Sebastian Rivers

2nd in command of the Wolfpack (DECEASED)

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a character in “Shadows of the Enlightened”, as played by Blackbird26


Name: Sebastian Rivers

Rank: 2nd in command

Gender: Male

Age: 41

Ability: Bastian has the ability to see into the future. However he can only see a couple of minutes ahead of time, and... He has absolutely no control of when it will happen, and occasionally he suffers from excruciating headaches and has nose bleeds. If he has too many visions in a short period of time he will go unconscious.

Description: Bastian is tall and has a very strong constitution. He has black short messy hair and green eyes. He is usually very calm and self-centered, which makes him almost invisible when compared to Dani's more impressive figure.

Theme Song 1: The Game of Life - Scorpions
Theme Song 2 (Death Song): Call Me - Shinedown


Personality: Bastian is very quiet and usually keeps to himself, and at the same time he's very talkative. He will always say hello to people when passing them by, and he makes sure to know everyones names. And he can engage in a conversation with someone for hours, and in the end he will have given no information about himself in his answers.
When the youngest members of the clan have a problem, or make a mistake, they usually go to him first because he seems much less threatening than his wife. He laughs when should feel offended and really pays no attention to the many rumors surrounding his past, and his relationship with his wife. While some people say that he will do whatever she says because he appears weak, others say he has some kind of power over her and therefore cannot be trusted. Bastian doesn't care, and lets everyone think what they will.
While he is not easily angered, he is not a man you would want to see angry. Specially since he can be extremely deadly if he wants to be.


Equipment: Bastian is usually armed with a Katana and some shuriken.

Primary weapon: Katana



Background: Bastian and his brother, Kyle were part of a group of hunters. Although, it was not animals they hunted... They hunted assassins. The Wolfpack was the most powerful assassin clan in Valcrest and taking them down had been a priority for as long as he could remember. And he was the best there was, at the age of fourteen. That is the reason why he had become a target, and he knew so. He convinced the leaders of his group that he could easily turn the tables and finish off whoever would come for him, and so it was decided.

What Bastian didn't expect was what would happen to him that day, when Dani came after him. He did turn the tables on her, and he had her on the ground, with his blade pointed at her throat. Still, for some reason he looked her in the eyes and froze. He never knew why, and shortly after he gave up on asking himself. He put his sword away and turned his back to leave, expecting not to make it out alive. It wouldn't matter, coming back empty handed would be a death sentence anyway. Instead of shooting him dead, she asked him if he had somewhere to go.

Bastian's view of assassins hadn't changed, but living was better than dying. And the fact that she had offered him help without any thinking had shocked him, he certainly wasn't expecting it. So he forgot about his twin brother, his sister and their parents... And followed Dani back to her home. His first thought was that any information he got there would be enough to gain his leaders forgiveness, but it didn't take him long to dismiss the thought. Once introduced to the Pack Bastian grew fond of the people there. They weren't monsters like he believed them to be, Dani's family pretty much adopted him and he found himself growing more and more attached to them. In a very short year, that camp became his home.

When the Pack was attacked by his old group, Dani blamed herself. She said that if they hadn't lied about who he was they would have been more prepared. More than anything, the death of her little sister affected her deeply and she swore to take revenge. Bastian, on the other hand, knew it was his fault, and promised that no matter what it would cost him, he would help her seek revenge. So, just like that he gave her every single information he had on his old group and how they functioned.

It took them many years, and cost the lives of many of their own, but eventually... They had them all killed. Or so they believed.

So begins...

Sebastian Rivers's Story