Allison Blake

"There are no heroes in this world. Only people who are willing to take a little more pain than the average person."

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a character in “Shadows of The Past”, as played by Blackbird26


Name: Allison Blake (Ali)

Rank: Instructor

Alias: Blackbird (The only person to ever call her by it is Crys, and that's when she is furious)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Ability (if enlightened): Allison has the ability to enhance or nullify any one of her senses at will. However, when she enhances one sense she loses another. And if she wishes not feel pain she will become sensitive to sounds or light. She has control of her abilities most of the time, but sometimes when she closes her eyes at night, her hearing can become extremely sensitive, which makes it hard for her to sleep. She can shut off her pain for quite some time, but she has found that when she stops shutting it down, it tends to return with twice the intensity if she keeps it up for long.

Description: Allison is about 167cm tall and is slightly skinny. She has light skin, wavy blonde hair and bright blues eyes. She is the kind of girl who easily stands out in a crowd, wasn't for the fact that she usually goes out of her way to avoid them. She usually keeps quiet and carries herself in a discrete manner, looking at her no one really assumes she could hurt a fly.

Theme Song 01: Paramore - Careful
Theme song 02: Paramore - Turn it Off


Ali's behavior has changed a lot in the year that passed since the battle in Newhaven, and it shows. Much of her former anger and impulsiveness seems to be gone, or at least under control. She has also become much more open and outgoing towards her friends. On occasion her behavior may even come off as childish if she happens to be in a cheery mood, much to Crystal's annoyance.

Towards strangers Ali continues to be the introspective and quiet self she was always known for. She doesn't seek conversation and dislikes crowded and noisy areas, which usually drives her away from the center of the camp and towards the nearby lake. She has gained respect of most actives and recruits due to the fact that she killed a White Knight during the battle in Newhaven, however she doesn't seem to enjoy the attention in one bit. She would much rather keep to herself and not talk about it.

As an assassin Ali is restless, quick, and cold. She usually shows empty hands but she can pull a knife out of nowhere before you know it. Close combat is not really her preference even though her skill has improved. She is a skilled archer and she can wait for hours, even days, with a arrow nocked, for a perfect shot.

She has a pathological fear of fire, and she will avoid it at all costs.


Equipment: Ali usually carries two silver daggers on her waist, three hidden throwing knives, a longbow which is a family heirloom. Allison's bow belonged to her older brother and was crafted by his hands, it is her most precious possession and she has been known to brake some fingers to keep people's hands away from it. It is a black bow with a silver-lined grip. She also keeps at least 20 arrows always with her, in a small leather quiver she keeps tied around her waist.

Primary weapon: Bow and arrow.

Ali's bow is a 1,6m long traditional military longbow (similar to ones used by the english army). It has a 120lbs pull to it. And Ali can draw it, and actually hold it drawn for long periods of time. Mostly because she trains to do it since she was 10. This bow can fire arrows at distances as far as 400m, although the

Her arrows are made of birch, painted black, with white goose feathers. The arrow heads are crafted out of metal and shaped as though to cause the most damage when yanked out.




Other: Her graduation ring.


Ali was born in a village where recently the healer's camp resides. When she was only 10 years old the village was attacked, and burned down by the army of Newhaven. Allison's older brother, Alex, managed to rescue her from their burning home, but was killed by soldiers moments after. After watching her brother die and all she knew burn to ashes, the girl proceeded took a knife marched into the clearing where the soldier where camped and killed two of them before running away with her brother's bow, which they had stolen. Looking back she considers that the soldiers must have taken pity on her for some reason, otherwise she wouldn't have made it out alive.
Crys brought Ali to the Wolfpack, saw through her training, and fought with her mother so that Ali was allowed to become an active. As a result the two become very close friends, which causes Ali to act towards Crys in a, almost disrespectful, casual manner, even now that she is leader. That also makes her one of the few people who are unafraid of calling Crys an idiot if she is in fact acting as one.

In the year that passed Ali went through some terrible reminders of her past, lost a friend when Crystal's father died and survived an attack by the killer himself (out of complete luck, but still). After the battle in Newhaven (in which the killer was discovered passing himself as ruler, and was killed as such), Allison left and headed for the ruins of Blackhurst to learn more about her origins and, even if she would never admit it, take a rest from all the commotion. Upon her returned she discovered that Crys was now the leader, and found herself promoted to instructor before she could even wrap her mind around the facts of their leader's death.
She has also found that her reputation spiked considerably and she gained a level of respect she never had, or even wanted, before. She avoids talking about anything that happened in the castle of Newhaven with anyone aside from the people who were there with her. She resents the way their actions affected the clan and the path the war itself has taken since then. Because of that she has made it her personal mission to find the rightful ruler of Newhaven and restore some of the balance in the land.

So begins...

Allison Blake's Story


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"Forgive me." The words were nothing more than a whisper as Jake stared at the cold gravestone before him. Only one sentence was read in its surface, he figured only Crys would have picked it out. It read: "Daniela Rivers - Finally at rest." To an outsider that might have come off as inappropriate, but it was an inside joke anyway. Any time Crys would tell her mother to relax or take a rest she would answer with. "I'll have plenty of time to do that when I'm dead." Jake let his eyes rest on the words and he let out a small chuckle.

