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Theron Lockwood


When standing he's 1.92 meters tall and if not including all his equipments his weight is around 94 kg. He's got a clean shaved face and his eyes are dark brown. His hair is black and it's quite short. Over the left side of his throat there's a deep scar that looks terrible and very intimidating. One might say that he was very lucky to have survived whatever creature that caused that wound. Theron has a firm and muscular upper body filled with scars from several wild creatures, blood-filled battles and Pyrrhic victories. On his left shoulder there's a tattoo that resemblance a Red hawk that's engulfed in black flames while on his right arm there's a tattoo which holds Six different names that runs along a thick and long wine from a dead rose. The Names states: Sarah, Gerald, Johanna, Theron, Kyle and Sebastian. This is a symbol that marks the death of the true Wolf Hunters forever.

Over the last year Theron has endured several battles that has left the right side of his face heavily scarred while the left side of his face is almost unrecognizable thanks to the third degree burn damages he got during one of his more risky missions. That is why he wears his white mask with red and black patterns most of the time since his face is not only a horrible sight to behold, but it's also weak against most things such as strong winds. Even if a leaf would hit him in the face thanks to the wind, it would hurt him a bit. If one looks at him hard enough when he doesn't wear his mask they might recognize him as Theron Lockwood, but it's still hard to tell since his wounds are still pretty fresh. He rarely removes the mask these days, unless he's going to sleep.

Theron has also started to speak with a mixed italian and turkish dialect and he's 49 years old the year he returns to Valcrest.

Theme Song #1 (Therons Sorrows) - After The Fall

Theme Song #2 (Training with The Wolf Hunters) - Never Forget

Theme Song #3 (The end of The Wolf Hunters) - False King

Theme Song #4 (Revenge and Redemption) - Call to Arms

Theme Song #5 (The Long Journey) - Road to Revelation

Theme Song #6 (The Banished Ones) - Hypnotica

Theme Song #7 (The Return of Lockwood) - Heart of Courage

Theme Song #8 (The Death of Theron Lockwood) - Love & Loss

Main Theme Song (Theron Lockwood; The Master Assassin) - Strength of a Thousand Men


Theron used to be social and happy kind of guy when living in Newhaven and he was always trying to stay as happy as he could even though the two cities was still at war. But after a horrible event occurred, his mind was scarred for life and he was changed and not for the better. He turned into a cold ruthless murderer who thought he killed for justice. He loved to manipulate those around him and to take advantage of people who had something he wanted or needed. However, after several years of self-pity and mad lust for revenge, Theron finally calmed down after being forgiven by a certain woman who he had murdered her entire family. He became wise, serious and quite good and generous towards others.

Theron became more quiet and distant during his late 40s, reluctant to share informations regarding his early life with associates he just recently met, and being more open with those he knew better and cared for. Though, despite being a more focused and driven man in his later life, Theron would lose control of his anger occasionally. An example of this is when he attacked Arian, the leader of the Banished Ones earlier than what had been planned when provoked.

These days however, he's very battle hardened and is more serious and wise than he is good and generous, but sometimes you might catch him being happy and generous towards others. He's even been called cold and calculating at several points, but he always does what he thinks is the right thing to do.


Theron Lockwood was both a highly skilled Assassin, an excellent strategist and a formidable Warrior. Having learned and developed a vast array of skills, such as pick-pocketing, blending, armed and unarmed combat, alternative or multiple weapon attacks, stealth and public assassination techniques, free-running and long-distance combat, he was able to use a variety of martial arts and weapons such as his Syrian sword, his modified crossbow, his shortswords and his hiden blades to name a few. After talking to an old friend to his dead mother, Theron discovered that his mother had too been an assassins once in her life time and travelled the world. From this old friend, Theron acquired his mothers old Assassins robe, which he would update with various armors and upgrades throughout his life.

Over the course of the years, Theron learned how to upgrade his weaponry and from time to time he would devote much time to see them become perfect examples of what he really needs. Some upgrades are for an example, a poison needle concealed beneath his left hidden blade, his crossbow upgraded so it can shoot two bolts at the same time with increased aim and his hidden blade also underwent some alterations and improvements. The former leather and metal bracers were replaced with a new, fully plated version bearing a different design. Also, the former blade was replaced with a newer one that bore a black tribal design running down the center of the blade.

