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Svend, The Eternal One

"I am eternal. I am all. I have more power in my pinky finger than all of you combined! So come try somethin'! Draw your last breath for me."

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a character in “Senses and Souls”, as played by Senpai



"You brats have no idea the power you command... the power I have mastered."

⌈Full Name⌋
Svend. His surname is lost to the ages.

The Eternal One

At this point, even he doesn't remember how old he is.



The BBEG, the Eternal One, the Sixth Sense

⌈Face Claim⌋
Jecht || Final Fantasy X

Reflected Image

⌈Height & Weight⌋
6'4 | 185lbs.

⌈Hair Color⌋

⌈Eye Color⌋

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
Svend's facial hair and scarring are iconic to his appearance.

Scarring is pretty common over the man's body. He has two scars coming up at a diagonal from his lower left cheek up nearly to the eye. On his right cheek is a wider, deeper scar that looks like it never healed properly. On his chest are numerous little nicks and small scars, but there is a large one from his lower right rub cage well up into the pectoral muscles and on his left side from the waist up to the mid-abdomen is a thin but long scar. There are plenty of scars along his shoulders and biceps, but his back remains completely scar-free. There are scars all over his left leg as well. As for tattoo, he has a large emblem that takes up the entirety of his torso. On his back, "INVINCIBILITY" spans across his shoulders with an angelic-looking design below it of two angels holding onto a crest of sorts.
⌈Physical Description⌋
Svend is a muscular and tanned man appearing not that much older than 30, with long unruly black hair and red eyes. He wears a pair of black shorts with an orange and red sash covering his right leg, a red headband, and a metal gauntlet and spiked pauldron covering his left arm. Looking at him would give the impression that he has seen many battles and overcome all of them. He looks hardened, scarred, and very much alive despite that.


"Sixth Sense" - The Sixth Sense, the ability to be in tune with the world around one's self. While he is not omniscient, he is aware of things. He can feel the presences of everything near him, friend or foe, and he is particularly in tune with the existence of the Five Essences. He cannot pinpoint where each is or who they are, but he knows they exist. And when they approach him, he will certainly be able to tell who they are. Other abilities for the Sixth Sense include minor telepathy, telekinesis on objects up to ten pounds, and the ability to devour souls.
"Soul Devourer" - Devouring souls is a dark art, one nobody should have access to. But the Sixth Sense puts him in touch with these souls and he has learned to use them to his advantage. A soul cannot be destroyed. It is merely stored within him, increasing his lifespan and power. The souls are the key to his existence. Damaging him weakens a soul within him. Dealing a fatal blow will consume a soul or two. To defeat him, one must burn through each soul. Doing such will age him, weaken him, make him more vulnerable. It's a battle of stamina and persistence when tryin to take down the Eternal One. He also may expend souls to use the powered-up versions of each Essence.
"Sight" - The Essence of Sight, the ability to see with impressive power. The power of perception is unrivaled, able to see distances up to a full mile with perfect visibility. Everything in his line of sight is visible to him, even being able to differentiate in similarly-colored objects on top of one another. An ability he has obtained by training and consuming souls is True Sight: the ability to see things for what they are. Rare is it that there is an illusion powerful enough to deceive him. He can see magic, see the flow and strength of it all. He also has the ability to conjure his own illusions, much like the Essence of Sight can. Fortunately, he can use the other senses to make them feel more real on his own, able to even convince others that he has powers that he actually does not.
"Smell" - The Essence of Smell, the ability to memorize any scent and, even further, smell any emotion. The ability of smell allows one to "smell" danger and emotions. So, he can literally smell your fear. Any emotion at all will be known to him just by your scent. Admittedly, he has barely spent any time mastering this ability... but even he has awakened a higher form of this power. Like with taste, he can force anyone to smell anything he has ever smelled. The smell will attack their nostrils as if whatever he wanted them to smell was directly beneath their noses.
"Taste" - The Essence of Taste, the ability to manipulate one's emotions through what they consume. Food, candy, he can make people relive events by presenting them with food. He can see their memories, very akin to a mind reader, and feels it like his own. He also has an enhanced sense of taste, being able to identify everything in what he eats. Training his ability for centuries, he has awakened a heightened state of Taste. In combination with his Sixth Sense, he can force someone to taste something, even if the food is not available. Even if they've never tasted it before. As long as he has, they will know it.
"Touch" - The Essence of Touch, the ability to physically feel every bump, dent, or mark in an object. It can even allow one to know the past of any person or object. Years of practice and hardening this power has allowed him to turn the most directly physical Essence into a weapon. His physical strength and endurance is far better than any normal man's. It's enough to let him swing his massive sword with what seems like extreme ease.
"Hearing" - The Essence of Sound, the ability to modify sound waves to the caster's liking. Svend's hearing is far better than any mere mortal's. And when used offensively, the power of Sound is arguably the best weapon in his arsenal. Just like the Essence, he has Echo Location, Voice Manipulation, etc. But he has managed to turn the ability of Pure Harmony into something far more powerful... something that can take in sound and redirect it at his enemies as a direct assault upon their ears. Depending on how much energy he puts into it, he may even be able to seriously wound someone with it. After all, different pitches, frequencies, etc. will have varying effects...
"Transformation" - What would a Big Bad Evil Guy be without multiple transformations? He has two additional forms. The first being very similar to his first normal form. His skin darkens significantly and his tattoo turns silver instead of black. His hair turns white, as if aging, his arms and legs become scaled and clawed, and strange spikes come out from his shoulders in the shape of spiked wings. The whites of his eyes become black as well. In this form, his physical power is incredibly high.
The second stage is his final form. His size increases exponentially and all of his abilities increase in power. This form constantly drains away at his soul levels in exchange for immense boosts. This form is incredibly difficult to beat... but defeating this form means the end of The Eternal One.

