Allison Blake (aka: Blackbird)

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a character in “Shadows of the Enlightened”, as played by Blackbird26


Name: Allison Blake (Ali)

Rank: Active

Alias (if Active assassin):Blackbird

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Ability (if enlightened): Allison has the ability to enhance or nullify any one of her senses at will. However, when she enhances one sense she loses another. And if she wishes not feel pain she will become sensitive to sounds or light. She has control of her abilities most of the time, but sometimes when she closes her eyes at night, her hearing can become extremely sensitive, which makes it hard for her to sleep.

Description: Allison is about 167cm tall and is slightly skinny. She has light skin, wavy blonde hair and bright blues eyes. She is the kind of girl who easily stands out in a crowd, wasn't for the fact that she usually goes out of her way to avoid them. She usually keeps quiet and carries herself in a discrete manner, looking at her no one really assumes she could hurt a fly.


Personality: Allison is an introspective person. She learned upon arrival in the Pack that keeping her thoughts to herself was a good strategy, and so she doesn't bother to point out the obvious to anyone, she talks to people when necessary.
Allison is, as described by people close to her, extremely difficult and emotionally distant. Even so, she is extremely pleasant and very talkative once she gets to know you. Her sense of justice applies more to people around her than anything else. You can push her around all you like, but if you even consider touching someone she cares about, you’d be in for a world of pain. Her emotions are usually intense, specially towards people. If she likes you, she really like you, if she hates you… You’re in serious trouble. However her behavior is always the same in spite of her feelings, which can cause a certain amount of confusion on people. He eyes are her most expressive trait, they shine brightly when she's happy and turn ice cold when she is furious. Smiles aren't rare, but are rarely honest. If you have never seen an honest smile from her you would be possibly fooled by the usual smile she shows on occasion, but when her smile is honest she looks like a completely different person than her usual self.
Around her few friends she can be quite playful, and sometimes her little experience and her little age show in her actions.

As an assassin Ali is restless, quick, and cold. She usually shows empty hands but she can pull a knife out of nowhere before you know it. Close combat is not really her preference though, she is a skilled archer and she can wait for hours, even days, with a arrow knocked, for a perfect shot.

She has a pathological fear of fire, and she will freeze at the sight of it.


Equipment: Ali usually carries two silver daggers on her waist, three hidden throwing knives, a longbow which is a family heirloom. Allison's bow belonged to her older brother and was crafted by his hands, it is her most precious possession and she has been known to brake some fingers to keep people's hands away from it. It is a black bow with a silver-lined grip. She also keeps at least 20 arrows always with her, in a small leather quiver she keeps tied around her waist.

Primary weapon: Bow and arrow.





Background: Allison was born in a small village outside the old city of Blackhurst. When she was ten years old the village was attacked and burned to the ground. Her older brother, Alex, managed to save her from the fire, but was killed by soldiers moments later. The two soldiers of Newhaven let Allison go assuming she wouldn't be a threat. Hours later she invaded their camp, and killed them while they slept. She got out unnoticed, carrying her brother's bow with her.

Her run-in with the Pack happened through Crys. Ali survived almost a year in the forest by stealing from wanderers. A blind girl shouldn't be too hard... Poor kid, she didn't know where she was getting into. What probably saved her life was the fact that she succeeded in her attempt to steal, even if she was tracked down and captured minutes later. Crys noticed she had potential and brought her before her parents, to plead for her life. When Dani and Bastian Rivers saw that stubborn ten year old girl say she couldn't care less if she was killed, well... They knew talent when they saw it. They offered her a chance to live by becoming one of them. From that day on she learned to live by the rules of the Pack, and vowed to always be loyal to the clan.
As a recruit Ali gave Crys a lot of trouble. Her bottled up anger and her violent behavior seemed to be uncontrollable. Had she gotten any other instructor she would have been lost, but Crys eventually got to her, and she learned to be more respectful and disciplined. At the age of fifteen she became an active assassin, being the first recruit to actually be approved by Crys.

Ali uses her abilities on assignments often, but the only person who knows what she can do is Crys.

So begins...

Allison Blake (aka: Blackbird)'s Story


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Allison had just made it to her bed a few hours earlier. It was almost morning but it was still dark, and she had one of those rare peaceful moments when she was so exhausted she actually fell asleep as soon as she laid herself down on the bed. She was way too tired to let the sounds bother her, or to even dream. And those dreamless nights were the few moments of relief that allowed her to keep her sanity intact.

Still... If she was expecting peace, that wasn't going to be a very good day. Only a couple of hours after getting home, she was being pulled away from her well deserved rest, by something that hit her right on the head. She mumbled some very unpleasant words, still half-asleep, and felt her heart nearly jump right out of her chest when she identified Crys as being her attacker, when hearing her voice. "I don't know what you said there, but I'm sure it wasn't nice."

Allison opened her eyes immediately and sat up. She identified the object that hit her as being one of her leather boots, that Crys probably picked up from the floor and threw at her. She put it on and reached for the other one, nodding. "One day I'll get back at you for this."

Crys nodded in disbelief. "No... You won't. Don't make promises you can't keep, it makes you look bad."

Allison looked through the cracks on the walls of the wooden cabin and let out a sigh. "It's not even morning yet, Crys! I got home a few hours ago!"

Crys stared at her seriously. "I know, I gave you the assignment. And watch your tone with me. You're graduated, but I'm still you superior." She then smiled and added. "I understand that you are tired, but my mother is calling all actives and instructors to see her. She has some announcement to make. So you better move, we're the only ones who aren't there already."

Allison didn't say another word. She put on her other boot and got on her feet. She followed Crys out of the cabin and walked to a larger cabin that stood further away from the center of the camp. Crys knocked and opened the door. Allison followed her in, and as soon as she closed the door Dani Rivers began to speak.

