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Sev7enth: THE RING

Sev7enth: THE RING



539 readers have visited Sev7enth: THE RING since WadeJackel created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

japanese horror novel "ringu" by koji suzuki, published 1991:



The Setup/Plot

Another disturbing videotape has been discovered, but this one is even deadlier then the last. For watching this video, will cause the viewer to kill someone within a week. Upon watching the video the viewer recieves the first of seven signs, in various forms: the flickering of a light, a mysterious phone call, or some other strange occurrence. Unlike before, copying the tape and passing it along to someone else will not stop the curse. The story of the videotapes origins has been retold and embellished to the point where it now has three origin stories associated with it. ....But which one is true?


1. There are thr3ee different versions of the cursed videotape legend, but only on1e of them contains the true origins of the strange video cassette. The RP'ers must determine which is the correct version of the legend.

There is on1e difference between the thr3ee versions (on1e thing that has been left out of the other tw2o versions of the legend).

2. The GM, functioning as the curse/story teller, will provide various facts about each version of the legend, as the RPG goes along. It should be understood that the GM "does not" determine or guide the RP, it is up to the players to create the relationships between the various characters.

3. The thr3ee versions of the legend are just basic setups, more information will be added into the RPG as the story evolves.

4. The characters within the different versions of the legend are not roleplayable, their stories and actions are pretty much foregone conclusions.

5. The only aspect that I will lead is furthering the various versions of the legend and deciding which is the true story, everything else is up to the roleplayers to create.


Please watch the Cursed videotape first

Urban Legend: versio1n

A story of love separated by social class, broken trust and broken promises, leading to a dismal fate. A young girl recently married refuses the advances of her rich employer. The girl is then falsely accused of a terrible crime. Her suitor offers to use his influence to get her off the hook, with one devilish catch.

Urban Legend: versio2n

A young woman named Okiku is engaged to her high school sweetheart Taketsune. Okiku is the personal nurse of a wealthy man named Albert Cossack, who is very ill and near death. His business partner is Tomonosuke, a greedy and deceitful man, who hatches a plan to murder his partner and best friend. He enlists the help of Okiku, who is trying to make a better life for herself and future husband, she is doing it purely for the money. Something goes wrong with the plan and Okiku is left to explain everything to the authorities. Tomonosuke comes back and beats Okiku, blaming her for the plans failure.

Urban Legend: versio3n

A young man named Johnathan Carter works as a limo driver for well-to-do family in Connecticut, he is also in love with Brenda Allers, the young servant girl. Johnathan is also being seduced by a former girlfriend, who has become obsessed with him, Johnathan rejects her advances however. Brenda doubts his fidelity, she befriends Jane and convinces her that she wants to help her with seducing Johnathan, Jane being completely unaware of Brenda's relationship with him. The only problem is that the plan is actually successful.

Available Characters:

You are free to create any kind of character that you like, within reason. The characters should be created as to have an interest in discovering the origins of the cursed videotape. You can make them college students, police detectives/cops etc. But you must create characters that are connected to one another in some way. Read each version of the legend and design your character to have some reason to be interested or connected to them.

If you have seen any of the "Ring" or "Grudge" movies then you know what types of characters (relationships) are usually found within such films.

Characters must still be approved

1. GM "The Curse" (wadejackel)
2. Aila Smith (Albino_Rose)
3. Arinna (Sigrid Olafsdottir)
4. Zensai (Benjirou O'Connel-Suzuki)
5. Mystery Guest (wadejackel)

~Abilities: (What can your character do. Keep it realistic)
~Weaknesses: (Everyone has them)
~Description: (A pic can only say so much)
~Equipment: (No super weapons, Laser eyes etc.)
~Personality: (What is your char like)
~History: (Where are they from, and how did they come to learn of the videotape)
~Which version of the legend does your char believe in: (Their choice can/may change based on the information that they receive from the GM)

Toggle Rules

Respect your fellow RP'ers

No Anime

Graphic violence allowed (this is a horror based roleplay after all)

Some profanity

No graphic sexual situations (sorry)

All other common sense rules apply

Have fun

AND PLEASE stick with the RPG after it starts

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Albin Axelsson, as he was known in the world of architecture business, had hired Pam Stranton without ever seeing her in person. His decision to hire her as a personal assistant was based solely on the picture which she had included in her rather pedestrian job application.

Pam had been trying to live a kind of double life, in that she was very efficient of disguising her rather destitute and socially downtrodden up-brings and breeding. Albin was a man of the world, highly educated and street smart-He completely saw through Pam's efforts-Although he too had secrets of his own.

Starting with the fact that Axelsson is not even his real name, though no one would ever guess as to the reasons for this change. Certain of his business rivals voiced their suspicions but for all the background research that was done on Albim, all that anyone could determine was that he was originally from Sweden.

