Jake Turner

"Who am I? I'm not at liberty to say."

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Name: Jacob Turner

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Rank: Active Assassin/Black Knight - Poison specialist
Ability (if enlightened): Jake has the ability to make himself, or anything he touches, invisible to others. However, water or any other liquid tossed his way will brake that illusion and make him visible again.
Description: Jake is 187cm tall, currently his jet black hair is almost at shoulder length and slightly messy, his icy blue eyes show signs of sleep deprivation and, to one who looks a bit further, deep emotional distress. He has a scar over his left eye, acquired during his training in the Pack (actually given to him by Crys), for some unknown reason he is very proud of it.

Theme Song: I Am The Highway - Audioslave


Jake is a serious and determined guy. His undying loyalty to his friends, whoever they may be, makes him willing to go to extremes to protect them or their integrity. He is always the go-to guy, the one who makes sacrifices and is willing to go through any level of pain for the people who matter to him. That doesn't change when it comes to duty. Jake is the one who is willing to take any measures to see the mission completed, no matter at what costs. He is disciplined and likes to always have a trick up his sleeve for when things get too tricky.

Jake can be a very sweet and caring person, always concerned for his friends and always willing to listen. This side of him, however, he keeps very well hidden and reserved for a handful of people he trusts. He is also a very sociable and seemingly easy going. He can be easily seen chatting with strangers at bar, or even charming one lady or another if they happen to pay him attention. His heart, however, is very much taken and it has been for a very long time.


Weapons: Jake carries a Katana, a set of throwing knives, and most importantly: Needles. He carries over fifty throwing needles embedded with different kinds of poisons.

Other: Jake carries at all times a golden locket around his neck. Only he knows what it contains, but it is very important to him.



Background: Jake was born in the city of Blackpond, son of a soldier. After the war took his parents, Jake was raised by his older sister. Until, when he was only ten, a gang of thieves took his sister from him as well. The thieves left Jake hanging to a tree by the neck, he was discovered there by Bastian and taken to the Wolfpack.

Upon discovering his ability, Jake's first "brilliant" act was to escape from camp and try to take revenge on his sister's killers. The encounter with the bandits left him, once again, very close to death. Taken into the ruins for healing, he found a little bit of family left in the healer's leader. Although his father had never mentioned his half-sister for more than obvious reason, the woman seemed to know who he was and who he sister was as if she knew them. Since that was the first of Jake's many failed attempts to seek revenge, he eventually came to know his aunt, as well as his little cousin.
The times spent int the ruins served the purpose of spiking Jake's interest in studying poisons and antidotes, as well as convincing him to be more careful in his attempts to attack the thieves.
Jake went through with his training without any further attempts and with time he gained some discipline. At age 17, when he finally graduated to active, he received permission to track down his sisters killers, which he did. He killed the men and never spoke of it again.

Throughout his time in the Wolfpack Jake got very close to Bastian, and as a consequence of that... He became also very close friends with Crys and soon came to have stronger feelings for her. Those feelings, and one single mistake, caused his expulsion. During an assignment in Blackpond a guard discovered Crys, and when the man grabbed her arm, Crys went on a rage and killed him. That alone wouldn't have been so bad, but the commotion that caused resulted in the death of another active. Jake chose to help Crys out of the city instead of helping the man, leaving him to die. With two acts of treason on their hands they both agreed not to say anything about what exactly happened. Although, when Dani questioned Jake he told her he had killed the guard and caused the commotion, and took responsibility for the whole thing. Dani didn't believe him, but, since Crys refused to tell what exactly happened she had no other choice but accept Jake's confession as being the truth.
Knowing that her daughter had some responsibility in what had happened, Dani punished Crys by making her decide on Jake's punishment. So Jake found himself being kicked out of the clan, and forbidden to see or speak to Crys or any other clan member. Death being the punishment for violating such conditions.

Not having much of a choice, Jake moved to Newhaven. The expulsion didn't stop Jake from sneaking into camp invisible to see Crys, as much as it didn't stop her from stopping by his house when she was in Newhaven. There he made a living as a mercenary, eventually aiding the city army against the city of Blackpond. He was summoned to join the Black Knights moments before Crys got promoted to 2nd command and called him back to clan, after telling her mother the whole truth. Without hesitation Jake returned to the clan and joined their efforts to find the killer.

As soon as the killer was dead and the group was back to camp Dani called him and confronted him with the Summoning he had received. She offered him the opportunity to return to Newhaven and join the Black Knights in order to inform her of their moves. After a very long discussion with Crys, they both agreed that it was the best thing for the clan if he went.
Shortly after arriving though... He discovered that Knights wanted him for one thing only: His connection with the Wolfpack.

After almost a year in Newhaven, Jake is now back to camp as a Black Knight. The only living person in the clan who knows of his role as a spy is Crys, and now Jake needs to be very careful not to be exposed to either side.

So begins...

Jake Turner's Story


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"Forgive me." The words were nothing more than a whisper as Jake stared at the cold gravestone before him. Only one sentence was read in its surface, he figured only Crys would have picked it out. It read: "Daniela Rivers - Finally at rest." To an outsider that might have come off as inappropriate, but it was an inside joke anyway. Any time Crys would tell her mother to relax or take a rest she would answer with. "I'll have plenty of time to do that when I'm dead." Jake let his eyes rest on the words and he let out a small chuckle.

