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Sharing Hearts Ranch



Welcome to Sharing Hearts Ranch!

"Here at SHR we care about your recovery and well being. We care about you and your mental health."

Nestled deep in the mountains and valleys of Colorado, Sharing Hearts Ranch is a retreat for the weary and the restless. SHR combines the healing power of horses, with the best in the mental health field.

SHR role play is a place to come and relax after a stressful day. Its a world where you can go do things you never though you could with vivid descriptions, and wonderful people. Weather your a supernatural being, or a regular human. This is the place for you!


SHR is located just outside the small valley town of Canterbury, Colorado. Canterbury is home to around 2,000 people. There is a small main street housing two clothing shops, a grocery store, a general store, and a pharmacy. There is a wall-mart two towns over, along with a hospital.

The ranch itself has many different buildings.

- The main building, which houses the infirmary, dining hall, doctors offices, and main gathering area.

- To the left of the main building is the male dorm. The male dorm is a old two story farm house, refurbished to hold patients on the second floor. On the first floor is a small kitchen and living room, along with the Nurses room/station.

-To the right of the main building is the female dorm. Set up much like the male dorm, only all on one floor, the female dorm also serves as the dorm for those with handicaps.

- Behind the main building is the barns and fields! The barn holds 20 horses, but is not full.

-Down near the fields is the ranchers homes, which are off limits to patients.

Some pictures of SHR



Main Hall-


In dorm kitchen-





SHR is home to 9 horses. Six are certified therapy/trail horses, and are bomb proof, and the other three are the staff horses.

Each patient gets paired up with one of the ranch horses based on needs/connection(ooc; which ever one you like best)

Staff horses-




Ranch Horses-





Wind(Left) Samson(right)

SHR is also home to many other animals!



When submitting a character please include these details.

Age (Patients between 18 and 22 ((unless immortal creature, just try to keep them looking that age)) Thanks)
Any handicaps ?
Brief Bio (Optional)
description and/or picture (both is preferred, but not required)

Please remember that we wont always be at the ranch! Will will also explore the earth, and we will continue to add new animals!

There will be a few character up for adoption! If you don't see one you like, please create your own and join in!
Hope to see you here.

Toggle Rules

1- Be respectful! Some rp's will have the illness their character has. This is a zero tolerance rule.

2- Please keep it pg-13 keep smut in private messages

3- Please do your research! If you need help, I can help point you in the right direction!

4-Ask questions!

5- Please no one liners. Try to write a paragraph (even if it is only three sentences !)

6- Try your best will spelling and grammar, but respect others writing style. No one is perfect.

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Character Portrait: Jamie Jetson RN Character Portrait: Brenton Weinstein MD
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"Boy, today is going to be a long day." Dr. Brenton said as he turned to Jamie the head nurse. He rubbed the back of his neck, "At least two new guest coming in today."
Jamie nodded, "Well it is the start of a new intake season, so we were bound to get someone." Her and Dr. Brenton were stitting in the main foyer of the main building. This is where the new patients, or guest as they we called, would arrive. It was only 9, which is when they first 'opened to the public', so they didn't expect any new people to arrive yet. Jamie pulled out a book and flipped to the dog eared page. "Hopefully they're ready to recover when they get here."
Dr. Brenton grunted. They didn't break horses or people here.

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Character Portrait: [NPC] Bartender Character Portrait: Estrella Rune Character Portrait: Jamie Jetson RN Character Portrait: Brenton Weinstein MD
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A shambling young girl entered the main building. A younger male currently at her side. He clung to her as if it were to save his life. She knelt down, stroking his cheek shakily. Her voice was shaky as well from crying. "Derek, You'll be fine without me. I promise. I'll be back before you know it, Okay?," She forced a smile for him. "Please, Do your best in taking care of Mama, For me." She kissed his forehead gently before the young boy burst into tears and hugged her neck. She stroked his head, trying to soothe him. She began to hum to him, picking him up and swaying softly as he still held onto her neck...
When he was calm enough, he was escorted out of the building. She spied to adults in front of her. She approached.
"I-Is this the main building for Sharing Hearts Ranch..?" She asked rather timidly.

