Leos Kroh

"So, you have power, huh? Well, I'm going to take that from you. And there's nothing you can do to stop me."

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a character in “Seven Assassins of Sin”, as played by R.T.M.X.


Name: Leos Kroh

Alias: Enigma, Three

Age: 23, presumed

Gender: Male

Full Outfit
Leos stands at an astonishing 5'9, approximately weighing in at around 150 pounds. By far, he's the most elusive person the other assassins have known. By default, his skin has an olive tone to it, hinting that he might be from Europe or from possibly from the Middle East, though people would often mistake him being from Asia due to his unusual outfit of choice. Though not as strong like some of the other assassins, his lean build does allow him to be more agile on foot, allowing him to keep up with his targets.

Only once had he had been seen without his gear, but only from the waist up and with his face turned away. That said, unlike the other assassins, who have their symbols on their shoulders, Leos' is sprawled across his entire back, spanning past both shoulder blades. However, this is not his real symbol, being only a tattoo. His actual symbol only occurs during when his ability is activated, glowing brightly upon both shoulders.

Weapon of Choice: His body is considered as a perfect weapon, his weapon, formed after years of training, however he is known to use an assortment of bladed weapons.

Kinetic-Energy Manipulation
Leos is able to harness the kinetic energies around him, the very energy created from movement itself. Once he harnesses this valuable resource, Leos is able to enhance his speed, transfer the energy to another object or person through direct touch, and molecular acceleration/deceleration is possible.

Weakness: The majority of his ability to manipulate kinetic energy requires direct contact. This limitation alone forces his ability to be confined within a specific area... mainly his own personal space. Another limitation to this ability is that if he absorbs or manipulates too much kinetic energy, he can overload himself, thus forcing his body to either fail and literally fall apart, or to black out on him. His techniques require him to get close and personal with his targets, which sets him at a heavy disadvantage until he gets within arm's length.

Biography: Being the living embodiment of greed, Leos has been after one thing: Power. He was "born" to become a weapon, an instrument to harness that power. This greed isn't much of a weakness, separating him from the others, as it is more of an ambition to succeed.

Mysterious, yet specifically calculating in his actions, he often acts more of a machine than an actual person, often detached from the people around him, only to "click" in when somebody approaches him directly. He is a counter specialist, meaning that he would always fight defensively, either deflecting or dodging punches and close range attacks. He doesn't talk much, and is usually more focused on his surroundings.

Love interest: Unsure.

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