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Shadows in the Mist

Mistviel City


a part of Shadows in the Mist, by LookingAtPerks.


LookingAtPerks holds sovereignty over Mistviel City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Mistviel City is a part of Shadows in the Mist.

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Alison Price [90] The young daughter of two parents, has made herself well known creating Dolls and Puppets for kids and even adults of high quality. Not much else is known of her Origins.
Abigail Morningtide [90] The daughter of Geneal Morningtode, and a girl who wants to prove herself.
Zuuka Blacklight [90] Son of the CEO of Blacklight Industries, a major tech, games, and weapons producing company that is known as one of the top five companies in the world.
Luke Sonique [82] The son of a pop-singer. Has the voice of an angel.
Yuna Razen [65] "Two is better then one!"
Yuma Razen [65] "One is worse than two."
General Robert Kay Morningtide [0] "War is the path to peace."

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What Abigail knew of the Aegis system, scared her a little, so she heard Zuuka activating it, she stepped back a little, repositioning herself incase things went bad. Out of thin air several cubes appeared, spinning around Zuuka. What is he doing. she thought to herself, getting a little worried when one increased in size. But then Zuuka pulled a towel from within it, surprised. That… was unexpected. But I will need to talk to my father about this. she noted in her head. She will want to know his opinion, and she doubts he knows that Mr. Blacklight’s son has it, since he was limited information about it.

Abigail listened to Alison quietly, hearing her talk about her dolls again. “I mean, I did accept the doll you gifted to me.” She said with a slight smile, walking in front of the group after Zuuka was basically leaving a wet trail behind the group. As the group split up to find food to eat Abigail went and made a small salad with diced chicken mixed in and grabbed a bottle of sparkling water before heading to the table that she saw Luke sitting at waiting at. She wondered to ask his opinion on Aegis, to get his thoughts.

“So Luke, what are your thoughts Zuuka’s Aegis weapon?” Abigail didn’t mean to say weapon, it kind of slipped out since that’s what she heard about it. Abigail sat down at the end of the table and started eating her salad, listening to her new company speak around her, she messaged her father in between bites. Mr. Blacklight’s son has Aegis She sent quickly, no and going back to eating.

As Abigail and the other got done eating, before they could leave, he arm basically starting beeping. She looked down and saw her father was trying to call. “I’m sorry, I will be right back, my father is trying to get ahold of me.” She quickly said before standing up and getting out of earshot of the others, sitting against a wall, facing the others so she would be able to see them coming. “Hello Father.” She greeted him as she answered. She told him about what happened, how Zuuka used Aegis to get a towel. ”Interesting, this is good to know, might ask Mr. Blacklight more information about Aegis, since we only know so much. Thank you Abigail. Don’t let his son know you are telling me about this, but ke-“ Abigail’s holo quickly cut out. “Ugh, must be the mist intervening.” Abigail said out loud


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(A collection of posts that we did on Discord while the site was down....we got quite a bit done)

Yuna looked in interest as his brother pointed out the boy with the pretty hair, Zuuka. Of course, Yuna had heard of Zuuka even where they lived, and since they had arrived at the city, as well as the Blacklight Corporation. A company that made weapons, games, and tech, it was super rich and famous and was had funded various different projects. And as they spoke, a smile cracked on his face.

"So many fun people to mess with indeed. This was definently a good choice...Spirits of the wind, hear my call. Lets have some fun, and burn a tongue". Yuna said to his brother, and then seemed to communicate in a language unknown to most. It was likely that only he and his brother could actually communicate with spirits in this whole school, at least that is what he thought. And surely enough, hot souce secretly got knocked down and poured in while no one was looking into the pizza that was ordered. He also caught sight of one of them making a strange call, and asked the spirits to relay the information to them. He also responded to Yuma's question. "Indeed, they look similar...only, those cubes are glowing. They have the same shape, size, and pattern, but this...Aegis...appears to be active. Maybe those were dormant or something?"

"Yuma, it looks like there are quite a few secrets going around here...should be fun investigating them all. Ahhh, I am so conflicted Yuma! I want to build up to stuff, be dramatic and all, but I also want to dramatically start with something huge! What do you think? Hmmm, well...first off...Spirits around us, tie all of their shoelaces together..."

As Yuna said that, the Spirits would go and tie together the shoelaces of everyone around them. However, Yuna seemed to only get more impatient.

"As I thought, we are not suited to doing things small. Not like this anyways" he said as he pondered things.

"Alright, its official! The hotsauce was a good start, and maybe the shoe tying thing was okay, but...we can do way better then that! Yuma, we gotta go big!! Remember the time we set massive amount of fireworks inside that one guy's tent?! We should do that, for like, everyone's dormrooms!"
Yuna exclaimed that, in his usual dangerous fashion. Of the twins, while they were both pranksters, Yuna was the one who could be a bit more excessive and out there. It was often Yuma that brought him back to reason, just like how it was Yuna who brought Yuma out into the real world, not just the prankster side of them but real and true emotions.

And thanks to their abilities to communicate with and work with Spirits, who were playful and free spirited by nature, even if they were not especially talented in pure magic this was made up by their ability to get aid from Spirits, much to the dismay of their victims. And right now, Yuna was cominb up with all sorts of pranks and ways to embarass them all, sharing the same devilish grin as his brother. "Let's really knock it out of the park. No holding back"
Meanwhile, below in the plaza....
Zuuka looked away shyly as he got attention from his Aegis. It looked like he really was not used to dealing with other people in a normal setting, let alone a normal school setting, and was acting...well, cute and shy. He used the towel as he interfaced with Aegis, and mentioned something right before Abigail left.

"Its true...Aegis can be used as a weapon. But, it also can store things. Weapons too, but it can also store towels, boxed lunches, leftovers, toys, clothes, and such. Well, it does have a limited capacity, and to be honest its currently maxed out. Anyways...thanks for talking with me, I hope we will be good friends!"

As Zuuka was not currently aware of the twins, he was under the impression that everyone might not think much of him other then his father's son because he was the youngest of them, by a good bit. After all, he was not even in his teens, and the others were years older then him. If anything, this made their relationship more likely to be that of older siblings and younger sibling then friends. It did not help Zuuka's presnce felt like that of a sheltered, young, weak rich boy...

...of course, and Abigail likely knew this, Zuuka was actually far more confident and powerful when he was in combat. Especially equipped with the Aegis System, but he was already known to have combat ability. His fahter even hired military and retired military to help train him. Zuuka's fighting ability was probably much higher then anyone could fathom from looking at him without knowing.
He quickly got some pizza as well, and took a bite as he dismissed Aegis and...

"Ow! Hot!"

Alison smiled when she heard the response of Luke and Abigail. True, like a duet a puppet and puppeteer were one and the same. They were always seen together performing, one could never be complete without the other. As for Abigail, her response was short but sweet. Indeed, she accepted a doll without hesitation. So that must mean she had a spot for such a creation. “Thanks for your responses, children certainly like dolls. Of course there are quite a few adults who also pursue my wars sometimes. Everyone has their own preference of course, and as such I do enjoy hearing people’s thoughts on things. Good or bad.” She replied with a small smile.

Soon enough, they arrived at their destination. The lunch room as it seemed that all sorts of choices. From pizza to salad, there was quite a selection to choose from. No doubt to cater to the taste of everyone here. Her choice in particular was a club sandwich with a glass of water. As she sat down to eat, the others merrily talking stories to each other, she seemed content to listen without interrupting them. After a bit Abigail left to answer a phone call whirl Zuuka took a bit of his pizza which was hot. Perhaps it came straight from the oven, or it could have some spice on it for those spice lovers out there.

Of course, she noted something was terribly afoot as she stood up to get a refill of water. She generally forgot to drink some refreshments sometimes during her work, as such she tended to drink more often sometimes. She did not wear shoes, rather boots with laces. And her foot caught on something as she walked. She was certain her foot was clear of anything...A quick glance down as she fell down noted that...Her laces were...Tied together? She went wide eyed for a second with a sharp gasp. She definitely did not do this, so someone used magic while they were unaware.

She crashed to the ground with as small sharp gasp of pain, she never really was used to getting injured since she was usually careful.

Her purse also crashed to the ground, sending its contents sprawling one again...Along with the most dangerous item she had on her...her pair of scissors nearly skid into her body until she caught it rather quickly with her free hand. “W-Was this...A prank?...” She questioned herself as she lay on the floor to nurse her hurting arm which she landed on. She seemed calm on the outside...Of course in the inside her heart was beating fast. What would have happened if she was too slow? Her pair of scissors was dangerously sharp, without a container to hold them on her it would have stabbed her body...Worse...What if it skid to her eye instead? Her purse landed closer to her head...Her items were scattered everywhere now...Calm...Calm down...Nothing did happen...She had her scissors safely in her hand, she just needed a minute to recover and gather her items...See...Nothing to worry about.

Luke heard the question Abigail asked right as he was about to take a bite of pizza.
“Is it a weapon? It looks like it’s basically just a portable negative space locker with a few extra features. But I guess that kid wouldn’t be holding a grudge like that if that was all it was. I guess it’s something to keep an eye out for, if nothing else, for if they have school dueling contests.” He replied then when Zuuka sat down he saw that he got pizza too and he took a bite before Luke did. He saw Zuuka’s reaction and chuckled a little.

“Did you get the spicy stuff?” He asked before taking a bite of his own. It was super spicy and he was barely able to swallow.
“Hot! Hot! Hot!” He panted before sucking down half his soda in one sip.
It was right about now that Alison tripped and all her stuff went skidding across the floor. Luke stood up to go and help her and he too fell over, his shoelaces were tied too.

Meanwhile, back on the balcony, Yuma snickered with his brother at the pranks they had played.

“Brother, we should pace ourselves. It’s not wise to ask the spirits to make mischief too much. Remember, they get a taste for it and then they turn on us and prank us too. Best to rely on our own powers for pranks.” He reminded his brother.

“We shouldn’t go too big right off the bat, we don’t want to get expelled, then we’d have to go back to the forest again. “He warned. He used his repulsion field to levitate him and his brother down to the ground level. Yuma grinned as he watched them trying to untie their shoes.

“Maybe we should make some friends. It might be more fun to live here if we do. But we could still save the pranks for the people that deserve it, like the bullies. I just don’t want to get kicked out of here. The forest is going to be too painful without our parents. This is our chance for a new start, lets not ruin it. From now on let’s just prank the people that deserve it.”

