Helena Turner

"Time stops for no one."

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a character in “Shadows of The Past”, as played by Blackbird26


Name: Helena Turner (Lena)

Age: 50

Gender: Female

Rank: N/A

Ability: Lena is capable of accessing other people's memories. Her ability is usually triggered by something the person says, physical contact, or simple eye contact sometimes. She has absolutely no control over what she see or when it happens. She considers the ability itself a hassle, but as a consequence of it she usually avoids crowded areas since she never know what images may form in her head when she is around many people. When she is angered or deeply sad she can cause the worse memories of anyone standing too close to resurface in their minds. She has no control over this, but is kind enough to avoid people when she is not feeling well. She also suffers from debilitating headaches from time to time.

Description: Lena is a beautiful woman. She has long jet black hair and bright blue eyes. She stands tall at 178cm, and has a slim figure underneath the with robes she wears. Although she is close to reaching her fifties, if one would guess based in her appearance, she doesn't appear to much older than 40 except for some signs of weariness in her eyes of someone who's seen her share of death. Under the white robes Lena still wears the dark clothes she once wore as an assassin, the robes themselves are no different for the other of her clan, except for the imprint of a red rose surrounded by thorns, on the left side of her chest.

Theme Song 1 (her assassin side): Sweet Sacrifice - Evanescence
Theme Song 2(her healer side): Humanity - Scorpion


Lena is a secretive person. She likes to keep her feelings to herself and doesn't offer her insightful opinions to just anyone. She is somewhat cold, bound to think that sacrificing one life is nothing if there's the possibility of saving two. That opinion doesn't exclude her own life or the lives of anyone else she cares for. Her daughter seems to be the only life she considers more important than the rest, and the only person she would do anything to protect.

She has changed very little compared to other former assassins that have come to enter the healer clan. She embraces her past as an assassin, claiming that being capable of causing harm and choosing not to do so is what makes her a good person. She believes that evil is a part of human nature and therefore should be accepted. Many of her clan members respect her for that. Others fear her for not completely breaking her ties to her assassin past. Lena still gives out the impression of someone who can kill in a heartbeat. Although she has not taken a life in over 20 years.


Lena carries two black steel daggers and a short sword when she travels, but inside the ruins she follows her own rules and carries no weapons.

She carries a medicine kit with her at all times. Empty vials and a note book.





Helena's mother was an assassin, her father a soldier of the city of Blackpond. The fact that the man was her target was a major problem, plus the fact the he was already married and had a son. After Lena's mother was ordered once again to assassinate the man and refused she ran away from the clan and sought shelter in a village near the ruins of Blackhurst. There Lena was born.

By the time the clan caught up with her mother Lena was two years old. Her mother was taken back to camp and executed as a traitor. Lena was raised by the leader as her own child and grew as an older-sister figure to the womans two daughters (Dani was born when Lena was 4, and Sarah when she was 9).
When Lena finished her training and became an active, the woman who had raised her called Lena for a private conversation. Lena knew that she couldn't really be the woman's daughter, they looked nothing alike, but she had learned to ignore that a long time ago. That was the day Lena learned the truth about her mother, and her father. As the woman spoke, the memories she had of killing her mother cross Lena's mind as if she remembered them herself, she watched her real mother die, and felt absolutely nothing for her. She knew who her real family was.

Then she was handed a dagger, and told that she was free to seek revenge if she wished to do so. Lena kept the dagger, but she had no intention of avenging her real mother. She simply shrugged and stated that "that dumb woman" got what she deserved for violating her oath. That was the one and only mention of her birth mother that ever came out of her mouth. She considered that her mother didn't care for her enough to do whatever was necessary to keep her safe. Instead she refused to kill a man who was already marked to die and ran away, risking her own life and her child's life as well. It was a stupid and weak thing to do.

Lena considered her life in the Wolfpack great. She had good parents, two little sisters and she truly enjoyed working as an assassin. A little too much, one would say, but not enough to make excessively violent. She was promoted to instructor at age 18, with a close to perfect assassination record. Life was perfect... That until her 21st birthday. The day Dani brought Bastian home.

When the boy arrived at the clan and Dani made up some story as to where he had come from Lena knew she was lying through her teeth and, away from her mother's eyes and ears, Lena confronted Dani and demanded the truth from her. After knowing that Bastian was, in reality, an enemy of the clan, Lena knew what would happen next and didn't like it. Dani was her "little sister" though, and she couldn't bring herself to expose her lying. After Bastian's former group, the Wolf Hunters, attacked the Wolfpack camp. Lena was one of the few instructors to survive, and when she rushed home to find that everyone in the family had been killed except Dani, it simply crushed her.

While Dani was overwhelmed with feelings of rage and grief... Lena was thinking to herself that life in the Wolfpack just wasn't worth it anymore. She advised Dani against seeking revenge, told her that more death would bring them nothing. It wouldn't ease her pain, and would only bring more trouble. When Dani insisted on making the Wolf Hunters pay Lena demanded to be released from her oath, or executed for treason, because she refused to take any part in it.

No longer bound to the Pack Lena wandered until she found herself in the ruins. Taken in by the White Shadows as a stray, she used her ability to learn everything she could from everyone she could. The old man who was their leader at the time grew fond of her and they spent many hours discussing the young girls past and her views and thoughts on life. When he fell ill, she did everything she could to save his life. Upon failing to do so, she was shocked to discover he had named her his successor.

At the age of 22, Lena Turner took command of the clan of healers as she continued to study. And now, after 25 years, she finds that her clan is defenseless and powerless as war threatens to consume everything around them.

So begins...

Helena Turner's Story