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Six teens must find the keys to their necklaces before they are cursed.

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When Time Runs Out...
They Will Be Stuck Forever...

Six teens have come across random placed necklaces in their lives. Something about them made them not able to pull their eyes away from them. They were intrigued to say the least. Picking them up, the teens put them on and felt something was off. Each of them went about their days and eventually went home. There was a note left on their beds.

Dear Loves,

You have been chosen by your necklace to be it's owner. It will test you to see your purpose in this world. You must find the six keys in life to unlock your necklace before you are cursed. If you do not find the key a curse will be placed upon you forever. You can not kill yourself, you must live with the curse that is placed upon you. Hiding will also get you nowhere. There will be a woman who will help you and give you clues to the next key. Each key will have an inscription on it. Each inscription describes one of you teens. Get together with your friends and find the six keys of life. Your journey begins now...

Now the teens have to get together, find the woman, and get the six keys of life. They only have a limited amount of time to find the key. They have to stay in one group, so they can't spread out to find the keys by themselves. The woman who leads them can only talk to them in their heads and they will never really see her. Once they find a key, they have to see whose necklace it unlocks.

Teen 1, she goes blind if she doesn't find her key {Taken by Lovely Spade}
Teen 2, she becomes deaf if she doesn't find her key {Taken by :Nagato:}
Teen 3, she become mute if she doesn't find her key {Taken by MirrorMirror1498}
Teen 4, he gets trapped in darkness if his doesn't find his key {Open}
Teen 5(Gay), he becomes trapped inside of teen six's body if he doesn't find his key {Taken by Spectrum}
Teen 6(Gay), he has teen five's soul trapped inside him forever if he doesn't find his key {Reserved by Pimpette}
Teen 7, he can't feel emotions if he doesn't find his key {Reserved by Siren}

A key with an eye on it, has not been found
A key with an ear on it, has not been found
A key with strange markings, has not been found
A black key, has not been found yet
Half a key, has not been found yet
Half a key, has not been found yet
A key with a hand on it

Character Sheet;
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    [color=#fav color][b]What Will You Be Cursed With?[/b][/color]

    [color=#fav color][b]What Do You Fancy In Life?[/b][/color]

    [color=#fav color][b]What Do You Not Like?[/b][/color]

    [color=#fav color][b]Do You Like Anyone?[/b][/color]

    [color=#fav color][b]What Scares You The Most?[/b][/color]

    [color=#fav color][b]What Do You Rock Out To?[/b][/color] 

1. Respect me and Pimpette, she is my Co-GM
2. Get cozy with us, we're expecting you to stick around
3. No one-liners, keep them away mkay?
4. All post must be a minimum of 250 words
5. Romance is highly encouraged but keep it clean!
6. Please don't start trouble in the OOC, it's annoying
7. All reservations are held for 24 hours
8. Respect your fellow RPers!!!
9. No complaining in the OOC, if you have a problem contact me or Pimpette via PM.
10. If you read all of the rules post you favorite color, or include it in your reservation.
11.If enough people want to join I'll add more spots.

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Kirby couldn't sleep because of the letter she found on her bed last night. Who put it there? All she recalled was finding some necklace and putting it on. She was coming from hanging out with her friends, and they didn't anger anyone, so why did she get that note. She thought it was some prank at first, but seeing the person knew of the necklace she had found, it was no ordinary joke. Sighing she rolled out of bed and hopped into the shower. She came back out with a peach colored romper with the gold necklace on. She slid on her glasses and was out the door. She had to meet up with her friends and tell them about what had happened to her.

Hey guys meet me at the fountain downtown, I have urgent news!

She decided to send the text to all of them at once so they could all meet at the same place. She had her car confiscated because she was late getting home, so she had to walk. Running a hand through her hair she looked down at the necklace around her neck and held it in her hand. What exactly do you want from me? She asked as if the necklace was going to answer her. Not looking up, Kirby ran into a rather elderly looking woman. Probably just in her forties, but that was how she saw anyone who was over thirty.

"I'm so sorry." Kirby apologized to the woman before looking up at her again. "No I'm the one who feels sorry for you." The woman smiled at her in a creepy kind of way. "That's a pretty necklace you have there. Just make sure you don't get hurt because of it." The woman spoke before walking off. "What was that about?" Kirby questioned silently as she watched the woman walk away. She got chills down her spine from what the woman said to her. What did she mean by that? Shrugging it off, she kept walking until she reached the fountain. She sat on the edge and waited for the rest of her friends to come.