Theron Lockwood was carrying a long Syrian sword by his waist, which remained attached thanks to his leather belt. His sword was long, light and very deadly in the right hands. It was silver coloured with a mix of black. With the right strength, this blade could almost cut through any kind of armor like a warm knife through butter. There were ancient letters carved into the sword. It didn't affect it in any way at all, but it gave it a mysterious and intimidating look.

All of Theron's Weapon(s):

His Fists
His Syrian Sword
Two hidden blades (One of them being poisonous)
Six throwing knives
His modified crossbow with a quiver of bolts to it. (The small quiver hangs on his back)
Two short Blades
A bag with five smoke bombs

Also thanks to the fact that he's Enlightened he also has one ability that he's been training at for 33 years now. He can bend the earth and its stones to his will, both to protect him and to attack his enemies from afar or close-by. But like any powerful skill, this also had a bad side-effect; After using his ability for a certain amount of time or too much at the same time he would fall to the ground for one to two hours, unconscious and thus, making him vulnerable to any kind of attacks. However, after working with his ability for several years and expanding the limits of it after each training session, Theron has found a way to minimize the penalty for using his skills too much or too long in a great length.

When using his ability today he can use it for a very long time or use a lot of it at the same time before he slowly starts to feel pain and if he continues beyond the point when he's starting to feel a massive amount of pain he will eventually fall unconscious, but the time has been greatly increased.


Born in Newhaven, Theron was the son to a very wealthy merchant who lived in Newhaven but usually stayed to the road, travelling between several places with his fancy wares. Theron's mother died when she gave birth to him and so his father was left to raise him and he did a good job with it. Theron was raised as a good person who trusted in people and always tried to help people. At the age of 12 his father discovered that his son were one of those enlightened ones but that wasn't a surprise to him since his wife had been an enlightened before she passed away. Theron was generally accepted even though he was an enlightened.

Years passed on and when Theron turned 16 years old he asked his father if he could finally travel with him when he was going to Blackpond with his trade caravan. His father had his doubts but soon enough he gave up and gave his son the permission to tag along and help his old father. However, on the way to Blackpond something horrible happened; The caravan was ambushed by an assassin and Theron's father was killed before his very eyes. The 16 years old teenager got away though and found a small house after been sprinting through a dark forest for several minutes. He quickly made his way inside and locked the door after him.

Then after several hours of crying in the corner he heard distant voices that were only growing ever louder. Suddenly someone unlocked the door and walked in. It was a long and strong built woman who were followed by another smaller woman, a large man and a boy who seemed younger than Theron. They made their way into the house and the strong built woman who presumable was the groups leader immediately discovered Theron who sat in the corner, crying.
She asked who he was and what had happened in a firm and direct voice to which Theron answered with his name and what had happened to his father.

The group listened to Theron and told him their own stories as well. Their lives had all been destroyed by the assassin clan named The "Wolf Pack" which roamed the land of Valcrest. They were a group who were dedicated to get rid of all assassins, through violence and stealth. They were known to the assassins as the "Wolf Hunters" and they were feared by many. The leader decided to train Theron to become one of them and after discovering that Theron was an enlightened as well, her wish to teach him only grew stronger. He would become a very valuable addition to the team.

For 22 years, Theron trained and assisted in many assassinations for the Wolf Hunters and participated in quite many battles between the Wolf Hunters and The Wolf Pack. But one day everything fell apart once more for Theron. The entire group was out on a scouting mission when they were ambushed by an elite team of assassins. Everyone was killed except Theron who used his ability to slay the assassins. But the damage had already been done. All group members but Theron was dead and so the Wolf Hunter came to an end.

After that Theron went into hiding for 3 years and The Wolf Pack celebrated that they had finally got rid of the Wolf Hunters forever. But soon enough Theron returned to Valcrest once more and started to build up his reputation as a lone wanderer and a fearsome assassin who worked against The Wolf Pack. Rumours spread that one of the members from the old Wolf Hunters had survived and now wanted vengeance while others said that it was just a man who had been wronged somehow and blamed it on The Wolf Pack.

To the people of Valcrest he was known as "The lone wanderer" but to the assassins of Valcrest he was known as "The Shadow Hunter".

