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Malek Mayfaire

"I know I'm not the most likeable person in the world but that doesn't mean I'm heartless."

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a character in “Shadowhunters Academy”, as played by SimpleSinner



{"I know I'm not the most likeable person in the world but that doesn't mean I'm heartless.” }
Trouble || The Mother We Share || Monsters || Hey Brother || For Him



|{Full Name}|
Malek Casey Mayfair
Mal, Mayfair, Ali, and Trouble - mostly by his parents or sister.
The third of August
Russian and Spanish descent
Closeted Homosexual - though Malek is open about many things, his sexuality is his scariest thing for him to talk about.

{“Yeah, but that’s not really my problem, is it?” }

|{Hair Color}|
An dark inky brown color that drives him insane, he doesn't exactly like it and always contemplates dying it blonde.
|{Eye Color}|
A light hazel color
5' 10" (178 cm)
Roughly 143 pounds
Runes scar across his whole body, some visible some not as much. The has a very prominent power rune on his right arm and a giant angelic power rune across his chest.
|{In Depth}|
When it comes to Malek's looks, he isn't really fond of them. Of course he can be cocky and arrogant about himself at times but never really likes the topic of his looks as he always thinks there's things he can change that will make him happier with himself. His hair is a dark inky color and tends to stick up in random places, though sometimes it fall in front of his eyes; which annoys him constantly.

He is pretty strong and well built for his age, though he has to be given being a shadowhunter. Scares from ruin portray just about anywhere on his body which tend to stand out since he's so young. His style is pretty much just as any other shadowhunter, he tends to stick with dark leathery clothes. His go to outfit is a small leather jacket with a simple grey shirt followed by a pair of black jeans including combat boots from his father that may be a bit big for him. He also always has on him a blue emerald on a necklace from his youngest sister before she past away, as they were very close, he doesn't exactly like to talk about it.

{“The longer you can keep me off your mind, the higher your reward.” }


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
Tends to blurt out what he thinks - rude or not.
When angered, usually only people he cares deeply about can calm him.
Fiddles with the amulet around his neck whenever hes nervous or worried about something.
When he likes someone or talks to someone he finds attractive, his 'cool guy' demeanor disappears and he often stutters out his words.
Readily puts himself in the way of danger without careful consideration.
When stressed or lying, he speaks from the corner of his mouth.
Sings randomly, though no one would think that by his nature - he may not be the best but he find himself singing little songs anytime that have been stuck in his head.
Always gnawing on a piece of gum.
Fighting, and just being with, his sister.
Confident in his fighting abilities, and rarely doubts himself.
He cares enough to confront others of their wrongs.
He's very playful at anytime.
His love for his sister.
His carelessness at times tends to get him in a lot of troublesome situations.
The way he trust people a bit to easily.
He's very stubborn at times.
His words, he never really thinks before he says.
Losing his sister.
Someone finding about his sexuality and spreading it.
Being judged harshly, though he can be pretty judgy himself.
Being alone forever, and not being able to be himself.
Insanely claustrophobic.
His sexuality.
His past.


{“My life isn’t a punchline” }

Malek's personality ranges from overly-confidents to overly-angry, which isn't exactly a good thing. Growing up, Malek has always been the 'rebel' persay, in his family. He never wanted to listen to his parents rules unlike his sisters, Arden and Effie. He always wanted to make his parents angry as it was something fun for him to do, he displeased his parents though he loves his sisters. Malek can be very arrogant sometimes and most of the time doesnt think before he thinks. He'll blurt out his idea, inputs, and thoughts, whenever he wants not really caring the reactions.

He is easily angered and little things can set him off, only being able to be calmed by either though of someone he cares for or by the person themselves. When mad Malek cant exactly control himself as his anger gets the best of him, it has helped and made things worst in the shadow world. Most people see Malek as a confidents, rude, rebellious boy, though there's other sides to the boy that he chooses not the show. Hes very caring for anyone hes close with and will easily put his life on the line for them. He also has many insecurities about himself, like his looks for example, he always wants to change stuff about him thinking it will make him feel better but nothing exactly helps.

{“I don’t want to hate each other anymore. It’s getting really boring.” }

Image Image

His sisters.
Boys, though he'd never admit.
His amulet he wears constantly.
Getting crushes, hes young and it exhilarating for him, even if its for boys.
Meeting new people.
Being playful.
Adorableness, you wouldn't think he would but he loves adorable things.
Leather clothing.
Werewolves, he's always had a thing for them though he shouldn't.

{“Nobody wants you to fail. We just don’t actually want you to succeed.” }


Losing another sister, or her being used against him.
Demons, his sister was killed by one and he just refuses to trust any.
Waking up early.
Not understanding.
Confined spaces.
Havings his picture taken, he's never exactly proud of his looks so pictures drive him insane.
Not being able to be himself.
Girls that come on to him excessively.
Being told how or what to do.
His parents, their to demanding and want him to be everything hes not.
Being compared to people, mostly his sister.

{"Do you want me to be me, or someone you’d actually like?” }


Image Image
|{Place of Origin}|
The country of Idris
Malek's history is not something he tends to talk about a lot, though some parts he doesn't mind saying, it the part revolved around his sister he hates. Malek grew up in Idris, the shadowhunter home country, like most shadowhunters. He lived there with his parents, older sister, Arden, and younger sister, Effie, for about six years. Malek loved it there, he had friends, got along with most people at his school even his parents at the time, and grew closer with both of his sisters. But the happy times ended at an abrupt halt when the Mayfaire's were sent to the new york institute. ITs there where the kids started their endless combat training.

Malek and his sisters were the only kids at the institute so they only had each other, as their parents were to only ones to be able to go out demon hunting, though Malek didn't mind staying with his sisters one bit. They stayed like that for years until Malek and Effie were around 14 and Arden, 15. Arden was sick of sitting back and not being able to use any of the well trained hours she has spent on nothing, and she wanted to be able to go on missions like her parents already.

So she listened in on one of her parents conversation about a ravener demon seen at some low level store, and took the opportunity and ran with it. She snuck a bow and arrow including a few serph daggers and went to tell her siblings, being the young dumb kids they were they all followed the plan. They snuck out of the insitute, and having never really been outside it before, just followed their instincts. Eventually they found the demon somehow, and Arden shot an arrow right through it in a flash. The kids were astonished they'd actually done something like that, they didn't notices the other five demons crawl up towards them. Only armed with a few daggers and a bow, there wasn't much they could do. They fought back, taking one demon on one at a time, their system had been working until a ravener demon knocked Effie's blade out of her hand and then pounced. It killed her instantly while Arden and Malek were forced to watch as their sister was killed in front of them. Arden began to freak out, trying to pull Malek back to the insitute to get help, but Malek was too angry. He ran to the demon and stabbed his blade in his back and picked up his sisters lifeless corpse. They ran back to the institute and were met with their parents. They were forced to move institutes, as the clave shunned them, they moved into another insitute in new york without a funeral and act as though it never happened. Its been two years. Arden blames herself for the incident and expects Malek to do the same though he doesn't, he blames the demons. Now Arden and Malek are being enrolled in Shadowhunters academy, as the clave ignored their families protest.
|{Family Tree}|
Casey Mayfaire {Mother} - Alive
Atticus Mayfaire {Father} - Alive
Arden Mayfaire {Big Sister} - Alive
Effie Mayfaire {Little Sister} - Deceased, killed by demon


Character Dialogue || #00868B

|| Face Claim ||
Ian Nelson

|| Played By ||
Simple Sinner

So begins...

Malek Mayfaire's Story