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a character in “Shadows of the Enlightened”, as played by Blackbird26


Name: Jacob Turner (Jake)

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Place of residence: Newhaven

Profession: Mercenary

Ability (if enlightened): Jake has the ability to make himself invisible as well as anything he touches. However, he will become visible again if he gets himself wet.

Description: Jake is 187cm tall and has a strong build. His hair is jet black and constantly messy, occasionally he lets I grow out until it reaches his shoulders, but he’s gotten into the habit of trimming it and only leaves it long enough to cover his ears. He has a scar over his left eye, acquired during his training in the Pack.


Personality: Jake is usually quiet and serious, but he changes completely around people he likes. He tends to be very caring and overprotective with his friends, and is likely to stand by any stupid thing they do. He usually takes a long time to trust people, and even longer for them to earn his respect. During his time in the Pack he was known as "Phantom", and had a nearly flawless assassination record. Personally he was known to pick fights for no reason and to act irrationally at times.


Equipment: Jake still carries his weapons in spite of living in Newhaven. He does that by keeping them invisible at all times.
He carries a Katana and some shuriken, just like Bastian. Plus some poisoned darts he keeps very well protected in his pockets.


Full Name: Jacob Turner

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Affiliation: Mercenary, freelance. Black Knight

Ability (if enlightened): Jake has the ability to make himself, or anything he touches, invisible to others. However, water or any other liquid tossed his way will brake that illusion and make him visible again.

Description: Jake is 187cm tall and has a strong build. His hair is jet black and constantly messy, occasionally he lets I grow out until it reaches his shoulders, but he’s gotten into the habit of trimming it and only leaves it long enough to cover his ears. He has a scar over his left eye, acquired during his training in the Pack (given to him by Crys, during training), and the top of his left ear has been cut off (by Evin), however he doesn’t like to talk about it. He couldn’t care less what it looks like, but the memory associated with the wound is rather painful to him. He also leaves a little bit of hair on his face from time to time.

Reference Image: He looks pretty much like this (although, with black hair) and this is what he’d be dressed like (mercenary/assassin gear) – I do no own these images. All credit goes to the respective artists

Main Theme: Truth – Seether
Theme Song 02: Hero of The Day – Metallica
Theme Song 03 (to Jessica): World So Cold - Three Days Grace
Theme Song 04 (to Crystal): Here We Are - Breaking Benjamin
Death Song: If he dies, then you'll know. ;)

Jake, at his best, is a fun-loving and friendly guy; always up for conversation and eager to express his opinions and thoughts to whoever is willing to listen, and always interested to know how people see the world around them.

He is also the kind of guy who would go to the end of the world to help or protect a friend and, being so, he finds it hard to separate personal loyalty and professional duties; something that seems to have been the source of most of his troubles. Thus, he has decided to only be truly loyal to his friends.

Jake has gone through an extreme amount of emotional pain within a very short period of time. Three years have passed since then and things have gotten better for him, but the whole experience has caused him to slowly pull away from the people who he holds closest to his heart and in certain moments he will simply not stand being around people. In these moments he will disappear and find a way to vent his frustrations. (Which may or may not include wandering off and terrorizing the Wolfpack camp)

Jake also has a manipulative streak to him. He is not against bending or omitting the truth in order to get somewhere or achieve something. In fact, it’s something that comes naturally to him, which is why he has managed to wander around the castles of both cities and make useful connections everywhere in the period he worked as mercenary. He is (to some extent) opposed to lying to his friends though, and will only do so if he feels is for their own protection.

Likes: Making friends, good conversation/debate, chess, quiet moments.

Dislikes Over-idealistic people, any attempts of intimidation (threats, blackmail, so on...) towards him or his friends, personal conflicts.

Weapons: Jake carries a Katana (an almost exact replica of the one Crys uses), a set of throwing knives, and most importantly: Needles. He carries over fifty throwing needles embedded with different kinds of poisons.

Other: Jake carries at all times a golden locket around his neck as a reminder of the two people he has loved the most in his life.

Background: Jake was born in the city of Blackpond, son of the Captain of the Castle Guard. After losing both his parents at a young age, Jake was raised by his sister, who was 15 at the time and 8 years older than him, until the age of ten. A week after his tenth birthday, a gang of thieves took his sister from him as well, slowly and painfully. The thieves left Jake hanging to a tree, by the neck; he was discovered there by Bastian and taken to the Wolfpack.

Upon discovering his ability, Jake's first "brilliant" act was to escape from camp and try to take revenge on his sister's killers. The encounter with the bandits left him, once again, very close to death. Taken into the ruins for healing, he found a little bit of family left in the healer's leader. Although his father had never mentioned his half-sister for more than obvious reason, the woman seemed to know who he was and who he sister was as if she knew them. Since that was the first of Jake's many failed attempts to seek revenge, he eventually came to know his aunt, as well as his little cousin.
The times spent in the ruins served the purpose of spiking Jake's interest in studying poisons and antidotes, as well as convincing him to be more careful in his attempts to attack the thieves.
Jake went through with his training without any further attempts and with time he gained some discipline. At age 17, when he finally graduated to active, he received permission to track down his sisters killers, which he did. He killed the men and never spoke of it again.

Throughout his time in the Wolfpack Jake got very close to Bastian, and as a consequence of that... He became also very close friends with Crys and soon came to have stronger feelings for her. Those feelings, and one single mistake, caused his expulsion. During an assignment in Blackpond a guard discovered Crys, and when the man grabbed her arm, Crys went on a rage and killed him. That alone wouldn't have been so bad, but the commotion that caused resulted in the death of another active. Jake chose to help Crys out of the city instead of helping the man, leaving him to die. With two acts of treason on their hands they both agreed not to say anything about what exactly happened, although, when Dani questioned Jake he told her he had killed the guard and caused the commotion, and took responsibility for the whole thing. Dani didn't believe him, but since Crys refused to tell what exactly happened she had no other choice but accept Jake's confession as being the truth.
Knowing that her daughter had some responsibility in what had happened, Dani punished Crys by making her decide on Jake's punishment. So Jake found himself being kicked out of the clan, and forbidden to see or speak to Crys or any other clan member; death being the punishment for violating such conditions.

Not having much of a choice, Jake moved to Newhaven. The expulsion didn't stop Jake from sneaking into camp invisible to see Crys, as much as it didn't stop her from stopping by his house when she was in Newhaven. There he made a living as a mercenary,

So begins...

Jake Turner's Story