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Settler's Strife

Settler's Strife


You are the child of a survivor. At least one of your parents were lucky enough survive the Plague. You must now work hard with your peers to maintain and protect the settlement you call your home.

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Image ...In the end.


You are one of the last vestiges of the human race. The population, though impossible to be confirmed at this rate, can be counted to be as low as in the ten thousand range worldwide from Japan back to California again. Your settlement is the biggest in the area with about 400 members of varying race and color. It's considered to be the center of law and order for the surrounding area but make no mistake the influence is like an island and fear of your justice only goes so far.

Your parents, and perhaps a grandparent or two here and there are the ones who survived the Plague. The plague has still yet to be explained scientifically as it appeared to be a rash of brain hemorrhages. Symptoms where mostly psychological as the main cause of death was often pressure and lack of oxygen to the brain as blood filled the brain cavity. People would notice a change in attitude, mood swings, hallucinations, and sudden bouts of violence accompanied with severe headaches and nose bleeds and a throbbing sensation from behind the eyes. It was terrifying to watch the most shocking cases but the majority of deaths happened quickly and quietly when people where alone, asleep, or at work. The headache they'd been fighting with pills would overcome them and they'd pass out at their desks or slip into a coma while they slept. The way it spread was unknown. The biggest theory before communication broke down was that it was some sort of prion disease that spread through body fluid, it wasn't unlike a prion to effect the brain so dramatically.

Questions about the plague itself have faded to the back of everyone's mind in this generation. You have more important things to worry about.

Trade is more important than anything as it determines the survival of the town. Your skills determine your use and the more use you have the more valuable you are to the town. At the moment Doctors, Farmers, craftsmen and Teachers are of more importance than men with muscle and no brain. Any man can be taught to fight once you put a bow or a gun in their hand.

Women are once again looked to to be child bearers now that the next generation isn't as secure as it once was. This throws the idea of equality and rights for women back on the balance as this causes people to want to lock them safe inside the town's boundaries.

Justice has taken a swift left turn as civil execution has been reinstated due to the struggles faced during the recovery of civilization. Looters and bandits had threatened morality too much to let them live whilst dealing with a firm limit in resources. However should enough people demand it surely such barbaric means could be done away with.

Social problems such as racism, homophobia, and social segregation have come into play. The warrior types vs the provider types, race vs. race, the useful vs. the crippled, everything turns into a strain on the peace. That on top of the fact that even society's least admired seem to have survived the plague as well.

Mental illness, well we know why this is a struggle in such a time. It's a struggle even when we had medication and facilities to deal with it.

Allergies, don't underestimate. Most medication from civilization has past it's expiration date after 18 years. Everything relies on the ability to find a natural remedy that exists in the surrounding area. This doesn't exist for everything. Severe allergies can become a life sentence.

With these, and other issues in the back of your mind please choose what trade you want to dedicate your life to teaching and doing. What's important when making a character for this is that we realize that any NPCs are going to be treated as trainees and assistants while you, whatever role you take will be the head of that group (Unless one or more take that role then between you, you will chose who will be head). You can act out whatever NPCs you want or need within that group.

Doctors, foragers, researchers and more
These are your scientists, your doctors, your emergency care professionals
There is no electricity, no MRI, no X-Ray, and barely any anesthetic but you do what you can to keep people from dying.

Farmers, livestock professionals, veterinarians, and butchers
These are your hands in the dirt rednecks who are not afraid to sweat all day
There are horse, chicken, and pig farms in the area. Beef is hard to come by as the recent herd has mostly died off due to an illness that had spread that summer. Steak is rare and expensive and a good cut won't be seen again until the future of the herd is secure.

Clothing, tools, metalwork, jewlery, bedding, carpentry, etc
These people keep the town comfortable and in one piece. You'd be surprised how much little things like toys matter for the sake of peace and comfort for the town as a whole. A calm mind is imperative for a safe town.

Teachers- (Refrain from over-filling this category. 1-2 is enough)
The importance of teaching is paramount to the future of the town. Main focus in teaching is to make sure children remember the past, understand basic math and the fundamentals of science as well as understand the importance in understanding the current status of the town as a whole remembering that every trade and every soul is important. Specifics of trade training is done once a student decides what he or she wants to do. They will learn by doing and watching first hand.

Police, Night watch, guard, judge
A sense of justice is obviously important but remember that trade matters most in this generation. Humanity is scattered far too much to be too concerned with looters and bandits anymore. While they do come by most have been chased to a different area to establish their own small settlement. Focus will be security within the boundaries.

The government at the moment consists as a council with the Mayor as the figure head. The head of each trade group represents for each trade and has a say in any decision. For most decisions voting occurs between the heads, the mayor and the judge but in big decisions that effect the town as a whole every person gets an individual vote. Group heads are still encouraged to seek opinions from their trade when a town-wide vote isn't necessary so that the best decision is reached. As it is currently religious leaders are not permitted their own vote directly but there is no rules against speaking with those who do have vote privileges as group heads. Being a religious leader is also not considered a trade in this settlement. To be a priest you must also work a trade as praying is not considered a material benefit to the town as a whole. Its more a benefit for individuals and is treated as such. Religious holidays however are respected and all but half of law enforcement are permitted time off during them. Everyone is off for Christmas(It's celebrated more secularly so it's open for all religions) and there is a town-wide feast during Thanksgiving as long as there's enough food for winter.

This is an Adult rated RP for several reasons:
-I personally like the freedom to express things like violence and psychological themes with utmost detail. I think cursing is a valuable asset to human language and that mentions of sex should not be avoided.
-Pairing and sex is important plotwise. While I don't want full detail and expect site rules to be followed(see site rules for details). Don't be afraid to step on that line. I won't be offended.
-Thats all for the reasons I think but I have more to say in general.

***Don't be afraid to be creative with your characters. Everyone must be human and no one gets magic powers but that doesn't mean you can't make interesting characters. Have them be gay, straight, asexual, pansexual, gender fluid, transgender, homophobic, racist, religious, anti-religious, extremist, violent, psychotic, sane, trigger happy, short tempered, patient, creative, depressed, schizophrenic. Make them colorful and interesting to the plot but stay realistic. Every trait must have some kind of reason even if that reason is because your character is an ignorant douche bag. Everything in this RP is driven by what your character does and how the color palette of personalities act when mixed together. I don't want to see everyone make a super soldier survivor or that douche bag football player or the angsty emo teen. This is a different generation you where brought up under the mindset that what you do determines your worth in society. EVERY crop you grow goes to feed a mouth you've spoken to. EVERY person you treat is a neighbor. EVERY blanket you sew keeps someone alive for the coming winter. The point of this RP is to see what humanity does when their world becomes both much smaller and much much bigger around them, when they realize that every life truly matters.

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[b]Neurological tendancies:[/b] (Any ticks, habits, OCD, ADD, etc.)

[b]History:[/b] (Who survived the Plague? What did they do after the fall, how did they find their way to the settlement? What made them choose the family trade?)

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Re: Settler's Strife

This sounds fun. ^^ I would love to join! I will start contemplating a character. Do you prefer real life pictures or does it matter? I prefer using sketches or anime simply because I don't feel comfortable using pictures of real people. If you have to have real pictures, I may require some assistance finding a suitable one lol

Also, does the character for each work have to be head if no other character is made for that work type? I think I misunderstood that.

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