Abagail was still looking up at the sky when she heard some commotion and looked up to see Alison on the ground. Quickly glancing around to see if the bullies were back, but they weren’t. Alison’s boots were just tied together and to dismiss it, but noticed it happened to a couple of other people, including Luke when he got up to check on Alison. She quickly glanced at Zuuka’s and saw the same thing, he hadn’t stood up yet, but might in a second. He’d probably fall fate to the same thing that happened to Alison and Luke.

Glancing quickly down at her own boots, she noticed hers were also laced together “What the…” She said under her breath and then leaning forward to relace them properly. Happening to one person, weird but okay. Twice, coincidence. But all this amount of people? No, this was done deliberately. Abigail thought to herself as she stood up and looked around to see if anyone was reacting to what happened, yeah people saw it and giggled, but nothing stood out as to who exactly did it.

Before Abigail started walking back to the table to check on the others, she noticed two boys with unique hair float down from a balcony, one looking proud of himself and the other almost trying to convince the first one of something. Siblings. More mischievous than others according to some scientific studies She thought as she watched them, trying to pick up on what they were saying.
Abigail adjusted her implants a little, and heard bits and pieces of their conversation, a couple words stuck out to her, ”let’s just prank the people that deserve it.” She wasn’t 100% sure that the had done it, but was more sure about them than anyone else. Abigail started circled back around to get behind them, readjusting her enhancements so they weren’t so high.

“Excuse me sirs.” Abigail said as she walked up behind them, but not trying to be threatening. “Mysterious powers you have th-“ she cut herself off, focusing for a second, facial features didn’t seem exactly human at this distance, plus they had a light physique. “Wood elves? If I recall, you can see and talk to spirits.” Almost seeming like she was asking Another species she had learned about, but couldn’t remember everything.

She looked down at her boots and noticed they were tied together as well. “What the…” She said to herself, and then leaning forward to lace her boots properly. After she fixed her boots she took a glance and saw the same happened to Zuuka’s laces. . Happening to one person, weird but okay. Twice, coincidence. But all of us? No, this was done deliberately. Abigail thought to herself. Now she was 99.9% sure that these two had done. She wasn’t mad or anything, just annoyed, tripping is dangerous, never know what someone is carrying.

Zuuka, after he had submerged his tongue in enough water to cool it down from the spiceyness, was still fanning his tongue with his eyes watery, looking both adorable...and a bit pathetic. Still, it was pretty clear that Zuuka was not having a good first day. And then, it seemed to get worse for everyone else.

All of a sudden, for no discernable reason, Alison ended up tripping when she tried to walk. But that was not all! So did Luke, when he tried to go to help her! And his pizza was also spicey, something that given how much soda he drank afterwards did not intent to do. It seemed like the pranking had already begun, and now it was not just Zuuka that was a target.

Of course, because he had been targeted before, he got afraid this was because of him. "Oh, I am really sorry! I think you all got targeted first because of me!" However, as he looked around while being careful not to step himself, figuring that whatever made them trip would make him trip too, he saw that this was unlikely to be the case, as there were others who were also tripping that he never spoke to.

In fact, it seemed like everyone nearby had their shoes tied. Zuuka moved around some more, but forgot with all the commotion he had not untied his own laces, which sent him falling right to the ground with a trip.
The moment that happened, remembering what he had forgotten, he quickly moved himself over and started to fix his shoelaces. Of course, he had no idea how they got into such an archaic knot in the first place. It certainly was no human knot he had ever seen, it was as is it was tied by some sort of knot god. It was going to take him awhile to get out of it. He looked around, and he did not see if Abigail got affected from his position...however, when he searched, he spotted her talking to two twins.


Yuna couldn't help but contain his laughter.

"Oh relax Yuma, nothing much....I was just thinking, stopping at shoelaces is a bit tame for us. Why not have the spirits pull down the pants of everyone here? Wouldn't that be hillarious? A mass pantsing! Oh, and thats only the start...."

But once Yuma spoke to him about the forest, and about the risk of getting expelled, he took a deep breath. "Right right, sorry. Its just, I am really excited to be here! Really excited at all the fresh meat we have. But, yeah...I am overreacting. We already ate, so how about we go check out the campus?
Oh, and we kinda just threw our luggage into our dorm room, we should probably get unpacked, take a shower, and all that. It did take us like, a month to travel here after all, and we didn't get a chance once to wash anything, or use proper soap and shampoo, or even sit and lie down on a comfy bed".
Yuna seemed to use the idea of doing other stuff around campus as a way of listening to his brothers advice, though when he mentioned friends...

"I am not the one who you should be worried about. If we are going to make friends, you need to be more honest and open, and not all shut in and closed off!" Yuna said that as he reached forward to grab his brother's hands and hold them. "After all, we are in this together. So any friends we get, they have to appreciate us for who we ar..."

Right as Yuna was about finished, someone new came up from behind and talk to them. She was about to mention something about special or strange, but seemed to recognize them as Wood Elves and got caught off guard.

The first to show a reaction was Yuna, who was a bit more open and expressive then Yuma. "Yeah, we are. And we can! But who are you?"

Unfortunately, because the twins lacked any decent social skills, Yuna ended up sounding more aggressive then he meant to and stood in front of Yuma. Someone who just knew about them and Wood Elves, Yuna was slightly cautious. Besides, the Spirits they relied on tended to avoid her, which meant she was either a stern or serious person, or was typically around people who did. He didn't want her to hurt Yuma's feelings and make him even more of an introvert.

After nursing her arm for a bit, she noted something was still off. She still felt a pain...Not in her arm but her hand...Oh no...She knew better than to panic. Her scissors she grabbed...They were sharp for a reason. To help easily cut through fabric and all manners of things while working...She panicked for one reason. If it skid into her it would have been like a knife being thrown at her...

She slowly sat up, eyes staring at her hand. She gripped the scissors a bit too tightly...A simple mistake...But it was quite a painful one at that. She stared in silent horror at her hand which was dripping with crimson liquid. She cleaned her scissors daily thank goodness...A worker is only as good as their tool. To ensure it was in top quality was very important...Of course she won’t have to worry about anything on it...But as for her hand...It paid the price of this maintenance...

She slowly stood up to grab an unused napkin she had on her table before placing her scissors on them. Clean the blood...Close the wound and the pain goes away...Clean the wound...Stitch it up...Like a doll, it was easy...She just needed to focus, and grit through it all...What a day this was.

Her eyes grew less life like as they dulled a bit in color. She almost mechanically reached down with her good hand to untie her boots which had been tied together before grabbing her cup and walked away from the others to do what she did at first. Get a new cup of water...Along with some new fresh napkins. She almost silently returned before sitting down near her fallen items getting ready to perform her own medical assistance on herself.

She was silent, her own smile remained but she seemed to be a bit too focused. Probably to dull away the pain using mental strength. She dunked the napkin in the cup of water before wringing it and began to clean her hand of blood. It stung, the cuts were not small. She grabbed them by the blades, and it looked like it was as sharp as a well kept knife.

It dug into her hand real good, but she continued on. Washing away the blood, she soon grabbed her sewing kit and thread before slowly sewing her wounds humming to herself as if she was sewing a doll closed. Round and round the string went...Her cuts soon began to close together with each passing moment until she finally closed both wounds shut. Her eyes regained color once again as she looked over her hand...Almost as good as new, just small signs of her stitch marks. She did well, just a little thing she picked up along the way. She had to take care of herself and her sister so medical aid was on her list. Once done she quickly gathered her diary and gave a sigh. “D-Don’t worry about me. I’m fine now, I grabbed them by the sharp ends.” She gave a smile to assure that she was now doing just fine.

Luke pulled himself up after falling pretty hard on the pavement, he had a bit of a scratch on his chin. His blood was a strange silvery metallic color as it dribbled down his neck from his chin. He wiped it away with a napkin and then untied the knot at his shoelaces. He saw Alison get cut picking up her scissors and was a little bit creeped out when he watched her sew the wound up herself instead of going to the nurse. He shuttered a little as she smiled at everyone to let them know she was okay.
“Maybe next time you might want to go to the nurse, they are trained for that sort of thing.”

He sat back at the table and looked at his pizza.
“Well someone or something ruined this. It’s a bit too spicy even for me.” He said before throwing it away. He was tempted to use his ice powers to freeze his tongue, but he knew that wouldn’t work.


Yuma nodded as Yuna pointed out that he needed to open up more if they wanted to make new friends and he was glad that he got through to him about taking it easy on the pranking.

“Yeah, that sounds good, I could really use a bath.” He chuckled. Then the girl with the cybernetics came over asking questions. It was clear that Yuna was getting too protective of his brother so Yuma stepped out from behind him. “Yeah, we can talk to the spirits. We were just having a little fun, we didn’t want anyone to get hurt… too badly.” He said using his most devious of powers, looking cute. He looked up at her with his big blue eye with the most innocent look he could make.

“It won’t happen again.”


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Abigail looked past the twins, keeping a small eye on the group, and just in time to see Zuuka collapse because of his laces. He saw the other two fall first, thought he might not have fallen victim to that she thought to herself before the twins started talking to her. One stepped in front of the other and spoke, in an somewhat hostile tone. “I don’t mean to come off as aggressive.” She quickly said, and then the other one stepped out and spoke to her in a much softer tone than his brother.

“The name is Abigail, Abigail Morningtide. And that girl over there? Her name is Alison and she just got injured because her laces got tied.” Abigail said referencing towards Alison currently stitching herself up. She wasn’t mad, just annoyed and disappointed. The situation could have been worse, but it also could have been avoided completely. The second one tried to give an almost puppy look. She had seen it once before when a recruit tried to convince Abigail to help him dessert, but she quickly turned him over to her father directly. “I would suggest at the minimum to maybe apologize to her. The little things mean a lot. But you two are independent and don’t have to do anything I say. I wish you both a great rest of your day.” She said as she walked past them back towards the table.

Abigail walked over to Zuuka, but talked to the entire group. “Hope you all aren’t too injured.” She quickly untied the knot in Zuuka’s laces. “Alison, that’s a very good skill you have there. Top notch stitch work, some medics I know would be very impressed.” She said a straight face, but trying to be helpful. As she got done helping Zuuka, she sat back down and finished her sparkling water. “Luke, you missed a spot.” She said to him across the table and leaned over and wiped some off of his chin that he couldn’t see, with a slight smile. “So, I say we go to our dorms. I wonder if my father was able to secure that private room.” She said out loud tidying up her plate.

