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Alexander Godwin

"It is better to be feared by many than loved by a few"

0 · 305 views · located in The Seven Kingdoms

a character in “Seven Kings”, as played by Vizcious


Alexander Godwin

-Age: 16
-Gender: Male
-Role: Son of Charles Godwin
-Loyalties: House Godwin
-Land of Birth: Riverrun
-Family: Son of King Charles Godwin and the queen. Nephew to the queen’s brother “The Kingslayer”
Alexander is a slender young man with an athletic build and handsome facial features. He typically wears light to medium sized red armor with the outline of a lion etched into his chest. It has been stated that his allure is only matched by his malice.
-Height: 5'9"
-Weight: 171 lbs
-Hair Color: Black
-Eye Color: Hazel
-Weapons: Two medium length polearms
-Skill(s)/Ability(s): Alexander is a profound warrior and strategist. He served as squire to his uncle “The Kingslayer” at a very young age and learned the art of military combat. Being the spoiled brat of the king he recieved the highest education in tactical warfare and politics.
-Personality: Alexander is a very cunning, intelligent, and manipulative young man. He believes that honor and valor are terms best saved for the dead. With that idea in mind he will resort to any underhanded tactic, plot, or scheme to achieve his goal. He can be extremely cruel and sadistic at times, but has a natural curiosity about the world. He is especially interested in the realms of technology and the supernatural. He has little compassion for the weak and helpless. He believes his father is a fool and weak for allowing threats to the kingdom to exist. He is very perceptive to his surroundings, often to the point of paranoia. Even given all his ill mannered ways Alexander is well versed in the ways of politics. He is very charismatic and knows how to pander to a crowd. He is able to navigate political waters with skillful precision and can be well mannered and accommodating when it suits his purpose.
-Bio: In Progress
Alexander’s childhood was not as relaxed as most royal upbringings. At an early age he began training for combat and survival. His mother instilled in him at an early age the need to be strong. While most royals played in the courtyard Alexander would sneak into military strategic meetings and watch prisoners being tortured or executed. At the early age of 7 he began serving as a squire to his uncle. As he trained with grown men his small size made it difficult for him. Instead of swords he began training with spears, polearms, and long staff weapons that increased his reach. This allowed him to compete on almost an equal footing with the fully grown veteran soldiers. As he grew and gained status for his ingenuity on the battlefield, Alexander kept fighting with long polearm type weapons out of comfort. Serving countless years as squire to his uncle assisted in the shaping of his views on honor. It is said that his uncle is also the source where is discontent for his father comes from.
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-Other: In Progress

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Alexander Godwin's Story