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Serpents of Darkness

Serpents of Darkness


Private between shatari19 & SarcasticZombie

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Thousands of years ago, Dragons ruled the world of Varnaya. They were revered as the ultimate race of the world. They ruled with compassion over the lesser races of the world..loving all that lived under them. With the Dragons ruling the world, the Elves and Humans got along quite could even say that they were friends. The world of Varnaya was a beautiful and lush world. One that had never seen any amount of war or famine under the Dragons rule. The world had been a happy place. This all ended the moment the Dragons were struck with The Sickness. The disease that ravaged the ruling race turned all those that were struck to change. They no longer cared about the world or those that they protected. They only cared about themselves..their wealth. They became merely beasts that ravaged the world.

After the Dragons turned, the Humans and Elves have begun to hate one another. They are always constantly arguing. The only thing that they've been able to agree upon is that the Dragons must be taken care of. Legions of Men and Elves ventured forth, hunting down the beasts. At first, the two races merely lost many lives. They had no idea how to kill the monsters. After many long years and so many lives lost, a way was found. One by one, the Dragons were hunted down and killed, their corpses left rotting upon the ground where they fell.

Once the threat of the Dragons was gone, the Humans and Elves continued fighting with one another. Each race saw the other at fault for everything. There was no fixing their ties. As the years passed, the fighting seemed to be never ending however, there was whispers of a shadow growing in the North high upon the mountain of Kahluna. At the highest point, the city of Ialeos is located. It is here that a new threat is growing in power. The Dragon Ethron had awoken from his deep slumber. He began gathering all remaining Dragons to him, those that had survived the Hunting. He is no king though rules as one. His name is becoming more widly known. There are none now that do not know of him. He seeks to rid the world of the other races for the slaughter they have done to his kind. Ialeos is unreachable by Humans or Elves. They have no way of getting to the False King on their own.


Humans} They are generally the shortest of all of the races, standing up to only 5'7. Their eye color is usually of darker shades and their hair is darker as well. The Humans are generally non-magical creatures however, there are a select few that can do magic. Wizards they are called and they are very rare. There only only five known currently. The Humans live under the influence of their ancient gods. Humans tend to fight with Elves as they do not trust them. They've been enemies for as long as their history books go back. The hatred runs so deep that no one really remembers the real reason for the fighting. Perhaps one day they will set aside their differences and get along. Humans live to be 75-80 years old.

Elves} They are taller than Humans, standing up to 6'5. Their eye color is usually of lighter shades as is their long hair. Elves are one of the two true magical creatures that reside in Varnaya. They are very in tune with all things that are nature. They serve under the influence of two gods. Loint the god of earth and Risnda the goddess of life. The Elves are a kind race unless provoked. They hate only the Humans. Their libraries are said to contain the reasons for the great hatred between the two races though this has never been truly proven. The Elves live in far off forests that they've built their cities in. Elves are Immortal and can only die when in battle and mortally injured.

Dragons} They are the oldest of the three races and are magical. They have the ability to shift into a elf like shape. Though they can blend in with the Elves it is still noticeable that they are different. Their ears are still pointed, but they have small pointed canines that are visible when they speak. Their eyes usually change from their natural color to one more normal for a Elf. Their hair color usually is rather dark in this form. Dragons revere no gods, only their ancient Ancestors. Dragons are fierce beasts who once ruled over the world. They lived in the ancient stone city Ialeos, a city built many long ages ago by the first Dragon King. Here, the Dragons live under the rule of the royal family of Ardurwen. Dragons come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, but the one thing that they have in common is that the males all breathe fire and the females all breathe ice. Their true eye color tends to usually be a red, emerald green, gold, or silver. Dragons are Immortal and can only die if mortally wounded.

(There are, as always, some genetic oddities among the three races. Hair colors may be off, as well as heights. Eye color however must remain true to race.)

Where We Will Begin:

The Dragons have been gone for many long years. The world is slowly falling into chaos. Now, the threat of the Dragons is coming back. The Humans and Elves must learn to set aside their differences in order to save their world. The Elven King calls forth three of the most seasoned adventurers to set fort to hunt down a Dragon that still lives in the Lower Lands. They must hunt him down and persuade him to join their cause so that they can reach Ialeos and defeat Ethron, restoring the balance of the world.

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Avross spoke as she'd gone silent. His words did not bring her much comfort. If the Dragon refused to take the throne then all of this would be for naught. However, Anneliese knew that this was not something that they could fret over for now. They had more pressing matters at hand. "I do hope that you're right. Though he feels that he is obligated to do as she may not be enough. Ruling over a race is one thing..but...the Dragon King also rules over our world. I do hope that it won't be too much for him."