Inner Soul

⌈Habits Quirks⌋
✦Arm Crossing || Especially while gloating or looking down upon others, his arms are usually crossed over his chest. It's a pose that makes him feel empowered and to him, it shows off his pride in himself and his distaste for others. Some may view it as arrogance or cockiness.
✦Thumb Biting || When in thought, he will bite on his left thumb. Nothing fierce, just prodding with his teeth. Something to do while he thinks. Not much rhyme or reason to it.
✦Flaunting || He's incredibly full of himself. He'll flaunt, flex, and berate others at every possible opportunity. For the most part, that is.

♥Women || He. Loves. Women. And he's not too picky about appearance, either. He takes joy in making advances upon women. Using them if they let him, consuming their souls if they don't. Their souls taste just a bit better to him than a man's.
♥Meat and Liquor || Meat is a man's food, alcohol is a man's drink. He likes his meat rare and his alcohol hard.
♥Combat || What's the point in having power if you don't use it? He's known as a tyrant for a reason. He'll wage one-man wars upon his own lands just to feel the thrill of battle. He's also known for kidnapping warriors and fighters from all over to force into duels to the death.

✖Small Animals || How grotesque. With their little bodies and fur getting everywhere. They're too cute. They're weak. They're nothing. The less he sees of them, the better. He'd prefer the company of a rabid bear than a little dog.
✖Feeling Weak || Weakness is suffering. Strength is the only way to thrive. To be strong is to be all. The weak get crushed by the strong. It's that simple.
✖Boredom || He is alive to be entertained! To find boredom in eternity is unforgivable. With so much to see, to do, to consume and destroy, boredom is not something that Svend likes. The world is ever-changing and ever-interesting. A boring day is a failed day.

✖Death || He didn't spend centuries expanding his lifespan just because. The thought of dying makes him feel weak, vulnerable, and trash. No, to him, Death is the ultimate failure. The only force in the world worth fearing.
✖The Essences || The only forces in existence with the potential to take him down. An opponent that can be feared within reason.

✖Arrogance || One day, that ego is going to really hurt him when he doesn't need it. He's too cocky, arrogant, and full of himself. It leaves him less than focused in most cases.
✖Taking Things Seriously || He just can't. Nearly everything is a game to him. This may just be his downfall when he encounters the Essences.
✖Souls || A double-edged sword. While he has spent centuries amassing souls, using his enhanced abilities expends souls. And taking fatal blows also expends souls. His nickname may be "The Eternal One," but that is simply because nobody has figured out why he doesn't die. Eventually he will run out of souls. And when that time comes, he will be easily struck down.

