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Arden Mayfaire

"I don't know about happy, but for once I feel like I can sit still."

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a character in “Shadowhunters Academy”, as played by SimpleSinner



{"I don't know about happy, but for once I feel like I can sit still." }
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|{Full Name}|
Arden Jane Mayfaire

Most people call her by her name or Aj. Some others are Ar, Robin Hood - mostly from her brother due to her skills with a bow, and Angel - from her parents though she despises it.
The 19th of March
Russian and Spanish descent
Bisexual - whether she likes to admit it or not, she lean more towards girls, though shed doesnt believe it as it would be going against her parents 'plans' for her.

{“I never really liked being around people.” }

|{Hair Color}|
The same dark inky brown as her brothers, though hers tends to change depending on the season in shades.
|{Eye Color}|
A light hazel with flecks of gold.
5 ft 7¾ (172 cm)
126 pounds
Once again just like her body shes marked with runes, her most prominent one is one that stretches across her neck to her shoulder. Also has an alliance rune with one of her best friends, Skye, spread across her right arm. She's often questioned about it when she isn't using her glamour.
|{In Depth}|
Arden is a small girl with a slim form, but don't be fooled as her strenght counters it. Her inky brown hair falls down to her shoulders and always happens to be curled, though she tends to just throw it into a bun to get it out of her way. A very prominent feature on her is her cheekbones, they stick out to most people and are very noticeable. Her clothing is much like her brothers of course, but she never likes to wear revealing clothes. Peoples first official thought of the girl in battle, is that they can take her though her skills with her blades and bow always surprises people.

Her go to outfit would probably be black jeans followed by a longsleeve shirt that didn't hug her figure too tightly, of course she'd pull on a leather jacket over it as shes easily cold, and leather seems to be the trademark for every shadowhunter so why not blend in. Followed by some regular shoes, she doesn't care much about her clothes, as long as shes able to move quickly in them.

{"I can't just stop being scared of what I don't know.” }



|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
Never afraid to state her opinion.
She paces a lot, especially if waiting for something.
Always attempts to read people in conversations or in general.
When happy she smiles alot, and often finds herself in fits of giggles.
Very serious about most things she deals with, though real friends can get her to loosen up and be goofy.
"I don't believe you I'm going to see for myself" mentality.
Constantly tucks her hair behind her ears when nervous.
Worries constantly, even over the littlest of things.
Her bow and arrow, it's her favorite weapon and she excels with it in battle.
Fighting alongside her brother.
Her ability to act emotionless whenever.
Interrogation, she always good at reading people and tends to hypothesize their weaknesses.
Languages, shes fluent in many languages. Especially spanish, as her family speaks to her in it.
How she strictly follows rules.
Subject to panic attacks.
Her brother or parents being used against her.
Her inability to trust people sometimes.
Tends to be stubborn and worries a lot.
Semi anti-social.
Losing her family or friends.
Relieving her sister's death.
Death itself.
Demons, though she acts hard around them in the back of her mind the fear of them stays.
Being disowned completely by her parents.


{“Look me in the eye and say that one more time.” }

Arden's personality has changed pretty dramatically from when she was younger due to the things she faced early on. Being a shadowhunter she grew up in a strict family they relied solely on rules. Arden tended to follow the rules obediently though still had her turns of breaking them while her younger brother, Malek, tended to break every rule put in his place. Her younger younger sister, Effie, tended to fall in both of their footsteps. Arden is very obedient to her parents or the clave and sometimes even emotionless as she isn't phased to kill with order. She's also very smart when it comes to most things, like languages for examples since shes fluent in languages like spanish and french.

Arden is also very observant, she tends to try to read people right upon meeting them, though most times shes right, she can be completely wrong too. Arden isn't the most sociable person either, she tends to keep to herself and isn't really into meeting new friends. Making it harder for people to actually want to befriend her, but once they do she opens up little by little and will risk almost anything for them. In conversations, shes very sarcastic, varelss, and a bit insensitive at times.

{“I wasn’t informed that I’d be going on a guilt trip today.” }


Being strong and able to fight.
Being able to take breaks and lie around, though that rarely happens she is extremely excited when it does.
Her brother being by her side.
Foreign languages, shes fluent in spanish and some others.
Most downworlders, they interest her though shes mostly untrustworthy with them.
Smart yet strong girls, it's kind of where she falls and she enjoys them.

{“I can’t tell what you’re thinking and it scares me, sometimes.” }


People wanting to protect her, she takes it as a way to call her weak.
Know-it-alls, though herself at times is one.
Not being able to read people.
People who do not listen to her planning.
Way overly confident people, though her brother can be one at times.
Going against her parents rules or the claves. (though she breaks out of that).
Demons, they killed her sister and she can never fully trust them.
Being the center of attention.
People who don't take responsibility for their doing.

{“I really wish you understood what I’m trying to tell you.” }


|{Place of Origin}|
The country of Idris
Almost exactly like Malek, Arden's history is a sore subject for her to bring up at anytime. Arden grew up in the country of Idris, just like any other shadowhunter. She lived there with her parents, younger brother, Malek, and younger sister Effie for around six years before they were sent to the New York Institute. Arden didn't exactly love Idris though her brother did, Arden was eager to get out of the world and see the mundane world shed heard so much about though even when she arrived at the insitute she wasn't allowed to exit. Instead, being the only kids in institute began their combat training and anything else they needed to learn about the shadow world.

Arden and her siblings stayed stuck in the institute for years until a new kid came along when Arden was around 15 and her siblings 14, her name was Skye. Arden automatically became close to the hazel-eyed girl, as she was the first friend shes every really had that wasn't family and they even shared the alliance rune. She even developed some feelings for the girl she refused to acknowledge. Even if she had friends and family, Arden still wanted the chance to get outside the institute and go on a mission already.

So rebelliously, she listened in on one of her parents conversation about a ravener demon seen at some low level store, and took the opportunity and ran with it. She snuck a bow and arrow including a few serph daggers and went to tell her siblings and Skye, being the young dumb kids they were they all followed the plan. They snuck out of the insitute, and having never really been outside it before, just followed their instincts. Eventually they found the demon somehow, and Arden shot an arrow right through it in a flash. The kids were astonished they'd actually done something like that, they didn't notices the other five demons crawl up towards them. Only armed with a few daggers and a bow and quiver, there wasn't much they could do. They fought back, taking one demon on one at a time, their system had been working until a ravener demon knocked Effie's blade out of her hand and then pounced. It killed her instantly while Arden, Skye, and Malek were forced to watch as she was killed in front of them. Arden began to freak out as Skye tried to calm her down. She tried to pull Malek back to the insitute to get help, but Malek was too angry. He ran to the demon and stabbed his blade in its chest back and picked up his sister's lifeless corpse. They ran back to the institute and were met with their parents. They were forced to move institutes and leave her friend behind also, as the clave shunned them, they moved into another insitute in new york without a funeral and act as though it never happened. Its been two years. Arden blames herself constantly for the incident and expects Malek to do the same though he doesn't, he blames the demons. Now Arden and Malek are being enrolled in Shadowhunters academy, as the clave ignored their families protest.
|{Family Tree}|
Casey Mayfaire {Mother} - Alive
Atticus Mayfaire {Father} - Alive
Malek Mayfaire {Little Brother} - Alive
Effie Mayfaire {Little Sister} - Deceased, killed by demon


Character Dialogue ||
|| Face Claim ||
Crystal Reed
|| Played By ||
Simple Sinner

So begins...

Arden Mayfaire's Story