As Sigrid was about to enter the main entrance of the building when she received her phone call-The message was the same as the one received by Benji......

"You have a connection. Share this information with no one." Once again the voice was whispered and bone chilling.


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Character Portrait: Benjirou O'Connel-Suzuki Character Portrait: Sigrid Olafsdottir
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#, as written by Zensai
Benjirou smiled at her, “No problem, I mean I couldn’t let you wander around town after all…” he told her with a smile at the mention of being contacted again he nodded, “Sure… I don’t mind though I am not sure how much help I will be… but hey I will try my best.” He told her with an upbeat smile. “Though if I don’t answer my phone it is probably because I am taking pictures again… in which case I will probably be near the library, they have great scenery there.” He remarked. “Well… Mata ne for now.” He told her as he turned around and headed back to his house. When he reached his house he let out a faint shiver and opened his door. His dad was at the table reading a book like he usually did at this time. His dad looked up, “How was your day Benji?” he asked him. Benjirou only offered a faint smile. “Unique?” he offered as he felt like he was going to throw up. “Are you okay? You don’t look so good Benji…” his dad told him as he stood up. Benjirou nodded, “Y-yeah I am just gonna lie down.” He told him as he took off hs shoes and went to his room taking off his bag and camera when he entered and placing them beside his bed. He took out the pictures and threw up a bit in his mouth as he saw the one he took of the crime scene. He quickly shoved the pictures in his drawer not even wanting to see the others right now. He would check them later if the urge struck him.


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August 1983

Within a modest home in the medium sized city of Toyokawa Japan a man and women are found in a heated confrontation.

Okiku found herself pinned to a counter in the kitchen, her head pressed against the small convection microwave, she is forcibly being held in this awkward position by one Tomonosuke Aomori, business partner of Albert Cossack.

"You will do as you have been told Mrs Yamanashi, or there will be dire consequences for your disobedience."

The previous night he and Okiku had set up a rather sinister business deal, the ultimate goal of this devilish plan would be the death of his partner. The method of murder was decided to be that of poisoning by way of arsenic forcibly, yet unknowingly fed to the dying American businessman. His family, which consisted of a wife and one daughter, still lived in America-They were going through a divorce at the time.

When the time came to carry out their evil plan Okiku had a sudden change of heart and ran to the home of her future husband-Who had no idea of the murderous arrangement. Okiku would remain in the multi-storied building for the last few days, then one day while her fiancee was working Tomonosuke broke into the complex and quickly made his way up to her boyfriends apartment.

There he would find Okiku curled up in the corner of the kitchen near the stove, but after several minutes of constant fighting, both verbally and physically Tomonosuke became dominant. Now pressed against the counter and fearing for her very life Okiku must make a choice, to kill, or to be killed.

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USA by WadeJackel


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Character Portrait: Aila Smith
Aila Smith

That was a good story! On to the next!

Character Portrait: Benjirou O'Connel-Suzuki
Benjirou O'Connel-Suzuki

Let's see how this picture turned out...


Character Portrait: Benjirou O'Connel-Suzuki
Benjirou O'Connel-Suzuki

Let's see how this picture turned out...

Character Portrait: Aila Smith
Aila Smith

That was a good story! On to the next!

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Character Portrait: Benjirou O'Connel-Suzuki
Benjirou O'Connel-Suzuki

Let's see how this picture turned out...

Character Portrait: Aila Smith
Aila Smith

That was a good story! On to the next!

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Good point.

I guess a Bit of both. They are not so much clues you have to figure out, as they are bits of information you have to keep track of.

Re: Sev7enth: THE RING

Since the clues aren't things our characters know yet, and as this hasn't yet been clarified, I'd like to ask how they will be useful - is it just that the information is now up and available for the characters to discover as the story progresses, or do they constitute things more like intermissions or flashback scenes you would find in books, games and movies?

Edit - And since you've said this when I had been thinking that we were very early in the game; how long do you expect the game to last? (You don't have to answer, of course, but I had thought that the game was based on the progression of the characters as opposed to an external counter; that's why I'm asking.)

Re: Sev7enth: THE RING

The first 2 'clues' as it were, have been posted. Keep in mind that there is something at stake here, becuase the one who is right will live, those who are wrong WILL DIE (insert maniacal laughter here).

Re: Sev7enth: THE RING

Heads up, Benji has yet to see the tape. Just in case anyone was wondering.

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Thanks, I'll post. ^^ I thought you were at some point going to tell us (so I clearly misunderstood things), but I shall come up with something right now...>=D...

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If no one can come up with anything Ill post what the girl said, though I dont know what it is :)

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Use your imagination :)

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So what was it that they heard? (The girl's last words, that is.)

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Certainly not on my part~
I will wait until this evening (taking GMT as the base) to see if Rose posts, and if not, I will.
By the way, I also really enjoyed the video you made, Jackel. ^^

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