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Judas Conlaoch

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a character in “Seven Princes & Seven Archangels”, as played by phooka



Jude, Beel, Bub. He really doesn't care much if people call him anything as long as it's not mocking or insulting to him. He doesn't like it when the goody goody Archangels call him 'Glutton', but he doesn't mind it as much when the princes do. He's most accepting to spin offs of his real or fake name, but does accept other names people call him.
"As long as you don't mind me calling you names, I don't care if you call me names."

Appears About
"Let's just say I'm almost as old as dirt."

"I can give you a visual, but you're going to have to give me something in return."

"Prince of Gluttony. Surprised that I'm not fat, eh?"

"I don't give blessings, I'm not one of those archangel pansies."

Judas's hair is midnight black and cut choppy. It's kind of wavy and his bangs usually hang in is face.

Judas's eyes are kind of curious. They are normally a greenish gold color, but when he's feeling very gluttonous, they turn to an almost glowing shade of red. They also change this color when he is using his power on someone.

6 foot exactly


Judas is a Prince. If that's not enough, I don't know what else to tell you.
Not only is the boy a Prince, but he's the Prince of Gluttony, that's a double whammy right there. Not only is he naturally selfish and greedy, but the trait is multiplied by the fact that he is the incarnation of just wanting more. He wants more food, more money, more power, more women, there is no such thing as enough for Judas and he'll never be fully content with what he has or what he is given.
He's also extremely possessive over the things that he has and would put those closest to him in jeopardy if it means just keeping one of his precious items safe. Once he attains something that he wants, he refuses to let it go because he often goes to terrible lengths to get what he wants. For him, this means that he's earned it, no matter the means he got it, and that he deserves to keep it in perfect condition.
Apart from the traits that he inherits from his power, Judas is usually a very go with the flow kind of guy. He likes to follow along with other people and isn't as much interested in a leadership position as long as the position he's in gives him the opportunity to get something out of it. He doesn't anger easily unless you mess with his things, and he's usually a decent guy to be around as long as you keep an eye on him.
He can be a bit of a drunkard because he never knows when to stop drinking, but he doesn't get violent when he's drunk, he usually just passes out. You also shouldn't agree to pay for his meals if you ever go out to eat with him, just a heads up.
Judas generally gets along well with most people. He knows what irritates his siblings and usually doesn't bother trying to annoy any of them unless they've done something to annoy him first. He lives by Hammurabi's code of 'an eye for an eye' and likes to make people repay him if they wrong him. Although, sometimes he goes a bit overkill on it and insists on it being more like 'five eyes for an eye', because if he can get away with it, the more the better, right?
Out of his siblings, Judas doesn't get along with Mammon the most because they are so alike, they tend to try to steal from each other.
"I deserve more than everyone else."

Judas loves music and sings a lot to himself. He makes a habit of listening to Jon play his instruments. He also loves to cook and often makes food for the family, though he usually makes way too much than everyone can finish, even with him eating. He's not very athletic, but he does like taking walks and shopping. If he gets really bored, he will read. One of the walls in his room is actually a fully stocked book shelf and his books are probably the only thing he's willing to share, but if you borrow a book he usually watches you like a hawk until you return it. If you ask him where he got all of his books, he usually just laughs and walks away.
"I never reveal my secrets, heh heh."

+His stuff+
+Did I mention food?+

-Getting Caught-
-Not getting what he wants-
-Being stolen from-
-People touching his stuff-

Just one touch from Judas can leave someone hungry for more of something. His specialty is addiction and he loves hanging around druggies or smokers or alcoholics and torturing them with their addictions.
"It's fun to leave people suffering with their cravings. Useless human pigs."

Side Effects
When he uses his power on someone, it not only leaves that person addicted or wanting more of something, but it makes him feel as if he needs that same item, often sending him and his victim into a fight over it unless there is plenty for both of them.
"They don't deserve it as much as I do."

Judas is easily distracted by things and will take any chance he can to get something that he wants, even if it means sacrificing someone else's health, feelings, etc.
He will go over the edge if someone so much as touches something that is his, even if he knows that they were not aware that the item was his.
"This is mine. Do not touch it or I will break your nose."

Feelings About The Bonding
Like any of his siblings, Judas isn't exactly a fan of the archangels, so being stuck in a house with them and being paired up with one of them doesn't really make him the happiest camper. However, he's not taking it as badly as some of his other siblings. Always the optimistic, Judas sees it as a chance to steal from a bunch of archangels, and archangels generally have some pretty nice things.
"It's bad enough to be stuck in a house with my siblings..."

Feelings About Your Partner

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So begins...

Judas Conlaoch's Story


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#, as written by phooka

Against his will. This whole damn situation was forced upon him against his will and Judas hated it.

He shut off the engine of his car abruptly and turned around in his seat to check on his stuff in the back. His two suitcases of clothes and other necessities had been stored in the trunk while his favorite possessions were stacked and ordered in the back seat. He hated to have to haul them around, endangering them to get stolen or damaged, but the way he saw it, he had no choice. If he had left them at home with the less important things, he risked the same issues with the only difference being that he had no way of protecting them.

Judas sighed, he would have to get out of the car soon to meet his 'partner', leaving his objects alone and helpless. It really didn't sit well with the gluttonous prince but he knew it had to be done. Finally, he gathered up his will and got out of the car, pocketing his keys and walking around to the trunk. He opened it up and pulled out a large blanket before shutting the trunk and making his way to one of the doors to the back seat and opening it. Carefully, the positioned the blanket over his things, hoping it would protect them from any wandering eyes. When he was satisfied that not one of his precious belongings was showing, he shut the door and made sure (multiple times) that it was locked. He would have not one of his things taken or there would be consequences.

Their meeting place was a small antiques store in the shopping district part of a quaint town just off of the highway. It had been difficult to find, but Judas found the place to be rather cute. Cute and gullible. He had been very pleased when he saw that they'd be meeting at a store and tried to get there as early as possible to give him time to snatch up some new possessions before his 'partner' came.


The word pounded in Jonas's head as he strutted down the cobblestone streets. It made him sick to the stomach when he thought about having to share his air and time with one of the foul creatures. A shiver ran up his spine and he hugged his jacket closer to himself. Whoever it was he was sure he'd hate them.


A small bell jingled when he pushed open the door to the store and he cringed at the sound, ringing in his ears even after the actual bell had stopped making a sound. Was this what it felt like to be nervous?

An elderly woman at the counter looked up from her book and smiled before returning her attention to the words. Judas quickly weaved his way through to the back of the store where he'd be out of the woman's sight. The place was completely empty and smelled of dust and the lady's perfume.

His attention was quickly caught by a small gold figurine of a dancer, little diamonds hanging from her ears and on her shoes as well as from a small necklace sculpted around her neck. The whole thing could easily fit in the palm of one of Judas's hands and his fingers itched to snatch it up and hide it in his jacket. He reached for it but a blinking light in his peripherals stopped him. Turning his head he saw that the light was part of a security camera, its accusing lense pointing right at him. Hissing obscenities under his breath, Judas stuffed his hands in his pockets to keep them under control and began wandering the isles until his 'partner' came around.