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Aiden Kelly

"What happened that night?"

0 · 388 views · located in Widow's Hollow, Massachusets

a character in “Sentinel/Guide: The Forest Trail”, as played by Norien de Iridius



Name: Aidan Cayden Kelly

Age: 18

Position: Sentinel

Appearance: Image
Aidan is taller, around 6'3" and slim. Being a runner in his spare time, his frame is lean but strong. His parents always used to call him 'Beanpole', and to this day he still hates that nickname, probably because it's accurate. Aidan wears a lot of shirts with names of metal bands splattered across the front, and pairs that with his ever-present leather coat and a pair of ratty jeans. He wears his dark, curly hair longer, around shoulder-length, so he can hide his ear-buds in class. His knuckles have faint scars from the fights he gets in occasionally, and he has one long, ropy scar on his side from a knife wound he got during a trip to Mexico. He has a tattoo of a angled line with a dot on his chest, vaguely reminiscent of the number 1 and the number 2 put together. He also wears a necklace with a 6 pointed star in the middle of a circle and designs like his tattoo around the circle.

Personality: Aidan's name means "fiery one" in Gaelic, his parents named him that because he was very active as a baby, even in the womb. Aidan has lived up to his name, having a fiery personality as well. He makes both friends and enemies quickly, and is as likely to solve problems with his fists as with words. His knuckles are testament to his willingness to brawl. Aidan can come off as a bit abrasive at times, he makes snap decisions and judgments and then sticks to them, be they right or wrong. But his friends all know him to be the one they can count on, he is as loyal as he is talkative, which is to say very. Aidan has a very strong moral sense, what he believes is right and wrong and has been known to start fights over perceived injustices he has suffered or seen. But when he isn't arguing his views or causing fights, he is actually a very kind person. He comes off as aloof and aggressive, but to those who take the time to know him, he is gentle and even sometimes funny.

History: Aidan was born to Anna Caitlin Kelly and Angus Baran Kelly. Both of his parents are fully Irish and very proud of their roots, and brought Aidan up to appreciate them as well. Angus was a typical Irishman, he drank far too much and sometimes took it out on his wife. But he never beat his son. Even when drunk, Angus wouldn't lay a hand on his son. Anna and Angus stayed together mainly for the boy, and as he grew, Angus took more to the drink. Anna finally had had enough when Aidan was 13 and divorced his father. They had many a heated argument about who would get custody of Aidan until one night, Aidan came into the kitchen from his room while his parents were yelling. They both asked him to go back to sleep, but he stood his ground and simply said, "I want to see you both. I'll live half the year with ma, and the other half with da, and that'll be it." Then he walked out of the room and went back to sleep. Stunned, his parents stopped fighting and tried out Aidan's suggestion. It worked reasonably well, they all got back together on the bigger holidays and birthdays and things remained amicable between his parents. But Aidan never forgot how his father used to act, and he swore to himself he would never let a man lay a hand on a woman if he could stop it. He also vowed to never touch alcohol, but as he grew older, he couldn't help himself. He started drinking at age 17, and once he started, he found he couldn't stop. But he wasn't too worried about it, he never drank much at a sitting anyways and he thought he knew he could control it. That's how, one night in early summer, he found himself out in the woods. Him and a few of his good friends had a cooler of booze and they drove Aidan's truck deep into the woods to have a few beers and sleep it off in the box of his truck. Before he knew it, Aidan woke up in the truck, head pounding and his friends were gone.

Mother: Anna Caitlin Kelly
Father: Angus Baran Kelly

Playing guitar
Listening to music
Reading fantasy novels
Mocking teachers he dislikes

Being alone
Being teased
the color yellow

Aidan often cracks his knuckles and his neck when he is nervous or ill at ease, a habit many people find disturbing or disgusting. He has gotten into fights with his mother about it countless times, and now he does it more to spite everyone than for any sense of relief he finds.

So begins...

Aiden Kelly's Story