Jake hadn't been in that camp in over a year. The clan as a whole saw his return as suspicious. Understandable. To them he had already committed treason once. He had been there for almost a week now, trying to do his share and avoiding Crys at all costs. He barely caught a glimpse of her or two as she passed by. Her mother's death was getting to her, he knew that. He also knew he couldn't possibly be as close to her as he would like. Not right now.

He closed his eyes and lowered his head respectfully. The last conversation he had with the leader of the Wolfpack was quick, and slightly unfriendly. Although he remembered the concern in her voice as he accepted his task, when she proceeded to list all the reasons why he shouldn't accept. Dani was never an emotional person, but that was her way of showing that she cared for his safety. Tears escaped the man's blue eyes as he recalled the day of her death. Seeing his leader fall to the ground from behind a black helm was something he would never forget. As the pain brought him to his knees, his fingers sunk into the dirt before the grave. "Forgive me." He repeated.

"What are you doing?" The familiar voice sounded in his ears and he opened his eyes. "Stand up, you idiot." Crys added.
Jake didn't move, he didn't think he would stand to turn around and face her right now. Suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder, she had knelt down next to him before he could even notice. "Jake, what are you doing?" She repeated the question.
Jake nodded, trying to get his voice to come out. Finally he answered. "I'm paying my respects, Crystal. Is there a problem with that?"
Crys sighed beside him and and he felt her skin against his as she ran her fingertips along the side of his face, he hadn't been this close to her in a very long time, under the circumstances it made him slightly uncomfortable. "You look different." She stated, her fingers stopping on the scar above his left eye.
Jake opened a half-smile. "You still look the same."
"You're not looking at me, silly." She laughed.
Jake sighed. "I don't have to. You'll always be the same stubborn child."
"Don't take me for a child, Knight. I can still give you a nice beating." She stated, in a playful tone, poking the scar. "Or have you forgotten?"
Jake finally looked at her. Crys did look exactly the same, the same familiar smirk crossing her face as she bragged about being able to beat him... Nothing had changed. He smiled. "No I haven't forgotten that." He wiped his hands on the front of his shirt before touching the gravestone with his right hand and standing up. "Don't ever call me that again." He told her. A hint of coldness crossed his voice for a second. Before she could answer a man's voice echoed across the camp.


Allison had been busy scouting. She had very little time to mourn Dani's death, she had been working non-stop to keep the camp as secure as possible under the circumstances. In the week and a half she had been there she barely got any sleep. She wasn't complaining though. Anything that she could do for the clan, she would do it. Tending to recruits was the worse though. Not that she didn't enjoy being an instructor, but... The questions were inevitable. They wanted to know about the Shadow's attack on her and expected her to brag about killing a White Knight. She had no idea how people even knew about those details. In the Pack though, once the word is out... It spreads quicker than a forest fire.

Crossing the main entrance and heading to the center of the camp she heard talking amongst some actives. The same talk had been going on over and over. She stopped, not looking at group of men talking, not even to register their faces. She leaned against a tree and listened. A slight frown crossing her expression.
"She hasn't given us any word on what our plan are! Someone needs to confront her at some point!"
"The question is: How rational can she still be? She's not talking to anyone and leaving us in the dark. We're the ones who are dying because of whatever they did in Newhaven. Why must we pay for her mistakes?"
"She is Dani daughter."
"She is not Dani. She is more Bastian's daughter, if you ask me. I never once trusted that outsider to begin with."
"Lionel... That's too much."
"No, I'm done. This ends now." The active by name of Lionel stated. Then he walked a few step and shouted. "CRYSTAL! SHOW YOURSELF!"

Ali raised her head and her blue eyes darted at the man. He couldn't possibly be that stupid. Crys came walking, slowly from the memorial and she immediately stopped a few steps before the man who had called for her. "Show yourself?" She repeated his words. "I was unaware that I was hiding, Lionel."
"I am done with this." He stated. Walking a step closer and pointing his finger at her disrespectfully. Ali let her hand slide towards her quiver. Then she heard Crys chuckle. Coldness in her voice as she answered the man. "Stop yourself before it's too late." She warned him.
"No. I challenge you!" He shouted.
The whole camp stopped as he said those words. As if time had suddenly stopped, or slowed considerably. Crys sighed. "I'll give you five seconds to leave my presence before I'm forced to kill you. Five..."
The man didn't move so she kept counting slowly:



As she spoke the word "Two." Ali heard one of the recruits scream. She had missed the split second when Crys pulled out her Sai and stabbed the man. The metallic sound of a knife was the only sound in the clearing as the dagger Lionel had pulled fell to the ground. Crys let the active fall to the ground at her feet before getting on one knee beside him and slitting his throat in one clean move. Then she rested his dagger over his chest, closed his eyes and whispered. "Rest in peace, my brother."
She stood up and sheathed the bloody Sai before finally speaking. "There is enough people killing our members already. Once this is over you can all turn on me. Right now, we should be fighting them and not each other." Her voice was calm and void of emotion as she spoke. Ali knew Crys a little better though... Killing one of her own men was a painful thing for her. Ali nodded as Crys turned her back, speaking as she walked away from the center of the camp. "Give this fool a proper burial, then return to your assignments."

Ali wanted to chase Crys down and talk to her, but she had her assignment to fulfill. There was just no time for friendship right now.