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Vilen Gallows

I am never bored anywhere; being bored is an insult to oneself.

0 · 116 views · located in Newhaven

a character in “Shadows of the Enlightened”, as played by LALAshesang


Name: Vilen (VEE-lin) Gallows
Rank: Active
Alias (if Active assassin): Hook
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Ability (if enlightened): Vilen has the ability to draw people to him with his voice, which is how he got his nickname. However, he cannot alter wills more than attracting them to him. The target must be within hearing range. At this time he can only direct the attraction at a certain area, but he finds that his precision is getting better with age.
Along with his abnormal ability, due to his past of constantly running from the law, he possesses some pretty great physical abilities, and has mastered something that he likes to call free-running. (If any of you are familiar with parkour, that's basically what it is.)
Description: Vilen is about 6'3" with brown hair that he keeps cut pretty short, and green eyes. He is built like an athlete, but isn't bulky. He is relatively compact for someone of his height, and therefore is capable of moving rather gracefully and quietly. Being a bit of a scrapper, he's got a few battle wounds on his arms and chest, but nothing serious. He has also broken his nose a few times, so it has a slight bump at the bridge.


Vilen takes nothing seriously. Besides killing. When he is on a mission, he is focused, attentive, and driven, to the point where it is difficult for other people to work with him because he is often not looking for direction. He has already figured out exactly what he will do in his head and has a hard time letting others distract him, even when necessary. His lack of ability to work in a team is one of the reasons why he has was a recruit for very long.
Outside of missions, as previously stated, Vilen takes nothing seriously. He is reckless and compulsive, rarely thinking things through before he does them. What's more, he loses interest in things very quickly, and becomes bored easily. This results in a lot of risky behavior, which may often lead to a fight or two. However, since moving to the Camp, that has obviously stopped. Without any outlets for his compulsions besides missions and training, Vilen often seems over-eager to work with the instructors, but this also makes him a good pupil. He has a flair for the dramatic and craves recognition and notoriety. This slight narcissism makes him seem like he doesn't care about other people that much, and to a point that is true. He cares whether his comrades live or die, naturally, and would gladly die defending one of them, but their feelings are generally not forefront in his mind. He is very quick to make assumptions and premature judgments of people.
Because of the amount of time it too him to become an active assassin, he is aware of the judgments of his peers, but rather than let them get to him, he uses them as fuel. He longs to prove himself and show that he can be a valuable member of the wolfpack.


Vilen tries to avoid simple kills. His vanity rarely allows him to go unnoticed. He abhors small, discrete things. His weapon of choice is his scimitar Image

However, realizing that sometimes discretion is necessary, when killing from a distance, his uses a recurved bow.

Vilen generally prefers to wear clothes that he can move easily in, and also allow him to blend in. Customarily, he wears a pair of breeches in black or brown, a white shirt, and tall black boots. When it's cold he also has a neutral green cloak. He wears both of his weapons strapped to his back


Ever since realizing his ability at twelve, Vilen has used it to his advantage. Before joining the Wolf Pack, he used it for mischief around Newhaven, the place of his birth, such as luring out shop owners so that he friends could steal things. However, true to his nature, after a while this got boring, and he decided that he was going to have to go for something else. He left his home and parents and travelled to Blackpond, and eventually started moving onto bigger crimes, until one day a member of the Wolf Pack was on a mission and witnessed him using his ability to lure a group of guards (which the assassin had been trying to get by) to him, killing them while his own accomplices proceeded into the house they were guarding. Realizing that he could be a useful asset to the order, and approached him. Naturally, Vilen needed no convincing, so he joined the Wolfpack at the age of seventeen and spent three years as a recruit. During his third year, he was reassigned to Crys with the hopes that she might do something constructive with him, and he finally was able to successfully become an assassin.

So begins...

Vilen Gallows's Story