Zoning out a little, Abigail thought back to the bully who talked about Zuuka and the Aegis. She was still shocked that it was real, let alone Zuuka got it. What would Abigail’s Father do? He probably already confronted Mr. Blacklight about it. Aegis could turn wars and battles, even with just the storage that Zuuka showed off. Soldiers could use that store supplies and be less encumbered. Could it store vehicles and heavy ordnance? Abigail glanced over at Zuuka in the middle of her thoughts.


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As Abigail spoke in a softer tone and Yuma also spoke up with Yuna, Yuna took a step back and re-assessed the situation. It seemed that he had accidentally seemed more hostile then he meant to, but Yuma seemed to take over and used the ultimate escape technique to their advantage. However, as expected this woman didn't seem phased by it. But that made sense, the ultimate escape technique had a higher chance of working on those more loved by spirits, because spirits tended to be influenced by personality. For example, Yuna and Yuma had softer and more caring personalities, even if it was mostly directed at each other, and so they were loved by the spirits. That was why it was easy for them to get spirits to do what they want, without too much risk of retaliation. In addition, Wood Elves had strong ties to the Spirits of Nature. They were the most plentiful in the world, but inversely did not hold much individual power.

Yuna decided to back up Yuma's play, and also poured on the charm while looking embarrassed. In truth though, he had a much bigger plan in mind as well. He also looked down as if ashamed, and even manipulated his body language properly.

"We are really sorry..." he said with a reddened face. "We just are new here, and...being nervous...we wanted to relieve some stress and have fun. We didn't mean to hurt anyone...its just...we only have each other and have no friends here, so...I promise, we will be more careful and considerate of others. Its just...really hard, we don't have any friends like you guys".

After that, he gave an apologetic bow, and then looked towards Yuma. "Come on, we better go and go see our dorm room. The boys dorm should be...the large tower north west of here".

He said that while he took Yuma to try and lead him away, before anyone who wasn't so forgiving decided to take note of them and connect the dots.


Zuuka got up and looked around some more, only to see Abigail talking to some twins who looked like they were about to leave. They were rather young though, and far away, so Zuuka did not think the Wood Elf twins had anything to do with it. Perhaps, given their location, he thought that Abigail believed they might have seen something.

Actually wait, why did I think they were Wood Elves? At this distance, with their hair, I cant tell that....maybe, intuition? Or could it be...

In a soft voice, he interacted with Aegis.

"Aegis, what happened exactly?"

"A distortion in Spirit Activity was detected, so we automatically decided to scan the area covertly. As indicated in logged information, Wood Elves are capable of seeing and talking to Spirits. It coincided with the Spirit Anomaly. However, it should be noted they are not the only ones who are strong with influencing spirits here. There are a number of others, including non-Wood Elves, who have high enough Spiritual Power to do so, including the one who attempted to challenge you to a duel".

"I it probably was not them then...maybe..."

"However, please switch us to full power mode. It was mostly harmless this time, but Spirit Attacks may come in the future and Low Power Mode may not be able to handle it".

Zuuka heard the plee, but decided to ignore it as he focused on Luke, Alison, and Abigail who recently got back.

"Are you okay Alison? You should probably see the nurse".

Suddenly, an Aegis cube popped up near him and floated over to Alison.

"Master has expressed interest in healing you. If you wish, we can provide a limited healing aura to help recover the wounds".

Another cube also appeared and floated over to Abigail, much to Zuuka's surprise.

"An attack was logged, and you appeared to communicate with two boys over there. Please confirm if they are hostile targets so we..."

"Aegis, recall. But provide healing aura to everyone around. Otherwise, Sheathe".

Suddenly, the cubes stopped acting on their own and returned to Zuuka with the exception of the healing cube, which gave off a glow of light.

"Sorry, I asked it what happened before, and it looks like it activated Auto-Task processing. Aegis is not sentient really, but it can react to things and is set up to be easy to interface with it, especially me" he said, as he pulled out another cube and took out a boxed lunch...only, there was something strange about the box.

Rather, it had a pink heart on it that said "For when you miss home cooking, love dad".

"...please dont say anything. I just, dont want to go and buy another lunch. Lets just finish eating, and then explore campus a little. To be honest, I only arrived today so it would be nice to check out the dorms, unpack, and relax there...what do you all want to do and check out there?"

Being the youngest, Zuuka himself was unsure how much the other three would actually listen to him over their own desires, and given the way he spoke it was probably really easy to figure that out too.


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Luke smiled as Abigail wiped away the last little bit of his blood, though in the back of his mind he felt a little suspicious and wondered if she was actually collecting a sample of siren blood. He was never too trusting of military types. He also took note of the twin wood elves that Abigail had been talking to, he was only able to tell that they were elves by the way they looked so adorable yet they mischievous. Only elves looked that adorable, it was a form of self defense.

When, Zuuka activated the Aegis device, it started healing them and he felt his scratch on his chin heal and it felt strange.

"Well I'd like to see the dorms too, just to put away my stuff, but I'd also like to check out the pool. I mean what's a siren without a body of water to draw people to their doom?" He chuckled, making fun of his own myths.


Yuma went along with Yuna as he dragged him along to the dorm room. Finally, they were out of range of everyone else and Yuma stopped.

"I think she might have been right. That girl with the scissors got hurt. We should apologize to her and I think the singing boy with the orange hair got hurt too." Yuma seemed truly concerned about the people that got hurt.

"We shouldn't hurt people unless they hurt us first. The pranks should be funny, but not hurt anyone." Yuma said to Yuna with a pout on his face.


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Luke was the first to express his concern even when she mentioned that she was fine. “Oh, it’s quite fine. I rather not waste the nurses time with a cut that I can handle. I also don’t handle pain all that well, and I’m also quite frail. Losing too much blood is a bit more for me than other people. So, I found it safer to treat myself. And to help severely lessen the pain.” Alison replied to Luke as she began to clean up the used up items for her self treatment.

While she cleaned up, picking up her scattered items and placing them in her purse, throwing away the bloody and used napkins. Abigail soon arrived after a bit, and she complimented her on her stitch work. Even medics she knew would have been impressed. This was just what she did on a normal basis of course...Still, no words of that much concern. They all met for a day so she expected as much...It was just a cut from a scissors so it was no big deal to them probably.

Moving on, Zuuka had also told her that she should visit the nurse. And he also expressed what was considered the ‘most concern’ to her health. Still, that did cheer her up even if it was a small amount. However she waved her hands. “Thanks for the recommendation, I’m really fine now. The injury only feels warm now. No searing pain anymore. I’m fine see?” She waved her hands still to show everyone that she was doing fine.

Her hand did look fine, the only trace that there was an injury was the stitch marks. Other han that she did a great job, possibly better than what the nurses could do. After all, she had been sewing her whole life making dolls and puppets. She no doubt had great stitch work.


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Abigail’s thoughts were quickly interrupted with one of the Aegis cubes flying to her face, which startled her and made her scooch her chair back a bit. “Hostile? No, no. No one hostile.” She said quickly before Zuuka recalled it. Abigail scooted back in when Zuuka and Luke talked about going to dorms and mentioned the pool. “I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way Luke but remind me not to go swimming with you just in case” Abigail said outloud standing up and double checking her laces, in case the twins got the idea to try again. “Well, I’m going to head off towards the dorms. My father sent most of my items ahead of time, so I need to confirm they arrived.” She wasn’t sure if Alison would be in the dorms, she had heard about some people not being in dorms, plus some students lived in Mistviel City.

Abigail was honestly scared of the Aegis system, something she didn’t know much about besides the destruction it caused at Celstus, and it asking if just some kids were hostile didn’t exactly make her feel much better. As Abigail stood up, half of her vision went out and arm fell limp for a second, she quickly sat down, the sudden vision changes and reboot made her dizzy. What the… she thought to herself. “Must be the mist affecting my systems.” She said out loud, not wanting her the other to worry.

“Anyways, as I was saying previously, I will see you around. Zuuka, Luke, Alison.” Abigail said with a smile and and slight wave with her cybernetic arm as she stood up and threw her trash away, heading in the direction of the dorms. As she walked she thought about her recent company. Mr. Blacklight’s son, Zuuka; Didn’t expect to see him, let alone find out he has the Aegis System. Alison; sweet girl, but her emotions after tripping and stitching herself up seemed off. Maybe she just has good bearing. Luke; seemed normal. Has an improved vocal power, not known with male Sirens. So that was unique. “Let’s hope nothing else goes wrong today. Wonder what father sent ahead.” She said to herself, words that almost always led to something going wrong.


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Once they had gotten far enough away from the others, Yuma seemed to stop and caused Yuna to stop with him. Although he had not said anything, Yuna already understood what his brother wanted to say. Since he felt the exact same way as Yuma.

"I know, Yuma...I just...I don't know how, and I don't know how to react and...I don't want you to get hurt..." Yuna said that, as he took Yuma's hand. "We will find a way to apologize properly, but for now...lets just focus on what we can do. And ourselves. We still have a lot to do".

After Yuna said that, he went and made sure to pull his brother along towards the boy's dorms. The boy's dorms, along with the girl's dorms, the large central building, and various other classrooms, halls, and facilities were all actually a part of the large center building. This allowed students to get from the dorms to the central building, or to the nurses office, without having to go outside in case the weather was particularly harsh. However, there were plenty of plazas and interior courtyards with no roofs that allowed sunshine to get in when it was sunny, though inversely also meant standing in these areas when it rained or snowed would be a bit troublesome. Additionally, although they had no personal experience on the matter, it was true that the boy's dorm and the girl's dorm had equal standards and were built the same.

The boy's dorm itself was a large tower, very tall but also very wide. Inside there was a lounge, stairways and elevators, and various media rooms. There were also some rooms with crafting and magic tools as well, and it looked like there was even a small bowling alley in one part. It looked rather nice and comfortable, and the floors were clean and even in some areas carpeted and well maintained, so one could walk around inside the boy's dorm without having to wear shoes or even socks.

And as they would go up more floors, they would discover other features. This included the bathing and shower room. It appeared that instead of setting up each individual room with a shower or bath or toilet, there was one rather large one that everyone could use. Well there were actually three, separated by a few floors each so no one had to go up several floors just to use the bathroom. This was apparently done because of cost and maintenance benefits, and so that they would not have to tear up the entire dorms for a year re-doing the plumbing or have to worry about students leaving the water on and causing the bill to spike. There were not any dividers for the showers or seperate baths, but this was designed originally hundreds of years ago. Plus, it was believed by psychologists that this would help students form and strengthen bonds with each other through naked socializing, and had therefore been encouraged.

