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"I will fight until my dying breath for Peace and Justice!"

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a character in “Shadows of The Forgotten”, as played by Selene Durlan


Akida stands at the heigth of 177cm and she likes to keep her weight a secret although she is considered well-trained and slim to others. She has dark blue eyes and brown hair with a mix of white. She has a long scar that runs from the top of her neck down to the middle of her back. The cut is crude and becomes deeper as it progresses downwards, indictating that whoever made it started by her neck with the blade and cut downwards. Other than that she doesn't have any scars worthy of showing and no tattoos either.


Ability (if Enlightened): Akida recently discovered that she has the ability to move extremely fast. However, the side-effect to such a powerful ability is that if she uses it too much, she starts to lose control over certain parts of her body until she eventually lose control of her heart muscles and dies.


Akida is occasionally a cold blooded bitch that doesn't let anyone stand in either her or her mentors side, however most of the time she's soft, happy and is always up for a joke and the occasional prank. She can be intimidating, cold and hard to impress at the same time as she can be friendly, tricky and filled with joy. It all depends on who's she's with at the given moment; If she's with her Mentor Theron she suddenly becomes serious and cold hearted as she tries to impress her teacher and friend, but while she is with people she respect and loves she becomes friendly, happy and sometimes even a bit shy in her approach.

She has a small crush on Ace and she thinks the feeling is mutual between them.


Akida wears a grey full-body leather suit and on top of that there are white cloth robes with thick plate pieces attached to her more vital parts for more protection. She doesn't wear any gauntlets, but she does wear a pair of black leather boots. She always has that white hood from her robes over her head. Over her mouth is also has a bandanna that has markings carved into it. These markings speaks of her life in the elvish tongue which can also only be spoken by a true elf.

When it comes to weapons, Akida has been learned from Theron to only carry what you truly think will be necessary; Thus, Akida is equipped with a long black blade forged by her friend Barca in the forge pits of Venus, the Capital of Syrien; A hidden blade in the leather bracer on her right arm; A couple of bottles with burning acid inside. Other than that she also carries a bag of smoke bombs, a couple of throwing knives and a shortsword for quick use if she has misplaced her blade for some reason.


Akida was born into poverty on the streets of Venus. She never knew her parents and was early sent to an orphanage where she was raised. The life in these orphanages were pure hell for the children living there because the maids working there always resorted to punishing the children through violence if they disobeyed anything they said or didn't trust them. It even went so far that soon one or two of the male maids there began to molest some of the young girls and if it hadn't been for an old pair of merchants who adopted Akida, she too would have been molested. After escaping that hell-hole, Akida lived a peaceful life with her new parents and grew up to become a very smart girl that loved to repair things and build new things.

However, upon reaching the age of seventeen, Akida's adopt parents died from natural causes and she was brought back to the orphanage to live there until she became 18 and allowed to work and make a living for herself. In this year she was molested several time since she was one of the oldest girls there. When a year had came and went, she was finally released and started to work.

For six years she worked from she was 18 until she was 24 years old. That's when she meet Theron and his company as they travelled through Venus. She found them to be a curious couple of travelers and decided to tag along them and see if she could get them to accept her into their group. When a problem arose in the city and the elven and the orc friend to the human were captured and locked away, the man named Theron turned to Akida for help since she knew the city like the back of her hand. However, in return for saving his friends from certain death, she wanted him to help her get her vengeance on the orphanage she had lived in for so many years. Theron agreed since he had no other choice and helped her get her vengeance.

The moment she slit the throat of the man who had molested her and the moment she stood in front of the burning orphanage didn't bring any peace to her heart. This was when Theron approached her and said the words she would never forget;

"War and Death are never the answers to your problems, child." He told her and from that moment on her respect for him has never faltered. She became his student and learned from him the ways of battle, peacekeeping, meditation etc. After that she also helped her newfound mentor and father-figure to rescue his friends and then they escaped Venus and Syrien and kept on travelling together. They travelled around the world until the day they finally reached Valcrest, Theron's Homeland.

So begins...

Akida's Story