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Jensiene Orvani

A female captain of the "Brashblade Brigands". She is quite the character, being laid back and easy going one moment, and ready to draw her pistol the next.

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a character in “Seven Seas of Terror”, as played by Vio-Lance


Full name: Jensiene "Jenny" Orvani.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 140

Build: Slightly muscular

Age: 36



Jenny is a character, all right. She is a bold, outspoken person whom isn't afraid to be vulgar. She's outright rude sometimes, and will mock others without hesitation. However, around people she fancies, she's generally generous and protective. She takes good care of her friends. In her free time, she is gambling or drinking.


Armor: Clothing and Cloth armor.


Pirate Sabre: A straight edged sword with lots of weight. Great for cleaving through lighter and medium armor. Jenny is quite skilled with a blade, and she knows it.

Flintlock Pistol (x7): Nothing extraordinary about these weapons, other than the fact she carries so many. She carries one in each boot, three on her hips, one in the slack of her blouse around the shoulder, and one in a special holster on the harness she wears(concealed by her hair).

Hip Dagger: Concealed weapon for when 'weapons arent allowed' or the fight gets really close.

Ship: The Ninian- A large vessel, that was never defeated in battle. It has four cannons on each side of the deck, and six under-deck cannons on each side. It was nicknamed the "Floating Fortress" by the navy commander for it's amazing offensive capability. It must be operated by a minimum of five people, and must have 25 to maintain optimal offensive capabilities. it can carry up to 50 people, including the crew. It's payload is a whopping 200 cannonballs, allowing each cannon to fire 10 times before having to restock...or find alternate ammo. Inside are about 20 swords for whomever wishes to defend the ship or raid another., and maybe 10 flintlock rifles. Only three blunderbusses. But for a crew this large, these weapons are more than adequate.

Noteable Crew Members:

Geese- A tall, lean man whom dual weilds axes. It's said he could cleave you before you draw your gun.
Position: Lookout

Geitz- Geese's older brother. He also weilds axes with extreme skill. However, he is a lot more uptight and serious than his younger sibling.
Position: Raidmaster (Person whom leads the boarding parties on other ships)

Dart- A thickheaded, short fellow whom is decivingly good with maps.
Position: Navigator

Ross - A young boy whom Jensiene has agreed to take into her crew. He's eager to prove that he can fight.
Position: Powder Monkey

"Scars" Alan- A rough and tumble fighter, whom manages the ship and it's crew...while Jensiene isn't....
Position: Quartermaster

"Red" Sebastian - A newer, less experienced pirate. However, he was accepted into the brigands because of his extreme sword skills.
Position: Master Gunner


Jensiene is the daughter of notorious pirate lord James Orvani, also known as the "Black Fox" across the seas. He wasn't murderous like most other pirates...he simply stole like the rest of them. And, well, if you had to kill to get something, so be it. Though, he retired at the ripe age of 40, and settled down with his immaculate wealth. It wasn't long before he had found love in a bar wench, whom bore him his first child. Jensiene was that child.

Jenny was very attached to her father, facinated by his tales of the sea and all of his crazy adventures. She almost found it hard to believe! But she knew that when she grew up, she wanted to be a pirate just like her father. He knew this, and slowly began to introduce her into sea life. He would even take her out on some of the sailing trips of he and his old crew. She loved the pirate life, and soon became one of the group rapidly. She was a natural at swordsplay, and was an adequate shot. Although her eye was slashed in one of her blade practices, she held no grudge against the man that did it. She thought it added to her pirate-esk look anyhow.

However, her old man soon passed away after she exited her teen years, due to sickness. She was sad, but she couldn't be held back by sorrow. She decided to make the best of this, and rounded up a pirate crew. And it wasnt long before the Ninian was back in the waters, with a new crew, and a new Orvani as captain. She continued her father's legacy of a roving sea brigand that took what they willed...and their notorious ability to avoid capture. Some even called her the "Black Kit", after her father.

So begins...

Jensiene Orvani's Story