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Sharpened Shadows and Broken Lives part 1

Sharpened Shadows and Broken Lives part 1


Are you a holder of the Ka'kari or are you trying to steal one away. death finds those who move and think slow so lets see what your fate is.

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Some objects are the source of eternal conflict. while others are the source of evil itself but no matter the category these legendary orbs fall under. They will eventually be destroyed or even lost yet again but for right now people are fighting to keep or steal them. Our first example is a wetboy named Kurock Norant. She tried to use her apprentice to retrieve the Black Ka'kari which is supposed to be the secret to becoming the night angel. The night angel is a creature of myth that fought for justice but showed mercy however it also seeked revenge with a very great hunger. However once she held the orb in her hands she realized that due to her line of work the innocent blood on her hands and her ability to bond with the orb was compromised however her apprentice somehow bonded with the orb perfectly and as such she realized he didn't like killing innocent people. he started to slowly drift away from her but after a while they both began to think more about others and less about the money involved however the damage to the lives of others was already done as the nation they lived in had been invaded multiple times and it became apparent that the apprentice wasn't aging. They watched the country they lived in slowly wither until a large amount of the population was either rich or orphaned and extremely poor. after a few more years the area became a house to all sorts of crime and some stores. In the end this extremely poor section of the counntry became The Warrens.

The ka'kari were magical artifacts created by [url='']Ezra the Mad[/url] based on the original black ka'kari that he discovered, and given to [url='']Jorsin Alkestes[/url]' Six Champions.

They were described as a glowing, metallic balls. When squeezed they melted and covered the body of the holder like a second skin and gave them power over a specific element. The ka'kari are drawn to people known as "Ka'karifers," people with no conduit. The ka'kari bridges the gap between a person's glore vyrden and their ability to refill it. They allowed the holder to become impervious to most damage, although they could still be killed in a way unaffiliated with the powers of their ka'kari. For example, the bearer of the silver ka'kari—made the user impervious to blades and other metals—could be drowned or burned to death. The only known way of destroying a ka'kari was with the sword [url='']Curoch[/url]. Unlike the Black Ka'kari, the inferior ka'karis do not bring the user back from the dead.

The black Ka'kari

The original ka'kari, it was found by Ezra. He tried to replicate it but was only able to make inferior copies. Not much was known about it, but it was ancient and extremely powerful. It was sentient in nature, so it chooses the user. It chose Acaelus Thorne over Ezra and Jorsin Alkestes. It could telepathically communicate with the bearer, and had an often sarcastic sense of humor, similar to Durzo's, presumably from spending seven hundred years with him. It was known as the Devourer and the Sustainer; it devoured most things it touches, including magic, except for the bearer. The black ka'kari allowed the bearer to become perfectly invisible to everyone except mages. Some mages could still see the ka'karifer however; Feir Cousat states that: "1 in 10 men and 9 in 10 women" could still see the bearer, although the distance at which he or she could be seen varied by the individual mage. It was also able to bring the bearer back to life after being killed. In doing so, the sacrifice of new life was ending another's, this person being someone the bearer loved, either as a friend or loved one. This death was not immediate but it was imminent.

It is able to talk to the user and (according to Acaelus Thorne) it should always be listened to, whatever it says the user should do.

It's abilities include:

  • Making the user invisible
  • Giving the user perfect vision regardless of light conditions.
  • Allows the user to see the "coranti", the Unclean.
  • Devouring magics.
  • If you are killed, you will be brought back to life (at a cost)
  • Injuries recover faster
  • Immortality (no aging while bonded to ka'kari)
The Silver Ka'kari

Originally given to [url='']Arikus Daadrul[/url]. Once bonded, the silver ka'kari made the user impervious to blades and other metals. The Globe of Edges in Cenaria was thought to be the silver ka'kari, but was a forgery. Garoth Ursuul sought it out twice, the first time resulting in Vonda Kirena's (Momma K/Gwinevere Kirena's sister) death, the second time was as a tribute from Aleine Gunder IX. These were both fake, and the location is unknown at the end of the trilogy.

This appears to be the only Ka'Kari that Durzo does not know the whereabouts of, as even he is searching for it, even after several centuries.

The Red Ka'kari

Originally given to [url='']Corvaer Blackwell[/url], also known as Corvaer the Red. Once bonded, the red ka'kari gave the user power over fire. It was hidden inside Mount Tenji by Durzo Blint in an attempt to keep it away from the Wolf. This action turned Mount Tenji into an active volcano. Durzo stole this ka'kari from a member of the society of the second dawn as Gaelan Starfire.

The White Ka'kari

Originally given to [url='']Trace Avagulania[/url]. Once bonded, the white ka'kari gave the user the power of glamour. Glamour being defined as a weave to give the bearer an illusion to others. Trace, reputed to be horribly ugly, became the most beautiful woman ever seen. Using the power given to her by the ka'kari, she became the [url='']Khalidoran[/url] goddess [url='']Khali[/url].

The Brown Ka'kari

Originally given to [url='']Oren Razin[/url]. Once bonded, the brown ka'kari gave the user power over the earth. The user could become a thousand-pound brute with skin made of stone. A much younger Durzo Blint gave it to the Wolf before deciding he needed to keep the artifacts safe from the Wolf.

