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Andrew Smith

"Why would anyone want to be around someone as fat as me?"

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a character in “Shared Delusions”, as played by LexiFae


Image 「Andrew Dee Smith」

"I am worthless if I am fat. And I am fat."

Full Name:xxxxxxxxx▖| Andrew Dee Smith
Nicknames:xxxxxxxxx▖| "Andy", "D"
Age:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx▖| 17
Gender:xxxxxxxxxxxx▖| Male
Sexuality:xxxxxxxxx▖| Homosexual
Ethnicity:xxxxxxxxx▖| American, Caucasian
Former Residence:xx▖| Stonetown
Current Residence:x▖| Brink Research Lab
Former Occupation:x▖| Student
Dialogue:xxxxxxxxxx▖| Orange
Thoughts:xxxxxxxxxx▖| Blue

Hair Color:xxxxx▖| Light Brown
Eye Color:xxxxx ▖| Blue
Height:xxxxxxxx ▖| 69"
Weight:xxxxxxxx ▖| 122 lbs
Suffers From:xx ▖| Bulimia

xxxxxxx[font=courier]■////////////////////////////////////// 「about Andrew Smith」


Andrew has been diagnosed with Bulimia, which morphed from his previous diagnosis of Anorexia. His episodes of purging are quite frequent when not supervised and include self-induced vomiting after binging on foods which generally have high sugar content, but may be simple foods like vegetables. Patient was diagnosed with Anorexia at age 12 after being admitted to the hospital from a fainting spell due to malnutrition and with a weight being 50 lbs lower than the healthy range. Diagnosis was changed to Bulimia at 16 years old when his parents found out and took him to the emergency room.


Patient is generally upbeat and happy. He is slow to anger and handles irritations very well. He is a very extroverted person and he spends a lot of time talking to the other patients and the staff. Patient is very curious and may ask questions that are uncomfortable to the other person.

Traits & Quirksxxxxxxx

Patient is very curious, almost to the extent of being too nosey. He is very assertive and upbeat, willing to take the leadership role if necessary but mostly preferring to take second in command. He constantly looks at himself in the mirror or any other reflective surface he finds. When doing so a frown comes to his face and his whole demeanor seems to change in a more negative way. He also will often be found staring at his stomach or thighs when caught alone, frowning and possibly scratching those areas.


Patient prefers to be talking with others or reading a book to occupy his time, but will be content drawing as well. He dislikes people who make fun of others and eating. He often will try to avoid eating and must be watched carefully during and after mealtimes.


Patient is an only child and his parents have been together since 2 years before he was born. Although he suffers o abuse at home, he was bullied frequently at school. The bullying led to a distorted sense of self and a high consciousness of his weight. He began to view himself as fat and ugly and started to eat less and less as a result. By age 12 he was 50 lbs underweight and was severely malnourished due to his self-starvation. From that point on his parents because hyper vigilant and always made sure he completely ate all of his meals he had at home and ensured he was getting the proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight. 4 years went by and they had gotten more relaxed, as he was eating meals without complaint and had maintained a healthy weight for the past 3 years.

While they thought their son had recovered, he was still extremely preoccupied with his weight and body, and had turned to cutting his stomach to stave off the anxiety of having eaten as much as he had. He never had much problem hiding the scars, as he always wore a shirt around others. At 16 he became so distressed by the amount of food he consumed that he finally tried what a friend of his had suggested a year before but he had always too scared to try. He purged by method of self-induced vomiting one night after his parents had left to go to a party. This left him with a sense of relief and satisfaction he hadn't felt in a long time and he continued this behavior without being caught for the next 7 months.

One night, 2 months from his 17th birthday, he was caught by his parents in the middle of his purging ritual. They saw the scars on his abdomen and were so distressed by the state their son was in they got him dressed and brought him straight to the hospital. He stayed there for 72 hours before he was brought home. The parents searched for help that would be adequate for months before finding Brink. Patient was admitted to Brink 2 days before his 17th birthday.


Patient has very strong familial ties and seems to be very compliant with his parents, and becomes engulfed by feelings of guilt whenever he disappoints them. Because of his condition of malnourishment he is weak and may be hurt if he tries to stop an altercation, which he will do in cases of other patients being bullied. Must be supervised when around food, during and after mealtimes.

So begins...