"Good. Now you are all here. We have received some disturbing information in the past night regarding the disappearances and strange deaths that have occurred in the past few weeks." She made a pause, and lifted a notification, that had been clearly torn off a wall. "This has been spread all over the city of Newhaven, and we have been informed that the same will be done in Blackpond shortly."

Allison's eyes widened as she read what was written in the poster Dani was showing them, and all of a sudden people started to talk amongst themselves in whispers. Crys, poked her between the ribs. "What does it say?"

Allison didn't look at her, she kept her eyes on Dani while she patiently waited for everyone to stop talking. "They are blaming us for the deaths. The ruler of Newhaven is offering 500 gold coins for any information on the location of the camp." She could feel Crys shiver beside her when hearing her words. Allison knew that Crys was thinking about how many people had that information. One would be enough to have them all killed.
If Allison had thought she would have peace... That thought now seemed like a very distant dream to her.


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Crystal shivered, slightly, when hearing Allison's words as to what the poster said. Not only because of what that meant, but also for the overwhelming amount of mixed emotions locked up in such a small space. She concentrated in keeping herself under control and not bumping up against anyone, that would make it all worse.

Someone talked about taking action and soon after that, silence... Followed by even more noise. Crys didn't understand why her mother remained silent in the middle of all that chaos. She recognized the sound of the door opening, and then steps in the room. Someone was late, and a smirk crossed her face when the girl who had just entered spoke up, and she finally laughed after hearing Ali's reply to all that. "That's just suicidal! You people are suggesting we kill both leaders of two cities that are at war, disregarding the fact that none of them has an heir to take their place. Not that I care, but I really don't see how that will benefit us in the future. That assuming we could pull it off, which is unlikely."

Crys nodded, after she finished laughing. "Shut up. All of you. There's more to be said here... Isn't it so?" She faced the direction where her mother was standing, and waited for her reply, after the room finally fell silent.

Dani Rivers spoke "I'm afraid, the reward is the least of our problems. The actual problem is, the deaths occurred in areas near where our actives where assigned to, and three of our actives sent on assignment last night did not return. Honestly, I doubt they are still alive. So, as of this moment everyone is to remain on camp grounds until further notice. That is an order I seriously advice you not to try breaking. If you have any pending assignments, report them to a instructor. That will be all."

Everyone started leaving, back to whispering and seeming unsatisfied, Crys started to follow, but her mother called. "Not you Crystal. I need to speak with you."


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Allison left with the others without paying much attention, until she noticed Crys had stayed behind. She didn't really want to do this, and she knew it would be dangerous to get caught, but she also knew that there was something Dani hadn't told them.
She leaned against a tree, not far from the cabin, and closed her eyes. Slowly the words coming from the cabin became audible, although Dani wasn't speaking to Crys yet.

"Evin, you have been here almost as long as I have, and your parents were loyal friends to my family, so I will excuse your little act of disrespect to my authority. Yes, I am aware of all this. I am already gathering information, and when it arrives I will make my decision. Until then, no one leaves camp. I want the actives to be at hand when I decide on what to do and I need the instructors to keep track of their recruits. Trust me... I don't plan on hiding, but let us be smart. As to your request... I'll give an answer when I have all the facts I need. I'll probably have it by the end of the day."

Allison opened her eyes quickly and her sight returned a bit blurry. She waited a while until she saw Evin leave, and tried again.

"Crys, take this. Know what it is?"

"It's a graduation ring. Who does it belong to?"

Dani didn't answer, instead Allison heard the sound of two metallic objects being dropped on a wooden table. Two other rings. "These arrived not long ago. They weren't the first to be sent either."

Crys answered on a lower tone as if whoever she was talking about could hear them. "Is it him?"

Dani sighed. "Yes, probably. So we have three different situations here... The Hunter, whoever is behind this killings, and the growing reward on our heads."

"Four problems, you mean. There's also the traitor."

There was a long silence, and Allison wondered what Crys meant with that. Until she came across something she had failed to notice... Only the actives themselves, the leaders, and the instructors, would know where they would be sent on assignment. Dani finally answered, and Allison understood why she paused all that time.

"Yes... About that, this is the reason why I asked you to wait. The killings occurred on areas near where only three of our actives were working at, every time. One of which was the only active working last night who actually returned."

"Ali? Who are the other two?"

"Evin, and Takei."

Crys laughed. "Great... The psycho, the suspected traitor and the outsider?"

Dani chuckled "I never said that. But I want you to keep them on observation. Someone is giving out information."

Crys sighed "Mother... You are the only one who hasn't said that. I think none of them is the traitor. Evin grew up here, where would he go? Ali... You know her, she's border-line insane, but she's loyal. Takei is too smart to risk having another assassin clan after her, or at least I hope so."

"Ali has severe anger issues, she's young and impulsive and not too bright at times. Evin is very much fond of bending rules, and there's the treason issue. Takei is a gifted assassin, but she was born and raised in another clan, is natural that her loyalty is questioned from time to time."

Crys insisted. "Anyone would know that as well as you and me. They would be the easiest people to frame."

"And whoever did would have to watch them... Unless you suspect your father and myself of doing this."

Crys stifled a giggle. "No, of course not. I will do as you say. Where is father by the way?"

"Getting information in Blackpond. You will all know what he discovered later on. Now move along, I do have some thinking to do."

The door opened, and Allison stopped listening, but she still couldn't see. So she never saw who was suddenly pressing her throat, against the tree, until she heard a whisper "Listen in on my conversations again, and you're dead. Understood?"

Allison nodded, which hopefully Crys must have felt, because she was released moments later, and fell on her knees coughing and drawing too much attention.