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"Mommy I don't wanna wake up yet." Deshi's voice was muffled from the fluffy pillow over his face that kept the sun out of his delicate eyes. His phone was ringing on the bedside table, the sound was obnoxious and repetitive. He reached his arm out and snatched it suddenly, unlocking it to stop the boisterous noise before he got a headache. He blinked a few times, his vision was blurry without his glasses, not to mention he'd just woken up and his room was painfully bright due to the unwelcome light coming in through the open blinds. It was a message from Kirby, she knew better than to wake him up, it had to come naturally otherwise he felt like he hadn't slept enough for the rest of the day. "What does she want?" He read the message twice before remembering everything that had happened the day before.

How could he have forgotten something so important in only a few hours? The note. The necklace with the strange lock on it. Was he the only one who had one? He looked down at the chain around his neck and fiddled with the odd piece of jewelry. "This is all probably part of some stupid prank. I'm gonna feel really stupid once I figure out it's just a hoax." He squinted around his room and found the letter on the opposite side, set on top of a stack of other unimportant papers. Skillfully, or so he thought before he bashed his knee on the edge of the desk, D crossed the room and sunk into a chair. "This is pretty convincing though." He sighed and picked his glasses up and blinking rapidly as the world around him sudden became crystal clear.

"Ah much better." He yawned loudly and stretched his arms out, his tired muscles felt relaxed and he got up to prepare for what he believed would be a normal day. He'd meet Kirby and the others, tell them about the letter he'd received along with how he thought the whole cursed-for-all-eternity deal sounded like a crock, and lead the way to his favorite place in the universe: the candy store. "Weeeell, better get this show on the road." He'd showered, looked at his unruly red hair before deciding it looked better untouched with a cute striped beanie, and cleaned his black glasses before jogging downstairs and into the garage where he retrieved his skateboard.

"Onward to adventure!" He yelled to no one in particular as he rolled away from his house and to meet one of his favorite people. It took a little longer than he felt like going but eventually the fountain came into view, along with Kirby who was currently seated at it's edge. "Sweetheart, your knight in shining armor has arrived!" As melodramatic as he always was, D sped up and tried to pull a daring stunt but only ended up tripping over his own feet and falling at Kirby's feet. "Uhh...tada?" He offered her a cheesy smile then stood up to dust himself off. "No need for applause, I know I'm amazing." He bowed at the waist before finally sitting down next to his friend. "So what'd you make me get up all early for anyway?"


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Klaus swung the suspicious looking necklace around his neck while his other hand fumbled over the letter in annoyance.
"Bleh what kind of punk ass prank is this?" he said scrunching up the note and throwing it against the opposite wall before leaning his head back against his bed as he sat on the floor. He gulped feeling the coldness of the necklace's metal brush against his neck before he heard his phone ring. He lazily reached out for the mobile on top his bedside table and read its message while scratching his head.

Hey guys meet me at the fountain downtown, I have urgent news!

"Oh dear lord, what have you done now Kirby.." he joked to himself with a distinct smirk on his face as he got up immediately to change into new clothes.
Walking out of his house with his car keys in hand, he couldn't help but think about that strange note. What kind of a pompous would screw with me like that.. he thought in disbelief as he got in his red ford and turned on the engine.

When he arrived at the fountain, he pulled down the window and waved at his friends. "Heyy got the text". He said before lowering the window again to drive forward to a decent parking spot. When he had parked his car, he turned on the alarm and whistled throwing and catching his keys in his right hand nearing the fountain again.


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Kaede threw on a hoodie and a pair of ripped jeans--whatever smelled the cleanest--before shuffling through the mess that was his room. He tripped over a skateboard, hopping over it and skipping forward some out into the hall. He sighed with relief when he didn't fall or hit a wall and promptly shut the door. After grabbing a snack from the kitchen, he was out the door to do some walking around. He wanted to check out that store downtown.

Walking, because cars are killing the ozone layer, Kaede had his hands shoved in his pockets and his hood over his head to block out the annoying rays of the sun. He took one hand out of his pocket as he turned a corner towards downtown, fingering the necklace dangling from his neck with curiosity. Jewelry wasn't usually his thing, but when he came across this the day before he couldn't help but keep it. He was sure he'd been alone when he found it and even asked those around him if it belonged to anyone or if they'd dropped it. Everyone denied, so he took it.

However, the note he received that night when he came home wasn't the most pleasant thing in the world. It wouldn't be his first threat, but it was possibly the strangest. Exactly how does a necklace choose someone? he wondered skeptically to himself. He shrugged. Keys of life... Weird stuff. He was pretty open to anything, but that note was just strange, even on his terms. Kaede's attention was momentarily swayed from his thoughts as a kid did some sort of trick on a skateboard around a fountain, falling and landing at a girl's feet. He couldn't help but laugh to himself. I wonder if they're dating? They look cute together.