The other two soon caught up to as close as Tanyr seemed comfortable with. Anneliese opted for remaining silent now. It wasn't that she didn't want to speak around the Dragon or female Elf. She simply didn't know them that well. Something that she knew that needed to be changed sooner rather than later. Especially if they were going to be traveling together for some time.

As Tanyr moved her horse in order to catch up to the others, she spoke to him. The Dragon listened as she spoke of her mother. A smile found its way to Ilfirinon's face as he listened to her. He had known much hate and anger against his kind before the Sickness had taken him. It was...refreshing to hear that someone truly wished to speak with a Dragon without wishing death upon them. In truth he looked forward to meeting Tanyr's mother...seeing where the woman in front of him had come from. The Issdra and the Danech tended to be a bit different from his own kind in the ways they lived. He'd always found such things fascinating when he'd been younger. He'd been allowed to journey with his Father a few times in order to learn more of the other beings though not to the extent that his eldest brother had.

It was as the Elf turned to look at him that Ilfirinon turned his gaze to her. The woman promised that they would find a way to free his people. Her conviction...surprised him. "That is something to worry about at a later time, I'm afraid. Though...I do appreciate your concern and willingness to help. I..have had much time before I succumbed to the Sickness to think on this subject. I do not think anything can be done until Ethron is overthrown and I am able to walk about the Golden City as I once did. My people record everything that happens to us in great detail. The Great Library could perhaps hold information on what has caused this."

The day passed by slowly as the group made their way towards the city of Mianging. Anneliese remained close to the front with Avross as Tanyr and Ilfirinon followed behind them. The Human woman had begun speaking with the male Elf about halfway through the day. Though she was not used to conversing with Elves, she'd found that she enjoyed doing so with Avross. He seemed to help to keep her mind from the fact that they were nearing the Elven city. Though she'd not said as much...she was worrying about what would happen when they arrived. She would stick out quick easily and there was no way of knowing how those in the city would react to seeing a Human. Then there was the Dragon to worry about. If discovered, things would quickly go downhill for them.

The Dragon had spent the day half in silence and half speaking with Tanyr. While in silence he'd tried to recall anything that he'd encountered in his home that would have caused the Sickness. Of course...nothing came to mind. It never did. It was frustrating. Yet...his own words came to mind. He could not fret over this right now. There were other things that needed his attention. The rest of their trip Ilfirinon had spoken to Tanyr of a few different customs of the Dragons. Particularly the one that regarded relationships. His kind only ever truly loved one. After 'courting' and both parties deciding to move further, the Dragons performed a ritual that was referred to as the Binding. It was similar to marriage though ran much deeper. Once 'bound', the two Dragons would love no other. If one died, the other was destined to either continue life alone, never binding again or would die from heartache. It varied from each pair.

The day was nearly at an end by the time Ilfirinon had finished speaking to the female Elf of the Binding Ritual. He'd not bothered to inform her if he'd ever partaken in such a thing though he imagined that she would eventually ask him. Anneliese brought her horse to a stop a few feet from the city gate. She then turned slightly so that she could see her companions. "We made it. However, now we must decide our next course of action. It is late. May I suggest that we find the Inn and sleep there for the evening? In the morning our shopping will need to get done. mentioned wanting to visit with your mother. Perhaps you and Ilfirinon can go there while Avross and I go about the city? We can meet later, at the other gate. I do not think that we should stay longer than a few days at most."

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Varnaya by shatari19


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Character Portrait: Anneliese Ingarn
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Character Portrait: Ilfirinon Ardurwen
Ilfirinon Ardurwen

"I am the only hope for this world? Unlikely. The world has forgotten me."

Character Portrait: Anneliese Ingarn
Anneliese Ingarn

"I'm a Lady but does that really make a difference?"


Character Portrait: Ilfirinon Ardurwen
Ilfirinon Ardurwen

"I am the only hope for this world? Unlikely. The world has forgotten me."

Character Portrait: Anneliese Ingarn
Anneliese Ingarn

"I'm a Lady but does that really make a difference?"

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Character Portrait: Ilfirinon Ardurwen
Ilfirinon Ardurwen

"I am the only hope for this world? Unlikely. The world has forgotten me."

Character Portrait: Anneliese Ingarn
Anneliese Ingarn

"I'm a Lady but does that really make a difference?"

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