For several months, Theron roamed the lands around the Wolf Packs encampment and assassinated any or most of the actives who dared to go out on a mission. The problem grew and grew as well as the rumour of a new killer who hunted for enlightened people around Valcrest. Theron soon realized that this other hunter could become a problem and therefor he executed his plans to assassinate the leader of the Wolf pack earlier than expected. He set up a meeting with Daniela, who were the leader of the clan at the moment.

After a short conversation, Theron pulled some traps around her and escaped to see what Dani had told him was true. She fortunately survived thanks to her husbands advice on wearing more protection than usual. He made his way to Newhaven where he found the truth in the old City Archives. It seemed that his dead father that he had revered so much and hated the Wolfpack so much for killing, had been nothing more than a simple smuggler and thief who lived on others suffering. Knowing this, Theron returned to the Wolf pack encampment where he let Daniela judge him for his crimes against both her and her clan. She decided to forgive him, when he was certain that she would execute him.

He now held Dani in a high regard of respect and promised to do anything to redeem himself from his past sins. He was chosen as an Instructor and began to instruct Crystal, Allison, Vilen, Gloria, Jake and Evin in other ways of assassination as well as making both their minds stronger as well as their enlightened abilities and their limits. After two-three weeks of training every day, they were finally ready to hunt and face this new hunter. They soon came to the conclusion to consult with the Newhaven king and see if they could lift the giant bounty put on their heads to be able to hunt their targets more freely.

After sneaking into the castle they meet the horrible truth; The king of Newhaven was this new hunter and a battle commenced. The fight was long and hard, but soon enough the hunter was slain and tossed aside. The group of assassins quickly fled Newhaven and returned to the camp. Once back, Theron felt that he had finally redeemed himself, but it took him a day or two before he came to Dani with the request for leaving the Pack. After a long discussion between the two of them, Theron left everything and everyone behind. "He left with so many questions unanswered", they used to say when the topic of Theron came up in a conversation.

Theron travelled South with a horse he had bought in Newhaven. He travelled through the harsh desert and endured many dangers including bandits, predators and a giant worm (which he had to flee from). After making it through the desert he found himself up in the ice cold mountains that once belonged to the proud warrior people of Effort. There was not many living creatures here, but the cold weather proved a challenge to Theron, but he eventually conquered it and was finally out of Valcrest. He entered the land of Terra where creatures and inhabitants that people from Valcrest had only heard of in stories and tales, lived.

In this land a human Empire ruled over the other races which included Dwarfs, Gnomes, Elves, Orcs, Minotaurs and horsemen. Theron eventually reached the Empires Capital City and there he began his work as an Assassin once more. He dedicated an entire year to train in the various martial arts that this new land provided before the great war began. The other races banded together and started a bloody Revolution against the Empire. For 2 years The Rebellion struggled against the Empires strong forces but with the help of Theron and a lot of other important figures, the Rebellion finally won the war through one last key battle. The land of Terra was now free of slavery and racism against other races. Close to the end of the war, Theron had discovered that his old Family legacy was built in Terra and almost every single ancestor to him had been an Assassin during a part of their lives.

When the war ended, Theron left the land of Terra and started to travel around the world, seeing things few people before him had seen and learned more in one year of travelling than fourty years in his home land of Valcrest. In his travels Theron gained three new friends at his side that which he made while going about his own adventures, bringing order and peace by using his abilities. One was called Ace, a cynical and talented Elf; the other was named Barca, a sarcastic and strong Orc and last but not least, a young and stubborn street girl turned assassin by Theron named Akida. After an entire year had passed, Theron made the choice to return to Valcrest with his new friends to meet some old friends and face a problem he was sure still ever so present. He had had enough of war and death to last a life time, but he knew that his work as an assassin would never end.

So begins...

Theron's Story


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#, as written by Sibrand
Destruction, agony and aggression. These were just a few of many feelings this lone wanderer would feel, see and understand after the last piece of life would leave his body in the moment of truth. But this was not his moment, no. This was the moment of these three filthy monsters in front of him. Would they survive his ambush? Would they survive his arrows of death? Would they survive the "Shadow Hunter"? If they would, then it was truly their moment of truth and they would have be known as the slayer of the one last thing that has kept the assassins on their toes for so many years. He didn't do it for the people of Valcrest for he knew that most people deserved death for their actions. He did it out of vengeance. They had taken everything away from him and now he would do the same to them. He would not stop until the leader of their wretched clan was begging in front of his feet for mercy. Only then would he stop all this killing, only then would the world have peace.

