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Example Samuel

(He's an example.) "I'm an example, I don't get a cool saying!"

0 · 130 views · located in Space

a character in “Sepex Prime”, as played by Quantumlegacy



Samuel stands to be about six feet four inches tall. He has medium length brown hair. He's caucasian with brown eyes. His normal space attire consist of his white jumpsuit with a blue upside V on it. It was issued to him as part of his possession to be kept from Sepex. It signifies the part of the crew he is with, the engineers.


Samuel is easy going most of the time. But when it comes to technology he get's a hard on like no other. It's his passion and he's never without something to say about it. If you are in a hurry don't mention anything about it to him. You'll never escape his long ramblings about his take on the new age designs of spaceship engine and warp theories. Given his passion though he keeps himself in shape for the actual hard labor portion of his job. Brains and some brawn he's pretty much the total package.




Samuel grew up with an average life, had a good home, went to a good school. When he left home to be on his own and head to college it was there he really got swept away by technology. One of his professor picked up on his intelligence and started challenging him on the side. With time the two of them were working together equally on cutting edge space travel designs. After his professor cut samuel right out from under the project at the last second he learned some of the harsher side of life. His professor has used him and his work to leapfrog himself into a better position in life. After some time Samuel graduated and found himself working part time while using what research he managed to grab up and tinker with what he could at his home.

Ten years later he came out with what is now the basic model for all space travel engines. It's efficiency and design more then overshadowed what was in the market then. (Being based on a flawed design his old professor had insisted was inserted into their design) At more then two-hundred times more efficiency it didn't take long for Samuel to get the credit, and wealth, he deserved. It wasn't long after that he found himself working with Sepex Industries.

And that eventually lead him to have his opportunity to be aboard the Tactini where with his standing and knowledge he could have had pretty much any position. But he chose that of a lower ranking engineer so as to be closer to the parts. Or so that is what he would tell you if you asked.

So begins...

Example Samuel's Story