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Nathaniel Searus

I've lived too long with pain. I won't know who I am without it.

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a character in “Shadowhunters Academy”, as played by listentothetimpani


Nathaniel-Julius Augustus Searus

William (Willie, Will), Searus (Siri), A Kindly One

15 (...One Hundred and Ninety Three)




Pansexual | Aromantic | One Night Stand (if That)


Rich black, but can be assumed to be more of deep brown under artificial lighting (as he tends not to be out and about in the sunshine anymore). His hair is short, neat, well-groomed; and somehow has the quality to still look decent and/or 'perfect' some have joked and teased - daytime, or nighttime, or even that one time he looked like a drowned rat.

He has strikingly blue eyes, that glint with a sad, but harsh intelligence.
The pupil seems to enlarge some when the beginnings of hunger hit him, and can fill completely with black during extreme(s)

Lanky. Lean. Wiry.

His skin is a fair, slightly olive-tinted, and unmarred on his face - everywhere else, well, that's a mauling of history...
A miracle or a mistake...
A Habit.

(+) Driven. Disciplined. Ascetic.
(+) Loyal. Faithful. Thoughtful.
(+) Gentle. Generous. Humble.

(-) Aloof. Comedic. Spontaneous.
(-) Intense. Emotionally Invested.
(-) Gullible. Trusting. Kind-hearted.

Nathaniel is calm, collected, and a cool headed individual as a whole. He is quiet most of the time, but can be pleasant enough to hold a conversation with. But beware, he does always try to be straight-forward with others - a trait others often appreciate - and rarely sugar-coats things. He has his own brand of humor, and others can be drawn to his childish charisma. Attempts to hold himself and everyone of the shadow-world to high moral standards.

✔ Smiling eyes. Italian pastries.
✔ Old school low budget horror movies.
✔ Being outdoors at night, specifically standing in a cold rainstorm after a warm day.

✖ Sunset. Sunrise. The Light of Day.
✖ Expressing emotions, and feeling empathy for others.
✖ Cold Anger (To be useful to him, and not Hot - which would use him instead)

☠ Heavy Smoker. Mild Drinker.
☠ Losing control. Loss of Identity.
☠ Werewolves - Sometimes I wish for the day's the wolves are silent, and only the moon howls.

Vatican City, Rome, Italy

William was born into a poor environment, on the outskirts of the grand Vatican City, with Rome at the door. He was an unwanted child, from an arranged marriage of two young people only wanting to have a little fun - not raise a child with only limited schooling and work scarcely bringing in enough money through the door to somehow manage to feed three mouths and survive. He was too young then for proper memories, but knows that somewhere around his third birthday, he was collected by the church due to his family's financial situation and became stuck within the orphanage - waiting for a new, forever home. After two years, a chance at one came, in the form of a tall, stately woman called Eleanor Clementine Searus. Little did he know at the time that she was just a Vampire, in town to meet some immortal relatives and by per chance of walking past the orphanage decided to look for a young human 'pet' to make immortal time go faster and satisfy a sullen need for a child she’d never be able to bare. All the same, he adored his new Mother, the new name she gave him (no matter how long winded it was to be honest), and was appreciative of the firm support of his new father, and Eleanor's mate, Baxter Hugh Searus. The two vampires returned to their home coven/clan within London, England, UK, with Nathaniel in tow. Despite the need for secrecy (against the Shadowhunters in the area, who wouldn’t dream of a sight gifted human-child being raised in the home of Vampires), an occasional bloody mess in the parlor, or the stray illegal body left by the trash to take out on Sunday, Nathaniel had a pretty uneventful childhood of growing up for 10 yrs in their fine home. Eleanor became his own personal tutor, and taught him how to read and write; skills that would no doubt prove useful in the future. Baxter showed him the means of becoming wealthy, from the knowledge of creating clocks to being apprenticed to a town doctor. He played the fine 'pet' for some time… Such nice things in the shadow world, wouldn’t last however… When Nathaniel returned home on the day of his fifteenth birthday, to pick up his mother and walk to a local dining venue to meet his father, to find the house in shambles and his mother gasping for life but torn to shreds in the living room. He remember hazily running to her side, calling for his Mother, begging her to heal, to get up, anything, perhaps even offering his arm towards her gaping mouth (as blood seemed to be the only thing they needed to survive and heal); and then a snarling blurred shape as a werewolf rocketed out of some distance corner of the house and tore into him. By the time, Baxter and other coven members arrived, the wolves were long gone, Eleanor was gone, but the little human boy, with his neck, chest shredded, and tooth and claw marks across his arms and legs (which resulted in some lovely scars), was still breathing, barely alive, and struggling but fading fast. With the agony of losing his love, and her well known fondness for the boy, Baxter took Nathaniel to a Warlock skilled enough to heal him to best of their ability, removing enough of the werewolf saliva quick enough to hopefully avoid the change into a dog; and then Baxter did the rest to turn him into a Vampire. Miraculously, and against the odds, Nathaniel did return as one of the night children’s living dead. Upon awakening, he was hit with an insatiable thirst for blood, but an inability to actually drink off anything living – with a horrible gag reflex at the mere idea of warm blood hitting the back of his tonsils, starvation was a real possibility for a time... He has managed to survive thus far, further along than most fledglings turned as young as he was. In the current time, he adores the miracle, or so he likes to think them as such, of blood-bags (of human or animal, but kept cold) to feed from more often than not – following the Accords for one, and secondly he still can’t handle the blood being warm. Because of his habits and odd tendencies, he has been given the ill-meant (at least amongst his kind) nickname of ‘A Kindly One’. He has since departed Baxter and his original coven, for the new Shadowhunters’ Academy, and maybe find even easier ways to keep his bloodlust in control (even if he has to deal with the wolves).

Human Father and Mother
Eleanor Clementine Searus - Adoptive Mother | Deceased
Baxter Hugh Searus - Adoptive Father | Vampiric Sire | Alive
Other members of Baxter's coven/clan in London, England.

Asa Butterfield



So begins...

Nathaniel Searus's Story