His prey was now in position. The moment of Truth was upon them. He took the shot.


Last night had just been like any other night. Three more assassins was dead and the man who had killed them was now heading for Newhaven, a city of fancy fools in his own opinion. The only thing that separated the people of Newhaven and Blackpond in his opinion was that the people of Blackpond was poor fools while the people of Newhaven was fancy fools. Nevertheless, He had no time to help this war come to a closure just yet. First he had to take out "The WolfPack"; the clan of assassins in Valcrest.

The man made his way into a cave nearby with firm foot steps after been walking through the forest the entire night without any kind of sleep. He immediately picked up that horrible smell that inhabited this cave. You see, the cave lead down into the Newhaven sewers where the man could easily get into the city without having his weapons and equipments taken into custody by the city guards.
Soon enough he reached a small hole by the end of the cave and after climbing through that he found himself standing in dirt up to his knees. Just a regular day for the man. He had done this too many times before and so he knew the quickest path to his destination by now. The smell had been a hugh problem at first but now he was getting used to it and he knew that once he reached Newhaven he would miss it, but only a little bit.

Then finally he reached the wall where he had painted a small red "X". He swiftly tried to get his trousers clean again before moving into a unusual stance, facing the wall with the red "X". His right right arm was hanging above his head while his left arm was below his waist. He focused and then he pulled the right arm down and the left arm up. The wall moved swiftly down into the ground, revealing a narrow alleyway that lead into a much larger street. He was now in Newhaven.


"Theron! So good to see you!" The young shopkeeper almost yelled in joy as the man entered the shop filled with scrolls and birds. "I see you're still alive. What can I do for a humble man as yourself?"

Theron looked up at the shopkeeper and gave him a small smile. "Ezio, my old friend. I have a package for one of your birds to deliver."

Ezio's smile grew slim as he heard his old friends request. He moved out from his shop, looked around quickly before he closed the door and locked it. Then he moved up to one of the many cages and pulled out a black hawk. Then turning to face Theron he asked his usual question.

"To the same location?"

Theron only nodded to this and handed Ezio the small package which contained the fingers of the three assassins he had killed before. The leader of the WolfPack would recognize them because of the rings they wore. This was the one thing he had always done; Killed one or more assassins, found the finger with the ring and cut it off. After that he would travel back to Newhaven and send them to the assassins camp which he knew where it lied. He couldn't attack the camp just yet because he had to weaken them first and then create a distraction so he could easily take them by surprise. There was still much to do but while he waited he could keep on sending the leader her assassins back in peices.

Theron was about to leave the shop when he was stopped by Ezio's next words.

"You saw the large bounty the king has placed on any information about the location of the WolfPack's camp. I don't know if I can afford to pass up on this opportunity Theron."

The man stood still. Was it going to be betrayal after everything he's done for Ezio? Was that how he repaid him? With disloyalty? Theron faced Ezio and gave him a disappointing look. Ezio didn't look at Theron because he was ashamed that he had even brought it up, but he had to say something.

"You know how important this is. You cannot do this. I'm so close!" Theron said with a firm tone. Ezio didn't say a word and returned to his duties in the shop. Theron let out a heavy sigh. Even though Ezio was his friend and almost even a brother to him he couldn't afford loose ends at this point in the plan.
With that he quickly pulled out his crossbow and placed an arrow in Ezio's throat. The man gave away a faint sound that would have been a scream if the arrow had not penetrated his throat before falling to the ground, dead. After that Theron picked up the hawk from the counter, attached the small package to it's left leg and then after walking out he whispered something in it's ear before he threw it up in the air.

With a face expression of heavy sorrow he watched the hawk grow smaller in the sky before it disappeared amongst the clouds. This was another death he blamed on the WolfPack for their actions. He would make them pay. Walking back to the alleyway where his secret entrance lied he thought about what he had written in the letter that came with the package.

"You cannot protect them forever. Soon enough they will know of me and then there will be hell on earth for you.

- Shadow Hunter."