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Sasha Herrington

0 · 223 views · located in Marris

a character in “Shadow of Perfection”, as played by Froggiepril


Name: Sasha Herington
Age: 19
Sex: Homosexual female
Occupation: Waitress at the local diner; Mon, Tue, Sat/Sun, nightschool; Mon, Wed, Thu, day time classes; Tue, Fri
Appearance: Sasha has full sleeves of tattoos that stretches over her entire back. On her left arm is two dragons with sculls for heads fighting, on the right is a portrait of Curt Cobain, as well as random creatures. Her back is decorated with bat wings over a burning background, a tattoo trying to cover up a lot of small, failed ones, She stands at 1.68 meters, and has a completely average build, no impressive muscling, and not to many sizes to loose. She's got three piercings in her left ear, and seven in her right, as well as snake bites, tongue and three in her belly button. She frequently both shaves and dyes her hair to keep it the same, and is practically always seen wearing black.
Personality: Sasha is stern, though, and hard to get close to. She can be direct and selfish, but never intentionally mean. Her walls have recently crumbled more and more, and she's changing her attitude more to the positive as of lately. She's getting to know her real self again, so to keep up for anyone else can be more difficult. She's a chain smoker, and quite the "potty mouth" but she tries to get better, one vice at a time.
Backstory: Sasha is not from Marris, but Dallas. She was raised in a classical suburban, christian family. The perfect base for a perfect life was made, but Sasha never fitted into it. She did terrible at school, and would fly through the roof over the most foolish matters. Boyfriends became an especially difficult subject for her. Sasha never got it to work with any off them, and for some reason she tried so much harder than her parents found natural. When confronted with this, the young girl got extremely frustrated, and she was more than a handful for her loving parents. At 14, she was caught making out with another girl at school, and her parents anger towards this, really had her act out. She started doing everything in her power to provoke them; skipping, drinking, smoking, running away for days at a time...

At age 15 she started doing party drugs, and it rapidly evolved. Right before she turned 17, she ran off to Los Angeles with a friend, thinking they could make it there. Plenty of adventures she'd rather not speak of in detail, and an overdose later, she was committed to rehab.

She went to Marris after rehab, to try and get her life stacked back on her feet. She has gone through amounts of therapy to find out what caused the problems to begin with, this has left her diagnosed with ADHD, and she has opened up about her sexuality, the main reason she left Dallas. Being gay isn't yet commonly accepted there. She now works part time, and tries to finish high school. There was some debate as to where she should go, a big city would grant her more anonymity, but a smaller one would grant her less temptations. She's trying her very best to make her life work, having realized all the hurt she has caused her family. She's been sober for one year and two months, but tends to get extremely bored in such a small city unless she keeps herself occupied.

So begins...

Sasha Herrington's Story