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Yuki Nakamura

"Master Lily."

0 · 225 views · located in Rose Woods

a character in “Seven Roses”, as played by BelieveInDreams


Full Name:
Yuki Nakamura


Yuki is half human and half bunny. He was born with bunny ears and a bunny tail but with a human body. He species is very rare almost as rare as the unicorn but not as rare.


Brief Description:
Yuki can switch between a fully human form (he can't maintain the completely human form for too long) or his half-form which is basically just the same thing as his human form but with bunny ears and a bunny tail. In both his human form and half-form Yuki has beautiful snow colored hair and enticing deep midnight blue eyes. Upon first meeting him many humans and other creatures are awed by his angelic appearance. Even though he is very young he is still kind of short for his age and has a small build that makes him seem almost delicate. He has soft ivory toned skin and when he is in his human form he is mostly seen in white pajamas and socks. He however, doesn't really seem to see what everyone else see's. He isn't self-conscious but doesn't really care about appearances, hence the reason why he doesn't care if he just wears white pajamas.

[size=90]Yuki is actually a very kind and gentle person when you get to know him, he accepts other people's differences even when they don't accept his. This is what he was taught by his master Lily. She taught him how to act kindly towards others and how to smile. He normally stays quiet observing everything around him. He is trying to get better at interacting with others but the only one he wants to talk is his master Lily. He would gladly give up anything for her and she is very dear to him. Like the mother that he never had. Yuki mainly just watches over his master and tries to help her. He rarely smiles unless it's around Lily or Lily's sisters. The reason why he doesn't speak to people is because he's scared. Every time he has to get into some type of social situation he just goes over to his master and tries to hide behind her. He knows all too well how cruel people can be and that's why he treasures Lily so much. She was the first genuinely kind person he ever met. If Yuki is scared and Lily isn't there he completely freaks out and starts crying or he'll start shaking uncontrollably. He knows it's childish but almost all his life he's always relied on Lily, it's what he's used to doing. To show his gratitude to Lily he doesn't call her by name he calls her "Master" or sometimes "Master Lily", even though sometimes she insists on him calling her plain Lily he doesn't. Like a regular bunny, he gets scared very easily and will jump at the littlest things; like if he were to hear a really loud noise he would jump and cower in fear. Unlike his master Lily he doesn't trust people too easily due to past experiences. He knows how terrible people can be and because of this he is always worried about Lily being to trusting. He knows that people will abuse her wonderfully kind nature. The only person he trusts that deeply is his master Lily. He loves her way too much to not trust her.

Yuki always has terrible flash backs and vivid horrid nightmares of his past. He tries his best to forget it but it always haunts him and follows him no matter where he is. The flashbacks occur at any time of the day and often result in him sobbing and shaking. He's not sure who his parents are and has no memory of them at all but he does remember being tortured by Riders who hadn't drunken blood in a while and as a result they attacked him and kept him with them as food supply. He has no idea how they captured him or where he was previously but he remembers being relentlessly tortured and drunk from at a very young age by the crazy vampires. When he was coming close to dying he tried to run away, but he had lost too much blood. As a result he passed out and nearly died. Fortunately he was away from the crazy vampires but Unfortunately he knew he would die soon. Just when he thought he'd die he woke up to a soft and beautiful lilting voice. It was the blue rose, Lily. At first he thought she was an angel but he quickly realized that he was actually alive. She saved him and nursed him back to health, keeping him as her pet. He was surprised by her kindness and was very hesitant in trusting her at first but as he got older and began to spend years with her he realized her true nature. She taught him how to be happy and to smile and for that he doesn't know how he could ever repay her.

[size=90]-His master
-Lily's sisters
-Lily's smile

-people taking advantage of Lily
-Loud noises
-Being scared
-His horrid past

So begins...

Yuki Nakamura's Story