Anne Turner

"Anything can be done with what nature provides"

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a character in “Shadows of The Past”, as played by Blackbird26


Name: Anne Turner
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Rank: Future Leader (Spiritual healers/herbal healer)

Ability: Annie has the ability of closing wounds by channeling her own vital energy onto another person. She is still young and inexperienced with this ability, which means that pushing her limits could easily cause her death, since she hasn't yet learned to heal without wasting her own life force in the process. After healing a lethal wound she will be drained which will most likely make her slip into unconsciousness for a period of a least 24 hours. Her eyes glow a bright golden color when her ability is in use.

Description: Annie is slim, a little short, although she often claims to still be growing if that is pointed it out to her. She has straight long jet black hair, and dark brown eyes. She usually dresses on her clan's white robe, underneath it she wears something close to what an assassin or rogue would wear. Light, black leather armor plates protecting her arms and legs. She always wears boots, unless when at home, in the ruins. There she walks barefoot at all times.

Theme Song: Hand in My Pocket - Alanis Morisstte


Annie is a bright young girl. Bright as in smart and bright as in happy. Annie is very cheerful and almost always has a smile on her face. She is sweet and caring towards almost anyone. That may make her seem naive, but in reality she is no such thing. Annie has a sharp mind and some times uses her sweet and seemingly innocent nature to trick others into telling her things she's not supposed to know. She is not manipulative though. She only does this out of curiosity.

Annie loves to study, and she learns things at an incredibly fast rate. She craves answers and is only ever frustrated when she can't find one. Engage in conversation with her, and be prepared to be interrogated. She will want to know the reasons behind everything you do. If she is ever in an argument with someone she will have answers for everything, and will try to keep the discussion going for as long as possible. She hardly ever loses her temper though, which makes some people nervous, as they claim that it is isn't normal for a "child" to be so calm.

As a healer she finds her Enlightenment not to be developed enough to use often, so she is very dedicated to the use of herbal medicine, unlike other Spiritual Healers. She is extremely determined when it comes to saving a life, and may become obsessed. She is known for not resting until she has a solution or has exhausted all possibilities. She has even, on occasion, deprived herself of sleep and skipped meals while working on patients.

In spite of her friendly nature she has very few actual friends, and can often been caught sitting alone reading.


Annie doesn't carry weapons, in or out of her camp. Her equipment consists of:

- A medicine kit (standard for the clan): Brown wooden box containing healing herb, vials of medicine, and different types of bandages embedded in herbal extracts.

- Antidote kit (her personal creation): Black wooden box containing a great amount of small vials labeled with numbers. Each containing a different components used in the making of different types of poisons and antidotes.

- Antidote Guide (her personal creation): A black book with a numbered list of components, how to obtain them and where in Valcrest is the best place to find them. She has its contents memorized, but still carries the book with her wherever she goes.

Other: She carries a rose pendant (silver with small rubis) around her neck at all times. A present given to her by her mother.




Annie was born in the ruins. Her mother is the leader of the White Shadows, Annie's father is... Unknown to her. She studies to be a healer since she was only five years old. She was always a happy child and always felt very loved and cared for by everyone in her clan. After she discovered her gift, at the premature age of 10, things change slightly for her. Suddenly she wasn't just another apprentice anymore, she was different. Her mother explained to her that Enlightened born with the ability to heal were very rare, but Annie didn't understand why that made her any more special than anyone else. She still doesn't.

As she got a little older she got used to the "respectful distance" the other recruits kept from her. She was graduated to healer when she turned 14, and eventually travels alone, mostly to the Wolfpack camp, to assist to injured people.

Other: Annie is afraid of lightning storms, and has a strange love for red roses. She always carries at least one with her and tends to offer them to people.

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