Even if a number of pranks also came from this, it was deemed that so long as they were harmless, it could help them fit in and would let others get to know them better and let them get to know others better. In the academy, it was said that they wanted to provide an envirornment that showed that where one came from and who they came from did not matter, only that they and the efforts they made mattered.

Eventually, after passing a few movie theaters, gaming rooms, other lounges, and a medical station, they finally made it to their room. As each room was meant to be occupied by two people, with a window being in the center of the wall opposite of the door they would come through, there were two beds, two closets, two desks, two dressers, two sets of slippers, two towels sized for them, and also two sets of gym clothes, one for each of them. Although, the gym clothes seemed to be mostly the same design as when the academy first was founded, a white tunic with a belt to tie around the waist, with no sleeves, and red outlines and designs, with the bottom part of the tunic stopping right before the knees.

The only thing that would be different between their room and others is that the luggage that was brought to the room, their luggage, would be unique to them of course. Of course, Yuna was still a bit on guard because he noticed looks from the older students that realized they were new students.

And then, as Yuna looked at the beds, he turned around to Yuma. "So, I guess we should probably take a bath or looks like we are on the same floor as one, so we could just take off our clothes here, wrap a towel around us, and such. I do want to know, which bed do you think we should use, or should we alternate and use a different bed each time for the fun of it?"

Yuna spoke, first bringing up the baths and if they should just wear a towel there, or what, and then asked about the beds. This was because in the past up to this point, Yuna and Yuma had always slept in the same bed as each other, and Yuna did not want to change that, especially after their parents had died and they were the only ones each other had. However, judging from his awkward pacing, it was obvious Yuna was procrastinating on bringing something up. But, since he knew Yuma was the same as him, he figured his job at hiding it was silly and Yuma probably already knew...

"I am pretty sure the boys outside are probably waiting for us to do something or another, and seriously embarass us. Given that they all made those looks, I think it might be some sort of newbie might be embarassing, but it also might help us make friends so..."

Yuna said that as he started to take off his outer layers, like his jacket. He was a bit nervous, something he rarely showed to anyone fully outside of Yuma.

"...I suppose we should just accept our fight, no matter how embarrassing it is, and go with it? Otherwise, we might get ostricised and it might be difficult to make friends...and such".


Zuuka looked at the reactions of hte others, and found himself positively reinforced by everyone praising him and saying he helped. Or that they at least looked appreciative. However, he still felt concerned for Alison despite what she said.

"Even if you are good at sewing, you know...well, I mean, you are older then me so you might are supposed to disinfect the wound as well, and after giving treatments, I think you are supposed to take enhances for your immune system in case an infection already got in...well, that is what I learned anyways".

It seemed he was having difficulty communicating with people, and as Abigail went to leave and check out the dorms, and Luke wanting to see the pool, though he considered Luke might just be joking, and with Alison...not saying anything about where she wanted to go, Zuuka was also at a loss of what to do with them. He didn't know anything about a pool, or if Luke was joking or not, but he decided he should at least get settled in his own room...though, he was concerned about going alone...but also together...

Oddly enough, Zuuka would be a lot less nervous if he was alone actually, and that might even be really obvious to those around him right now. And also...

"Well, uhh...I should probably go find the Boy's dorm myself and see about my room. Luke, if you want, you could come with make sure we dont get lost...anyways, I better go to unpack my things. Also, I am still soaking wet. I want to change out of my wet clothes, and maybe take a proper bath".

Getting a bit more confidence with that last part, Zuuka stood up and waved farewell to Alison and maybe Luke depending on his choice as he went and headed towards the boy's dorm. Thankfully, once Zuuka set his mind to an objective, it helped him focus and be more confident, especially when the objective did not involve normal socialization, and with that he was quickly able to find the boy's dorm. It was still exactly the same as when the twins arrived earlier, including the feeling Yuna got.

He could tell, given by the sheer number from what appeared to be all types of personality, they were expecting something from him. It probably was not just random bullying because of hte Blacklight name, but rather something that happened to all newbies. As he walked and walked until he made it to his room, he sighed in relief as he was able to strip off all his wet clothes and launched himself into the bed on the right. Because he had been wearing soaking wet clothes the whole time, and did not want to strip naked in front of everyone, being in this room right now was bliss for him.


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As Zuuka still showed her concern she simply smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m not that worried. I am a worker that treats her tools correctly. My scissors were disinfected before coming here, and my sewing kit was in a closed box. That, and it has traces of disinfectant on them. Even I worry about pricking myself during my work, so better safe than sorry as they say. I promise, cross my heart and hope to die...I’m fine.” She spoke as she finished cleaning everything up almost like that little event never happened.

Of course, the others were soon getting ready to head to the dorms. Guess it was time to head back home. “Unfortunantly, you won’t see me around the Acadamy after school hours. I live in Mistival, so I have a house already. I have my own work to do, selling my wares and keeping my house in check. I will be seeing you all in the morning then. Take care everyone.” She gave a small bow before taking her leave as the others went to the dorms.

What a day...She got injured thanks to some sort of prank. At least it was not terribly bad, but she was going to be much more wary around that Acadamy...What sort of Acadamy allows pranking of that sort? Don’t they know some people are prepared at a moments notice? What if someone got terribly injured? If she was unlucky she would have had much worse than a cut...If she got severely injured then what about her sister? Who would help her then?...She would not be happy...Not happy at all if that happened...Her eyes grew a bit cold as she continued to think on the more...Unpleasant thoughts...

Calm down Alison, just the first day...No need to stress yourself. It’s the end of the day, she got to see her sister! The life in her eyes returned as she saw her home. Ah! It was definitely time for lunch for her sister. Perfect, with a schedule like this she could return home in a timely manner to cook her sister lunch. With a smile, she dug into her purse and produced the key for her house and unlocked the door with a bright smile. “Sis I’m home!” She happily called out before closing and locking the door. She knew she would not be able to call out on the account of her state, but knowing she would have a smile ready for her was the best feeling for her.

She began to make something nice, a nice plate of chillie. A nice warm meal for her sister, Indeed...once she was done, she grabbed a glass and filled it up with water before heading upstairs and entered her sisters room. There waiting and lying in bed was that little sunflower herself. Looking at the door expectantly for her arrival. The two smiled together as they saw eachother before Alison sat down on her bed. Her breakfast was gone and all that was left was the plate and fork. Thankfully her sister was eating well. This pretty much washed the stress of the day away in the blink of an eye.

Alison ruffled Scarlett’s hair with a small chuckle. “Your hair is getting a bit too long. I’ll trim it down a bit next week alright sis?” She spoke softly as the young girl gave a small nod and smile. She soon took the plate and helped feed her sister, she was pretty weak. So at the very least helping her eat was every bit as enjoyable knowing she could do something. “I met some new people today sis, they are a varied bunch. But they seem nice. The Acadamy itself is a bit different then I thought it was...It almost seemed like an advanced high school more than anything...But, your sis will pass through it all and help cure you. Cross my heart and hope to die.” She smiled as she made an ‘x’ motion across her face. Her little sister meekly did the same, believing in her older sister.

This gave her everything she needed to carry on, she did not want that smile to vanish so soon...She did not have a very long time...But she had enough time to figure something out. She was studying all manners of ways to help her sister...And this Acadamy was the only way she would do this in a timely manner before her condition gets worse. She won’t stop, and nothing will stop her until she saved her life. This was her duty as her older sister who loved her when others would not.

Her sister soon finished the last of her lunch as she fell asleep. Kissing her forehead she gathered the dishes and left the room with as very little noise as possible. She soon went downstairs and cleaned the dishes before going into her workshop and closed herself in to work. With gentle music playing in the background...She began to get to work. A snip, a cut and twirl...She began to weave another doll into the world...


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Yuma looked at the two beds and pondered his brother's questions.

"I think we should switch beds just to keep things interesting." He said then sniffed his clothes

"Yeah we should definitely get a shower, but the boys out there are probably going to try to prank us. I can put a repulsion field around us to keep them from getting too close." Yuma suggested as he took off his own coat and began to strip. He took a towel and wrapped it around his waist while Yuna got ready. He waited at the door and braced himself for whatever the other boys may be planning for him on the other side.

Luke didn't follow Zuuka right away, so Zuuka got a head start on finding his room.

"Well I think I'm gonna go find my room too. Hopefully I'll see you all later." He smiled before leaving off in the direction of the rooms.

He went to the large tower that was designated as the boys dorm. He went inside and looked at his map.
"Of course I don't get to be on the ground floor. Ooo, but I'm on the same floor as the pool. Thanks Mom." He said as he knew his mom had something to do with that. He walked up several flights of stairs, taking note of where showers and theaters and game rooms were. Finally he stopped at the door of the room that should be his. He wondered who his roommate would be and he took a deep breath before he opened to door to see Zuuka getting changed in the middle of the room.

"Oh no, I'm sorry I didn't know there was anyone in here yet... Zuuka?! Do I have the right room?" He double checked his map and it was the right room. He even saw that his mom already sent his luggage and it was sitting neatly in the corner next to one of the beds. He kept his eyes averted from Zuuka while he changed. He opened his suitcase and took out a pair of swim trunks.

"Well, I'm gonna go hit the pool before it get too crowded." He said as he got changed himself.


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Most kids around Abigail were using physical maps to find either their classes or their dorms, but luckily her father had installed a blueprint like map of most of the Academy before she left. It didn’t show everything, but enough for her to get around, plus it showed her location to whatever destination she was heading on a three-dimensional level. “Oh, fifth level. Could be higher.” Abigail said to herself as she started the climb up to the fifth level. Watching numerous other students ran past her to either go to their dorms or head out after unpacking. Abigail wasn’t in much of a rush.

Abigail followed her holographic map towards the blinking waypoint which was her room. She could already see people conversing in the hallways, numerous different types of music as people unpacked, and some people even decorating their doors; one girl was painting her door with both hands and as well as with her tail. Is this what most schools are like Abigail thought to herself as she headed towards her room. Room G523. She turned off her holo and unlocked the door and walked in, leaving the door open.

