Alistair Ashmore

"Never underestimate the complexity of human emotions."

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a character in “Shadows of The Past”, as played by Blackbird26


Name: Alistair Ashmore

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Rank: Medicinal Healer

Ability: Empathy. Alistair is able to sense the emotions of people at a reasonable distance, and through concentration he is able to sense the emotional state of people who are close to him (close in a personal level), no matter where in the land they are. He can also project his own emotions on people and certain types of animals (such as horses, wolves, bears, and others), influencing their will or disposition towards him.

Description: Alistair is 187cm tall, strong build. Golden brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin. He has several scars on his chest and back, ranging from cuts to burn marks, permanent reminders of his troubled past. He also has one scar on his left eye, from his last altercation with his father. His eye color may change from green to a light golden color when his enlightenment is in use.

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*Ignore all the jewelry and the cool energy thingy coming out of his hand.

Theme Song: Indifference - Pearl Jam


Alistair is a friendly man. He enjoys conversation in spite of being usually quiet and seemingly uptight. Beneath his cold exterior he is a very nice man. However he tends to always turn the topics of a conversation away from himself and towards the other person. He is a wonderful listener, but rarely talks about himself or his own problems with anyone.

He is also calm in his actions and hard to anger. However, he is very protective of the people he cares about and capable to commit any kind violence he finds necessary in their defense.



- Standard medicine and antidote kit.

- A silver pendant that belonged to his mother.

In spite of not carrying, or even owning, weapons, he is a skilled fighter, both with a sword and bare hands.


Alistair's mother was a maid in the Newhaven castle, his father was a guard there as well. Being so, Alistair spent the first 13 years of his life in Newhaven. Most of his time spent helping his mother make the beds and clean. It was a simple life, but he would have seen no problem with it, wasn't for his father. Alistair's father was a sadistic and abusive man. Blaming it on his drinking would be easy, wasn't for the fact that he was rarely ever drunk. When he wasn't in the dungeons terrifying the weaker prisoners, he was home terrifying his wife and son.
On the day of his 7th birthday Alistair received a wooden sword as a gift. As a consequence of that, he began receiving what his father would refer to as "fighting lessons". Those lessons usually consisted of him trying to fend the man off while being mercilessly attacked with a sword or, on occasion, a hot branding iron.

Two years and many wounds later, Alistair's brother Ethan was born. For some reason, his father seemed to believe Ethan was the son of another man, even so, he never laid a hand on the boy, instead he would unleash his anger on Alistair and his mother. That until one night, when Ethan was 4 and decided to pick up his brother's training sword to play with. In that moment it was decided that the boy should receive his first fighting lesson. That night, in a desperate attempt to protect his little brother and influenced by his father's rage, Alistair fought the man and ended up beating him to death.

Ethan, however, had already been severely beaten. So Alistair carried his brother out and all the way to plains, barely in time to save his life. Soon after leaving his brother under the care of the first healer he spotted, he collapsed.

When Alistair woke up, about a day and a half later, Lena was the first person he saw. She introduced herself to him and after he remembered what happened in his home she explained that, after he took his brother away, his mother confessed to killing his father and was arrested for the crime. She also showed the boy a letter in which his mother asked him to stay in the ruins and take care of himself and his brother. Along with the letter the silver pendant that she carried around her neck.
After some time to process that information, a meal, and the painful process of telling Lena everything his father had put him through and how he killed the man (something he never discussed again with anyone), Alistair was offered training, which he accepted without the slight hesitation.

In the years that followed, Alistair studied to be come a healer, trained to control his ability the best he could, and came to see Lena as a close friend. Not minding the several rumors that emerged amongst the clan concerning their personal relationship. Many people amongst the healers questioned if their leader had a more personal interest in the young boy. Even if that theory is extremely far from the truth, people still occasionally consider the possibility. The fact that no one has ever seen Alistair in the company of any other woman, seems to make it impossible for people to rule it out completely.

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Alistair Ashmore's Story