The Green Ka'kari

Originally given to [url='']Irenaea Blochwei[/url]. Once bonded, the green ka'kari gave the user power over plant life. It was believed to be somewhere in Ladesh, but process of elimination suggests must be the unnamed ka'kari given to Ezra's Wood by Durzo.

The Blue Ka'kari

Originally given to Shrad Marden. Once bonded, the blue ka'kari gave the user power over water. It also was said to allow the user to drain the liquid from a man's blood. It was thrown into the ocean by Durzo Blint, which created the Tlaxini Maelstrom.

I'll pick who gets the ka'kari as the rp progresses. The Black one will end up on my main character though. However now to get into the things that any character can have. starting with the most basic of magic referred to only as Talent.


The Talent is the magic most commonly used in [url='']Midcyru[/url]. A Talented individual must have three different components to be able to express their Talent outwardly. The first is their Glore Vyrden, or life magic. This is the reserve that stores the power that can be directed as the user wishes. The second component is the ability to refill one's glore vyrden when it's empty - if one doesn't possess it, then they can use magic only once or twice during their whole lives. A person with such an ability usually replenishes their glore vyrden by absorbing sunlight or light from other sources. The final component is a conduit allowing the use of one's Glore Vyrden however they desire. This conduit can be small or blocked, limiting the maximum amount of magic one can use at a single time. A non-existent conduit is the sign of a ka'karifer, one ready to bond and use the ka'kari artifacts. [url='']Vir[/url] will temporarily strengthen the Talent, but over time, it destroys it.


The vir is a massive parasite that stems from a single specimen with a certain measure of sentience. They were discovered by [url='']Roygaris Ursuul[/url] and [url='']Khali[/url], the former gaining control of the vir itself and the latter gaining power over the vir's energy and control over that energy's distribution. Ursuul's access to the vir extended only to his family, and allowed the Ursuuls control over the vir itself, including suppressing another meister's vir, and removal of vir.

How it works

When the people of [url='']Khalidor[/url] pray to [url='']Khali[/url], their goddess, she takes a small portion of their glore vyrden and siphons it into her "reservoir" of magic; she then returns however much she desires back to them via the vir, which acts as a channel to distribute the power. It is different from the [url='']Talent[/url], but the extra energy from the vir takes control of all Talent-derived abilities, such as [url='']Dorian Ursuul[/url]'s prophetic gift. The vir manifests in use as black, tattoo-like vines which rise out of the skin when in use. Their use is both magic and physical, but the base of the vir is in the arms, and spreads visibly the higher the user's skill and power with it. The Ursuuls are the only vir users who can hide their vir, no matter how much they possess; but, this gives them a weak point, as the vir needs a physical region (the neck) to emerge from, which can be blocked.

glore vyrden- The users store of magic
Conduit- The metaphorical hole that lets people use their magic.

The threats and the jobs
Assassins- Killers for hire with no talent at all.
Wetboys- Experts at creating death itself that know how to use their talent to improve their already lethal skills and strength.
Nobles- Just the local high class often playing for power.
King- A king of course capable of hiring and using many troops and wetboys on occasion.
Krul- Not playable but they are various forms of the undead please follow link for more depth.
Guards- May or may not have talent but either way they have almost no possibility of knowing what it is if they do.
Mages- Talented people who have the ability to manipulate the physical world in phenomenal ways with their [url='']Talent[/url].
Meisters- users of the vir. All ranking officials in Khalidor are at least Meisters, but most offices do not appear to take strength into great consideration. For example, Godking Wanhope's Keeper of the Dead is only a meister of the third shu'ra. The strength of a meister is determined by how much of the [url='']vir[/url] covers their body; this strength is classified by shu'ra. There are thirteen shu'ra, the last only being achievable by Ursuuls.
Vürdmeisters-more powerful meisters of the tenth to twelfth shu'ras. Vürdmeisters are able to effectuate summons, such as the Pit Wyrm.

available races.

Alitaeran- Essentially European. Dominant hair colors are blond, brown, and black. Dominant Eye colors are Blue, green, and Hazel.

Ceuran- essentially Japanese in culture. Dominant hair colors are Red, Black, and Brown. Dominant eye color is brown.

Ladeshian- Essentially African.

Cenarian- A mishmash of races, mostly mixes.

Khalidoran- Generally very pale with black or blond hair and icy blue eyes.

Sethi- Essentially Chinese.

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Character Portrait: Kurock Norant
Character Portrait: Azoth Narumi


Character Portrait: Azoth Narumi
Azoth Narumi

"Why must I be so lonely?"

Character Portrait: Kurock Norant
Kurock Norant

"Life is meaningless."


Character Portrait: Kurock Norant
Kurock Norant

"Life is meaningless."

Character Portrait: Azoth Narumi
Azoth Narumi

"Why must I be so lonely?"

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Character Portrait: Kurock Norant
Kurock Norant

"Life is meaningless."

Character Portrait: Azoth Narumi
Azoth Narumi

"Why must I be so lonely?"

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