The first thing she noticed is that it only had one bed, which meant she would have no roommate. “Guess father was able to pull some strings.” She said as she put the doll Alison gave her on the nightstand and took off her over coat, leaving just her corset top on, and revealing the rest of her cybernetic arm. Abigail messed with her ear implant, so it would play music directly into her ear. Listening to mainly acapella while she unpacked her things. Most people might call her OCD for how well tidy she was, but it was just from the attention to detail she was taught under her father’s command, being the daughter of the general usually meant people paid more attention to you than other soldiers, so she had to pay more attention.

In the background of Abigail’s music she heard almost muffled sounding conversation. At first she thought it was just some girls in the hallway, but after a light yell, she knew it was actually in her door way. Abigail turned around and turned off the music in her ear. “Hello. My apologies, my music was going. May I be of assistance to you?” She asked the three girls in her doorway, all three different species.
The one in the back was slightly taller than Abigail, with radiant red hair that revealed her pointy ears, a high elf. Another girl looked mostly looked human, except had beautiful bird like wings, Abigail guessed she was probably a harpy. Now the one infront who actually called to Abigail and seemed like the leader of the group, she seemed perfectly normal but two things were off about her. She had small horns sticking out from her bangs, plus she gave off a strange aura that felt like Abigail was being drawn towards her, the leader Abigail deduced to be a succubus.

”Yes, I am Androma” the girl infront said. “My higher elf friend is Valsya and my pretty little bird is Eevlow. the succubus said referencing towards her friends. “Well it is nice to meet yo-“ Abigail was cut off by her again. “Obviously as we can tell by your arm, and pretty little eye. You don’t come from lower life like some of the other people around here, plus you look useful. I bet you could use some friends.” “Well, thank you. And I have only just met a few people, but sure.” Abigail could feel her trying to seduce her, to following her, she knew it was because she was a succubus. But she did not have much else to do since her group from earlier split up, and she had got done unpacking.

Abigail made sure she had her rapier and went out with this new group of girls, leaving her coat in the room. As they ventured out, the girls talked about what cute boys they have seen but also how lower-class people shouldn’t be able to attend this academy. Abigail quickly realized she had found the popular girls. She had read a few books about the public-school system. As the group went down some stairs they ended up at the pool, where the group made some other kids move out some good positioned lawn chairs that over looked the city infront of a glass wall.


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Zuuka was very shocked when Luke, the person who he had just left, came into the room after he had taken off all of his clothes. This was a totally unexpected situation, and caused Zuuka to not just freeze up but fall over. "L...Luke?! Why are you here?! Don't tell are my roommate?!"

Zuuka managed to get up onto his knees, but he was still a bit frozen from shock. At the very least, his back was turned so Luke only saw him from behind. His wet clothes were still lain across the floor though, and it was pretty clear how embarrassed he was from this situation. After all, all Luke had seen of him were sides that were not exactly confidence inspiring...

"...sorry you got stuck with me...I know I can look pretty pathetic".

If it was not for the fact he could pass the barrier into the boy's dorm, there was always a chance he would be mistaken as a girl with his physique. But after hyperventalating a bit, he finally managed to calm down and look at Luke. "Well, I suppose we will be roommates, so I guess...we should get used to this".

Zuuka said that, finally standing up though looking extremely awkward still as he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. "I think I will hit the showers...I already got wet once, but I don't know if that fountain water can count or not".

He said that as he rushed out the door to head towards the baths and showers. Actually, there was another reason...none of his dry clothes were unpacked, and that towel was the only thing within arm's reach for him to grab.


Yuna also stripped off his clothes, having worn the same thing for the past three days at least while traveling, and then wrapped his body with a towel as well. They had seen a few others walk outside like that, so he figured that it was normal to do. Well, it was, but that was besides the point.

Once they left though, Yuna still felt the expecting looks on them, and maybe even intensify. Still, it looked like they were not planning to act yet, but were waiting. It did not take them long to get to the room with the showers and baths. There were various spots where one could safely store towels. And once they got there...Yuna quickly stole Yuma's towel and used it to strike his bare butt.

"Well, we can't let this atmosphere ruin our fun! Well, come on. We have like, a week's worth of dirt to wash off..." Yuna said as he put their towels to the side and grabbed a quick rinse sprayer to rinse them off. A few other boys in the room gave them looks, probably because of their Elven physiques. Afterwards, he took some soap and shampoo and pulled Yuma into the large bath with him so they could finally wash off and get clean.

After awhile though, something unexpected happened. That is, another boy walked in and looked around. It seemed like he was contemplating between the showers and the bath, but who it was interested him more. After all, it was Zuuka.

Because of that, Yuna decided to use his attraction power and caused Zuuka's towel to slip off and towards them. And when Zuuka himself realized it had fallen and went to grab it, Yuna used it again to cause him to slip forward and fall into the same bath he and Yuma were in.

"Hey look Yuma! This boy has pretty hair! We should help him!" Yuna said, half wanting to make it embarrassing the boy, and the other half...well, he might actually be serious about helping him to make a new friend, as Yuma suggested before. Besides, the boy would need help washing his back and shampooing his hair. The twins always helped each other with that, so they knew what they were talking about.

"My name is Yuna! Nice to meet you! Oh right, you might want to pick up...your..."

But when Yuna and Zuuka looked over, not only was Zuuka's towel missing, but Yuna's and Yuma's was as well. While they were distracted, it seems they got hit already.


A man in a dark, supposedly unoccupied room was looking through the various photos he had taken and were having taken. Abigail, Zuuka, and all the others they interacted with and talked to. Including the twins, Luke, and Alison, among others.

"Hmmm. It looks like there are quite a few interesting people here. But, will they be good targets...or troublesome interferences. No matter, we will just have to keep an eye on all of them. Just to be safe".

The man hidden in the dark downloaded copies of all their student records, and then promptly made sure to erase any trace that he was there so that there would be no evidence or indication.


A dark shadow moved through the mist, close to where Alison and her sister lived. It spied a woman nearby, within its territory and hunger, walking around as if nothing was wrong. She was clearly drunk, from a night of least, that is what it looked like.

A military smell...a military person. Drunk, but capable. Alert? Ssss....not yet, not drunk enough...

And then, it looked towards a target much closer. A man with a daughter, who had promised to ask about getting her daughter a doll. It seemed he was looking for someone who lived nearby. It considered waiting, leaving its time for a new target to show up. was growing hungry...and running out of time.

And so, it began to creep behind the father and daughter...the shadow that no one could identify preparing for another attack.


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Alison places her scissors down as she finished cutting some cloth and sewing it to the doll, before she was ready to spend the whole day locked up in her workshop, she remembered something very important. She had to buy groceries today, the refrigerator was running out of food! She had to restock her supplies. Can’t forget about feeder her sister after all, she would never forgive herself then.

She soon got up and grabbed the doll and scissors before putting them in her purse. She soon left her little workshop and got to the front door as she unlocked it. “I’m leaving for a bit sis! I’ll be back after I get some groceries.” She called out to inform her younger sister as she left the door and locked it.

Looking around, she noted the mist all around...Was it this misty before or was it just her? Well...She should be careful at least. This foggy atmosphere could possibly get people sick. Mostly getting lots of gunk in your throat...And that was never fun. Nevertheless she knew her way around the city. After all she did live here after all.

With a confident nod, she began to head in the direction of the marketplace. She hoped it was still open, or else he had to buy some lunch at a food joint and serve that as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not the best substitute, but it was food at the end of the day. And her day was bright enough now, so much so that she decided to hum to herself. Humming a little sing as she walked through the eerie mist.


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Luke chuckled a little at Zuuka's comment.

"Honestly, I'd rather be with you than a complete stranger and you're like eleven, you aren't supposed be worried about body image yet. And being skinny ain't a bad thing." Luke reassured Zuuka.

"I think you'll do okay here." Luke smiled before leaving the room heading to the indoor pool. He dove in and it was like a form of meditation for him. While he was in the water all his problems seemed to melt away. He floated in the water on his back looking up and saw something that seemed odd. The roof of the room that the pool was in showed a live image of the shy right above the tower, giving the illusion of being outside. He smiled and looked up at the stars veiled around the edges by the mist and felt a twinge of sadness as he watched the constellations he didn't recognize slowly drift across the sky. It wasn't the same as swimming in the lagoons of his home.


Yuma didn't say much, but helped out as much as he needed when Zuuka got there. He didn't feel shy about helping his brother, but he was more reluctant about helping strangers, while Yuna had no problem with it it seemed. However, when they had finished, it seemed that all the towels were gone. They had been the victims of a prank this time and Yuma was angry. He also wondered why Yuna didn't here the thoughts of any of the other boys planning this.

"Well, they're gonna have to do better than that to prank us." Yuma smiled his devilish grin.

"It'll be fine, we can just walk back to our rooms. See they think we're gonna come out of here naked and embarrassed, but we just walk out like normal and I'll use my powers to to put the thought in their heads that were completely dry and clothed. When we get back to our rooms we get dressed and they'll be so confused, it'll be hilarious." Yuma chuckled.


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As Alison walked through the mist and around the various normally safe corners of the city, creating a fairly eerie atmosphere with her humming, as if she was some sort of source of supernatural terror or had just jynxed herself into getting caught up into huge loads of trouble. And around her, out of sight, possibly only capturable in the corner of her eye, a shadow moved around.

And yet, before anything happened, Alison came face to face with someone who was wearing priestly robes. "Welcome now, welcome now, young child! Tell me, have you sought me out to get a Holy Baptism in the Waters of Life? Please, feel free! Our church is always wide open for children such as yourself!"

It appeared the rather energetic priest was a member of The Church of Aqua, a Church that believed all life came from the wonderous sea and ocean and was evolved by the will of the water god, Aquinia. It was a Church that had many traditions that included bathing and showering for the rituals, or just water in general.

The priest got closer to Alison with his energeticness and borderline pushiness, but because he got right in the way...when a strange shadow lunged out to pierce Alison's heart, he was stabbed in her place. This strange, figureless shadow maintained itself in the mist, but went to slice through them all this time. However, showing he was not a pushy and possibly pervy priest, but a true priest, he wielded a staff and knocked the formless shadow back. They still did not get a good look at it, was definently dangerous. He was able to repel it with his holy staff though. However, while Alison had been spared, he took a great deal of damage from that attack.

But it seemed the shadow also retreated, dissipating into the mist.


Luke was about to face his own challenge though, and a rather tough one at that, as suddenly a huge amount of powder seemed to fall from the ceiling out of nowhere and into the pool. At the same time, the pool's motors started to function. It normally helped make water and cleaner go around the pool so it get around properly, but this time it was set up to do one thing: Accelerate the Instant Jello poured into the pool.

