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Rowan Yusaki

"Don't look so serious! It was only a joke."

0 · 377 views · located in Evening Star Academy

a character in “Setting Sun”, originally authored by AttackonFluffy, as played by RolePlayGateway


● Rowan Yusaki ●
- The Pierrot -


● Age ●

● Class ●

● Height ●

● Weight ●

● Hair Color ●
Pale Blond

● Eye Color ●

● Skin Tone ●

● Build ●


Likes Dislikes
β™₯ Carbonated Drinks Spicy Food β˜…
β™₯ City Lights Liars β˜…
β™₯ Making People Laugh Large Animals β˜…
β™₯ His Friends Being Alone β˜…
● Personality ●
Rowan lives up to the title he's be being called by since elementary school. He's a genuine prankster who loves to joke around and make people laugh. For him to be serious about something for even a second is a rare sight to see. His grades in school aren't the best and his attitude tends to annoy some people, but Rowan just laughs it off and goes on with being his silly little self. He knows how to lighten up the mood and, although his immaturity can be a bother for some people, there's no doubt his positive way of thinking and cheerful smile can brighten up almost anyone's day.

He's incredibly outgoing and will talk to anyone, but he does have a few closer friends whom he likes to spend time with. His favorite person to tease is definitely Eira, while he enjoys joking around with Logan. However, as open as he may be about all everything, Rowan has developed a habit that's been with him since grade school. He's bright, bubbly, goofy and has a big basket full of his shiny, rainbow personality, but it's hard to say that he's everything that other people see. Rowan is a bit of an actor.

While it's true that he loves to be around people and his friends are very dear to him, Rowan has many different side to him and it's not difficult for him to flip through his book of personalities and pick the one he wants to use. He'll be whoever he has to be in order for him to play the part that everyone wants to see, or he can turn over and be the exact opposite. Rowan's personality has been torn and rummaged through so many times that even he's not really sure exactly who is his, not that he'd be willing to acknowledge his mixed up personality anyway.


● Hobbies ●
β—ˆ Going for Walks
β—ˆ Playing Piano
β—ˆ Hanging with Friends

● Habits ●
β—ˆ Occasionally Chews his Fingernails
β—ˆ If he sits in front of a table or desk that has any sort of object on it he'll eventually start messing with it absent-mindlessly.

● Skills/Talents ●
β—ˆ Rowan is an actor. Although he doesn't realize it a lot of times, lying comes as naturally to him as breathing does. Ironic since he claims to hate liars.
β—ˆ He's quite speedy and light-footed. It's a wonder why he refuses to join track even though he's been asked by lower-classmates multiple times.
β—ˆ Rowan is an amateur pianist. He really only plays to when asked to show off rather than to satisfy his own interest towards the instrument.

● Fears ●
β—ˆ Losing his friends and/or being left behind
β—ˆ Having someone bring to light how confused he really is
β—ˆ Lemons. *Whispers* lemons are evil

● Crush ●
N/A "Hmm...I wonder."


● Biography ●
Amanda Yusaki and Satoshi Yusaki were both average-grade teens who feel in love at a young age. They both went to normal colleges and got average careers that made them a comfortable amount of money, but all in all they were simple middle class newly weds when Rowan was conceived. He was born March 1st and grew into a toddler without any problems. In fact his toddler years were boring and uneventful as he went to preschool and piano lessons.

It was in his third year of elementary school when his parents, who both worked for the same company as partners, finally nabbed a promotion. However this promotion would require them to travel for months on end and with a child to raise that would be impossible. Knowing that they wouldn't get another opportunity to secure their son's future, Rowan's parents turned to their relatives for help and the boy was flown to live with his uncle and aunt on his mom's side.

Going to school in the city was never fun for him. He was a shrimp of a boy then and was bullied often, but he now had the chance to start things over again. On his first day at his new school he played the 'chalk in the door' joke to make the other students laugh and instead of painting the canvas he was given he decided to use this face and arms when another boy dared him to. He talked back to the teacher and made fun of a girl who accidentally spilled juice all over herself. At the time he was only doing what his bullies used to do. All he wanted was to make a bunch of friends.

His antics continued for a month until he was suspended for doodling all over his neighbors desk with marker. In that short amount of time he'd gone from a shy crybaby to a complete troublemaker. His aunt and uncle couldn't deal with all the complaints anymore and decided to call his parents, who were shocked that there boy had become such a menace more than they were angry. Rowan had started to become aware that they way he was acting wasn't what he should've been doing. He made a lot of friends who thought he was cool, but he didn't like that his parents were upset with him. A week later her was on a plane to another city, this time on his way to his older cousin's place. He adjusted well here and changed his attitude around a little, but this time he was distant and detached from his classmates. Perhaps if he was quiet and mysterious people would think he cool and be curious about him and talk to him without him causing trouble for both his parents and his new guardian. Of course, this didn't really work. Instead of interacting with the other kids he'd just brush off their invitations to play and go off and do things by himself. Eventually the other children started ignoring him. Not really what he was hoping for.

He was confused and upset with himself. How was everyone else making friends and living with happy families while he couldn't make one person laugh without getting into trouble. To figure it all out, Rowan started watching his classmates. Putting together how they spoke and acted around their friends. The way they treated the adults and how they argued and then forgave each other. He started adapting everything he saw and pouring it into his own personality. For three years he started to friendly up to his classmates and talk more, acting just like everyone else. Then his cousin married his long-time girlfriend and before long she was pregnant and there would be no more room for Rowan in the small apartment. He was put on a train and shipped off once again, this time to his uncle's on his fathers side where he was assured a permanent home.