Andrew Smith's Story


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#, as written by LexiFae
Raven sat perfectly still in her room, her eyes focused sharply on a tree outside as she clutched her small black teddy bear tightly in her hands.
"Look where you are. Look where she brought you. This is all your fault. You had to slip up. Dumbass. If you had just kept your sleeves clean you would've been fine. You would've been out there. You don't belong in here. We don't belong in here."
"Shut up. I know that. Don't think I don't know that. I know what I did wrong. I messed up I get it. Let's just make sure they don't do anything to us. As long as they don't touch Frank then it should be okay. He can protect us. He can make sure that no one will hurt us."
"Do you really think so? Everyone is out to get us R. Everyone. What if they put something in your food? What if they take Frank while we are sleeping? They probably are watching us right now, waiting for the perfect time to pounce."
She gripped Frank tighter and shifted out of the patch of sunlight, looking around the room suspiciously. She pulled the blinds shut quickly, blocking most of the sunlight before she went to search her room. The fourth time that morning, and just as thorough as every time before. She did this often. Almost like clockwork every hour, she searched her room for any signs of cameras or other things put in place to watch her every move. She hadn't been there often but she had already become quite used to her routine of making sure she and her "friends" were safe.
"Wait what is that? Is that a wire? Is it R? Is it??"
"Shut it, Jack. Let me look."
She bent down and reached under her bed, grabbing a small ladybug.
"Why didn't you watch Blackbird? Why didn't you make sure they didn't put this in here?"
"Sandy stop it. I couldn't help it. Just let me take it out. I'll flush it down the toilet and they won't ever know. It'll be okay."
Clutching Frank by his paw in her left hand, she left her room quietly, making her way to the bathroom. She kept looking around suspiciously as she went, making sure she was unnoticed. As soon as she got into the bathroom, she threw the bug in the toilet and flushed it quickly.
"There, it's gone. We are safe now. It's okay. They can't listen to us now."
She carefully set Frank onto the countertop before washing her hands thoroughly, making sure no trace of the "wiretap" was on her hands. Afterward, she grabbed Frank and walked quickly to her room, passing by an unfamiliar boy, making her uneasy.
"Who is he? Why is he here? Is he a spy?"
"Shut up Jack. You don't know that. They don't know we got rid of the wire. It's fine. He isn't out to get us. They don't know. He can't be here for that."
Raven walked into her room and shut the door, looking around her room in the same ritualistic fashion as every other time before sitting on her bed, clutching Frank against her chest.

Andrew walked into the hall, looking around the sterile walls. As he made his way to his new room he saw a girl whispering to herself as she walked into what must be her room.
"Why did they have to bring me here? There is nothing wrong with me. I'm only fat, not crazy. I don't talk to myself. I don't hear voices in my head and I'm not going to kill myself. I'm just losing weight so I'm not so fat."
He pulled at his shirt, self-conscious as he walked into his new room, across from the girl who had passed him.
"Great now I have to live across from some psycho all because people don't see how fat I am. How do they not see all this?"
He pulled up his shirt and looked down at his stomach, seeing rolls of fat where there was only skin and bones.
"At least they let me pack my own bag. I have one of my jars. I will be okay. They can't stop be from becoming skinny. No one can."
He opened the drawer in his nightstand and gently ran his fingertips along the top of the jar. Andrew sighed as he took a shirt and placed it on top of the jar, hiding it away from sight. He knew he couldn't let anyone see. They might take away his only way to keep himself from turning into the Pillsbury dough boy. He put his other few things he was allowed to bring in their respective places so he could put his suitcase away. After organizing his things he left his room, walking towards the common area. He felt sick to his stomach, unnerved by the sterile white walls and the hollow feeling surrounding him. He slowly made his way through the room, getting to know his new home. Andrew eventually started to inspect the chairs, seeing if it was even worth sitting in them. He sat down in one of the bigger chairs and got comfortable, looking around.
"This isn't too bad I suppose. Big enough to offset how fat I am so people don't notice as much. I wonder if people here are nice. And not so crazy."
He looked back towards the hallway where his room resides and shook his head.
"Strange," he muttered softly as he pulled out his small sketchbook. He started drawing a thin happy version of himself. To outsiders it looked like the boy in the picture was plumper than the boy drawing it was. To Andrew the boy in the picture was much thinner; the reason for his happiness. After a while he closed his eyes, exhaustion sweeping over him and making him drift off to sleep in the large chair he sat in.


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#, as written by Zallen
「Zane Yeo」 and 「Elias Stigsson」

Elias was just finishing his cereal when the door opened. Zane walked in without a thought, footsteps loud in the relative quiet of the room. Fresh from the shower, he was dressed in a black shirt and light blue jeans with a small white towel draped around his shoulders, hair a mess of damp black strands that clumped together and smelled of the clean disinfectant soap that the facilities normally carried.