It probably was not going to be very pleasant.


"Are you sure that will work? WHat if there are too many? What if they are resistant? I didn't hear anyone think this. Also...what about the dozens of other people around that are not involved but based on my mind reading, are indicating this is a usual thing and a few are 'enjoying the show' or something?"

As Yuna indicated, there were twelve or fifteen people around who would all be looking at them as they got out probably. Although Yuma could send and manipulate thoughts to some degree, and even memories to an extent, all of those people alone...well...Yuna had concerns that his brother would overexert his power.

"Dont overexert that Yuma. I don't want you to have some sort of backlash...and also, its best to make sure people dont learn about it for as long as possible" Yuna told him, mostly concerned for Yuma. After all, all Yuma probably could tell this from their twin connection really, Yuna was concerned that if people learned Yuma could send things into their minds, like how Yuna could essentially "attract" thoughts from their mind into his, that people would treat Yuma coldly. "That said, I am understanding what this is. Apparently, its something called 'The Walk'. Its one of the typical hazes, at least for the boy's dorms. From what I read from the others, once we go back to our dorm rooms, there will be a note on it and a spell that wont let us pass until we trigger two magic circles ourselves, each one at the opposite side of the dorms. We have to do this all naked, and then we can finally return to our dorm rooms. However, I suppose this could be considered a mercy. Apparently, a long time ago it was where everyone had to run around the entire Academy naked, and not just take a short walk around the Boy's dorms. Apparently, this could only take like, five minutes if we walk at a good pace".

Zuuka was meanwhile thinking of what Luke said, about not being so embarrassed about his body since he was only eleven years old. He sighed. He was awkward with people, so if this could help him fit in he would do it...but...

Zuuka looked towards Yuma with sympathetic eyes. "Would it really be too much of a hassle for you to do this?"

Incidentally, Zuuka was totally unaware of the fact the way the twins had washed his hair and body made him look even...well, prettier. That was what Yuna had really meant by "help", they had totally played a prank on Zuuka that he was yet to be aware of. All three of them would get very embarrassing nicknames after this.

And meanwhile...

"Soon, I will get my revenge...on all of you..."


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Her gentle humming was slowly drowned out by the sound of a man, asshe got closer it appeared to be a preset of The Church Of Aqua. She was not a religious person, but of course if there was any sort of God...She only hoped that they showed mercy to her sister to help her through everything and ensure she lived until she could save her. Before she could politely refuse the man’s request even as he got closer...Blood...Why was their blood now?...As she looked closely the man and noticed he had been stabbed through.

Something...tried to kill her? And this man unintentionally saved her? Was this...The work of god? Saving her life to give her an opportunity to save her sisters young life? To bear the burden needed? If it was...This was certainly a cruel joke...The man was of course stronger than he looked, using his staff to scare off the creature that had attacked him. A...Creature...What was that thing? And it was attacking people...

As the Shadow vanished into the mist, Alison opened up her purse. “Um...I know this was unintentional sir but you saved my life...If you can heal yourself say it now, but I can help seal up the wound quickly before you bleed out.” She spoke as she brought out her sewing kit. Once again...She had to handle another injury...

Why was there a creature in the city? How did it sneak in?...No...Not why or how...No thats not the question to ask. In fact there is no question to ask...If the creature just up and attacked them...It was hostile, it was evil, it wanted to kill people, it probably liked to kill people or wanted to eat them. It probably attacked her because she was alone and looked weak. If it was not for the preset in front of her she would be dead. Her sister would then be alone wondering what happened to her poor sister until doctors would take her away after they investigate her house and she would never see her sister again. She would die, and they would have their lives cut so short.

But she was alive, and this worried her even more. If it was attacking people who would be next?...Everyone was in danger and no one was excluded...What if it went after her sister...Her sister...Her sister...If it even dared to come even a mile from her house...No...She was not taking that chance. She would NEVER let a rotten creature even look in her sisters direction like a free meal! No! She would never allow such a thing! Such a vile act! Not only did it threaten everything she was working for it would have hurt her sister if it killed her! How dare it!

This Vile creature! She wanted to kill it! KILL it! Ensure it would not be laying it’s rotten fingers on anyone! She would cut those fingers off! Gouge it out! Stab it to death! Ensure it was rotting in a gutter eaten by rats! Knawed upon until nothing was left of its putrid existence!

Her face did not show any hint of anger, she only had a concerned look. However her eyes had a different story to them...Lifeless...Almost a crazed look in them until it returned to normal. Calm down Alison...First see if the priest needed help. Call for help, then...She had a doll that she was ready to use...This creature...Was going to pay...For even existing now...


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Thirty Minutes Earlier:

Abigail was looking out into the city from the pool window, sat between the succubus and the harpy. She could see the mist starting to roll in, but she had a weird feeling about it, something didn’t feel right. But Abigail just ignored it, it was probably just the mist that she wasn’t used to. Her father never liked mist or fog, you never know what could be hiding in it, also never know where you were going. So Abigail wasn’t all bout it either, from stories old veterans would tell her.

The train of thought was interrupted with the succubus asked her a question. “So my little robot friend. You willing to do some things for us? To prove yourself? We need to know if you really want to be a friends.” Abigail looked over, “Of course I would be willing to assist.” She said with a smile. Abigail didn’t exactly realize what she was getting herself into, she was just trying to be helpful. “Perfect!” The succubus grabbed her hand with a wicked smile. “Now all you have to do is get this powder into the boy’s pool.” She said giving a small to Abigail.

The boys dorm was mostly protected from any females going into it by some sort of magic barrier, so Abigail had to think of something. She wanted to help the new group she met, plus pranks were all apart of this school. Her father always told her to keep powerful friends, and these three girls might be her ticket. They all came from rich families, knew a lot about the school, and had people in their pocket. They were the equivalent to a politician that her father would work for.

Pulling up her holo of the school blue prints her father had installed, Abigail noticed a vent system. Each dorm had vents that would lead through the rooms, all controlled from a central basement, so she quickly headed there. This basement didn’t have a gender barrier, but there was a janitor guarding it, who stopped Abigail from entering. ”Ma’am, you can’t be down here, no students” he said, but Abigail was quick on her feet. “Oh, did they not tell you? Issue with ventilation to the male’s pool in the tower. I’m here to fix it.” Abigail said referncing her robotic arm. “I just need it unlocked and I can interface with it so I can fix the issue.” The man questioned her at first, but let her through, it wasn’t uncommon for there to be worker bots in the school, and he just assumed she was a type of android.

The man let Abigail and closed the door behind her. She didn’t have much time so she had to work fast. She pulled up the computer, and quickly made it where there was a vent that went only to the pool. For most people it would’ve been a little difficult to do this, but her cybernetics made getting through the computer much like a person walked through a store. When Abigail had the vent ready, she dumped the powder in and turned it on.


Abigail meet back up the group outside between the dorms, all of them laughing after hearing about how the boys pool “magically” solidified into jello. ”Sparky actually did it girls. How?” Abigail smiled back at them, proud of herself. “The ventilation.” Abigail said to them. "Almost feel bad for whoever was in there, what's next?" She asked with a little excitement. Abigail hadn't felt a rush like that in awhile.


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Luke wasn't sure what was going on at first as the powder seemed to fall from the ceiling, then as he tried to swim out the pool began to get gooey and sticky and it was clear to Luke that someone was pranking him.

"Son of a witch! It's jello. I've been gooped." He shouted.

"If I get my hands on whoever did this, I'm gonna liquefy their brain with the worst screech." He threatened.

"Well at least I was the only one in here." He muttered as he tried to pull himself out of the jello. He finally got out after about forty-five minutes of struggling. The more he tried to get out the deeper he sank. He then went to find the nearest adult to let them know about the pool.


Yuma listened to what Yuna said and got even more frustrated.

"Well, you're right I can't implant that many thoughts without getting a huge headache, so what , are you saying they won? We have to do this stupid walk thing? Well if we have to do it it doesn't have to be slow. I can use a repulsion field to get us to the dorm room, and then get us to the circles that we need to trigger so fast no one will be able to see us. Probably two minutes tops." Yuma suggested. At this point he was worried more about his own humiliation than what they had done to Zuuka.


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Of course, if it was just that, Luke might be fine, but the moment he got out of the jelloified pool....he found another trap in his way. And this had to be one of the most bizzare, insane, and down right should be impossible blockades out there. Rather, he might just wonder...who would even think of trapping him inside the pool room using a forest of broccoli?

And not just any broccoli. Broccoli that would smack him if he tried to do anything to it. Non-sentient, just an automated response. Well, it would still probably seem weird since it was moving, and the only way past it was to destroy it or eat it.


Abigail, in all her hacking around, if she decided to continue, might eventually notice just why hacking into the school seemed easy. Rather, that was because for some strange reason, it appeared that all of the cyber security for the school systems had already been disabled. At least for the area she was accessing. There were inner levels of security. Although the first level was rather intense, and protected various details about students and such, there were even deeper levels.

To be exact, there were five, although most people would only notice and know about the first three.


Alison's aura that she (sort of) produced from her insanity and dangerous thoughts and focus, combined with its own limitations of appearance, caused the shadow creature to decide to retreat for the day. It had not quite gotten what it wanted, but it no longer desired to deal with these people and retreated, further and further into the mist that acted like fog. The shadowed figure slunk back and back and soon, it was out of sight.

No, out of sight was technically inaccurate. It dissipated and disappeared, as if by magic. Maybe it was magic. It would do that, so that that was left from where it disappeared was some random junk of cans and bottles and spheres and other shapes. It was quite the mess, but the creature would not be found among it.

On a positive note though, due to Alison's quick call time and the fact she was there at the sign of an attack, for the first time since these incidents had started a victim survived their encounter with this thing.


Yuna looked at his brother and grabbed his shoulders, his eyes full of concern for his brother. "No matter what, I do not want you to push yourself like this okay! I don't care about pride or none of that if it means you get hurt! You are the only family I have left! So absolutely, absolutely, under no circumstances can you push yourself like this! I...I don't want to risk losing you too!"

Not that Yuna doubted his brother's abilities or control over them, nor the practice he surely had done. But they had only recently lost their parents, and the rest of their family and friends. Because of that, Yuna wouldn't care about being seen naked if it meant making sure his brother did not do something reckless.

