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Havel Oborot

" I'm just an old work horse..."

0 · 274 views · located in Shadowesque . Dark Castle /Palace / Various

a character in “SHADOWESQUE”, as played by xXcandlejackXx



[center]|Name| Havel Oborot

|Nickname:| N/a

|Gender| male.

|Ethnicity| unknown

|Sexuality| Polyamorus

|Role| " Dark assassin"

|Face Claim| Big Boss Metal gear solid

|Height| 6'2"

|Weight| 180 lbs

|Hair Color| brown

|Eye Color| Hazel : Forest green that fades into an amber color.

|General Appearance| Grizzled and covered with scares it's easy to see that life has not been kind to Havel through out his life.
Tho of all his hard features his soft eyes are probably the most striking thing about the man.

|Personality| stoic and rather distant at first and to most. But once he decides you're worth letting into his life he is rather mushy.

|Likes| WIP

|Dislikes| WIP


I'll work on something after a while.

So begins...

Havel Oborot's Story


Havel felt eyes upon him as he closed the distance to the walls of the castle rather sluggishly. The walls to the fortress seemed as inaccessible as the moon and the gates reminded him eerily of the jaws of a beast...

' Sent with 'nought but a name... Havel you've signed for your own death..' He quietly mused to him self.
He wasn't far from the gates before long.

The gates started to open ominously as he neared them... as if he was expected. His eyes watched as the maw of the beast opened lazily to swallow him whole with out a second thought.

'Have my employers sent word of my arrival?' He frowned a bit wondering if the lord of the manner had been told of his mission, or who had sent for him in the first place, or if this was a trap set for him. Assassins always looked over their own shoulders, and watched those who pulled their strings because it wasn't unheard of for an assassin to be outed on a mission to be finished.
A knott worked it's self into the pit of his stomach as he marched into the castle's inner wall.

He looked out of place in the caste, his cloak travel stained, his leather boots worn in to the point of needing to be replaced.
The guards of the castle eyed him warily catching sight of the short sword he wore. He flashed them a gentle smile before he spoke. "You'd not travel unprotected would you?" The guard's steely gaze didn't halt in the slightest.

A few moments later a trio of people came to meet him, two burly guards and a thin woman.
The woman spoke first. " Hello, m Lady bids you welcome stranger."

" She has my thanks, it's not often a stranger is welcomed to the lords manner with open arms. Speaking of arms, shall I disarm before speaking with her?" He asked moving to his sword slowly, the guards shifted as well. 'Tense.' Havel noted.

"Oh no no, that isn't necessary."

Havel did his best to not let the shock show on his face. He simple kept the warm smile on and nodded.
"Much kindness indeed." he added as he fallowed the woman closely. The two burly guards flanked him as they walked to the throne room.

After being announced to the lady of the castle Havel took a knee and waited to be spoken to as was the custom of his land.


His eyes watched her closely, he listened well, " Thank you for the welcome m'lady, I didn't not mean to make light of your trust by wandering to your castle." He studied the maiden careful as she darted about after being given orders. He ignored the comment about having a big head, he wasn't sure what he had done to offend her but took it in side non the less.

" You are correct as this is not my own load of birth, I was sent on an errand by my master, tho it is of simple nature." He spoke truthfully because he was sent here after all. The maiden came back with bread and wine, the hair on the back of his neck stood on end as he watched and listened. "You're kindness is most outstanding m'lady you need not waste such finery on the likes of me as I am not worthy." He spoke calmly and let the emotion in his words stay in tune with his lie as not to betray him.
He was very mindful of the maiden who seemed to want to avoid the wine as much as possible.

" I simply came to ask permission to cross your lands. " He answered truthfully in the same exact tone as his lie.
" If I might be so entitled , what is the name of my most gracious host? As I am 'naught more than an ignorance in this land and wish to undo that with the utmost haste."

Havel didn't like this place.... The knot had been hard at work in his gut the moment he entered this place. He longed to get this formality over with and move on in search of his target. Duty was as duty is tho.