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jamie Jetson RN Character Portrait: Brenton Weinstein MD
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Jamie looked up at the sound of a young girl entering. She and Dr. Brenton had both observed the exchange between her and the young boy. The young girl approached them. "I-is this the main building for Sharing Hearts Ranch...?" She asked timidly.
Dr. Brenton smiled and stood up, "Yes! What might your name be?" He asked holding out his hand. Jamie stood up next to him, closing her book and setting it on the chair.

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jamie Jetson RN Character Portrait: Brenton Weinstein MD
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Estrella looked down at the mans hand and slowly brought hers to meet it.
"What might your name be?" He asked. "E-Estrella Rune." She stated, a bit less timidly and fearful. She gave a small smile back, trying not to be rude.
She was a pretty young thing and it didn't look like much was wrong with her. But something psychologically was messed up in her head... Something that could only be mended with time and care.
She feared future events. Will I take my next breath?, Will Derek be able to care for mother by himself?, Will they survive without me..?
These thoughts kept running through her mind uncontrollably fro awhile as she sat there and stared at the two adults in front of her. She pushed the thoughts into the back of her mind so she wouldn't have a panic attack right then and there.

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Character Portrait: Estrella Rune Character Portrait: Jamie Jetson RN Character Portrait: Brenton Weinstein MD
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Dr. Brenton could tell that this young girl- Estrella, was nervous. He wanted to make her as comfortable as possible. "Well Estrella, I hope you like animals. I'll show you around and maybe we can find a dog. Would that make you more comfortable?" Dr. Brenton turned to Jamie. "Would you stay here and wait to see if we get any more guest?"
Jamie nodded. "That's fine," She turned to Estrella, "If anyone else shows up we'll be having a little get together in the main dining room, which Dr. Brenton will show you." She put her hand on Estrella's shoulder. "You'll be fine."
Once Jamie removed her hand Dr. Brenton picked up Estrella's bag. "Shall I show you around then?"

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Character Portrait: Estrella Rune Character Portrait: Jamie Jetson RN Character Portrait: Brenton Weinstein MD
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Estrella smiled widely. She loved animals. They always made her feel better when she wasn't in the best of moods.... "Thank you. So much." She bowed her head lightly to Jamie and began to follow Dr. Brenton. "And thank you as well. I really do appreciate all of the hospitality..." She was still smiling widely in hopes of finding a dog, which was her favorite animal. She had rather a gleeful skip in her step now.
Estrella liked this place. It was comforting. It had a nice Western type feeling to it. She felt as if she were meant to be here, as if she had been here forever...

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Estrella Rune Character Portrait: Brenton Weinstein MD
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Dr. Brenton could sense that Estella was feeling more comfortable. He walked down the hall, and into the main kitchen/living area. "The my and Jamie's offices are upstairs, along with the infirmary. But you aren't aloud up there unless accompanied by a staff member. This is where we'll be having our bi-daily meetings. Where we'll here about the plans for today, and then how the day went. In the dining room is where you'll eat your main meals, but if you miss one don't worry. The dorm has kitchens which are stocked with stuff to make sandwiches, cereal, drinks, and your own personal food items. Other than that, this is is. Would you like to see where you'll be staying?"

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Character Portrait: Estrella Rune Character Portrait: Jamie Jetson RN Character Portrait: Brenton Weinstein MD
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Estrella nodded softly, pushing her crimson red bangs from her eyes and again, following Dr. Brenton. She wondered if the rooms were as nice as the other places in the building. All of her worries were slowly fading into nothing and she continued to smile.
Estrella began ponder her own thoughts while listening to Dr. Brenton speak. I wonder if any other people like me are here...
She kept this thought. It wasn't a bad thought, more of a curious one.

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Character Portrait: Estrella Rune Character Portrait: Brenton Weinstein MD
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"Alright then." Dr. Brenton lead Estrella out the front door, and to the right where the female dorm are. "To the left is the male dorms, and over here are the female dorms. We lock the doors at night, but with the help of a nurse you can get back in if you say, need to smoke. We ask that you only smoke on the porch of either the dorm houses or the main house. We can provide nicotine substitutes for trail rides and etc." Dr. Brenton held open the door for Estrella to walk through.

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