"Morning," he said to everyone. Reaching out to the fruit bowl, he grabbed an apple, masticating on it with great relish. The run from earlier had left a gaping hole in Zane's stomach that he needed to fill with food, and fruit served as a good way to replenish his energy - simple sugars and filling to boot. He leant against the counter besides Natalie, one elbow resting carelessly against the edge. "Wha'sh sup?" he asked through a mouthful of apple.

Elias smiled from where he sat, lips forming a gentle curve as he held onto the bowl. "What?" He asked teasingly. "Sorry Zane, can't hear what you're saying."

"Mmgh." Zane swallowed the huge lump of masticated apple, shooting a dirty look at Elias. "You know what I mean," he said, scowling, but his tone wasn't heated and there was a thoughtful tilt to his scowl. "And I'm definitely going to win today's round of blackjack - you might have won yesterday's round, but that doesn't mean you'll be winning today."

"Haha, sure!" Elias laughed easily from where he sat, hand slipping into the pocket where his deck of cards were. Yesterday's game had been pretty fun - people had joined in for over an hour, at least before lights out anyways. He grinned at Zane, eyes carefully looking at his shoulder. "I'm ready any day - anyone else want in? It'll have to take place later, though - after the medication."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Zane shrugged and turned away, snagging a banana this time. "So, what's up? And who here thinks they're gonna get us started on new medications again this time?"


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#, as written by LexiFae
Andrew woke up with a start and looked around, his eyes opening widely in surprise as the common room, once empty and quiet, was full of strangers to him. He pulled at his shirt anxiously as he became more and more self-conscious about his size, noticing how many guys were in the room.
As he looked down at himself, he noticed his sketchbook lying open on the floor. He scrambled to pick it up and hide it behind him on the oversized chair. He looked around nervously, hoping no one saw it, and sucked in his tiny stomach, his shirt just barely hiding the cave of his abdomen.
As he tensed his muscles his stomach growled loudly in protest, reminding him that he hadn't eaten since 5 o'clock the night before.
"Dammit. Stupid stomach always betraying me. In front of strangers no less. I swear if I have to eat more than one SMALL apple I will lose it."
As he thought a scowl had spread across his face, but soon after he realized it he forced a bright smile to his face.
"Hi everyone. My name is Andrew. I assume you all are patients? Oh and sorry for being asleep on arrival."
He laughed at his joke and scratched the back of his head nervously, doubting anyone would get, let alone appreciate his slightly morbid joke. His attention was quickly drawn away from the others after seeing a familiar face walk into the room. The girl he had seen earlier had walked into the room, her eyes shifting around suspiciously and she had that bear she was talking to earlier clutched in her left hand. He watched her curiously as she scanned the fruit bowl, eventually grabbing a plum. She went to the sink and set the bear on the counter before washing the plum. As he sat back down in his chair, he watched as steam started to swirl around the water. His expression grew more confused and curious as she finally took the plum out of the water and started wiping it down with her shirt.
“Well at least I won’t be without entertainment here.”

Raven sat up again, having calmed from earlier. Her stomach growled and she stood, grabbing Frank. “Well, Frank, Now seems as good a time as any for food right?” As she asked her bear that question, she reached out to open the door.
Right as her fingers brushed the door, she heard a voice. “Wait! I heard people out there. What if they are trying to poison you?”
She sighed and shook her head. “I’ll tell ya what. I will thoroughly wash my food. Like I always do.” The voice grumbled in acceptance and she smirked. “That’s what I thought. I know how to protect us. Didn’t you see how I handled that wire earlier? I know what I am doing. You don’t have to remind me.” She walked out of the door and down the hallway, Frank dangling from her hand by his paw. As she reached the common room she looked around suspiciously, making sure to catch any threats. Her stomach growled again and she walked to the counter to pick out her breakfast. As she analyzed the bowl of fruit the plum kept catching her eyes and eventually, she settled on it. She picked up the big plum and took it to the sink, setting Frank onto the counter.
She turned on the water and started washing the plum the voice spoke up again. “I’m telling you blackbird they are trying to kill you. Make sure that thing is squeaky clean before you so much as smell it.”
Raven scoffed and murmured softly, “I knoooow. Don’t confuse me with an idiot. I told you I know what I am doing.” She turned up the heat and kept washing it before she was certain it was clean. By then the water had mildly burned her hands but she brushed it off, knowing it was of her own doing and for her own good. She carefully wiped off the water on the end of her shirt before picking Frank back up and walking across the room. She stood by the window and looked out as she took a bite of the plum, ignoring the chatter amongst the others.