Juliana Foerstner

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a character in “Sentinel/Guide: The Forest Trail”, as played by Jozarin


Name:Juliana Foerstner

Age: 20

Position: Sentinel

Appearance: Juliana is short, at only 5', and with a relatively wiry frame, she is able to make herself almost invisible. She has very dark brown hair, growing to just below her shoulders, complementing her hazel eyes well. She is Caucasian, and usually wears very striking clothing that she makes herself. She has pale skin unblemished but for a scar on her right shoulder, which she got in an unfortunate incident involving a falling kitchen knife. She has a tattoo in the shape of an abstract wing on her right shoulder blade, and she often applies a subtle touch of makeup.

Personality: Juliana is not shy. That much is certain. She will make her opinion known whenever it does not suit her otherwise. She has a flair for acting and music, and hopes to one day become a singer, preferably in opera or metal. She is compassionate and caring, but when angered, she flies into a blind rage. This has only gotten worse since she became a sentinel, whereas her music has improved. She used to be very clumsy, but has improved in recent years. Her family is very important to her, as is church. She is very good at concentration, and little can distract her, though what can, does it very well. She is generally cheerful, and tries to make everyone else's lives more enjoyable.

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