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Seven Assassins of Sin

Modern Day Earth


a part of Seven Assassins of Sin, by LyricalZodiac.


LyricalZodiac holds sovereignty over Modern Day Earth, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Modern Day Earth is a part of Seven Assassins of Sin.

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Leos Kroh [0] "So, you have power, huh? Well, I'm going to take that from you. And there's nothing you can do to stop me."
Sabestian "best" Huburis [0] anything you can do, I can do better...
Alexa Greene [0] I'm silent, but deadly
Sophie Cinder [0] "You made it this far; I envy you."
Jonathan Frank Kealoha [0] "You only prepared one whole chicken? Uhh... this is going to be a problem."
Michael the Wrathful [0] "If I have to hear you say that one more time, I am turning you into a pulp!"

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... "Mankind has always fallen into temptation of seven deadly sins. Each time they appear they only bring disaster, destruction, death, and violence. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Wrath and Pride. Lust has always desired for something it cannot usually gain, mostly associated with intercourse. Gluttony has always desired for endless food. Greed has always desired for more then it already has. Sloth has always desired to be lazy. Envy has always desired to surpass the others. Wrath has always desired for endless violence. Pride has always desired for the best. When the curse was born years back, each person gave themselves up and let themselves become the sins. With this power, they were able to achieve anything and the purpose they followed was fulfilled. But these new kids are different, for they are not so much the sins, as much as the sins are just part of who they are. But what do they all have in common now, besides the purpose? To end the chaos around the world, the curse's punishment on us. It will begin soon enough, once they have done a few jobs. What am I talking about you may ask? Why, Virtue of course." ...

:: It rained heavily outside the base, lightning striking across the sky in a menacing way, the streets becoming flooded, and the buildings dripping with rain. It was a gloomy day indeed, no one went to work, no one went outside, no one felt happy. The base, of course, was the exception. No one inside was really bothered by the lightning, it never was annoying until they were awake. Inside each of the sin's rooms it would always be dark when they went to sleep, the assistant was in charge of making sure they all followed regulations. He was stressed today, not because of the storm, but the situation he had been put in. It was time to wake up the seven deadly assassins of sin, and he shook slightly as he looked at the microphone. "Oh god, please spare me a horrible death tonight for this! I don't know why the boss puts up with you all, but he insists..." His name was Rick, and he had the appearance of a normal cool-looking guy, but while also being very smart, he was also easy to scare. He had his own little room which he always kept locked, and no one could get inside it except through that door. He pushed the button and saw the green light come on afterword, indicating it worked. It was time at last. "People, it's time you got your butts off the bed and wake up! I know you want to sleep in or rest up, but today is a mission day, so it's time to suit up and get ready to go where you need to go! The boss would like to see you all in the meeting room in thirty minutes, pronto! That is all, have a nice day." He quickly sent a prayer to his god before eating his breakfast in peace, thanking him for this delicious meal. The sins, however, did not have a god watching over them this day. ::

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#, as written by Gryazi
It was early, and Jon trusted his body clock. He was still aching a bit from the plane and the car and the everything. He had known this day would come. He had known since he finally figured out what the damn pink design entwined with his tribal tattoo meant. But now he was finally here. Fear, excitement, and acceptance were mingling in his veins. But he was awake now, so they were useless.

Jon slid from the sheets as well as a man his size could. He didn’t have grace so much as superior coordination. He dressed quickly, grabbed the club he had been granted permission to, and exited his room. Thank the lord that they were allowed that privacy. He was one for close friendship but not close living.

Speaking of friends, he wondered momentarily about his fellow sins while lacing his shoes. He was, of course, the rookie. And gluttony wasn’t the most glamorous vice. His consumption would take a bit for these people to get used to. But he figured that most everyone would at least attempt at pleasantry. They were seven people stuck with each other, for life maybe. He deepened his seat in the bed. It was better not to stress. There was time for that, in battle, later. Thought of food quickly filled the void the others left.

Breakfast was a good thought. He hoped they had excess; his meal last night had been painfully small.