Jake hadn't been in that camp in over a year. The clan as a whole saw his return as suspicious. Understandable. To them he had already committed treason once. He had been there for almost a week now, trying to do his share and avoiding Crys at all costs. He barely caught a glimpse of her or two as she passed by. Her mother's death was getting to her, he knew that. He also knew he couldn't possibly be as close to her as he would like. Not right now.

He closed his eyes and lowered his head respectfully. The last conversation he had with the leader of the Wolfpack was quick, and slightly unfriendly. Although he remembered the concern in her voice as he accepted his task, when she proceeded to list all the reasons why he shouldn't accept. Dani was never an emotional person, but that was her way of showing that she cared for his safety. Tears escaped the man's blue eyes as he recalled the day of her death. Seeing his leader fall to the ground from behind a black helm was something he would never forget. As the pain brought him to his knees, his fingers sunk into the dirt before the grave. "Forgive me." He repeated.

"What are you doing?" The familiar voice sounded in his ears and he opened his eyes. "Stand up, you idiot." Crys added.
Jake didn't move, he didn't think he would stand to turn around and face her right now. Suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder, she had knelt down next to him before he could even notice. "Jake, what are you doing?" She repeated the question.
Jake nodded, trying to get his voice to come out. Finally he answered. "I'm paying my respects, Crystal. Is there a problem with that?"
Crys sighed beside him and and he felt her skin against his as she ran her fingertips along the side of his face, he hadn't been this close to her in a very long time, under the circumstances it made him slightly uncomfortable. "You look different." She stated, her fingers stopping on the scar above his left eye.
Jake opened a half-smile. "You still look the same."
"You're not looking at me, silly." She laughed.
Jake sighed. "I don't have to. You'll always be the same stubborn child."
"Don't take me for a child, Knight. I can still give you a nice beating." She stated, in a playful tone, poking the scar. "Or have you forgotten?"
Jake finally looked at her. Crys did look exactly the same, the same familiar smirk crossing her face as she bragged about being able to beat him... Nothing had changed. He smiled. "No I haven't forgotten that." He wiped his hands on the front of his shirt before touching the gravestone with his right hand and standing up. "Don't ever call me that again." He told her. A hint of coldness crossed his voice for a second. Before she could answer a man's voice echoed across the camp.


Allison had been busy scouting. She had very little time to mourn Dani's death, she had been working non-stop to keep the camp as secure as possible under the circumstances. In the week and a half she had been there she barely got any sleep. She wasn't complaining though. Anything that she could do for the clan, she would do it. Tending to recruits was the worse though. Not that she didn't enjoy being an instructor, but... The questions were inevitable. They wanted to know about the Shadow's attack on her and expected her to brag about killing a White Knight. She had no idea how people even knew about those details. In the Pack though, once the word is out... It spreads quicker than a forest fire.

Crossing the main entrance and heading to the center of the camp she heard talking amongst some actives. The same talk had been going on over and over. She stopped, not looking at group of men talking, not even to register their faces. She leaned against a tree and listened. A slight frown crossing her expression.
"She hasn't given us any word on what our plan are! Someone needs to confront her at some point!"
"The question is: How rational can she still be? She's not talking to anyone and leaving us in the dark. We're the ones who are dying because of whatever they did in Newhaven. Why must we pay for her mistakes?"
"She is Dani daughter."
"She is not Dani. She is more Bastian's daughter, if you ask me. I never once trusted that outsider to begin with."
"Lionel... That's too much."
"No, I'm done. This ends now." The active by name of Lionel stated. Then he walked a few step and shouted. "CRYSTAL! SHOW YOURSELF!"

Ali raised her head and her blue eyes darted at the man. He couldn't possibly be that stupid. Crys came walking, slowly from the memorial and she immediately stopped a few steps before the man who had called for her. "Show yourself?" She repeated his words. "I was unaware that I was hiding, Lionel."
"I am done with this." He stated. Walking a step closer and pointing his finger at her disrespectfully. Ali let her hand slide towards her quiver. Then she heard Crys chuckle. Coldness in her voice as she answered the man. "Stop yourself before it's too late." She warned him.
"No. I challenge you!" He shouted.
The whole camp stopped as he said those words. As if time had suddenly stopped, or slowed considerably. Crys sighed. "I'll give you five seconds to leave my presence before I'm forced to kill you. Five..."
The man didn't move so she kept counting slowly:



As she spoke the word "Two." Ali heard one of the recruits scream. She had missed the split second when Crys pulled out her Sai and stabbed the man. The metallic sound of a knife was the only sound in the clearing as the dagger Lionel had pulled fell to the ground. Crys let the active fall to the ground at her feet before getting on one knee beside him and slitting his throat in one clean move. Then she rested his dagger over his chest, closed his eyes and whispered. "Rest in peace, my brother."
She stood up and sheathed the bloody Sai before finally speaking. "There is enough people killing our members already. Once this is over you can all turn on me. Right now, we should be fighting them and not each other." Her voice was calm and void of emotion as she spoke. Ali knew Crys a little better though... Killing one of her own men was a painful thing for her. Ali nodded as Crys turned her back, speaking as she walked away from the center of the camp. "Give this fool a proper burial, then return to your assignments."

Ali wanted to chase Crys down and talk to her, but she had her assignment to fulfill. There was just no time for friendship right now.