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Allison T. Rider

"I can go to China and back before you even say hello."

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a character in “Seven”, as played by Haas33




Image"Sarcasm is an art,
and your ignorance is my canvas"

Allison Trinity Rider
"I also respond to Supreme Overlord, but that's your choice."

Allie, Rider.
"I really don't care what you call me."

"So I can drink, smoke, have sex, and vote. Yay me."

"Do you not have eyes?
Or are you just joking? "

"Ironically, my favorite number is 7,
but I guess that number was taken."

"That means everyone can get a taste
of this glorious human being."



5'3" exactly
"I am told I am short.
Personally, I see myself as average
and there are just tall freaks everywhere."

123.2 pounds
"I thought you weren't supposed to ask a girl's weight?"

Her number is on her chest,
on the upper right breast.
Can be concealed, but a
v-neck shirt can easily show it.
She has a small sun tattoo
on her left shoulder blade,
an anchor on her left hip/waist, a
nd five birds following the
bottom of her left breast line,
such that if she was wearing a bikini,
three of the five would be seen.
She also has five piercings going up
her left ear, and three on the right
with an industrial piercing at the top
of her ear (like a bar across the ear).

"They all mean something, but you'd
have to ask me about them."

Eye Color/Hair Color:
Brown eyes; Brown hair.
"I'm told my eyes are the color of carmel
and my hair is like chocolate. Yum."

Her outfits mostly consist of
black, grey, and dark blue.
She normally wears a plain v-neck shirt
and ripped jeans. She normally wears
short combat boots and a black hoodie.

"I have my own personal style."

Favorite Color:
Favorite Food:

Blue; Strawberries
"but definitely not blue strawberries....."

~Being Sarcastic
~the lake
~Climbing trees

~Being Alone
~small places
~chauvinistic men
~controlling and obnoxious women
~Being lied to

~Caring for animals/people
~Playing Piano

~Losing concentration
~She exhausts so easily.
She is almost constantly eating.
~she doesn't trust anyone
~She is small
~She isn't very strong


~Teleporting into a wall



Allison is a very unique individual. To almost everyone she is a reserved, mysterious person. However, she is actually quite sarcastic and witty. She is very humorous and willing to express herself to people she trusts. The only problem is that she doesn't trust anyone. She has been known to sing or play piano when she thinks no one is around. However, that doesn't mean she is shy. She loves to party and have fun, often times surprising people who thought she was deep and moody. She is a bit laid back and tends to let others act while she observes. However, when she does step into action, there is no halfway. She is afraid of relationships because she doesn't want anyone to know about her teleporting abilities, and is afraid to hurt someone or get hurt. Alison tends jump rich tint a task once she decides to do it and is extremely stubborn if someone tells her to back down. Allison own half of the coffee shop in town. Its also a cafe type place, so she works a lot int the kitchen. Her dad had owned coffee shop with his friend before he had died. The other person had handed it down to his son. Allison might be hard to really get to know. You might think you know her on the outside, but really the inner turmoil can be tricky.



Allison grew up in Ohio with her father. Her mother had died shortly after giving birth to her. She had no brothers and sisters. Her father would go to Lakeside on the weekends with her, where he owned a sailboat. He taught her to sail, swim and fish. He made Allison learn to play the piano until she was 15. When she moved to college At University of Virginia, her father decided to own a coffee shop at Lakeside with a sailing buddy since they both were decent at cooking. However, when the blackout happened and Allison started teleporting, she was worried. Men in suits started showing up to her college. When she was pulled out of class to talk to the "FBI", she teleported out of there and went to the one place she could think of: Lakeside. She was worried what the government would do with her if they found her. She decided to come work with her father at the coffee shop. She shared a cottage with her dad. Her dad decided to let her stay with him because of her situation, he also feared what would happen to her. However, he started to become sick with lung cancer and shortly died. Allison took over for her dad and has been hiding at Lakeside ever since.

So begins...

Allison T. Rider's Story


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#, as written by Haas33

Allison sighed grumpily as she poured the fruit and ice blend into a large cup. She snapped a lid on and peeked at the name written on the side.

"Monica!" She yelled out, and a stern looking woman pushed her way to the front and snatched the drink from the counter like a bird of prey. Impatient grumbles behind her indicated the line was piling up. It wasn't her fault they were short staffed today. If only she could teleport in public. She wouldn't have to scurry back and forth and to the kitchen. But that would cause some weird looks and probably a call to the police. Nothing weird ever happened in Lakeside. In fact, she's not sure she's ever seen a cop car in Lakeside. The nearest police station was a ways away. She would bet money that police stopped coming to this quiet town years ago when they realized it was mostly occupied by old ladies and church youth groups. Her coworker Megan suddenly came in and Allison sighed with relief.

"Thank god. My shift is supposed to be over now but I'm not going to feed you to the hounds. I'll help you get through for a half hour more." Allison said to Megan who grinned happily. Megan was barely 17 but extremely hard working which was excellent in such a fast paced job.

"Best boss ever," Megan said, slipping behind the counter and taking a young man's order. Allison was just finishing up a cappuccino when she felt it. She'd felt it before, a strange tingling feeling like giddiness and joy. Like she was saying hello to a friend she hadn't met in a while. Allison paused her work and looked around. Someone was standing outside her shop looking at the menu posted outside. She couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl because most of them was obscured by the sign. But instantly she knew it was that person. Maybe she knew this person? No it was something deeper. She felt like she needed to go talk to this person. She looked at the much calmer crowd. Only a two people waiting in line and two people waiting for drinks.