This was the town where he'd really start over. In the same town he met a couple of his current best friends and became more outgoing and cheerful. He knew what he had to do to get people to laugh and he liked that he could make other people smile without making fun of another student. He got along well with his new guardian and moved his way up through middle school and high school. The days are uneventful but fun and he enjoys the simplicity.

So begins...

Rowan Yusaki's Story

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● Rowan Yusaki ●


Today would be the first day back to school and the official end of summer vacation. For Rowan Yusaki, it would be his first day as a senior at Evening Star Academy. He'd been going to this school for three years now, so to him today was really no different from any of the other days that he'd spent at the school. He got up a little past his alarm and spent the morning flipping through the news channels and taking his time eating breakfast while his uncle got dressed in his police uniform and left a half hour before Rowan did. After running a brush through his messy hair and locking up, he made his way to school.

Rowan couldn't help but love the mornings. Especially mornings like this when the weather was beautiful and the sun was shining. It was too bad he had to spend such a lovely day sitting in a classroom, but he was also excited to see his friends again. He didn't like spending most of his days by himself during the summer, so even though he wasn't the best at school he enjoyed being around all the people. The walk wasn't long and when he reached school he made his way up to his classroom. Bursting through the door he greeted everyone with a cheerful smile. "Good morning everyone!"

Seeing his quiet friend sitting alone he made his way over to her and took the seat next to her. "Morning, Eira! How did you sleep on your last night of summer?" He leaned forward slightly and gave her a cheeky grin. "Did you dream about me?"

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Logan knew that class would begin soon. Letting out a large sigh he made his way back through the corridors and up the stairs to the floor above. 'Maybe Azalea had returned to class already?' He thought to himself heading back towards the ever filling classroom. No matter she was never late and besides, he had other things to worry about too. Reaching the doors of the room, he glided through them to see everyone sitting down.
"Oh good morning Rowan!" Logan said cheerfully walking over to his own desk. It was always nice to see his good friends on a morning. "Good morning Eira. Did you both enjoy your holiday?" He asked politely, finally removing his glasses from the brim of his nose and sliding them into his pocket. Once again he brought out his needed equipment and set it out carefully on the desk before turning back towards Rowan and Eira.

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Ari glanced up at Rowan and Logan. She half smiled at them before returning to her work calmly.
The end of.her pen was lightly in her mouth as she concentrated. A huge smile broke out on her face as she realized the answer to the question and quicky scribbled it onto her paper. She giggled softly at herself before turning in the work and returning to her seat.

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Azalea seemed entranced in her own song, and didn’t realize that classes were going to be starting soon. As she finished up, she felt like she needed to rush a bit to get up stairs, but didn’t want to end up hurting herself again. So, she decided it was better to be a little late then having to sit in the nurse’s office all day with a broken arm because she fell down the stairs.

Walking out of the room, she glanced out of the glass windows that where placed along the walls, and stared outside, probably a bad idea as she would have walked right into someone if anyone else was in the hall. As she approached the stairs, she took her time like most days, and felt the tiniest bit accomplished and happy when she made it up without a scratch or bruise. Then again, currently she did have a scratch and a bruise, but it wasn’t because of the staircase, so it as ok.

Making her way back into the classroom, her amber eyes caught sight of Logan and she smiled. Logan had always really been one of the people in the school that she felt comfortable around, her crippling shyness stopped at him. She saw he was talking to Rowan and Eira, other friends of his. She debated whether or not to go up and say hi, as she did know them and she wasn’t as shy around the other two, but it was still a push. She wasn’t one to generally go up herself to talk to people unless it was someone she knew and felt a bit comfortable with as it is, but she wasn’t rude so if you came up and talked to her she wasn’t going to flee away.

Braving herself up a bit, she did end up walking up to the three, but slightly stood behind Logan as it was. β€œMorning!” She said cheerfully with a kind smile, all the while thinking Was that too happy? Oh gosh, what if my smile looked weird... Yeah, but now her awkward worried side was shinning through, and after those thoughts she became worried her concern was showing on her face afterwards. It wasn't, but Aza would continue worrying it was.

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#, as written by nanorei
Eira turned around when she noticed that Rowan had entered the classroom, of course it was easy to notice that he had made an entrance due to his announcement as soon as he had came in, he had quite a big smile. Eira supposed that he was in a particularly good mood. She watched as he took a seat. Eira felt comfortable around him, and a few of the other students, it was nice to be in an environment where everyone was nice and she felt that she was finally making some close friends. "It was okay I guess," Eira shrugged. She wasn't a stranger to his jokes, so when he turned around and said "Did you dream about me?" With that grin of his, Eira wasn't phased at all.

"Why would I dream about you of all people?" She responded, raising a brow.

Just shortly after that was when Logan took a seat nearby and greeted them. She gave him a gentle nod of her head as she drummed her fingers on the wooden desk. "Was okay," she answered his question. Eira went silent for a moment before she caught sight of one of the other girls approached. She had to think about her name for a moment, Eira wasn't the best at knowing who everyone was. It was Azalea or something? Eira thought as hard as she could, it would be embarrassing to greet someone with the wrong name.

"Morning, Azalea," she answered, staring at the other girl. However, she wasn't quite sure what to say after that, but she felt satisfied with her efforts to acknowledge the prescience of Azalea.

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"As you wish." Andrew said, crossing his arms behind his back and following the girl out of the garden. After they went their separate ways Andrew began to climb the spiral stair case to the third floor. Once there the causal walked down the hallway to his home room and waved at everyone as he entered the room.

"Hello everyone. It's all very pleasing to see you all again." He said in his usual calm tone. Andrew moved to and empty seat and sat down, setting his school bag next to him and the desk. He leaned back in the chair and placed his hands behind his head. He let his head drop back and looked up at the ceiling. letting out a blissful sigh and closing his eyes. He was happy anywhere that wasn't where his mother was. School was more his home than anywhere else.