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Andrew Dee Smith

"I am worthless if I am fat. And I am fat."

0 · 159 views · located in Stonetown

a character in “Shared Delusions {Reboot}”, as played by LexiFae


Image 「Andrew Smith」

"I am worthless if I am fat. And I am fat."

Full Name:xxxxxxxxx▖| Andrew Dee Smith
Nicknames:xxxxxxxxx▖| "Andy", "D"
Age:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx▖| 17
Gender:xxxxxxxxxxxx▖| Male
Sexuality:xxxxxxxxx▖| Homosexual
Ethnicity:xxxxxxxxx▖| American, Caucasian
Former Residence:xx▖| Stonetown
Current Residence:x▖| Brink Research Lab
Former Occupation:x▖| Student
Dialogue:xxxxxxxxxx▖| Orange
Thoughts:xxxxxxxxxx▖| Blue

Hair Color:xxxxx▖| Light Brown
Eye Color:xxxxx ▖| Blue
Height:xxxxxxxx ▖| 69"
Weight:xxxxxxxx ▖| 122 lbs
Suffers From:xx ▖| Bulimia

xxxxxxx[font=courier]■////////////////////////////////////// 「about Raven Anderson」


Andrew has been diagnosed with Bulimia, which morphed from his previous diagnosis of Anorexia. His episodes of purging are quite frequent when not supervised and include self-induced vomiting after binging on foods which generally have high sugar content, but may be simple foods like vegetables. Patient was diagnosed with Anorexia at age 12 after being admitted to the hospital from a fainting spell due to malnutrition and with a weight being 50 lbs lower than the healthy range. Diagnosis was changed to Bulimia at 16 years old when his parents found out and took him to the emergency room.


Patient is generally upbeat and happy. He is slow to anger and handles irritations very well. He is a very extroverted person and he spends a lot of time talking to the other patients and the staff. Patient is very curious and may ask questions that are uncomfortable to the other person.

Traits & Quirksxxxxxxx

Patient is very curious, almost to the extent of being too nosey. He is very assertive and upbeat, willing to take the leadership role if necessary but mostly preferring to take second in command. He constantly looks at himself in the mirror or any other reflective surface he finds. When doing so a frown comes to his face and his whole demeanor seems to change in a more negative way. He also will often be found staring at his stomach or thighs when caught alone, frowning and possibly scratching those areas.


Patient prefers to be talking with others or reading a book to occupy his time, but will be content drawing as well. He dislikes people who make fun of others and eating. He often will try to avoid eating and must be watched carefully during and after mealtimes.


Patient is an only child and his parents have been together since 2 years before he was born. Although he suffers o abuse at home, he was bullied frequently at school. The bullying led to a distorted sense of self and a high consciousness of his weight. He began to view himself as fat and ugly and started to eat less and less as a result. By age 12 he was 50 lbs underweight and was severely malnourished due to his self-starvation. From that point on his parents because hyper vigilant and always made sure he completely ate all of his meals he had at home and ensured he was getting the proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight. 4 years went by and they had gotten more relaxed, as he was eating meals without complaint and had maintained a healthy weight for the past 3 years.

While they thought their son had recovered, he was still extremely preoccupied with his weight and body, and had turned to cutting his stomach to stave off the anxiety of having eaten as much as he had. He never had many problems hiding the scars, as he always wore a shirt around others. At 16 he became so distressed by the amount of food he consumed that he finally tried what a friend of his had suggested a year before but he had always too scared to try. He purged by method of self-induced vomiting one night after his parents had left to go to a party. This left him with a sense of relief and satisfaction he hadn't felt in a long time and he continued this behavior without being caught for the next 7 months.

One night, 2 months from his 17th birthday, he was caught by his parents in the middle of his purging ritual. They saw the scars on his abdomen and were so distressed by the state their son was in they got him dressed and brought him straight to the hospital. He stayed there for 72 hours before he was brought home. The parents searched for help that would be adequate for months before finding Brink. Patient was admitted to Brink 2 days before his 17th birthday.


Patient has very strong familial ties and seems to be very compliant with his parents, and becomes engulfed by feelings of guilt whenever he disappoints them. Because of his condition of malnourishment, he is weak and may be hurt if he tries to stop an altercation, which he will do in cases of other patients being bullied. Must be supervised when around food, during and after mealtimes.

So begins...

Andrew Dee Smith's Story