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Shura Xun

"Let's try our best, in everything we do!"

0 · 285 views · located in Evening Star Academy

a character in “Setting Sun”, as played by Prokesyegan



Shura Xun
”See, not too hard to remember, right? Right!”

”Good thing about being young is that you get no wrinkles, look, isn't my skin smooth? Right?... Right?!”

”Hey, I might not be the cutest person ever, but I’m still a girl!”

”Hmm, same difference? People from both the classes are pretty cool, yeah!”

The Nice Girl
”It sounds like I’m playing a role in a play, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I’ll give it my all!”

♥Theme Song♥
”Safety Dance” - Men Without Hats
”If you can’t dance to it, what’s the point in listening to it?”

At first glance Shura is quite a peppy and energetic kid, who not only acts tough but also talks so also. Most people assume Shura is simply as she looks; hands-on, blunt and overly silly. She is, indeed, all of these, as she has no problem making physical contact with others, or saying whatever comes to her mind.
However, once one familiarises oneself with Shura, it can be noted that she never has anything bad to say about anyone, never does anything to intentionally hurt someone, even taking insults intended for herself like water off a duck’s back. It is unknown whether Shura does this consciously or is oblivious to her true kind behaviour, but after one gets over her boyish nature and pointless folly, she truly shines as, well, a very nice girl.
Despite whatever situation she, herself, would be in, she never hesitates to help others around her, even when it is an inconvenience to her. When someone requires motivation, or just a bit of help, Shura will usually be the first to volunteer, even when she does not realise herself of the good deeds she is doing. On that note, Shura is as thick as a brick, both with common sense and academic sense, and despite her helpfulness and encouragement Shura never really sees this as going out of her way for someone.
Thus Shura is not quite sure on what kind of person she is herself, simply viewing her as a plain, unfeminine girl, often uncertain on how she looks, causing her to have very little self-esteem when it comes to cosmetics and other girly aspects of life.

Shura has medium-long, bright orange hair, which she usually plates and puts up in odango buns. It is rare when one finds Shura’s hair in any style other than that although, if she does not have enough time in the morning to fix her hair, Shura will simply put them in low twin-ponytails.
Shura stands at 4”11, weighing in at around 80 pounds, with lavender coloured irises. She also is usually garbed in ordinary clothes, however sometimes Shura wears quite fancy clothing, due to the insistence of her father.
Otherwise, Shura appears to be a quite plain, not quite extra-ordinary looking young girl, who looks much younger for her age due to her height and lack of “development”.
”If I keep on doing leg exercises, maybe I could stretch my legs a bit more? It works that way, right?”

With one parent being an infamous fashion designer, and the other parent a professional gymnast, one would think that they would conceive an excellent child, on one scale or another, both creative and beautiful… Instead Shura Xun was produced, daughter of Bao Xun and Mariya Xun neé Pavlov, yet a daughter of no esteem whatsoever. An average-looking girl with plain tastes and demeanor, the only abnormal thing about her would be her below-average grades and poor studying skills. It is due to Shura’s atrocious grades that she was forced towards the Special Class, the school hoping to sort her marks out before she reaches her later years in the school.
Although Shura has no problem with being in the Special Class, her own lack of self-esteem has caused a conflict with her, in which she wishes to “upgrade” herself, in one way or another, to stop being the dumb, ordinary girl many perceive her as… always overlooking the fact that she does more than enough in helping and encouraging others.
Until she realises this aspect of her, however, Shura will avail to improve herself, whether it be cosmetically, academically, socially… anything, as long as she doesn’t have to repeat a year or to look like a boring little kid.
”This will be the year where I will break out of my cocoon! Hi-yah!”

”Hahah, no, no!... Um, no one would believe it anyway...”

Leg-Lengthening Exercise (Does not actually work)
Collecting Failed Tests (On her fourth box in highschool alone)
Fish Cuisine (Especially Sushi and Grilled Mackerel)
Karaoke and Dancing (Cannot sing, cannot dance)
Keeping A Calendar (Adds events and others birthdays on it)

So begins...

Shura Xun's Story

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"As you wish." Andrew said, crossing his arms behind his back and following the girl out of the garden. After they went their separate ways Andrew began to climb the spiral stair case to the third floor. Once there the causal walked down the hallway to his home room and waved at everyone as he entered the room.

"Hello everyone. It's all very pleasing to see you all again." He said in his usual calm tone. Andrew moved to and empty seat and sat down, setting his school bag next to him and the desk. He leaned back in the chair and placed his hands behind his head. He let his head drop back and looked up at the ceiling. letting out a blissful sigh and closing his eyes. He was happy anywhere that wasn't where his mother was. School was more his home than anywhere else.