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Lazlow Blackborne

"I've stopped thinking about my past."

0 · 675 views · located in Shadowhunters Academy

a character in “Shadowhunters Academy”, as played by Jibber Jabber



ImageReal Name
β–ˆLazlow UNKNOWN

Given Name
β–ˆLazlow Blackborne

β–ˆ Black and Laz | Very Common - Used by Everyone

Apparent Age
β–ˆ 19 | Actual Age Unknown

β–ˆ Unknown

β–ˆ Asexual | Heteromantic

β–ˆ Eidolon Demon | Shape-Shifter

Energetic β–ˆ Considerate β–ˆ Fun-loving β–ˆ Trustworthy β–ˆ Independent β–ˆ Stoic

The largest part about Lazlow is his inability to express any of his true emotions, instead he brandishes a variety of faces in a million different situations, almost all of them being some type of cheeky smile. Now he does it because he's used to doing it. It's a natural reflex and Because he's been doing it for so long, it has completely encompassed his personality for the better. This facade has a crack, however, a small glimpse of a struggle that he is dealing with. It only ever comes out when he believes that he is truly alone. His emotions are like a hurricane and come out fierce, there have been times where he completely breaks down and other times where he destroys an entire room, only to out it back together when he calms down. There has only ever been a handful of people that have ever seen him like that but whatever they see ends at the time. He never looks back on those moments, quickly picking himself back up and moving on.

He can't remember when he decided that laughing at the problem was an easy solution to almost all his problems but he does know that this whole thing started chained in a dark room. And with a spotty memory you only remember small things, like being told to hide your emotions and your true intentions. His emotions are easily hidden but he finds it difficult to be dishonest, but that doesn't mean he wont be. He likes keeping to himself and that means keeping secrets. He's like a lockbox when people put their trust in him and he wouldn't betray someone's trust, something that can happen very easily with him being a demon, even though the odds are usually stacked against him, he's pretty much branded to not get a lot of trust but he's different. He knows he's different.


β–ˆ Resilient | Getting knocked down is nothing new to him. He can easily recover from any situation.
β–ˆ Adaptable | Due to his special upbringing he can easily adapt to anything
β–ˆ Brawler | He's used to getting into scraps and has become pretty good at fighting back
β–ˆ Impulsive | He acts on impulse in practically every situation, more times than not making matters worse
β–ˆ Prolonged exposure to Sunlight | Being an Eidolon lets him stand the light but it takes a lot out of him after awhile
β–ˆ Destructive | The best way to blow off steam happens to be breaking a couple of things
β–ˆ Proving Someone Wrong

β–ˆ Anything Sugar Related

β–ˆ Cleaning | He's a bit of a neat freak
β–ˆ Being treated like any other demon

β–ˆ Changing Faces

β–ˆ Crowded Areas - He gets lost in the faces
β–ˆ The Void | He can't remember ever dying or if he's ever been to The Void. The thought of it scares the crap,out of him.

β–ˆ Not being able to change back to himself

β–ˆ His past



There’s not much that Lazlow remembers about his early years but he has a constant nightmare where he is chained in a cold, black stoned room with two lit candelabras being the only source of light. Lazlow isn't entirely sure how long he was there, only the feeling that it was a very long time. The parts that he can remember come with residual pain and a feeling that makes his skin crawl. Even though he can’t remember who had him locked away, he knows it had to do with what he is and what he can do. Lazlow isn’t a typical demon that feeds off of the emotions of others, he's an Eidolon demon and if he had to be honest he isn’t entirely sure whether or not he is a full fledged demon, but that doesn't change the fact that he is one.

Lazlow isn't afraid to acknowledge his mysterious background. He will be the first to point out how unbelievable it all sounds, yet this is a world of unbelievable things. The only glimpses of his past are those he encounters in his dreams - nightmares. It's almost always something different and rarely takes place in familiar areas. There is no clue of where he came from, just things of what he's done, and they're nothing to be proud of, but he still does certain ones. He has a gift - yes he considers being part demon a gift as well as it being his biggest burden. It gets things done. Gets him where he needs to be. But that's all he uses it for, he can't tap into them but he can certainly take on their personality for a time, sometimes even getting stuck with a trait for a couple days when he is back to normal. He seen himself doing this in a dream once and it is useful. However, there are things that haunt him, things that he has done and that he will never let anyone know. He can't. These dreams always appear to be in a daze, like he was in a trance, but he never wanted to think on it. The past is the past. Nothing's changing it now.

He finally came out of this daze three years ago. Out of the blue, Lazlow became clear of surroundings. He was sitting on a park bench, crumpled up letter in hand. There was no identification of who gave it to him and all that was inside of it was an old Polaroid picture of himself and a woman. On the back was written: BLACK BORNES: TREYA and LAZLOW. Black Borne. A phrase he became accustomed to. It wasn't his name but it was good enough and he had no other idea at the time, so Blackborne became his name. He's spent almost of his time trying to retrace his steps but it always hits a dead end and has all but given up on the search and his old life. So he went to the one place where he could clear his head and also train himself.


Face claim
Tom Maden

Height/Weight or build
6’1” 165 Lbs. Slim/Athletic Build

Eye color
Black β–ˆ Brown to those without the sight

Hair color
Dark Brown

He has many scars across his body. The most prominent once are on both his wrists completely encompasing them. He's had them ever since he could remember. He also has large tear like scars on his back and torso.

He wears a thick, black wooden ring on his middle finger.

Talk Color | Thought Color

So begins...

Lazlow Blackborne's Story