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Raven Hope Anderson

"If I end up like daddy, please save me." - Raven at 7 years old

0 · 271 views · located in Stonetown

a character in “Shared Delusions {Reboot}”, as played by LexiFae


Image 「Raven Anderson」

"If I end up like daddy, please save me." -7 years old

Full Name:xxxxxxxxx▖| Raven Hope Anderson
Nicknames:xxxxxxxxx▖| "Black Bird", "R", "Ghost"
Age:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx▖| 21
Gender:xxxxxxxxxxxx▖| Female
Sexuality:xxxxxxxxx▖| Asexual
Ethnicity:xxxxxxxxx▖| American, Caucasian
Former Residence:xx▖| Stonetown
Current Residence:x▖| Brink Research Lab
Former Occupation:x▖| Student, Cashier
Dialogue:xxxxxxxxxx▖| Conversations Mumbling to Herself
Thoughts:xxxxxxxxxx▖| Herself Negative Talk About Raven: Voice 1 Paranoid Assumptions: Voice 2 Frank the Teddy Bear

Hair Color:xxxxx▖| Dark Brown
Eye Color:xxxxx ▖| Brown
Height:xxxxxxxx ▖| 63"
Weight:xxxxxxxx ▖| 102 lbs
Suffers From:xx ▖| Schizophrenia
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ▖| Erythropoietic Protoporphyria

xxxxxxx[font=courier]■////////////////////////////////////// 「about Raven Anderson」


Raven suffers from both a mental disorder, which has led to her place at Brink, and a physical disorder which needs to be cared for to ensure recovery. Her Schizophrenia leads to delusions of being poisoned if her Erythropoietic Protoporphyria is aggravated, which includes severe burns. In order to prevent this from occurring, patient must have long sleeves and pant legs, wear sunscreen, and be kept away from direct sunlight. Patient may also refuse medication or care. Keep away from mouth and hands; patient is known to bite and scratch when she feels threatened.


Patient is a quiet girl most times when left undisturbed. Is easily provoked and must be approached with caution unless patient is very comfortable with attendee. Patient is quiet, calm until provoked, easily spooked, suspicious, loner, and more ridged. Almost complete opposite from her original state before her symptoms grew so severe.

Traits & Quirksxxxxxxx

Quiet voice, often has head down, wishes to touch others when meeting, if an attachment has been formed, will be clingy. Has a small bear. Staff is advised to not take away the plush bear, as it has a calming effect on the subject. Patient is adept at organization and is very good at playing the piano. She has a hard time with communication and she has a hard time keeping her temper. She is physically weak but her nails can be very sharp and draw blood. She has reportedly always been clumsy and has frequently gotten cuts and bruises while playing. Patient also is not very good with games and has very poor sportsmanship. Advised to not have patient play games. Let her read, write, or create art. She is not very good at any but those activities calm her.


Patient likes looking outside, animals, and the arts. Death metal soothes her. She hates pop music, vegetables, and taking pills. She may believe people are trying to poison her if given those objects when she is in a more obscured mindset.


Patient was diagnosed with Erythropoietic Protoporphyria when she was an infant, and her mother has diligently cared for it ever since. Schizophrenia runs in her father's side of the family, and depression runs in her mother's side. Her mother has no history of mental illness and her father was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at 24 years old. Patient is up to date on all vaccinations, is on no medications (Prior to admission to Brink), has broken several bones in her lifetime, and has a bee allergy. Allergy to bees is not severe.

Father has schizophrenia and has been hospitalized her entire life. At 2 months she was diagnosed with erythropoietic protoporphyria, which her mother cared for by always putting the highest SPF sunscreen she could find and by dressing her in clothes which would cover her delicate skin. She had a normal childhood, despite her condition, and was a happy child. When she was an adolescent, signs of schizophrenia started very gradually appearing, subtle enough it wasn't noticed until she was 17. When she was 17 she had more trouble with delusions, which her mother noticed because of the things she said and the way she behaved. As her illness progressed she started having hallucinations, mainly hearing voices telling her that others are out to get her, telling her that people despise her, that they only have malevolent intentions and other such things. In reaction to those hallucinations, Raven started cutting herself when she was 19. She was able to continue her self-harm for months before her mother found out because she always wore long sleeves and pants to protect herself from the sunlight. When her mom found out, she took her directly to the hospital and petitioned the court to keep her in protective care in the psychiatric ward until she was fit to leave, due to the nature of the wounds. They were deep gashes all along her forearms and stomach, which bled through her clothes and revealed themselves to her mom. She has been living at the hospital ever since then, but because of her illness, she often refuses her medication, leading to a slowly worsening condition.


Often organizing small objects, always has a stuffed bear, may be reluctant and hesitant to accept treatment. Can become violent if provoked, but will only cause scratches and bites.

So begins...

Raven Hope Anderson's Story