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Dimitri White

"I have greater plans than simply this."

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a character in “Shared Delusions”, as played by Klockwork0reo


Image γ€ŒDimitri White」

"I don't see children in our halls. I see potential for knowledge."

Full Name:xxxxxxxxxβ––| Dimitri Rue White
Nicknames:xxxxxxxxxβ––| "Ghoul"
Age:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxβ––| 33
Gender:xxxxxxxxxxxxβ––| Male
Sexuality:xxxxxxxxxβ––| Heterosexual
Ethnicity:xxxxxxxxxβ––| American (Germanic)
Current Residence:xβ––| Stonetown
Former Occupation:xβ––| [Redacted]
Dialogue:xxxxxxxxxxβ––| Darkslategray
Thoughts:xxxxxxxxxxβ––| DimGray

Hair Color: xxxxβ––| Black
Eye Color:xxxxx β––| Brown
Height:xxxxxxxx β––| 81 inches
Weight: xxxxxxx β––| 189 lbs

xxxxxxxβ– ////////////////////////////////////// γ€Œabout Dimitri White」
Job Descriptionxxxxxxx

The Chemical Engineer is responsible for the creation and fine tuning of the majority of the pharmaceuticals and medical applicants to be used in testing. They are to follow the Program Director's goals second, and serve the Parent company's goals first. Should any harm, injury, worsening conditions, sickness, or death of any patients, the Chemical Engineer would be held liable. Any chemically-based workplace hazards are also their responsibility. Composition of products, quantity, and concentration of active ingredients is under the Chemical Engineer's jurisdiction. Any medical products created to suit the patients in care of the clinic must be authorized by the parent company beforehand, and must have a full report sent in after adequate testing time. Chemical Engineer also has the increased responsibility of ensuring [redacted] to keep law enforcement agencies from taking notice of the project.


Dimitri White is strictly goal-oriented, and has little room for compassion, empathy, or anything to slow him from his work. He is diligent, and continues to excel even under stressful situations, always meeting and exceeding requirements. However, he has poor social skills, and therefore works best alone, and only alone. The board recommends placement in low-occupancy area, for maximum efficiency. His temper is quite short, and he is often seen as cold, rude, or mean by other staff members. It has been noted that many complaints have been filed relating Dimitri's ethics, code of conduct, but never for his quality of work. He is constantly focused on self improvement, and higher and loftier seats of employment. Unlike the rest of the staff, it is noted that Mr. White is not content with simply working in the Brink project for the chance to provide assistance to the patients. Instead, he focuses himself on the scientific breakthrough's hoping to be achieved under the project. His reallocation requests are still pending.

Traits & Quirksxxxxxxx

Methodical, systematic, almost mechanical, Dimitri makes a plan and sticks with it, quickly removing or avoiding obstacles and obstructions. He often listens to loud forms of classical music while working. He cares little for inter-personal relationships and doesn't care about the social lives of other staff members, unless it directly effects his work. Despite his indifference to all things social, he is still quite capable of holding grudges. He claims to be a rational and logical person, and thinks and considers everything before taking action.


Dimitri White is best in the quiet confines of a working space, far from the patients. His work is highly sensitive, and therefore hates people even near his working areas. The confines of his office are restricted areas for any patients or lower staff members of Brink. Neatness, tidiness, and general cleanliness are necessary for him in any location, making the clinic the best location for him to work. Other information on Dimitri's preferences is limited, as he refuses to disclose much of substance with anyone.


Dimitri White graduated from Stonetown's Learning Institute For the Very Enlightened at age of 23. He was brought into the parent company for his work on [redacted]. He moved through project after project with the parent company until recently when he was moved into the Brink project to better help the parent company accomplish [redacted].

Other Notesxxxxxxx

Dislikes children. Especially those who won't cooperate with the program.

So begins...

Dimitri White's Story


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The dawn was breaking over the city skyline. The cold interior of the Brink offices were bathed through the warm filter of the early morning light. The building was still quiet. What few patients lived in the building would most likely still be asleep for another hour, and the meager staff were gathered in the single conference room. The majority of the chair lay empty, leaving only four members left.

Dr. Kendall Stalle stood at the head of the table, pacing back and forth lightly. His lips were pursed, a look of worry tainting his face. His eyes were ragged with tiredness, and he'd take a break from holding his look of concern and thoughtfulness to yawn. Finally, he stopped pacing and looked at the rest of his team, ready to address them proper.

Even before he could speak, Felton cut him off. "We know it's bad news Stalle. Just, break the damn ice and get it over with."

Kendall swallowed, taken aback. "Er, ah- Yes." He said at last searching for the right words. "Management spoke with me last night. They're growing tired of our project. They want us to speed up our results, or they might have to consider cutting our funding." He looked at Felton in the eye. "I know what this project means to you all. To still be here after all the hardships -But, I appreciate it, and I know that so do our subjects."

"What does this mean for us?" Dimitri's voice invaded the room like reality does a dream.

"It means this; Tobi, I need you to take on double the work. We'll be filing things at twice the speed, and moving supplements out faster. Dimitri, I know the next batch of experimentals aren't done yet, but I need them done now. If anyone can-"

"Save your breath, Stalle." Dimitri spoke. "I can get it done."

During the course of the conversation, Felton's face grew more and more upset. His eyebrows closing the distance between and his eyes widening to better take in the true shock of the conversation. "Stalle! You have to step back a moment here, these are children not points of data. You're putting lives at stake, their physiology and psychology can't just undergo so much change. You're pushing them harder than I think may be safe."

Stalle breathed. Quick breath in, long exhale. He looked at Felton, his eyebrows raised, small beads of sweat on his forehead and glimmers of helplessness in his eyes. "That's why I need you. These children have somewhere or another found themselves at our feet, looking to cope, to relieve, to understand their problems. And we can't fail them. Those with us thus far have forgotten how terrible their actual symptoms are, and during the next few days, those demons that they left behind will come rushing back in, ready to strike again. I need you to be there for them. Provide emotional support." He looked back at Dimitri. "That said, I want you to begin distribution of the next phase for the oldest group. Put everyone else on placebos until the next round of experimentals is ready."

Dimitri just nodded. He took the information in, viewed the situation as a test, a chance to show the management how worthy he was of something better, but for now, he knew what needed to be done. "If you need me, I'll be in the basement."

Tobi looked down in her coffee. It churned with murky thoughts, and clouded morals. A brief look of concern crossed her face. "I'll begin reprocessing immediately. Managment won't be able to find anything wrong with the next set of results."

"Good. You're both dismissed." Stalle said.

Tobi and Dimitri left the room closing the door behind them. Each had their own destinations. Dimitri left for the basement, locking it behind him, while Tobi left for her office. Once there, she noticed a nice large package of paperwork in her 'mailbox'. She sighed, opened the door, grabbed out the package, entered her office, and got to work.

Stalle was still in the conference room when the hour passed. Felton had given him a piece of his mind, and he had deserved every second of it. Guilt hung over his mind, and he knew he'd never be able to wash his hands of the actions to come in the future.

"The maelstrom descends."