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Millie Maddox

I dont smile unless given a reason

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a character in “Shared Delusions {Reboot}”, as played by GenGen1



"I don't like to smile unless I have a reason"
Full Name:xxxxxxxxxβ––| Millie Maddox
Nicknames:xxxxxxxxxβ––| "Mills"
Age:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxβ––| 25
Gender:xxxxxxxxxxxxβ––| Female
Sexuality:xxxxxxxxxβ––| Heterosexual
Ethnicity:xxxxxxxxxβ––| Caucasian - Australian
Former Residence:xxβ––| Brisbane, Australia
Current Residence:xβ––| Brink Research Lab
Former Occupation:xβ––| Law Clerk
Dialogue:xxxxxxxxxxβ––| Black
Thoughts:xxxxxxxxxxβ––| PaleVioletRed

Hair Color: xxxxβ––| Dark Blonde
Eye Color:xxxxx β––| Blue
Height:xxxxxxxx β––| 62 inches
Weight: xxxxxxx β––| 100lbs
Suffers From: . β––| Type 1 Bi-Polar with psychotic features
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx β––| Depression

xxxxxxxβ– ////////////////////////////////////// γ€Œabout MILLIE MADDOX」


Type 1 Bipolar disorder has a relapsing and remitting course that is marked by hypo manic and major depressive episodes. The patient suffers from rapid cycling suffering from four or more manic/depressive episodes in a year. Depressive episodes often immediately before or after a manic episode. Stress exacerbates the onset of manic episodes and depressive episodes. Sleep deprivation, alcohol use and antidepressants can also trigger manic episodes. This causes extreme difficulty when attempting to treat the depressive episodes that the patient experiences.

The manic episodes are marked by elevated/irritable mood and increased activity; as well as other symptoms that can include inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, pressured speech, racing thoughts, increased distractibility and increased, reckless involvement in pleasurable activities like spending sprees, sexual activity and substance abuse. The patient often engages in reckless behavior which has had catastrophic financial and personal consequences in the past. The patient suffers from delusions and hallucinations during manic episodes. The patient regularly has Delusions involving religious themes.The patient will be hyperactive and pace from wall to wall, jump on tables or tear off her clothes. She has before unexpected attempted suicide by throwing herself from a window.

The Major Depressive episodes are marked by low mood and decreased self attitude.The episodes are often dominated by feelings of guilt and punishment. She has delusions of "well deserved punishment" for imagined crimes. These are usually very violent.


When not affected the patient is apathetic, anti-social and cynical. She rarely shows emotions and appears stand-offish and uncaring most of the time. She enjoys making sarcastic comments on anyone cheerful around her. She denies being ill most of the time and prefers to dedicate herself to reading rather than engaging in conversation with her peers. She is intelligent and book smart but she is apathetic to school. She is introverted and not always pleasant to others. She is responsible and not overly impulsive. The patient is usually very calm. She has few hobbies and no close connections.

Traits & Quirksxxxxxxx

The patient has great difficulty making meaningful connections with her peers. It is guessed that this is self inflicted and although she always points the finger at others, she is usually self sabotaging. She is very intelligent and has a vast array of knowledge on different topics and can be tactful. She can be dedicated and loyal when she wants to be but is more often undisciplined and cynical.


The patient enjoys reading and photography. And is often seen with either a book or camera in her hand. The patient use to enjoy playing piano and was highly skilled but stopped suddenly shortly before moving to the Brink. She dislikes extroverts and finds them exhausting. She also dislikes excessive emotionality.


The patient was born in Brisbane, Australia. Her mother had several pregnancy complications and Millie was born premature. This caused serious strife between her two parents causing her father to leave. As a result her mother raised Millie alone. She has not been forthcoming about her childhood with therapists and little is known other than from police reports which detail many visits to the Maddox's residence however no charges were ever laid. She has been in and out of in-patient psychiatric care from her early teens. She has engaged in reckless behavior resulting in multiple arrests for shoplifting and public intoxication. She has self reported promiscuous behavior from a relatively young age. At the age of 16 she was diagnosed with Type 1 Bi-Polar after being hospitalized for a particularly bad manic episode. She drifted from her mother and ultimately lost contact with her at 17. From 17 she completed year 12 and applied to university. She was well medicated and begun studying law at university from the age of 17. She successfully completed 2 years at university without hospitalization however suffered a 'relapse' and hospitalized before completing her final semester. After 6 months of inpatient care she completed her degree and begun work at a small law firm. Once again she suffered from a very severe episode of mania and depression and flung herself from a 3 story window. She was once again hospitalized and remained there for an extended period of time. She was suffering from an extended period of depression and medications which were available to her treating team were no longer working. Her psychiatrist found out about the Brink Research Lab and the decision was made to transfer the patient to the facility.

So begins...

Millie Maddox's Story