And Zuuka was a year older then them, though it looked like a bigger age difference because Wood Elves were short. Still, he felt bad for them, hearing what they went through. He lost his mom when he was born, so he had no memories of her, but he did sympathize with them a little. And hearing the situation, he also regreted asking Yuma what he did earlier...and tried to offer help.

"Well, I am not sure how good it will do, but my Aegis System..." he said, as he summoned several cubes around himself. " addition to being a weapons system, a storage system, a defense system, and a utility system, also is a computer system. We might have...well, have ot walk back naked....but, I could see if it can crack these magic locks so instead of going all the way around, we could just go right to our might take like, a minute to open them...but it could be possible...just..."

Yuna who heard this as a chance to make sure his brother didn't overexert himself, tried to jump on top of his brother so he could make eye contact with Zuuka while energetic. "Just what?! Do you need something? I am sure we can help if you do!"

"...just....I know this is kind of bad to force you like this, its seem like good people and I am bad at socializing so....will you two be my friends?!"

Yuna, who was normally very expressive, froze up when he heard Zuuka's explanation. Rather, he did want his brother to make friends....and this kid...he clearly needed them. However, Yuma was still his twin brother. Therefore, he did not want to take action without him saying something.

"Well Yuma, what do you think?"

And also, using their telepathic twin connection, he added...



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After the encounter with the creature, Alison found herself buying some groceries keeping a keen eye in the mist. Ensuring if she spotted the creature she would take immediate action. However it seemed that the creature decided to retreat, no doubt wary that it alerted people to its presence. With the danger not immediate but still a possibility, she was very much on guard. Of course...She decided to check out that church tomorrow...A little kindness for kindness as she would say. Who knows...Perhaps believing in the divine never hurt no one...

For now, she grabbed a nice bag full of groceries before heading back home with a sense of danger...Her sister was not safe here, if that creature was stalking around she wanted her sister to be as safe as possible and that was by her side. What was the most reasonable decision? Lock the house and board up the window? That would make her look like a lunatic, and besides...If it could really hurt that man who seemed could hold himself and fight even when injured...She doubted a bit of furniture and wood would keep it out...

However...She had another idea. She would make some of her Dolls animate to protect her. Her magic was not the best, but they could pose a danger. And with the amount of dolls she had would protect her...Indeed, she would make more dolls to defend her dear sister. She rather not bring her to the academy on the account of those pranks...And she never trusted doctors in the first place...There was also the problem of her disease, she was bed ridden and moving her would not be the most pleasant experience for her. And...So little people knew of her. She was protective of her, any little thing was bad for her. As such, she wanted to wait until she was all better.

Once she arrived back at home, she knew she had a sleepless night ahead. With so much dolls around her little workshop, she began to animate as many as she could with a guardian like personality...Kill anyone that entered her house uninvited...


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Luke went to open the door and saw that there were giant stalks of broccoli guarding the exit. He tried to push his way past it, but the stalks seemed to be animated and pushed him back into the pool area.

"Really?!" He shouted

"Broccoli too? What the hell? Did I piss off the cook?" He asked in frustration.

"Well I can't just walk passed them. I sure as fuck ain't gonna eat them. Hmmm, everything has a harmonic resonance frequency." He pondered. He let out a powerful scream and adjusted his pitch up and down trying to find the frequency that would cause them break down on a molecular level, but he wasn't able to find it easily.

"Well, shit I guess it isn't in my range and they seem to be mindless zombie vegetables, so sweet talking them won't work. Guess it's gonna be a good ol' fashioned hack 'n' slash."

He used the ample moisture in the air and forged a pair of swords out of ice. He started slashing at the broccoli and cutting them to little bits so they couldn't keep attacking after he cut them up.

Eventually he made it out into the hall and had hacked his way through all of the broccoli and back to the dorm rooms. Some of the other students were snickering and laughing as he did, then he "accidentally" took a swing that was within an inch of one of the students that was laughing at him, then all the laughing stopped with a gasp.

"Sorry." he said dryly then the blades turned back into mist. He went back to his dorm room and luckily for him the barrier on the door was only set up for Zuuka and Luke was able to just walk right in. He was so frustrated he didn't even see the note on the door. He walked in and started pulling his sticky gooey swim trunks off. He was covered with goo and was going to have to go take a shower.


Yuma was thrilled by the idea that Zuuka had to unlock the barriers without having to streak across the whole dorm. And then came the heart-breaking story about how Zuuka needed friends.

"Don't worry I won't tell him." He thought to Yuna.

"Yeah, I think we could be your friends, you seem nice enough." Yuma told him. That was when it dawned on him and he felt like an idiot for not noticing it sooner.

"Wait, out towel and clothes are gone, but I bet the other guys in here have towels, we just gotta open a couple lockers and "borrow" some towels so we won't have to be nude at all.

Yuma went up to one of the lockers and took the lock in his hand and used his repulsion power to pop the lock and opened the locker and took out the towel he found in there and then repeated the process on two other lockers and gave the towels to Zuuka and Yuna.

"Now, let's show these guys that we're the ones that do the pranking around here." He grinned, already plotting revenge on those responsible.


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Abigail followed the new group around for a while as they continued their hijynx; the harpy putting a kid’s bag onto of a flag pool, the succubus seducing other students and making them confess who they like and making them embarrassingly announce it, and much other pranks before heading back to the female’s dorms. “Well girls, it’s been fun, glad we got a new person today.” Androma said to Abigail. “Oh, and tell your father the Racella’s send their regards.” Abigail recognized that name, name of a very rich and prospering family, with their pockets controlling most politicians. The group split up as each girl reached their floor and room until it was just Androma and Abigail on the fifth floor. “See you tomorrow Sparky? Downstairs.” the succubus said to her before walking down the hall.

As Abigail went to enter her room, as she touched her door knob she got hit with a strong powerful shock through her arm. This was supposed to be a simple prank, obviously someone with some sort of electrical powers charged up the doorknob, but instead of actually hurting her, her arm had actually held the charge. “Whoa…” She said as she walked into her room closing the door. She pointed her arm out the window and then when she opened her palm a bolt of electricity shot out. “Well this is…. different…” She said to herself before getting back to cleaning.

After finishing up, she sent her dad a message, talking about how she ran into a Racella family member and such. Today had been not that bad of a day. Met new people, had a little bit of fun, learning more about her cybernetics.


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With that, Zuuka had managed to make (more) friends. Although it was certainly true he could probably count Luke, Abigail, and Alison as friends...probably...he didn't want to speak for them and so he held off on that.

Of course, the twins, having seen with him interact with those people, had a good idea of that as well, but they could also easily see that he was clearly awkward and not good with people. And so, Yuna and Yuma became his friends. After that, Yuma had an idea that did not make Yuna's overprotective instincts go into overdrive worrying about his brother overusing his powers.

Well, if it was reversed he probably would have done the same, suggesting to use his abilities at a crazy level and Yuma protesting. That said, he thought he heard a strange noise as they got out of the bath...but he didn't see anything so he left it alone. Zuuka however also thought he noticed something though...

Is that a Mark IV Lunaris Stealth System? In that case... (Zuuka thoughts)

His train of thought was interrupted though when Yuma got them both towels. Meanwhile, Yuna couldn't help but snicker internally with his brother at something.

"I know we just said we would be his friends, and meant it at all...but is it bad I kinda wish you claimed there was no third towel for him...ah man, when we find the people who tried to prank us like this, want to create a potion that will turn their clothes invisible after a period of time for revenge?"

Yuna thought that as they wrapped themselves in towels. Incidentally, none of them were aware of it, but the appearance of them being embarrassed enough to do this was considered more adorable then them exposed. And with that, they left the place and headed back towards their rooms. Convienently, their rooms were on the same floor so that made it a bit easier.

But right when they were almost there, a group of three, older boys that were muscular and masquilin appeared in front of them. Yuna immediately knew they were there to help the "initiation". It appeared that there were other forms of this, but this was just one of the popular ones for the boy's dorm. And the way that the twins and Zuuka were going about it was not what they liked. Yuna also ready other things from their minds, and immediately tried to grab the towel around his waist tightly...only, none of them had the strength that these three had so them yanking it away would be easy.

"Now now, you can't go cheating. This is an important moment for boys young as yourselves. Look at you, being so arrogant as to think you can just go around without following the rules or acknowledging the heiarchy? Especially you two..." And then the three glared at the twins in particular. "I don't know who you were aiming at, but your little stunt made the boss trip and land in his food..."

Zuuka didn't quite remember that occuring, but then again everyone at that time had been pre-occupied and there were others besides them who got seemed that the twins, or rather, Yuna, antagonized someone and got noticed. And then, the bullies went for him as well and...

"Aegis, repel".

Before the bullies could do anything, suddenly all three of them were sent sprawling away to the ground.

"I don't know who your boss is, and I don't care. But if you want a fight, next time pick one for better reasons".

Yuna meanwhile recovered the towels, and also created an attraction field on the three of make them stuck to each other for a really long time.

Zuuka actually looked really cool in that moment. It appeared that when push came to shove, he was actually capable of standing up for himself...sort of. Yuna could tell that his personality seemed quite complex, but it seemed that somehow this situation met the conditions needed for him to act like this. After that, Zuuka quickly went to both of their rooms and used Aegis to break the magic prank barriers.

Incidentally, the trio would find their towels that had gone missing had been returned to their room apparently. That was because stealing was against the rules, even for stuff like this, but if it was returned to the owner's room or something like that it was okay.

And so after Zuuka separated from the twins and threw away the towel into a corner that would become known as the "laundry corner", he noticed Luke had beat him there.

"Ah...ah...eek!" Zuuka said as he got embarrassed and covered himself with his hands while looking away. Incidentally, with the exception that he was also undressed this time as well, this mimicked what Luke had done earlier, coming in and seeing Zuuka that way.

"I...I...I am really sorry" he said. He then looked at Luke's state. " too huh? Careful...about the worked out for us this time, might be made to walk back naked...fair warning."

Eventually though, he finally managed to look over to Luke. They were roommates and such, so of course they would see each other naked countless times, but Zuuka was still really shy it seemed. Even though Luke told him that he shouldn't be so shy with his young body, or something like that. Remembering that, Zuuka took a deep breath and tried to relax a bit more. "Sorry...if I seem weird, or overly conscious then. I guess...being naked around other guys in this setting is normal then? I mean, I guess I should be ready for it, with you being my roommate and all, but...I am just not used to being around people in a normal setting. I am usually a lot calmer and cooler then this, but...well...I just am not very used to people yet I guess. But...did you really mean what you said? About not having to be concerned with body image and all? Its just...I guess I was taught to always be wary of people since they can be judgemental and use it against you...but I thought, wearing a poker face for normal school stuff would be bad..."

