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Maso Kugame

Yes yes, I am one of the few known witches around here. I can cast a spell or protect you, but I do not do such things without a price.

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a character in “Seven Roses”, as played by gezzygezzy


Full Name: Maso Kugame

Age: 16

Real Age: 346

Role: Witch

Brief Description: Maso has a tattoo on her back that looks like angel wings. It's only a tattoo but they look quite real. She also has an arrow tattoo that wraps around her right arm. Her eyes are actually purple unlike in the photos.

Personality: Maso is a rather strange person. People don't see witches often so they don't know how they act and Maso isn't exactly sure she acts like other witches. She loves to trick people and usually looks for lupols in deals she makes for jobs,as any witch would do. Her customer would have to be smart to not be tricked by her. She also has an instinct for survival so when threatened does almost anything to survive. That is why she usually doesn't get paid when the roses want her service. Some of them just threaten to kill her and put her in a chokehold when she says they have to sign a contract and pay her.

But she can be rather kind too. When she does care for somebody she tries to show it by doing things she normally doesn't do for other people. She hasn't liked anybody as a lover or even a friend for a while now though so she doesn't see herself doing that.

Weapon: Has a small wooden stick with a special stone (she doesn't tell anybody what it's made of) on the top that can transform into her dagger or her staff. Her staff is about three feet tall and made of wood that seems to encirle the stone on the top of the staff even though it's floating. Her dagger is mader of the stone itself and when transforming the stone seems to grow around the stick into its form. The stone is impossible to break and is what gives the stick it's powers which is why she doesn't tell what it is, because it is useful for many things and she wants to be the only to be able to use it for those purposes.

How he/she uses weapon: Maso uses her staff to cast some of her spells. It's enchanted to channel her magic and can do lots of spells, but if she tries to perform a spell that is too poerful for it, the staff and stone might break. With the dagger she normally attacks when people aren't paying attention, making it easy to shove into the heart.

History: When Maso was in her first hundred years, she was a giving witch. She helped people expecting nothing in return. It wasn't how most witches acted but it wasn't scolded either. Then one day she had been hired to put a safety barrier around somebody's house. She finished getting it up once the riders who it was probably made because of arrived. The lead one had a knife to her neck when a boy saved her. He had managed to keep them away from her. She was going to thank him when she realized he was human. He was kind and sweet, so she let him stay with her, safe from the vampires who would eventually kill him. That was when she realized he was imprinted. She had to force him to leave before she was caught with him.

From that point on something in her had changed. She became like the other witches, greedy and selfish. She only cared for herself and her work. In her species and her species alone.

Tricking others- She enjoys messing with others heads, feeling it gives her some power over them if she can trick them, or even because she just finds it funny
Lupols- When somebody asks her to make them beautiful, she could. But instead of using her own energy and ingredients to do so, she may take something from the customer, like her voice or her happy personality. She would find a way to make them unhappy even when they got what they wanted.
Hats- For a witch a hat is like there source of power. It doesn't matter what kind of hat it is, if they don't have one on they have to use their own life source for magic.

The Roses- they always boss her around and she can never trick them, if they ask her to do something she knows there aren't two choices.
Flying- She has a broom and she can ride it but Maso has always had a problem with riding one. It's the hieghts that get to her.
Being chained/roped- when she was little the other witches she grew up with used to use spells and rope her up to trees and take her hat, saying that if she didn't do something they would leave her there. So she always did what they said and ended up getting in trouble for it.

So this is basically how being a witch works for Maso-
Maso's house is found on the outskirts of a huge vampire area. She has great buisness and only those who she lets in may enter. Her house is a giant jack o' latern, which believe it or not is one of the only type of plant that is magic friendly. Her front room is where she has everybody stay because she has to other rooms. The one to the left is her storage facility filled with things used for potions or potions already made and ready for use. THe one to the right is where her cauldron and spell book are kept. A spell book is impossible to break and only opens to it's witch. It contains every spell that has ever existed and a page is added for every spell that is created. The book weighs too much to carry around which is why a smaller guide is carried by most witches, only a few pages long with spells they use often.

Witches can perform spells without a hat or staff, but it requires that they take the power from there own life source. Without a hat, the power comes back overtime, but without a staff, the witch can only be healed through vampire blood, which no vampire is willing to ever give. Potions must always be made in a cauldron, they cannot be made in a bowl, or any other type of thing that can be mixed in.

Thoughts and Opinions-
Red Rose- Well...she isn't that bad I guess. I mean, I wouldn't dare try to raise the price or something like that on her. She pays well and is the majority of my magic sales. But her temper makes it hard to haggle. She had wanted some new materials for her whip at one point and I told her I already had them pre-ordered by somebody. The burn on my throat stayed there for weeks. Oh well, it would have been worse if I told her the person who pre-ordered it was me.

Blue Rose- Such a sweetie! I swear, she doesn't even know whenever I'm ripping her off. I can get the highest prices out of her easily, it helps that I'm good at lying and haggling. I say it's the last one in stock, BAM! I get paid. She wants me to make her a specialized potion, well I charge her for thing I wouldn't normally charge for and it's that easy! She's never gotten mad at me either!

Yellow Rose- I don't exactly know what to think. I mean, she pays me well like the others and it's not like she threatens me or anything, but I just don't like the thought of giving my Sure she protects me and all but every time I give my services away, I think I feel something inside of me die. It's just against my nature. But, I won't complain aloud because the times she does pay me she pays me well. That buisness of hers seems to be paying off...for me.

So begins...

Maso Kugame's Story


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"Very good. Tell Asavar to give Kuiyen this message. 'Some rare game has just been spotted roaming near the hall, and the Yellow Rose is not above sharing the profits.' While I doubt our dear sister will like the concept, an alliance will be beneficial to all of us, and I think she'll see things my way. Should Asavar not appear quickly to carry this message, however, we'll have to resort to another messenger. Perhaps Maso? Hmm. What a diverse group of bishops and knights we have at our disposal." As she spoke, the luminous Vampire once more lapsed into her own thoughts, gazing intently down at the chessboard at the center of the dark room, her flightless wings gleaming down on the marble table and the pieces sitting assembled there. Raising a hand, she deftly plucked up one of the white knights and, jumping it over the line of pawns, set it about moving toward the assembled black legion. As she did so, the surface of the chessboard seemed to warp and shift, the grid of black and white being replaced by a map of ShiroKuro itself. The Knight was already well on its way to reaching the door in the hill. Now it was time to simply wait and see what her opponent's next move would be...