Shaking his head and deciding he had nothing better to do, he strode up to the three standing there. "That was a cool trick, dude," he said to the redhead. "Too bad you couldn't land it." He smiled. "I'm sure you'll get it next time though. I have a board at home. I think I've seen you at the skatepark a time or two?" Yes, now that he thought about it, the boy definitely looked familiar. The girl and the dark-haired boy, however, he couldn't place. He realized how weird he must look, coming from nowhere just to compliment a guy on his trick. So he hesitated and slinked back some, scratching the back of his head. "Err, sorry. The name's Kaede. I'll just leave you guys alone now." The necklaces they were each wearing caught his eye, however, and he paused, looking at the girl's. "Nice...necklace."


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Only way to feel the noise is when it's good and loud...So good you can't believe it's screaming with the crowd...

The sound of Motörhead's utter masterpiece Overkill blasted out of the '68 Camaro as it roared down the street--the sound of its own engine very nearly equalling the deafening music in volume. The muscle car was deep black in colour, with flame decals running up the front and sides of it, and the music blasted out of the open windows loud enough to echo up and down the street it was driving through. It seemed like anyone inside the car would literally have had their hearing simply blasted away by music at that volume, but through the lowered windows, it could be seen that the driver was clearly not bothered in the slightest by the volume.

Seated at the driver's seat was a girl of perhaps eighteen years old, wearing her beloved leather jacket over a Led Zeppelin t-shirt. Her short hair, a hue of faded black, was spiked up, especially at the front; her face possessed sharp features and high, prominent cheekbones, giving her a haughty sort of look about her, and dark rings under her eyes indicated erratic sleeping habits. There was something else slightly strange about her face, however--subtle but there. It was hard to place--a vaguely unhealthy quality. The reason became apparent once anyone caught sight of the cigarette held between the hand that hung out the window, occasionally drawing into the car for her to take a drag of it--and once that one was spent, she would immediately move on to a new one.

Goddamn I love this song so much, Isabelle thought with a grin as the gravely, raspy voice of Lemmy Kilmister moved onto the chorus of the song, accompanied by Izzie's own scratchy tone of voice singing along. This song was basically the epitome of Izzie's lifestyle--the music was never too loud, and no matter what, it could always be louder. And to hell with them if anyone thought it was too loud. They didn't get it like she did--this music was made to be played at volume eleven.

In the passenger of the car lay two things--one of them significantly larger than the other. It was a guitar case, propped upright against the seat and strapped in as if it were a person itself. Within it lay her most prized belonging in life, indeed, perhaps the most important thing in her life...the Venerator.

Okay, so she'd be damned if she knew what a Venerator was, if it was even anything, but it sounded badass and that was good enough for her. A badass guitar for a badass guitarist deserves a badass name had basically been her thought process. And it was a badass guitar, no question could be asked of that--it had a wicked look to it, a lean, mean sound. As soon as she had seen it she knew she would have to have it. It took a long time to scrape together the two hundred and sixty bucks the thing went for, and she had to sell off a lot of things, but it was more than worth it in the end.

On the seat before it was an object much less valued by its owner--though Izzie scrunched her nose up whenever she referred to herself as owning it. She wanted nothing to do with the damn thing, but she couldn't get rid of it, and she didn't even know why. Jewellery was something Izzie just didn't do. And yet as soon as she had seen the necklace she wanted it--the black, metal chain somehow had appealed to her in an almost unusually strong way. It had been all she could do to just take the damn thing off once she had put it on around her neck--after all Isabelle did not want to be seen wearing some necklace in front of her friends. But when she tried to get herself to throw the necklace out, get rid of it somehow, something held her back. She wanted the thing gone, but for some reason she couldn't bring herself to have it more than a few feet away from her.

So she stuck the thing in her pocket and went to hang out with her friends, content in her certainty that come tomorrow she would chuck the thing out--somehow her inability to get rid of it now had not bothered her that much; in hindsight, that was just as strange as being unable to throw it out. Regardless, she just shoved it in the inside pocket of her jacket, and then drove down to the studio to meet her friends and play music.

Well, studio implied some sort of high-tech recording equipment--which there was none. Basically it was just a little, detached place where they went and played their favourite music--they had a kickass drummer, an awesome bassist, a singer who was capable of imitating just about any vocalist from Halford to Hetfield, and two unstoppable guitarists who regularly switched between one playing lead and the other playing rhythm, or just both playing lead parts--one of those two guitarists being Isabelle et Violaine.

So she had spent the night rocking out, belting out everything from Judas Priest's Painkiller to Black Sabbath's Into the Void, and by the time the five decided they were done for the night it was nearing 2:00 AM. The night was not nearly over for Izzie, however--who failed to be tired even though it had been days since she had gotten anything resembling actual sleep. She knew even if she went to bed she would not be able to fall asleep, so she settled for spending the night taking drives around town. She drove back to the little apartment she called home to drop off her guitar and gear, but stopped short when she entered her room to find something on her bed--a note.