"Hey you think you got this? The Lunch hour is almost over so it shouldn't get any more crowded." Allison said, all the while staring at the figure outside the shop.

"Yeah I should be good," she replied. Allison nodded and hung up her apron before pushing her way towards the door. She pushed open the door and turned towards the person and blurted out, "Do I know you?"


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Estelle was wandering Lakeside in her bikini top and a long skirt cover up with a small beach bag. She had just finished her shift at the beach, she was a lifeguard. She came to a sudden halt when she got that strange feeling again. Everytime she felt it she would pull out her little notebook and mark when and where. Unfortunately for her this feeling was the only thing keeping her going, she had no recollection of her past and she had a hunch this feeling would give her some sort of answer.

All Estelle really knew was that one day she woke up with the ability to change into animals and suddenly she was on the run. Some men were trying to do some sort of tests on her so Estelle transformed herself into multiple creatures and fled the facility and somehow ended up in Lakeside. It had been a few weeks since the incident and since then she's been trying to find answers.

Estelle glanced around to see if she could sense the feeling even more, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath when her stomach started to grumble. Damn she thought. She walked over to the cafe and started reading the menu when Allison came out and said "Do I know you?"

Estelle lifted an eyebrow and looked Allison up and down, she could sense she knew something about her too. She scratched her head and finally she shrugged "Maybe, I've been told by a couple people in this town that I have a familiar face..." Suddenly Estelle grinned ear to ear, as she examined Allison she realized this was the first person she somehow maybe kinda recognized. "Ooh my! Um actually ya perhaps you do know me? I'm Estelle, have you been in Lakeside long, you seem oddly familiar as well" she said in a somewhat hopefully tone.


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John Lang

John awake with a start, his back cramping from the awful lumpy bed he had slept on. He was sweating like mad due to the fact that this old and crappy hotel didn't have air conditioning. If you could even call it a hotel. "Hotel Lakeside" had been around for decades, maybe even centuries, after all, this town was incredibly old (or so it said on the crumpled brochure he found at the Lakeside association front desk. It seemed as if this place was dead, yet it was so full of life. Grandparents and their children with their children is what it seemed like. It was like going to grandma's house for vacation. For John, it was the only town he could find close to him that was nestled up against the lake. He'd intended on stealing a boat and booking it to Canada, but after three days sleeping in the hotel, he decided maybe he'd stay here for a while. Who would ever find this place? It was completely off the radar, there wasn't even a local newspaper. John figured maybe if he wanted to stay here for good, he could might be able to stay at the old family cottage. His uncle owned it, but never came up to the lake to use it. His uncle would be glad to have it off his hands. In fact, a quick call and he'd probably hand it over.

John yawned and got up, threw some shorts and a shirt on and grumbled something about coffee. What time was it? Sometimes past noon, he guessed. Like he really cared much. Maybe he'd go for a swim. But first he needed food. There was a little place to eat next to the pier called "Dockside" serving hamburgers and hotdogs. He decided maybe he's go there first.

John left his room, grabbed his room key and wallet, and left the shabby hotel. He was on his way to Dockside, just rounding a corner, when a weird feeling hit him. He frowned a looked around. There were a couple people outside of a coffee shop and a group of old ladies talking on a porch, but that's all he saw. Something about the two girls in front of the coffee shop clicked in his mind. He knew those girls somehow. Maybe they came up here too as kids? John frowned. Nothing to worry about. He continued walking int he opposite direction.


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#, as written by Haas33

Allison frowned, concentrating extremely hard. She had to know this person. Like that feeling you get when you meet a relative from your childhood that you vaguely remember and when they tell you their name it hits you and you remember you used to go over to their house and make cookies or something. "I'm Allison Rider. And yeah I've sorta lived her a while. I grew up coming here with my dad but I just moved here a week or two ago because of these people... um... because of my dad. My dad just passed away recently and I've taken over running his coffee shop," Allison said, fumbling over the reason for coming here. SHe couldn't just blurt out the fact that she'd been followed around by creepy guys in suits until she fled to this dinky little town. Five. Five. Five. The number was ringing in her head, calling to her. Like she wanted to say it. Instead she scribbled the number madly on her wallet with her finger. Almost an impulse.

She had too get out of her. She was almost feeling sick. And slightly confused. Like something she really needed to know was creeping along right outside her field of vision. She sighed.

"Well I should really be going. Maybe I'll see you around, yeah?" With that she hurried off, quickly rounding a corner and teleporting back to home, hoping that awfully familiar girl hadn't followed her. She appeared in her living room and flumped into a chair. Maybe she'd go down to the sailing club for a bit and go out on the water before it got to late. Smiling at the idea, she quickly changed into a bikini. She should really wear boat shoes and a water shirt and shorts, but she really didn't care, it was too hot out. Her cottage was very close to the water, and the sailing club, so she didn't bother biking there, which was the preferred method of transportation in Lakeside, second being walking, and third being the ever popular golf carts that zoomed around the tiny town. You could even rent a golf cart at Syford's Cycles, which sold and rented bikes and golf carts. Allison yawned feebly as she spotted the familiar building that housed several small sailboats.


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