Ella Page

"Will I ever truly understand this?"

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a character in “Shadows of The Past”, as played by Mr_Doomed


Name: Ella Page

Alias (if Active assassin): Name for which your character is known professionally

Rank: Recruit

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Ability (if enlightened): N/A

Description: Ella is a fragile little girl. SHe looks timid and not in any way threatoning to anyone or anything. She has long blond wavey hair and light grey eyes. Her skin in very pale with only a few freckles that have appeared over time. Because of her pale skin and the time she spends outdoors, she gets sun burnt a lot and it isn't a suprise whenever you see red around her face. She is small and underwieght. No matter how much this girl seems to eat, she seems to motabolise even faster. Though this can be seen as beutey, it is very unhealthy and it can effect her training as an assassin.
She likes to wear dresses, but rarely finds occation to do so around camp. Instead she wears some durable loose fit pants and a brown-grey shirt with a belt for all of her equipment she is amde to carry.

Theme Song: Dancing in the Dark- Bruce Springsteen


Personality: Ella, despite looking timid, is a very talkative person. She is friendly and is always ready to wlcome someone new into her circle of friends. She is one of thos people who always seems to have a smile on her face and can never be put down. Of course she, like anyone has their breaking point. It took Evin almost an entire year to finally find her breaking point and when she did break, oh boy! She will become psychopatic.
Behind her friendly charm, there is a very depressed girl though. It is one that never really knew her real family and never really cared to either. The thing that most effects her though, is the death of the real king. Inside, she is very pessamistic and never really up beat. She really wants to be able to tell people about her personal problems, but she is too afraid to.


Equipment: Ella usually prefers to use a scimitar in combat (not that she's done much), but she is being trained to be an expert with any weapon she can find or carry.
Although, she can't carry weapons around since she's a recruit. Evin has given her a dagger that she conceals under her shirt.
She doesn't exactly carry it around all the time, but she also has a ring that she has had since birth. It is a constant reminder of the family she used to have.


Background: Ella doesn't know a life outside of either the Wolf Pack or the orphanage she used to live in before things got out of hand. It all started when she met the king as he was parading down the streets by her orphanage in Newhaven. She wanted to get a closer look so she had ran past the guards and went to say hello to the him. The minute the King had seen Ella, he called upon his guards to send her away, but his son (the prince at the time), wanted to know more about her. There was just something about her that intrigued him.
After that day, the two became very close and after the King passed the crown down to his son, they just became closer. People always believed that Ella was the King's daughter, and it could have been true too. Of course they denied that that was true and then it was decided that the king had a sick love for young. underage girls. When that rumor started to go around, he had to abandon her back alone at the orphanage.
Years past and Ella hadn't heard from him. Then one day, a White Knight stormed into the orphanage and captured the girl. She was being persecuted for treason against the king. When she went to face the king head on, she realised that he wasn't the king that she remembered, he was Perry (the Shadow). He believed that she had an enlightened power and was going to gain this power from her. Before he could do anything though, the assassin's came and killed Perry.
The assassin's took her in and now she is training under Evin to become an assassin herself.

So begins...

Ella Page's Story