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Kazeya Nobuyuki

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a character in “Setting Sun”, as played by ShiroCode


Name: Kazeya Nobuyuki

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Class (Normal or Special): Normal

Role: The Hardworker

Personality: A rather normal boy with grades barely above the passing marks in his exams. Kazeya defines himself as a satisfied student with only graduating from good grades as his goal. He hangs a wide smile across his face and more often than not, that smile manages to reassure most of the friends he meet and know. But deep down inside, he has a bad case of inferiority complex. He has the certain mindset believing that he cannot get better than where he is now and that is what had been stopping him from dreaming bigger and further, as he can only keep up with being ‘bright’ so far.

However, looking past the inferior side of him, he is a very kind boy who is willing to carry an old lady across the street even if it risks him being late to school. ‘He wouldn’t even so much as hurt a fly!’ best describes him. Then again, with his inferiority complex going for him, it wouldn’t be weird if he suddenly breaks down from extremely needless stress he places on himself.

Appearance: Landing on the ‘just above average’ level, Kazeya really does not stand out much when compared in the looks department. He has a straight jet black hair, with tiny strands of hair pricking out from the side, with his eye colors being just about the same. He stands at around 5 feet 9 inches tall and while it’s not tall, he’s also not ridiculously tall either.

Kazeya is only lightly tanned because he rarely goes out and does some exercise. Reason would be that he is already trying his best to study and burn the information into his brain but as expected, most of it runs away before that happens. As such, he declines a lot of joggings and morning walks from his friends. Weirdly enough, he remains to be healthy and seems to be able to hold up quite an amount of stamina despite being always holed up in his room studying.

Background: There isn’t much to talk about of his background. He lives quite an average life with his parents constantly out for work and his sister staying at her friend’s just about every day when their parents aren’t present. But when you see him racking his brains studying in his room as each day passes, living alone is definitely an advantage for him.

However, Kazeya’s inferiority complex did come from when he is younger. From the moment he entered kindergarten all the way to when he was in middle school, he had been constantly overwhelmed by the amount of talented students that he was seemingly always been with. For the first few years, he was able to adapt to it. He tried to study as hard as he could, but the best he got was always only a quarter of what his classmates always did. No matter where he is, he just can’t seem to bring himself to be in a better position than others. He can’t do sports, his grades were standing at a dangerous cliff. Soon, he brought himself to believe that he can never be good at whatever he do.

Hopefully, he managed to keep looking at the bright side instead of sinking into depression. That was what led to who he is today. Not much of a difference by far, but it’s something.

Crush (If any): N/a at the moment

Hobbies: Studying and cooking. That’s basically the only thing he does other than watching news on the T.V.

So begins...

Kazeya Nobuyuki's Story

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"As you wish." Andrew said, crossing his arms behind his back and following the girl out of the garden. After they went their separate ways Andrew began to climb the spiral stair case to the third floor. Once there the causal walked down the hallway to his home room and waved at everyone as he entered the room.

"Hello everyone. It's all very pleasing to see you all again." He said in his usual calm tone. Andrew moved to and empty seat and sat down, setting his school bag next to him and the desk. He leaned back in the chair and placed his hands behind his head. He let his head drop back and looked up at the ceiling. letting out a blissful sigh and closing his eyes. He was happy anywhere that wasn't where his mother was. School was more his home than anywhere else.