at the two. "Have you been waiting long? And where are the others?


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Fresh in Ellie's nose was the scent of her dear friend, Amu, and a more subtle scent of award-winning cookies. She found herself grinning as she hopped off of the bench to greet Amu. "Hi! G-good morning, Ellie." Ellie waved, her smile never faltering as she watched her friend gingerly take a seat on the bench Ellie had been on just moments ago. She was about to go in for a bear hug, right before she stopped herself, realizing Amu was in the middle of doing something. Containing her joy, she watched as Amu took out a little wooden box, revealing an array of delicious chocolate chip cookies. "Want some?"

Ellie nodded eagerly in response, her mouth beginning to water again. "Oh, I knew I smelled baked miracles! You know just how to cheer me up. Thanks a bunch!" She giggled, helping herself to a cookie. But before she ate it, she made sure to give Amu one of her infamous bear hugs. Once finished squeezing the life out of her friend in a cheerful manner, she began to eat the cookie. She didn't make a point to be neat. In fact, she ended up stuffing her face with the cookie, too excited for something as silly as manners. By the time Gwendolyn approached, Ellie had finished the cookie, wiping several crumbs off of her face with her sleeve. Speaking of her clothing, she was wearing her green and white soccer outfit.

"Helllllloooo, my beautiful and amazing friends!" Ellie heard Gwendolyn call from not too far away. She turned her head to see, only to catch Gwendolyn being smothered by a crowd of fans. She smirked, glad her friend's band was receiving all the attention it deserved. It always warmed her heart, seeing her friends happy. While waiting for the hoard to die down, Ellie turned back to Amu. "So, how're you doing?" She asked. "And, oh, great cookies by the way! Do you mind if I have another one?" Ellie tried not to grab for one; she was trying to work on being less aggressive when it came to asking for food. So far, she was doing well. "Sorry for-" huff, "- that distraction-" huff, "- And being-" huff, "- A bit late." Pausing to catch her breath, Gwen grinned at the two. "Have you been waiting long? And where are the others? At the question, Ellie shook her head. "Nah, not at all! And I think Bianca isn't too far away... At least, from what I can tell."

And almost as if on cue, Bianca came running from seemingly out of nowhere. The moment she spotted her companions, the already large grin on her face grew. "Oh! Hi, guys! Look, it's a robin. Can you see it, can you see it?!"

Bianca (Bia) Willis


Bianca found herself staring in utter amazement at the display of pastries the new bakery had for sale. She was leaning on the window sill, licking her lips and trying to keep her mouth from watering, but to no avail. Just looking at their line of sweets made her envious to the core. Oh, how she longed to stuff her face with some kind of delicious treat. She spent yet another full minute eying the miraculous desserts, her look never wavering. She could stare all day, and that was Bianca's plan, moments before she heard her phone ring obnoxiously. Part of Bia wondered if it was trying to yell at her. As she tore her eyes away from the frosted cakes, she began to slip her phone out of her pocket, only to gawk at what it had to say. She'd left herself a reminder to head to the park the moment she'd asked her friends to join her in the first place, for she knew that she'd end up getting distracted somehow.

The alert said as follows. YOU'RE LATE!

Bianca found herself scurrying through the crowded streets, constantly pushing people out of the way, the word "sorry" tumbling out of her mouth multiple times. She found herself falling more than once, her clumsiness leaving her no mercy. She hoped with all her heart that she hadn't kept her friends waiting! The last thing she wanted was to worry her companions, much less keep them waiting for her in the cold, cold weather. Then again, they'd have to be in the freezing cold either way... Whatever! They were in suspense! She felt an onslaught of guilt coming on. How could she do this? How could she be so forgetful?! ...She was a horrible person. How could she ever live with herself--- IS THAT A ROBIN?!

Bia went from beating herself up to gasping in pure delight within seconds. Not too far away, she'd spotted a red robin. She hadn't seen a robin all year. The sight of one made her jump up and down in excitement! She let out a giddy laugh and found herself heading in the bird's direction, which coincidentally, was right around the park. She found herself running in the direction of the bird, smiling from ear to ear. On her way she incidentally crossed paths with her friends. "Oh! Hi, guys! Look, it's a robin. Can you see it, can you see it?!" She was staring at the bird, which was quietly nesting in a tree not too far away, though to one without Bianca's superior eyesight, it would take a minute to spot. She grinned and began to clap her hands in sheer joy.