Svend is surly, arrogant and a bully. He is absolutely full of himself and believes himself to be the ultimate power in the world. In short, he really is just an asshole. He takes joy in belittling and hurting others emotionally, mentally, and even physically. He'll go to any means to sate his own ego and desires. It's never been shown that he could have any real affection for others, but that doesn't mean he is beyond it. In his time, he has taken many lovers and certainly bestows praise upon those who deserve it... so long as they remember that they are beneath him.

Rarely does he actually appear to be serious. He's a smartass and he enjoys being animated, jubilant, and a jokester. After all, if you're going to live forever, why live it in angst? He's enjoying his eternal life. Even the part where he must consume souls to keep himself going. Especially that part. Anything to make himself feel more powerful... But do know that if he's ever serious, he's either royally pissed off or something is just seriously wrong.


⌈Romantic Interest⌋
None thus far. At least certainly none of the Essences.

"I am the only one who knows the truth. The real history."

Millenia old. He remembers little about specifics over the course of that time. But he remembers the beginning all too well. He remembers his greatest triumph.

There was a time before he was known as The Eternal One. It was a time where he was simply known as Svend, a farmhand with five people who came to be his friends. It was a simpler time where hard work meant you might get a meal at the end of the day. Everything was earned, nothing was given. Nothing except.. the Essences. His friends all discovered they each had a sense far more developed than anyone else. His brother could see for miles, his lover could hear near everything. Everyone developed... Even Svend. Though his change was far more subtle. He learned that there was the existence of a Sixth Sense, something not quite so tangible as the rest. The power of mind, of spirit.

His friends all seemed to get a hold of their new powers rather quick. Svend... not so much. He became jealous, angry even, that he was just inferior. And it was this darkness born into his heart that allowed a spirit into his heart. A voice, an entity, that warped his conscience and reasoning. A voice that made him aware of a very dark secret... That souls could be consumed. Svend began sliding down a slippery slope and he didn't want to regain his footing. Especially not after his first devouring.

He had not been feeling well one day and did not work. The farm owner chastised him, docking his pay and making him skip on a meal. Why was he to be treated so unjustly for falling ill?
'Yes.. why indeed? That is not fair. If he will not feed you, you will have to feed yourself. His soul, Svend. Do as I've taught you.' A dark, whispered voice that had been haunting him for years finally grabbed hold of him here as Svend obeyed. This first time, he blacked out and didn't realize what he'd done until he'd done it. But that soul of the farm owner, he could feel its power adding to his own immediately. It felt good. The strength could only stockpile and grow from there.
'And who better to grow from than the other Senses?'

One by one, he devoured their souls. Each of their power added to his own, though he did not destroy the Essences. At the time, he was not aware of their existence. But it was enough to start on his steady path to dark will. His friends, his brother, and even his lover were not safe from his lust for power. His need to be strong. He barely felt remorse, too. Truly, he was befitting of this dark power.

Over time, that voice faded. It blended and became one with his own mind, his own will. He roamed the land as a wanderer, consuming the souls of all living beings he could in his travels. He began to feel mad if he didn't begin consuming souls. It was like an addiction. An addiction that led him on the path to conquest. His dark will turned to selfishness. Centuries passed and he still lived. He wanted to enjoy every minute of his eternal life. It started off small. Conquering towns, then cities... and before he knew it, he had conquered all of Arcinn single-handedly. The world was quite literally his domain, his playground to do with as he pleased. And he was happy about that, to say the least. Every whim he ever wanted was tended to, and his iron fist ruled the people. Everything was... perfect.

Until they came into existence again. All the power he amassed allowed him to sense it. The Essences. Apparently consuming the souls of the Five were not enough. There had to be more to it. In time, he concluded that there is another force that governs the senses, something separate from the soul. He simply referred to them as Essences. And the instant they came back into the world, he knew it. He knew that if those who now housed the Essences were to develop their powers like he had over centuries passed, there was a chance one of them might challenge his rule. Or perhaps all of them. Maybe they'd even discover the secret behind devouring souls.

