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Phaine Sasure

The Prince of Sasuren

0 · 312 views · located in Incienda

a character in “Seven Stones of Incienda”, as played by dudedude889


Name- Phaine Sasure
Age- 19
Picture- ... eGuy18.jpg
Kingdom- Sasuren
Skill- Fighting?Magic-Shadow
Weapon- Dual purple daggers, with a black snake pattern going across the hilt
Personality- As a prince, Phaine isn't really talkative. Even if he does fight he is actually very wise. He always puts friends ahead of himself... Even if he doesn't have many. He is never self-centered and he is very caring. His fighting and wisdom comes from his father, and his much wisdom comes from his mother.
History- As the prince of Sasuren, Phaine never had many friends. From when he could walk he was trained, in fighting, and in wisdom. When he turned thirteen, he had a best friend. His caretaker didn't like him having a "poor," person as his friend so his friend was assassinated. After he lost his only friend he never talked. Maybe one or two words, but not many. When he turned fifteen he asked his caretaker, "Why did you get people to assassinate my only friend?" The care taker replied, "Because, it's not right that the heir to the throne of Sasuren has a poor friend." Phaine then said, "My father's men are going to torture you, make you feel pain. But no pain is worse than someone that you love gets killed, or died. I loved her, you know that? I loved her. She was the only one that understood me with no friends. She had no friends, like me. I don't care for you. Who do you love? 'Cuz I can find her if you tell me. I can make you feel the pain I did. Guards come torture this guy, then take all his money, then throw him on the streets." The guards did that. The caretaker was never seen again. Now, nineteen, he needs to have another friends. So he's going to help with finding the Amethyst stone, and gain new friends.

I love ANIME. Litterally. I watch alot of it everyday.

So begins...

Phaine Sasure's Story


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Phaine walked back inside. He was getting somewhat tired. He took off his mask and gave it to a servant. He pushed back his hair, and set to find someone he's actually met. He made his way to Averery, but he had to say, "HI," to some noble people first. "Hello Averery. How is it going?" Phaine's look on his face said.

Phaine turned to the ladies. "And you two are?" he asked as politely as he could.

Waiting for an answer, he looked over to wherre his mother and father were. His mother looked fine. More than fine, great. He wondered, What if my mom will have headaches now? Well, whatever. She's sturdy.
It looked like the servants were serving drinks again, so he flagged one over, and gave one to Averery, one to one of the ladies, one to the other one, and grabbed himself one. "So, any of you have stones...?" Phaine asked curiously.


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Jasmine let Prince Leigh-Aleyn lead her away from her brothers, who surprisingly allowed it. The events of what happened were still fresh in her mind. She wondered what would happened next. The next thing she knew, she was led to where a few of the other princes were as well as to few the girls she felt connections to. She still had the Carnelian fragment tight in her hand. She tried putting on a serene face for she was raised to be strong. It wasn't long before another person jointed their group, addressing the one called Averery, whom she recognized as the Prince of Mulada.

"Oh, my name is Jasmine Feelot, and I just got the Carnelian fragment. It's still a little surreal to me."


"Honey, why don't you go to where Phaine is? He seems to be talking to other people over there." Lady Givens told Louisa.

"Oh, it's a rather large group though." Louisa said.

"Louisa dear, this could be for you. After all, several of those girls there have stone fragments so they can probably relate to you. Besides, you will be going on a journey with them."

Her mother did have a point. So, taking a deep breath, she walked over to where Phaine was.

"Um, hi, might if I join you?" she asked.

Jasmine looked at the lavender hair young lady.

"Sure you can." she smiled.


Torrence smiled at Auralee. When she stood up, so did he.

"So you are from Anahaly? I figured you were since you have the Jade fragment." he said.

When she thanked him, he couldn't help but blush a little.

"Andun should be thanked. He was the one who healed her. I am glad to have helped though." he replied.


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James Kristoff

James grew increasingly uncomfortable the more people came to join the group. He wasn't used to so many people around him at once especially when they all seemed to talk amongst themselves. Even more so when the white haired teenagers ran up to join them. Two boys noticed him a little too close to their sister and placed themselves in between the two. James raised his head in challenge and confidence. He wasn't about to let two boys get the better of them. Moselle, smacked them in the back of their heads and said, "You two have nothing to worry about so don't even try to say what you were planning to." She took on the same stance the boys had, only she was sitting, and slapped them again on the back of their heads. Then she awknowledged the girls who had ran up and began laughing. It was a light, happy sound. One that sent a tingly feeling in his chest and stomach. Soon, he found he was laughing too. He had no idea why he was laughing, but he couldn't help it. His laugh was almost... cute. He rarely laughed since not much ammused him, but when he did, it made him sound much younger than he really was. Not too long after that, Prince Leigh-Aleyn, Jasmine, Phaine, and Louisa joined them there. They began introducing themselves and he figured he should join in. He knew the princes, Moselle, and Kayla, but not the other two girls. "I'm James." he said.[/center][/i]

Nyxie Frost

Nyxie looked up as Terrence began talking to Auralee. It was like she was invisible...again. With a sigh, she examined her dress. It was only dirty, nothing ruined. A familiar voice came up beside her, making her jump. She almost jumped from sitting to standing. She looked up quickly to stare in familiar ice blue and blood red eyes. It was the prince from earlier. She blushed and stood up. "You! But I-and you-but-.." she mentally cursed herself at how stupid her stammering sounded. Just when I finally forgot about him... she thought.


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((Ok cool. I'll keep that in mind. It'll be cool to emote animals lol))

Aura nodded when Torrence offered his help with sailing for the islands later in the quest. She personally didn't know much about sailing. She had spent the boat ride to Mulada in a passenger cabin watching over her baby siblings, who weren't taking the rocking of the waves on the hull. As a child she tagged along with her brothers on fishing vessels a couple times though.

Across the table, one of the princes, Phaine mentioned the use of magic, that could be usedful, she thought, then he ordered a purple cloth to place over his face, which was unusual. Aura gasped as a feeling of shock and exhaustion came over her suddenly. She looked around and saw Moselle bend to the table to let her head rest. That was funny she thought. As quickly as it came over her it was gone and suddenly Aura felt the need to move, restlessness and energy filling her up. Kayla suggested going out to train just then and Aura jumped at the oppertunity. "I'll come. For some reason I have energy to spare." She glanced back over at Moselle who had been looking out into the distance before she slumped forward. What was going on she wondered.