Dear Loves,
You have been chosen by your necklace to be its owner. It will test you to see your purpose in this world. You must find the six keys in life to unlock your necklace before you are cursed. If you do not find the key a curse will be placed upon you forever. You cannot kill yourself, you must live with the curse that is placed upon you. Hiding will also get you nowhere. There will be a woman who will help you and give you clues to the next key. Each key will have an inscription on it. Each inscription describes one of you teens. Get together with your friends and find the six keys of life. Your journey begins now...

...right. Izzie's general thought process upon reading this was basically what the fuck. Apparently some stalker sort of person had seen her take the necklace, and then broken into her home and left this note? Not okay. Definitely not okay. She wasn't buying this whole 'curse' and 'six keys of life' bullshit. What she was buying was someone broke into my apartment and apparently intends to screw with me.

To be honest though, break-ins in her neighbourhood were a common occurrence, so once the initial anger had abated, she wasn't too bothered by it. Whoever idiot had broken in hadn't taken anything--as if there was much to take-- and left only this note, apparently in hopes Isabelle was enough of a moron to get genuinely scared over it. Her purpose in this world? Riiiiiiiight. Thanks, but she knew her purpose in this world and had no need to be 'tested' on it. She tore the note to pieces without even bothering to inform her friends--who had been mentioned in this note, apparently--and then threw it in the trash, before going back out to her car.

Going back to today and now, however, Izzie was pulling up at her destination--the downtown area of the city. Definitely a more upscale area than Izzie was used to hanging out in, but she had heard the local music store here had the new album from Atheist in stock, which the music store back near her apartment lacked, so she just had to go and buy it. The monstrous muscle car pulled up in front of the music store, a tall building which was flanked by a bank on one side and, on the other, a large fountain which was known as a popular hang out for various kids. Izzie took the keys out of the ignition and shut the car off, and the thunderous music suddenly ceased, leaving behind the ringing in Isabelle's ears that she so loved to hear after listening to her music at such volumes. She flung the door open, stepping out of the car and towards the music store.


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#, as written by Siren
Alexander wasn't exactly in a...ah.

He wasn't in a very good mood.

For one thing, there was this weird necklace around his neck that he felt absolutely compelled to wear 24/7. Every time he felt like taking it off- and for very good reasons, too- was met with the strong urge not to, followed by the creepy feeling that something was horribly, horribly wrong. And, well, when you bump into some creepy old lady who reminds you of Maleficent, you just know something is.


Though, between a nice game of football with friends and family game night, you tend to forget all the creepy stuff that happens in your life and sit back and relax (or get crushed beneath someone like TWENTY TIMES your own weight). Games of every and any kind were soon put up only to be ditched for the next big thing- Apples to Apples, Boxers and Briefs, Cluedo (staring Alex as...Ms. Scarlet), and, for a brief half hour (which Alex spent the majority of fighting bankruptcy before the family got bored), Monopoly. Time flew by in almost an instant, and as Alex and his younger sister cleaned up and put the games away, Alex found it had been a bit past nine- still plenty of time to check his email and what not. He put the boxes in one of the bookshelves and started heading up the stairs. His bedroom door creaked open, and with it, a horrid, putrid smell had been unleashed onto the world. Of course, Alex (being humanity's last hope against it) had gotten use to the smell- after all, he made it himself.

Ah, the joys of a messy, cluttered room.

Yeah, he'd get right onto cleaning it. Someday.

He trudged through the mess, through old shirts and jerseys and, egads, socks, and flopped over onto the bed. He could have easily fallen asleep like that, honestly- but there was paper on his face. He pushed himself up, staring down at it. The handwriting didn't look familiar- and the message sent shivers down his spine.

His bed didn't feel so nice and soft anymore. But frankly he was just too tired to fight the urge to keep watch just incase someone came back.

The next morning, however, he was jerked wide awake by his cell going off. Cursing the fact that he was a light sleeper, he rubbed his eyes and checked his phone. A message from Kirby popped up, and the fact that it sounded pretty ominous didn't help sell the case. But, whatever. He needed to get up anyway. As he slid off the bed, he changed into some...clean clothes, straight from the closet, and still pretty tired, he climbed down the stairs, and made it to the kitchen. After setting up a satisfactory note to his parents while toasting up some bread, he headed out the door.

Unlike everyone else, Alex didn't have a car. He took the bus everywhere- and while yes, it was pretty lame, he didn't have the cash for a car, and lived too far to simply walk or run downtown. The trip was pretty uneventful, save a small... incident that will never be referred to again. Ever.

He stepped off the bus, and looked around. His friends were already there and talking to...someone. He started running towards them, his necklace jiggling around like crazy as he ran across a parking lot to get to them. "Hey guys!" he shouted, "Sorry if I'm a bit late. What's up?"

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