He knew immediately that the Essences had to be eradicated. But how? Devouring the soul was not enough. He decided that he would have to capture each Essence Holder alive. And to do that... he recruited help. A powerful assassin and a brilliant investigator. After all, he can't slack off and screw around if he's looking for the Essences. Why do for yourself what you can do for others? Promising them whatever their hearts could desire as compensation, he commanded the two to locate and bring him the Essences. As long as they were breathing, he didn't care what shape they were in.

Every day brings him closer to a chance at falling from power, from freedom, from fun. This is a future he cannot permit for himself. He has dedicated himself to figuring out just what these Essences were. How to destroy them... how to destroy the new Holders and continue his eternal life. Nothing, and he means nothing, will keep him from existing.

[ Other ⌋
Answer Here

So begins...

Svend, The Eternal One's Story


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"OVER HERE, YOU DUMB-ASS! I'M WIDE OPEN!" Ellie's blood was boiling, her adrenaline was pumping, and her teammate was being, in her eyes, a complete idiot. She was open, they were right next to the soccer goal, and everyone knew Ellie was the best when it came to scoring. That's why the coach had on her on offense in the first place. That's why everyone passed it to her when she was open and by the goal. And yet, there was her teammate, who knew she was open, not passing it to her. He was just dribbling the ball back and forth like a moron! She could feel the sense of frustration inside of her growing, the irritatingly persistent sense of anger was unavoidable. If she didn't get to kick that ball soon, she'd end up kicking one of the opponents... On purpose.

Ellie watched as her teammate got in position to kick the ball. No you idiot, they're going to steal the---- NYGAHHHH! MORON! She watched in agony as she was helpless to stop the other team from stealing the ball. And as she sprinted across the field in hopes of catching up, she felt her breath running out and her legs beginning to slow down. She couldn't bear to run anymore, and maybe it would be better if she stayed midfield for now... If her team managed to get the ball back, then they'd have to have someone to pass it to, not to mention she had to get her breath back or her asthma might start to act up... Ellie found herself panting near the middle of the field, her muscles tense as she watched the ball in utter suspense. You've got this guys. Come on, come on... She held her breath and poured all of her hope into the hands of her team. If they won this game, she'd buy them all complementary, high-quality, expensive blueberry muffins from the new bakery not too far away from here. Maybe a mile or two? She could smell them all the way from the soccer field. In fact, her mouth was beginning to water...


Ellie felt her heart sink as she watched the opposing team score a goal. It was only seconds later that the whistle blew, signaling the end of soccer practice. Her team had lost, by one point! One stupid point... "Alright, nice work everyone. Remember, be here Tuesday. Also, Ellie, can I talk to you for just a sec?" She took a sharp breath and turned to her team's coach, otherwise known as Aaron. A nice man, she had to admit, but an annoying one at times. He always told her to try and be nicer to her teammates, but... They were the ones who were giving her a reason to yell at them! And she was only giving them her feedback; helping them improve. What was so wrong with that? She was only trying to help. Ellie nodded in response to his request to talk, turning to him with a bit of a fake smile.

"Listen, I know you're working on this, but you've gotta be nicer to everyone else. Treat people how you want to be treated." Aaron bellowed. In return, Ellie only gave him another nod, before walking off. She'd had enough soccer for today... and maybe for the rest of her life. She wasn't sure. If playing soccer meant losing again, then perhaps she'd do better without it.

"Whatever," Ellie had told herself. "Once everyone else gets here, I'm sure I'll cool off..." Shaking her head, she made an A-line for the park bench. She was expecting her friends in a little while; Bianca had managed to convince them to go to the park with her. She claimed that there were only so many days left until snow began to fall, therefore she had to get out as much as possible to see the birds, and the park was the perfect place to do that. And so, they'd agreed that they would all meet at the park around eleven o'clock on a Saturday, in other words, now. Ellie could never understand why Bianca hated snow so much, but maybe some mysteries weren't meant to be solved. Waving off the topic, she found herself lying on the park bench in wait of her four friends. "They should be here any second now..."

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