As he said that, he looked over to his luggage. He finally went over to it, facing away from Luke and finally moving his hands to open the trunk. Even though Aegis had a storage system, the amount it could hold was limited so much of his belongings were inside the trunks. Incidentally, there were three large trunks on his side, and he opened up one of them. And then...he remembered he had a roommate...

"You know what, I think I should get some sleep" he said. His speech changed rather quickly too. It seemed like he was going to pick out something to wear to sleep, but then stopped. Of course, that should be expected. That was his sleepwear back when he was home, alone. He had no idea what was normal, but he didn't want to risk his usual sleepwear being more embarrassing then the body Luke had seen, with its practically unnatural skin that looked exceptional, the hair that looked pretty and breathtaking, and all that even before Yuna pulled his prank.

Incidentally, there were a few things in there that if Luke saw Zuuka wear, even with his self control for consideration might make him burst into laughter. After all, one of them was a neko-onesie his father bought him once since he thought he would look adorable in it.

Even Zuuka understood the need to keep certain things in the past secret. Thankfully, he knew people did sometimes sleep in the nude from having done it in the past himself after being told it was best during the hot months, and it was still in the hot months, so he figured he wouldn't be seen as strange as he grabbed a pillow and fell asleep while clinging to it and curled up a little.


Once Yuna and Yuma would get back to their rooms, Yuna grabbed his hand while he went over to the bed on the right. He grabbed both of their towels and tossed them to the side, and quickly got out a bag of magically preserved leaves. He then scattered them across the bed, and then put his hands on his hips with a smile.

"There...its a bit...more like home now..."

Although he was smiling, he started to cry a bit. As he got into the bed, he grabbed Yuma, pulled him in close until they were chest to chest hugging, and began to cry.

"...we finally made it....and we finally made a friend Yuma....we....we...we have to make mama and papa proud and be strong..."

Most people only knew Wood Elves as archers, or Spirit users, or people who isolated themselves in forests and such, and thought that was all there was to them, but in truth Wood Elves had an entire culture of their own. They believed in expressions of love among family and even friends to be normal, and often they had close, personal relations with their family and friends. A kiss would be a common occurance for those who held no romantic love for each other. Which also meant that, losing them all in a single night would cause significant mental stress to them. So for Yuna and Yuma to be like they were now spoke highly of their mental strength and determination.

Perhaps it showed just how strong their love for each other, as family, was as Yuna cried himself to sleep.

Meanwhile....TIME SKIP!

Yuna was the first one to wake up, and realize that it was already morning. He looked around, and saw that if they did not hurry they would be late for breakfast and maybe class. Well, time was not too pressed, but...they still were not used to the way there. So Yuna wanted a bit more spare time.

"Yuma...Yuma!" he said, before planting a kiss right onto Yuma's lips with enough force he hoped to wake him up. Lips were sensitive parts of the body after all, so Yuna figured it would be a good way to wake him up. It was how their mom often woke them up when both of them were being sleepyheads.

He then started to recall that their first class of the day, after breakfast of course, would be gym. Of course, because it was hot they would have to shower again, but it was also the morning. He figured that they would probably be less inclined to do something that would actually interfere with their ability to make classes on time.

Of course, he also remembered that they would have to change into Gym uniforms, which was a design based on and handed down from a long time ago from the original academy, a tunic where someone would then tie around the waist and wear. It had no sleeves, and the Academy colors of white with red outlining. This is because even back in the day, the academy had both noble and commoner students, so it had to be something simple, a one piece outfit, that was all commoners could really afford back then in case it got damaged, while fancy enough for the more upper class people.


They had two of them, though it was not clear to Yuna if they wore normal clothes and then put them on in the gym locker room, or if they could put them on after a morning shower or bath...


Zuuka, who was unused to any such requirements of waking up early, would require a very, very forceful awakening by Luke...


The gym teacher, Aston Dorion, looked over his student roster for the first gym class of the day. "Well, it looks like we have quite the variety of students. Thankfully, this school has a good idea. Even if they share the same gym class, workouts definently need to be modified for each student, to push each one to the limit while making sure they are physically capable of it. Well, they would be given the same workouts as much as possible still to promote class unity though".

He said this while he ate a danish and worked on the groupings and activities, though he planned to give them a good and propper introduction to gym at Mistviel Academy as well.

"Although, they will still need to have a quick physical done by the nurse as well" he added, a bit annoyed some of his class time would get taken away by that. But, it couldn't be helped. Doctor medical records were confidential, and this would give them a secure, safe envirornment to tell the nurses about any issues they wanted to discuss privately. It also would give them the physical data he needed to make absolutely sure he didn't do something bad, like give a student a workout they actually couldn't handle, or subject a student to something they were incapable of doing.

Plus, they would make sure if the students had any allergies they needed to make note of, extra body parts to be concerned about, sensitivity to physical stimulus in a certain place, or had cybernetic implants that they had to take note of. Especially that last one, since it would be really silly to make someone do a workout that worked an area replaced by cybernetics or prothetics or such, as it would hold no merit and instead could be doing something better.


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Luke was a bit more embarrassed about being seen naked by Zuuka this time than when he had walked in on him earlier. Zuuka's warning did scare him a little but ha needed to get this goo off of him.

"Well screw that, four pranks in one day is already more than I wanted." And with those words he closed his eyes and focused his freezing abilities and froze all the jello that was on his body so rapidly that it just fell off him in little chunks and landed on the floor.

"Well that's better." He then listened to all that Zuuka was saying.

"You know, to be honest, I'm not really good with being around others people either. Back on Hessia I had to be home schooled by private tutors while my mom was on tour..." He stopped himself realizing that he had just revealed himself to Zuuka.

"Crap, I was trying to avoid telling people about that and then I go telling you. Well, I guess you would have figured out I was a rich kid too when you saw that all my trunks and luggage are the same brand as yours and I had just as much stuff." He chuckled as he pointed to his side of the room and the stack of luggage and trunks.

"Anyway, my point is you're right. People are going to judge you. Even I'm trying to hide parts of myself from everyone to try to keep them from judging me too. It's hard but we got do our best to not let it get to us. If it bothers you too much just tell me about it when it's time for bed, it can be our time for venting." He said to reassure Zuuka and then he said that he wanted to go to bed.

"Alright, stay strong little man." He smiled then went to his own bed and wearing just his briefs as it was still warm.


When Yuma saw Yuna start to cry, he cried too. He could tell what was going through his mind even without the telepathy. They had a stressful day, they made a new friend and at the same time they never felt more alone and scared. It still felt like all they had was each other and they both still missed their parents terribly. If they had been home after a day like today, their mom would have made them cocoa and cuddled with them.

"We're gonna be okay, Yuna." He whispered as he held Yuna in his arms.


Luke got up at the right time, but saw that Zuuka was quite the heavy sleeper.

"Zuuka, it's time to get up. We don't have much time if you want to get breakfast and a shower before your first class, I think we both have gym together." He wasn't incredibly comfortable with touching Zuuka in this state, but if he was this deep of a sleeper, he was probably gonna have to get used to it. He shoved him on the shoulders a little bit and it did no good.

"Well, looks like I gotta play dirty." He said to himself.

"WAKE UP!" he yelled, using his powers a little to force him away but he didn't yell so loud that anyone in the neighboring rooms would hear.


Yuma smiled as he was kissed awake. He grabbed his clothes and towel.

"We should probably go for showers this time and use a locker. We don't want to be late for gym." He smiled as they headed down to the showers and Yuma picked a locker to put their stuff in. They put there stuff in and got into the shower and quickly got clean. Then they headed off to the cafeteria for breakfast.


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After Abigail finished tidying up her room she sat down and took a breather, a chance to actually relax. Her room looked fairly simple compared to other people’s rooms, most people added charms or decorations to make it their own, but Abigail was use to simplicity. The only unique thing she had in her room was probably her Father’s command flag, and her rapier holder underneath it. Besides those two items, she had white curtains for the windows, and grey radiant bedding. “Well… I guess I should go to sleep. Got gym at 0800.” Abigail said to herself, setting her alarm to six in the morning to give her time to get ready.


Hearing her alarm go off, Abigail sat up and turned it off. As she stood up she stretched her arms above her head and breathing out. She had slept not that bad, she was to constantly changing beds with always traveling with her father. She walked over to her closet and some items and headed to the bathroom in her shorts and sports bra to get started for the day. Abigail wasn’t very self-conscious of herself, knowing regardless people would staring at her because of her cybernetics, so she had to learn to just accept it.

As she got to the bathroom, Abigail turned on her implant to play light classical music as she brushed out her hair. She was going to leave it down for gym class and just put it in the usual bun afterwards more than likely. She added light make up but knew not to do too much because she didn’t know how much she would sweat. Finishing up, she headed back to her dorm. Hmm. I’ll just get food afterwards, don’t know what type of workout they will give us, and I don’t want to make myself sick. Abigail thought to herself as she walked into her room, and putting her stuff away.

Abigail changed into her usual outfit, grabbed her rapier, and put the gym clothes/uniform into her duffle bag. She was just going to change once she got there and put her clothes in her locker. As she finished up and went to leave her room, she saw Androma in the hallway. “Hey Androma, heading to gym too?” She asked, noticing her gym bag and turning down the music in her. “Unfortunately. Hate how they make us wear matching gym clothes. Just to make the lowerclass feel equal to us.” The succubus commented as they walked. Abigail didn’t mind the matching gym clothes, everything in the military was uniform to make them look more professional. “Yeah, I guess I get what you mean.” Abigail replied.

The girls got to the class a little early so they were able to secure a preferable gym locker and changed. “Hey Sparky, you might want this” Androma tossed a lock to Abigail. “It has a charm that prevent tampering. Don’t want them stealing our stuff. And if they do somehow get it open, it’ll explode with a pink powder.” She continued, with a smirk. “Thanks!” Abigail said, locking and unlocking it a few times to make sure she memorized the combination.

When they walked out the girl’s locker room, Abigail noticed Luke and a few of the others, and gave a light wave “Hey! It’s jello boy.” Androma said with a chuckle, causing a couple other students laughing. Abigail gasped and covered her mouth. She had no idea that what she did had affected Luke.